2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Jason Cammisa on the Icons [UHD 4K]

The Shelby name has been applied to everything from the magnificent Mustang GT350 to stickered-up economy cars. Jason’s question: is the new GT500 a marketing stunt, or is it one of those true Shelby specials that's so good it’s destined to become an icon?
In the 2nd episode of ICONS, presented by ISSIMI, automotive journalist Jason Cammisa puts the 2020 Shelby GT500 into perspective by comparing it against the benchmarks - the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2), and the quickest-accelerating, front-engine, rear-drive car of all time, the magnificent Ferrari 812 Superfast, the .
Jason also drives a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 to teach us about the original Shelby Cobra homologation Mustangs and where the GT350 name comes from . And what the GT500 name doesn't mean.
Guest appearances include SCCA Hall-of-Fame race-car driver Randy Pobst (henceforth known as The Stick), Jason’s Camero-enthusiast Cousin Bob alter-ego, automotive expert / “Carmudgeon” Derek Tam-Scott, and Lisa, the most beautiful flag girl to ever get fired on the spot. Oh, plus the world’s silliest Top Gear spoof of Jeremy Clarkson’s Stig intro.
This 20-minute, full-length UHD 4K review of the GT500 is action packed with quarter-mile drag races, lap challenges around Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, and all the comedy you came to expect from Jason. With all the insights you crave.
In other words, we think it’s the best GT500 review. In the world. Ever.
Don’t forget to check out ISSIMI’s IRgos channel for the side-by-side POV onboard videos of Randy Pobst lapping the GT500 and GT3 RS around Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.
Lap Videos:
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  1. Andres Borges

    Andres Borgesپیش روز

    Dammit i love Randy so much

  2. Shuriken

    Shurikenپیش 2 روز

    Amazing Video! I love it!

  3. Denis Bede

    Denis Bedeپیش 2 روز

    This was literally better than most racing movies I have seen ! Love Jason and his style :)

  4. Jahim Uddin

    Jahim Uddinپیش 2 روز

    This video was awesome.

  5. Mike Schwarzman

    Mike Schwarzmanپیش 2 روز

    Miata? Underpowered shit.

  6. Jcgames 365

    Jcgames 365پیش 5 روز

    To those who say this Mustang can't be compared the some high class foreign sports/super cars... think again.

  7. KevinCln1

    KevinCln1پیش 6 روز

    This is one of the most smile inducing car video's I've seen in long time. The new GT500 easily makes my 04 SVT COBRA seem pretty tame. Thank you sharing this great content with us all... ! :-)

  8. Enthusiasts Garage

    Enthusiasts Garageپیش 7 روز

    even of you dont like ford, you have to give them props for making a car like this for under 100k. this will force others to follow suit.

  9. Mike Bryant

    Mike Bryantپیش 7 روز

    This is what I've been missing

  10. Javier Kuan

    Javier Kuanپیش 7 روز

    GT3 RS is about 200hp less than the GT500. I would like to see a comparison with the GT2 RS that will be a more even comparison. Anyway lets see how the GT 500 do in the Nurburhgring

  11. Autoblast

    Autoblastپیش 7 روز

    what did the super fast do it in?

  12. Matthew Mackey

    Matthew Mackeyپیش 7 روز

    What is that dubstep song

  13. Joe L

    Joe Lپیش 8 روز

    Should of put the GT500 against the Camaro ZL1 1LE or Corvette ZR1 and see how it performs of the track.

  14. Michael

    Michaelپیش 5 روز

    They did in a video in another channel comparing the Hellcat Red Eye, this and the ZL1 1LE. The ZL1 1LE was faster in Big Willow with Randy Pobst (?) behind the wheel.

  15. woodypwx

    woodypwxپیش 8 روز

    Amazing fun, Jason. Thank you!

  16. Joakim Henrikson

    Joakim Henriksonپیش 12 روز

    This episode could be THE BEST EVER car episode of ANY car show, EVER! Holy F*#k its F*#king awesome! GIVE US MORE! :D

  17. sed rehman

    sed rehmanپیش 16 روز

    I would watch Jason Cammisa's car reviews at the end of earth. SUBSCRIBED. I mean he doesn't just say oh its orange and powerful. He say a story like short documentary

  18. cash flow

    cash flowپیش 17 روز

    Did you really try to race the porshe he had a race helmet on you had no chance

  19. Mopar Volkswagen

    Mopar Volkswagenپیش 19 روز

    Second time watching. I made a mistake listening to this while working. I missed the great video attached to it. Love it. Keep it up cammissa

  20. patrick G

    patrick Gپیش 21 روز

    My question;for the chrono betwen Gt500 and GT3,in reality he drift or not??

  21. Hazin

    Hazinپیش 21 روز

    He’s called the STICK 😂

  22. D S -TLH

    D S -TLHپیش 22 روز

    Flag girl. Gets the Thumbs Up. Way up!

  23. DeadMeat

    DeadMeatپیش 22 روز

    2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Jason Cammisa on the Icons - ISSIMI Official A fantastic review of a great American car. Once again, Jason Commisa delivers an entertaining and informative production. ISSIMI has, unfortunately, edited the GT500 vs 812 drag race into a standalone video removed from the context of this larger review's perspective and that's unfortunate (as well as totally pointless). BTW, I loved the back and forth between Randy and Jason, including during the homage to Top Gear.

  24. Adam Plitko

    Adam Plitkoپیش 22 روز

    GT500 can do 10.5 in 1/4 stock. Check out Stangmode's car!

  25. Shawn-Paul Luchin

    Shawn-Paul Luchinپیش 23 روز

    Koenisegg Gemera! Or any other model. Thank you.

  26. Aj Lauzon

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  27. Matthew Zollinger

    Matthew Zollingerپیش 29 روز

    Viva Jason!!!!

  28. FutureGadgets

    FutureGadgetsپیش 29 روز

    randy: "this things only 500 something horse? doesn't feel that *slow*" me: *sad 100 horsepower na miata noises*

  29. GS Riders of Velocity Cycles

    GS Riders of Velocity Cyclesپیش 27 روز


  30. Jason Hendren

    Jason Hendrenپیش ماه

    It would appear that your lap times are from a standing start. How different would the lap times be if you didn't accelerate from zero and hit turn one at full pace?

  31. Anthony G

    Anthony Gپیش ماه

    Waste of money the Ford dealers are selling them for almost $200k dont buy them just let ford eat up the loss


    RHONDA BEANپیش ماه


  33. vimal ramdin

    vimal ramdinپیش ماه

    jason ur not pro cpmpared to randy ,

  34. Vishal Thakur

    Vishal Thakurپیش ماه

    Best video ever ❤️

  35. sirvapalot

    sirvapalotپیش ماه

    can't believe anybody gave this video a thumbs down i was blown away

  36. sirvapalot

    sirvapalotپیش ماه

    lovely clean crisp video it looked beautiful on my MBP thoroughly enjoyed watching you have a new subsciber bravo

  37. Rodney McGiveron

    Rodney McGiveronپیش ماه

    Watch this........irgos.info/fylm-hay/x5pooZJ4h3phw6g.html .........standing quarter in under 10 seconds at 140 mph and destroys a Hurucan ... And it's a full sized , family carting , easily driving genius and it's not American but it is a Ford....yet not a V8... Australian designed and built Ford Falcon with a beautiful turbocharged four litre DOHC VCT inline 6.....Love them..

  38. Niko Weindel

    Niko Weindelپیش ماه

    Already so much better than Motor Trend! Randy Pobst was the only edge I thought they could have on you. Well, not any more! Keep up the good work!

  39. ZeroCool

    ZeroCoolپیش ماه

    Just goes to show you who has more racing experience. A normally aspirated 6 cylinder engine putting the smack down on a 8 cylinder forced induction engine. Imagine what the GT2-RS would have done to the snake!

  40. JerseyMikeP

    JerseyMikePپیش ماه

    There is a Massive weight Difference (3,150 lbs vs. 4,100lbs), They actually have close Hp/lbs. Gt3RS would need a 69hp boost to have the same power/weight...but anybody that knows road racing knows that weighing less is more important than HP. Not to mention the $80,000 difference in Price. Other than the weight difference..GT500 Is a Much bigger car,10" Longer, 2" wider, 2

  41. Akshat Gautam

    Akshat Gautamپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="955">15:55</a> Best !!!!

  42. mike anglada

    mike angladaپیش ماه

    Us Chevy Guys do truly Respect what FORD can/has/will do, always... Amazing!!

  43. Freelancer Gamer

    Freelancer Gamerپیش ماه

    The first good thing in 2020 that Cammisa is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

  44. GAC

    GACپیش ماه

    THIS is a powerful and well crafted review... SO entertaining and Fun to watch, love it :) Gosh this GT 500 is an almost affordable dream. Ford you did an Amazing job, thank you.

  45. Joce Lepage

    Joce Lepageپیش ماه

    Great Video! Love the comparisons and thank you for the Shelby Tribute and the TOP GEAR spoof on the "Stick" - great nick name for Randy Pobst. I like it! :)

  46. zykeveyin malone

    zykeveyin maloneپیش ماه

    I'm really glad your back jason.

  47. LikwidFoX

    LikwidFoXپیش ماه

    This video should win an oscar or at very least a day time emmy

  48. iam 3Lrj

    iam 3Lrjپیش ماه

    I still don’t respect American cars but interesting, no chance on the Nürburgring though or any bigger track

  49. Latnlvr

    Latnlvrپیش ماه

    Ford and Mustang keep writing history, while GM and Chrysler just are history.

  50. Doug S

    Doug Sپیش ماه

    I grew up in a 1968 Kona Blue GT500 and now there is this. Is it the fastest car, no. Is it the best car, no. but Its a car to create memories that will never be forgotten and like any true car enthusiast would think, amazing! I am glade I was able to be alive to see not one but two automobile industry car wars! What a time to be alive. Now, who has a 100 grand I can have to purchase one of these? lol lol. Dreams....

  51. Keenan Sanders

    Keenan Sandersپیش ماه

    The gt left late

  52. Adnaan Pardawala

    Adnaan Pardawalaپیش ماه

    Bring Jhonny Liberman with you.

  53. 1234zcrom

    1234zcromپیش ماه

    Great job again. The Ferrari was a perfect opponent. Maybe do dodge also - Venom still can't kill the demon the 1/4 though but its does everything well so I give it a pass. You're honest so we appreciate that.

  54. elmo z

    elmo zپیش ماه

    So long to the manual trans

  55. FrldyZX87

    FrldyZX87پیش ماه

    Good to have Jason back. I knew he would be awesome but I was not expecting the production quality to be so high! The camera quality and editing is up there with Top Gear!

  56. Eau de Nuit

    Eau de Nuitپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="388">6:28</a> *DANCE DANCE DANCE* TILL YOU'RE DEAD

  57. Mark Glofcheskie

    Mark Glofcheskieپیش ماه

    Good review but you should had changed tires for the next review (Throttle House)!

  58. shane nelson

    shane nelsonپیش ماه

    No manual is a huuuuuuugggger bummer esp when this car seems like everyones fantasy car haha can someone tell me if the GT 350 recent model was manual? That could be my car if it is

  59. Jair CT

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    come one guys!!! this video needs at least 1M views ! share it! we gotta support Jason

  60. Jose Colon

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    Great to have you back Jason!!!

  61. Philasande Mazibuko

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  62. Christian Delacre

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    beautiful supercars

  63. Nigel’s Modelling Bench

    Nigel’s Modelling Benchپیش ماه

    Awesome video guys. This proves we finally have a Mustang that can play with the big boys from the factory.

  64. Anna Chatilo

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  65. Serhiy 123

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  66. emil hristov

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    Amazing. Best channel ever. That Randy and Jason chemistry is perfect

  67. Ernest Pfannen

    Ernest Pfannenپیش ماه

    Ya, '82 Rampage, the 2.2 Turbo will fit along with the close ratio 5 speed out of a '84 Daytona, the axles fit NP. It was the synchronized gears that went, a few times....stuck....in. 1st 2nd...3rd 4thpppppppp. The Rampage was 1000lb lighter than the Daytona maybe more,....fun,fun😃😃😃😃 That turbo sound😆

  68. turbosucks

    turbosucksپیش ماه

    Injustice to the gt500 late start and besides everyone else gets the high 10’s to very low 11”s A tuned gt500 is in the 9.7’s that’s just a tune and a change of a pulley that would be a better comparison to a 400k-500k Ferrari!

  69. JerseyMikeP

    JerseyMikePپیش ماه

    You know a Mustang fan.... ALWAYS, Brings up (modded) Mustang #s when comparing to the competition, Lol. Camaro Boys are getting As Bad , When Hennessey Released The Exorcist.

  70. joshua gassmann

    joshua gassmannپیش ماه

    Welcome back to the car scene Jason. You were missed

  71. Eli Waldrep

    Eli Waldrepپیش ماه

    Imagine if Ford put the 5.2L voodoo engine with a 2.6L Kenne Bell blower in the Ford GT with the 7spd DCT... Would literally destroy any competition! Heck even the Predator from the GT500 would be great in it too! The performance of that car would be so much more capable by getting rid of that ecoboost

  72. JerseyMikeP

    JerseyMikePپیش ماه

    If only ford had guy's with....Balls, running the company. Then they wanted to race at Lemans which is Ran By the" Feminist" French. They Could have Made the engine An Optiion.

  73. Ice Bull

    Ice Bullپیش ماه

    OK...so why did you chose the Hellcat over the Demon? Because I don't get it

  74. Capt. George

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  75. Four Brothers Journey

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  76. Four Brothers Journey

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  79. timmy _

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    Important to know that the 812 Superfast weighs SIX HUNDRED POUNDS less than 2020 GT 500.

  80. N2L entertainment ELO on the beat

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  81. Shayne Dumas

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  82. stantaur3

    stantaur3پیش ماه

    Epic win. Please keep this series going. Deadpool's irreverence... Pobst much more entertaining than Stig ever was. Phenomenal writing, timing, delivery, videography, and soundtrack. It delivers incredibly-hard-to-replicate visceral feel of driving the car thanks to such great camera and sound work. LOVE the back stories and encyclopedic knowledge dispensed with healthy doses of Jason's wit. Good for Derek on the starting line trope too - nothing is sacred here. This episode takes the then-genius advancements of ~ TG season 2 and moves the entire genre forward FAR more than the 17 years of linear time that has passed since then. Best review of cars I've ever seen. Goosepimples.

  83. Roy Evans

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    I liked the first flag girl much better than the second one.

  84. pete d

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    Thanks 4 using same experienced driver in Both. The miniscle time difference pales to the $100,000 MSRP difference. Great Stuff

  85. Marz8999

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