88-Year-Old Grandma Unboxing Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch

Gran answers your questions and then opens her new gift, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch. We take a look at her setting up her new villager and choosing her island.
Animal Crossing Wrapping Paper by Agui: aguichart.storenvy.com/
Animal Crossing Keychains by DecodenD: www.etsy.com/shop/DecodenD
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    Updated the video description with links to significant contributors to this video, like the wrapping paper and keychains. Click "show more" and check them out!

  2. Jeri Anne Maliwat

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    Omg i cry already

  3. Jeri Anne Maliwat

    Jeri Anne Maliwatپیش 6 روز

    Your grandma is just like i wanna cry omg

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    Scott Neff His video may have not been monetized or something like that.

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    phubans it’s inspiring ether ways if your old you can still be a gamer Granma

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    OMG your grandmom is so nice, I WANT HER TO BE MY GRANDMOM

  7. Kingston

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    And now Audie is one of the most sought after villagers.

  8. wolfertime animaljam

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    Is her name Audie? Because I pretty sure the animal crossing makes made a wolf based on her, I think, pls answer

  9. whichelo place

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    she's got a villager named after her

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    그 할머니다 !!!! 튀동숲 할머니

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    誰か日本語字幕つけてあげてくれんかな~ 英語分からんくて会話の内容知りたい~(・ω・`*) モニカも来てほしいなぁ~

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    how cute, I loved kk.

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    How is she doing in acnh? If she needs anything, i wouldn't mind giving her anything i have 😁😁😁💗

  14. Avril Platt

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    You should play with her whenever you do an animal crossing new horizons video! This grandma videos make my day whenever I see them the just make me say aww the whole video :>. You should upload more of this content, this really makes everyone's day!

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    my heart, my soul, omaigad

  16. Ethan the Squirtle

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    I'd like to grow old and be this type of grandad, very wholesome.

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    Someone get her the filbert amiibo

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    So holsom

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    Why would anybody dislike this

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    i have her on my island and it makes me so happy :)

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    Gamer Grammy Love her

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    She should make a new horizons walkthrough

  23. Shade

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    I watched the vid where she showed off her really old town and when i saw this i gasped so loud

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    Aww 🥰

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    She is too cute! She probably still has that wrapping paper!

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    Did she get doom eternal too

  28. nanna petersen

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    where did you get the clear case on the switch from? im looking for one

  29. Ashley

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    I wanna see PROGRESS

  30. Starlight

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    Poor Grandma I don't wanna know how she's gonna struggle when her joycons start drifting

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    She seems really intelligent and sweet! Hopefully my wife will be this cool when I'm 90!

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    Would she be willing to do an island tour? That’d be very fun to she what she does

  33. Mr Purps

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    Your gran is such an adorable old woman and I would love to spend time and talk with her for hours.

  34. Blu_Clover_Gacha

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    I saw your last video where she showed her house. I saw the toilet and how much gold she had, so I wanted to tell you you can make a gold toilet by carrying gold and the toilet to Cyrus and asking him to customise it.

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    The dislikes people just come and fly away without watching this video. Imean hello guys how can you dislikes this grandma she's awesome. Talking about cold people

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    my gran wont even entertain the idea of getting a tv! shes all alone with her books, radio and crosswords.. this is so precious

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    Hola, si hay alguien que hable español, this video is incredible and your grandma is very sweatte and she is wonderfall, I love this video 😍

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    I got Filbert on my island today and I was soooo happy!!

  40. Astley Frank

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    Pretty neat. I encounter geriatric patients often and the most frequent assumption that I make is that these individuals will have a harder time executing tasks. That is certainly not the case always. I'm glad that your gran has found some enjoyment in video games. She is a celebrity now. Cameo/feature her in more content: Ask Audrey !!!!

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    i am proud to have audie on my island in honor of her blessed soul. 🥺💖

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    I would give filbert to her island if I could she's so sweet

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    Get us an update

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    Now tell me who disliked the video?

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    This is proof that there is still good in the world

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    She is so cute and nice I could hug her forever

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    Wholesome 1,000

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    Can we have a update on her island

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    This girl needs to go on the news

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    When the lockdown eases, you should totally update us on grandma's island.

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    She melts my heart!!! She deserves the world

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    I love her. She sounds like Tree Trunks in Adventure Time!!!!

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    This is so sweet! I wish the best for her and her island. :)

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    It's so sweet that they made a villager for her ✌🏻❤

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    Keep that game up flower! (Flower=Gran)

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  63. Cerise Dragon2

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    If I find out anything bad happened to her I will cry

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    Did she eventually get audie?

  65. Irving Deino

    Irving Deinoپیش 2 روز

    Did she eventually get audie?

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    i love this grandma so much, audie is a dream villager for me she also handles things so delicately I love it

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    People who disliked this video have no souls

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    All the dislikes on this video are people who are just jealous that there’s a grandma out there who’s better than them an at animal crossing And who are also jealous they don’t have such a cool grandmother 😄😄😁😎😎😎

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    Did she love the game? Can we see her town please?

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    She’s literally so precious🥰🥰🥰. But why are there so many dislikes?!?!

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    This video is so precious I don’t understand why there are so many dislikes.

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    My Nan is dying she’s in hospital for the next 5 days before she passes away watching this made me want to see her so bad but I know I can’t 😥

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    Charlotte Scrase Be strong please everything would be ok ❤️

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    Awww she's 88 now :)

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    im crying..

  77. ComicalYT

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    I'll gladly help out your gran if she ever needs anything in game, I don't think I'm the only one either :D

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    SHE IS SO CUTE MY HEART IS GOING TO MELT ❤️😩🤪🥺 also idk if you have told her but you should tell her if you haven’t that the cable to connect the dock to the wall you can plug it in to the switch while it’s handheld so she could play while it’s charging. ik a lot of people know this but just in case you didn’t or forgot :))

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    It’s so horrible that almost 2 thousand people could dislike this wholesome, and great grandmother.

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    Also you can use amiido cards to get filbert you just need to get the camp site you just progress it just takes a little bit

  86. Toxic Zombie

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    I h as very audie and I made her the best living villager ever