Arcade History

You got gamer blood? Doubt. At least not until you've seen this brief comical recount of game arcade history- join GingerPale as he visits the three main eras; the penny arcade, the golden age of the 80s and the present day attempts we are left with. It'll have you going 'hehe oh yeah i know that game haha- very relatable. Thank you mr. GpApi'
Special thanks to my friends who also make nice vidoo:
Allanah (Voice):
Nevercake (Voice and Animation Help):
Thank you very much to Buffer Film Festival for having me out to Toronto to premiere this video! Super awesome experience getting to see this up on a big screen and meet and watch so many talented film makers.
More info on arcade history:
Background Music:
Jump Jive Roar - Jules Gaia
In a Jiffy - Moins Le Quartet
Jive With Me - Moins Le Quartet
Tiger Tracks - Lexica
Seaside Temple - Louie Zong
Caribbean Arcade - Christian Nanzell
Tutorial Time! - Louie Zong
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    1:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Why the heck is gingerpale so underrated

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    Mario bros (not "super")

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    *kid gets hit by a horse and a coin falls out* wow...that kid got some CENTS outta that

  7. Marianne Ingurt

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    Lol I got an arcade ad while watching this video(btw great vid)

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    Gingerpale 0:07 is a gamer and person is some legit gfuel

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    No one: Not a single soul: NOT EVEN GOD: Gingerpale:give me your futher

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    PAC man

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    “This is just like a phone game, but bigger!” “muCh lIKe mY diSSapOinTmeNt.”

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    Did anyone notices that the guy from the beginning is slowly getting smaller?

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    idk if its the colors or his voice but gingerpale's videos make me really happy

  15. Moria Robertson

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    Frog: ribbit. Mario: yahoo! (based on a comment) Pacman: *GIMMIE ALL YOUR CHILDREN*

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    Someone *say you ded in 1910 and gets smashed gingerpale:am i a joke to you?*

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    eye I mis Miss dad Dad

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    I Thgouht this is a Christian channel

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    For like 4,750 tickets I can get this 360 orb speaker.

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    I spent 100 dollars for this. Me: well I spent money so I could live in Arizona but N O - I had to live in Canada, Ontario when it snows :c

  22. Ralsei From Deltarune

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    How to make an arcade game Use your 3D printer and make The game

  23. Sebastian Plays

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    3:06 Ginger pale: Who’s gonna buy all these toys? Me: pff, no one. Ginger pale: 👁👄👁

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    Street fighter

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    This many people think GingerPale is becoming an Education channel: EDIT: This is just a bit of a joke.

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    Those guys were the Mario Bros

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    His colour pallete is the most colourful of most animators on IRgos

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    Ginger Pale trying to get a fortune by cheating the system Subtitles: Applause

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    GingerPale you were still dead in 1910 how could you be here ( smack)

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    Why did the guy put up the middle finger🤬😱😨😧

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    0:00 to 0:36 WHAT!

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    A local arcade I have has a corner full of classic arcade games, then there’s big subway surfers💤

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    this i accurate

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    So this is why Canadian cartoons are so weird.. Happy Tree Friends is an example. Does Canadian laugh at gore stuff?

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    Jo Hb.m ,hp 7

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    What's this for? It's so we don't loose the kids👌

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    13:09 it's good for your health

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    Nevercake: "Are you poor* Homeless man:" yes" Nevercake: " *Ew* "

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    I like pac-pac

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    4:45 made me laugh so hard. Not to funny to my sisters though.

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    oh i thought u ment in real time

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    dude its 20/19

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    “You sir are you poor??” “Hehe yeah” “Ew” And that kids is how the French Revolution started

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    Sameen Ahmad I see what you did there

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    Theres gunna be a tax for that ( oversimplified reference)

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    Wow that's so relatable #bruhmoment

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    Gingerpale: Give me a future Fortune teller: I’ll just cost a penny Me, a geography buff with the knowledge of Canada’s discontinuation of pennies: Wait, that’s illegal

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    2:11 castle Crashers reference

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