2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate 2.4 AWD - POV Sunset Drive (Binaural Audio)

MSRP: $37,150
MPG: 21 city / 27 highway
Horsepower: 185 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Engine: 2.4 L 4-cylinder
Curb weight: 4,372 lbs
Payload: 500 lbs
Wheel size: 18″ diameter, 7.5″ width
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  1. Adityanarayan Saravanan Vijayalakshmi

    Adityanarayan Saravanan Vijayalakshmiپیش 10 ساعت

    Pls do 2020 Toyota Highlander

  2. Дьявол

    Дьяволپیش 3 روز

    Радует глаз когда запускаешь авто

  3. مهدي التميمي

    مهدي التميميپیش 7 روز

    Nice tha hundi santafe

  4. Mosa Eltomمحمد

    Mosa Eltomمحمدپیش 9 روز

    محمدموسى و من محمدموسى من الى

  5. Mosa Eltomمحمد

    Mosa Eltomمحمدپیش 9 روز

    محمدموسى ٩٦٨٤٩٥٨٥٤٤٣٥٥٨٦٦٨٥٧٥٦٤٦٣٥٣٧٦🇸🇩

  6. Mosa Eltomمحمد

    Mosa Eltomمحمدپیش 9 روز

    🇸🇩 ٣٢٧٨٩٧٦٥٣١٢٤٤٧٩٥٥٥٩٧٨٦٩٥٨٧٣٣٨٣٧٥٤١٥٦٨٥🇿🇲

  7. Đat Le

    Đat Leپیش 14 روز

    What kind of camera do you use

  8. Sharmake Aden

    Sharmake Adenپیش 15 روز

    Good car for commuting and just driving around the city

  9. TheLanard

    TheLanardپیش 20 روز

    Thanks for the very clear, realistic video. Thanks also for testing its base engine, when all other reviewers test the turbo. This is my next vehicle.

  10. Сергей Hacker

    Сергей Hackerپیش 21 روز

    Есть здесь кто-нибудь русский?

  11. dream zeike

    dream zeikeپیش ماه

    Wow thats a nice video bro.. i want to share my aerial shot video in the same place this is the link thank you irgos.info/fylm-hay/uIqPrYZqhX1816Q.html

  12. TheLanard

    TheLanardپیش ماه

    I was set on getting the RAV4 Hybrid. My commute is 134 miles round trip, 98% highway. The 2% is driving out my private community and from the highway to work. On Friday afternoons, from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, traffic coming home is horrendous. An hour and change commute home turns into 2 and a half hours. Everyone drives from NY to the Jersey Shore every weekend. I figured the hybrid would really come in handy at those times. However, after renting one for a week I found the engine to be louder than it needs to be. Even in POV videos, it's intrusive. The interior isn't attractive. And the seat are just OK. Also, there's plenty of highway wind noise. And Toyotas are prone to rattles. When we sat in the Santa Fe last weekend at the Auto Show, it felt SO good. I loved the two-tone seats. And the ergonomics were excellent. Seats were very comfortable. I currently drive a '19 Kia Optima with 24,000 miles and NO rattles or squeaks. Have had no issues. Just one recall...that was fixed. They are basically the same car (Kia and Hyundai). So when it comes down to it, that advantage in gas savings, on one commute home during the week, is not enough to suffice total comfort and satisfaction over years of ownership. And the highway mileage between the two isn't far enough apart. We're getting the Santa Fe. Beautiful video, btw!!

  13. der baba

    der babaپیش ماه


  14. Kiss Kiss

    Kiss Kissپیش ماه

    Great looking SUV/CUV but at $37k for only 185hp? Hurts quite a bit. $37k is definitely more suited for the 2.0T 235hp

  15. 크러쉬

    크러쉬پیش ماه

    Great video!! Also, I think Hyundai Motor has improved a lot..

  16. thehegt Tr

    thehegt Trپیش ماه

    Nice clip , please how the performance with only 2.4L ?

  17. مصطفئ الفرطوسي

    مصطفئ الفرطوسيپیش 2 ماه

    السنتافي قوه ومتانه 💪 بس ماشاء الله راقية⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩

  18. مامون مامون الجعفري

    مامون مامون الجعفريپیش 2 ماه


  19. نورا بابكر

    نورا بابكرپیش 2 ماه

    The tail light does not go with lines of the car at sides it goes a little high up.i think this is the only problem of this car for me

  20. Jonathan Losito

    Jonathan Lositoپیش 2 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>; I would actually enjoy the road trip back here because... MY G0D😱‼️ These seats can really recline so well!!

  21. Sajad 7777

    Sajad 7777پیش 2 ماه

    I love you 😘💕❤️

  22. Renee Commanda

    Renee Commandaپیش 2 ماه

    I hate you cause I hate you and my name is Briel L it

  23. Kimani Hightower

    Kimani Hightowerپیش 3 ماه

    Driving starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a>

  24. Fox Geek Mobile

    Fox Geek Mobileپیش 3 ماه


  25. Rina Kardinayanti

    Rina Kardinayantiپیش 3 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a>

  26. Shlok Gala

    Shlok Galaپیش 3 ماه

    Just a add on tip buddy....please play the horn of the car too and also give a overview of the headlights of the car. WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL🙏🏻

  27. Steve Luth

    Steve Luthپیش 3 ماه

    So many of these touch screens look like ugly glued on panels, at least try to integrate them into the interior...........

  28. Олег Петров

    Олег Петровپیش 3 ماه

    В сырую погоду (дождь, снег) фары перестают светить через 7-10 минут. Находятся в бампере 50-60 см от дороги, вся грязь на них. Омывателя фар нет, а продувка не справляется

  29. Jamal Sham

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  30. Jamal Sham

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  31. Jamal Sham

    Jamal Shamپیش 4 ماه


  32. Caiden Cooke

    Caiden Cookeپیش 4 ماه

    I am trying to get my Parents to get the 2020 Santa Fe Limited and the 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited! I want them bc of the reliability, quiet ride, and how safe they are!

  33. Caiden Cooke

    Caiden Cookeپیش 3 ماه

    I have a car habit, and good job that is my exact age lol.

  34. ۰۪۫ F۪۫ ۰۪۫

    ۰۪۫ F۪۫ ۰۪۫پیش 3 ماه

    Boy u look 12 how you getting a car?

  35. Jamal Sham

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  36. Jamal Sham

    Jamal Shamپیش 4 ماه

    p. n.

  37. Dorian King

    Dorian Kingپیش 4 ماه

    Is your channel based in NM?

  38. بكر المولى

    بكر المولىپیش 4 ماه

    I want a car because I don't have money😢😢😢😢Please help me

  39. Jawad323 Cool

    Jawad323 Coolپیش 4 ماه

    Hi I have got just 1 question why did you cross the red light

  40. Moto Danger

    Moto Dangerپیش 4 ماه

    Jawad323 Cool because it was yellow. Maybe we are thinking of the same red light

  41. Ferdy Yunadi

    Ferdy Yunadiپیش 5 ماه

    Him:let go hands Me:what?!??

  42. 구독쪼아용

    구독쪼아용پیش 5 ماه


  43. Роман

    Романپیش 5 ماه

    Пзц дороги

  44. Ana Guaras guaras

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  45. Ana Guaras guaras

    Ana Guaras guarasپیش 6 ماه


  46. Chung Luu

    Chung Luuپیش 6 ماه

    Đẹp thế huyn đai

  47. karen kay capinpin

    karen kay capinpinپیش 6 ماه

    Oslsskslaksos Zhakaoa

  48. Recky Moon

    Recky Moonپیش 6 ماه

    Road noise Engine noise Wind noise

  49. Moto Danger

    Moto Dangerپیش 4 ماه

    Recky Moon its really not as bad compared to a lot of cars.

  50. dadapapa

    dadapapaپیش 6 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> what's problem on behind car? It makes a lot of passing lights Look side mirror elaborately

  51. Marco Yoo

    Marco Yooپیش 3 ماه

    He's just struggling with the road 😂

  52. dadapapa

    dadapapaپیش 5 ماه

    @mahhe Oh! I got it. thanks bro. have a nice day

  53. mahhe

    mahheپیش 5 ماه

    It's the roads in Michigan, as the car goes over the bumps, it causes the beams of light coming from the headlights to move with it, creating a flashing effect.

  54. Shido Otone

    Shido Otoneپیش 6 ماه

    Love the car!

  55. Willy Alvaro

    Willy Alvaroپیش 6 ماه

    Found it, aha!

  56. ARkong DRkong

    ARkong DRkongپیش 6 ماه

    If I had extra money to spend I'd get this just to park outside of my house with little light shining on it every night.

  57. straight forward

    straight forwardپیش 6 ماه

    Steering is not that good

  58. Lisa Lavaggi

    Lisa Lavaggiپیش 7 ماه


  59. Overly Attached Girlfriend

    Overly Attached Girlfriendپیش 7 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> Hmmm the infotainment system is not very responsive...

  60. MH Y

    MH Yپیش 6 ماه

    That's apple CarPlay which depends on mobile devices.


    VŨ HOÀNG LINHپیش 7 ماه

    Định bỏ tay kiểm tra hệ thống giữ làn đường ( tự lái ) nhưng lại sợ nhỡ đâu ! Nên đéo giám bỏ tay

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    حسين سعد السماوي حسين سعد السماويپیش 7 ماه


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    Arhan Aksoyپیش 7 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="734">12:14</a>

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    neo andersonپیش 7 ماه

    현대 전기차 코나 급발진 영상(HYUNDAI electric car KONA sudden acceleration video) @

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    박비케پیش 7 ماه

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    WeB HaO Vũ wak Zakatپیش 7 ماه

    jadi oleh cek enak yang ini :-C-):'(-)-)Σ=):O=-O:-*

  67. Andre Sutherland

    Andre Sutherlandپیش 7 ماه

    I have the almost the same Santa-fe 2.4 ultimate but its not AWD i dont have the heads up display and the 360 camera when vehicle is in reverse also Navi but everything is the same also mine came with running side steps 😝 also got 200,000 mile power train warranty from crazy Rick Case.The 2.0t was 37k NOPE even tho i love the boosted vehicles but this Santa-Fe beats the CRV- RAV4-Rouge and the Chevy Equinox hands down in features and price espically for this trim I have, my family members who own all these vehicles i just mention and all are 2019 and they paid more and dont even have half the features as I do.

  68. 김성현

    김성현پیش 7 ماه

    저나라는 시벌 도로교통공사가 일안하냐. 무슨 도로에 중앙선이며 선이란선은 죄다 제대루 그려진게없냐. 진짜 초보나 외국인은 운전 못할듯

  69. 박비케

    박비케پیش 7 ماه

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    Азамат Адилгазиевپیش 7 ماه

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    Marshallپیش 4 ماه

    14 миллион шамасы, бирак бизде сборка костанай ((

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    E É minha

  74. Noah Kirton

    Noah Kirtonپیش 8 ماه

    Does the car tell you that theres police ahead or is that something in the car?

  75. Jason Babin

    Jason Babinپیش 5 ماه

    Noah Kirton that is the Waze navigation app which connects via apple car play.

  76. Rodrigo

    Rodrigoپیش 8 ماه

    hyundai tucson 2019 plz

  77. Çubuklu Uğur

    Çubuklu Uğurپیش 8 ماه

    Schaut 1000% besser aus wie Honda oder Toyota. Am besten die Designer von Honda und Toyota kündigen. Die Sabotieren regelrecht ihre eigene Marken! Fahre seit 24 Jahren Honda, aber sie werden immer Hässlicher. Nur wegen der Technik und Zuverlässigkeit kaufe ich es!

  78. Shlok Gala

    Shlok Galaپیش 8 ماه

    I love those tyre noises 😖

  79. Mysterious GHat

    Mysterious GHatپیش 8 ماه

    Is it quieter than Sonata NF?

  80. AP AP

    AP APپیش 8 ماه

    That sounds like some bad roads.

  81. catalina baran

    catalina baranپیش 8 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="734">12:14</a>

  82. catalina baran

    catalina baranپیش 8 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a>

  83. Autofanaticos 4Rever

    Autofanaticos 4Reverپیش 8 ماه


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    ممكن تسوق كيا اسبورتاج 2020

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    ana medoپیش 8 ماه


  88. mahhe

    mahheپیش 8 ماه

    I enjoy these videos, the bin-aural audio makes sound great.

  89. jdubdoubleu

    jdubdoubleuپیش 3 ماه

    That's what your mom said, also.

  90. Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine

    Chaabi Taha Taki Eddineپیش 8 ماه

    dude that engine sounds horrible

  91. jdubdoubleu

    jdubdoubleuپیش 3 ماه

    People who buy these don't listen to the engine noise, that's what the radio is for.

  92. sofiane sofi

    sofiane sofiپیش 8 ماه

    Fra ama ؟؟؟؟؟؟

  93. Trenton.T Channel

    Trenton.T Channelپیش 8 ماه

    I see a lot of people don't realize the 2.4 ultimate is cheaper than the 2.0T ultimate Santa Fe. 2.4 isn't the only engine option

  94. يوسف لامير

    يوسف لاميرپیش 8 ماه

    ما شاء •اللّـہ̣̥

  95. Suganth Muthaiyan

    Suganth Muthaiyanپیش 9 ماه

    185 hp @ 6,000 rpm for a curb weight of 4372lbs is seriously underpowered

  96. Andre Sutherland

    Andre Sutherlandپیش 7 ماه

    Its pulls nicely espically in sport mode that eco shit is a no no 😲 slow the turbo i drove it but the fuel is a big issue for me so i took the 2.4 it makes decent torque

  97. Trenton.T Channel

    Trenton.T Channelپیش 8 ماه

    The high option engine is the 2.0T which is 245hp.

  98. MM03

    MM03پیش 9 ماه

    What I like about this car is how much reliability your getting for your money as well as it being comfortable and having a great engine

  99. ugly asia car never not buy

    ugly asia car never not buyپیش 9 ماه

    childish cyberia design. not buy