Barr Gripes Over Trump’s Tweets | The View

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  1. Mona Nordwall

    Mona Nordwallپیش ماه

    Me Me Me Meghan is such a bold faced liar!!! She does not know what MOST Americans feel like... and Im calling BS on her friends dont know who Barr is. PLEASE GTFOH!!!!!

  2. Brand Gadfly

    Brand Gadflyپیش ماه

    When will these people just shut up and admit that Donald trump as humiliated them and dominated the presidency. America is going better than ever

  3. Keith Woodruff

    Keith Woodruffپیش ماه

    With Trump as a leader I fear waking up one morning finding a Russian flag surplanted for our own MAGA???

  4. Charlene Lloyd

    Charlene Lloydپیش ماه

    No surprise Megan McCain has stupid friends who could not be bothered to be concerned about the political process… But don’t for one moment Megan McCain think that the people have tuned out! We are not fatigued, we are not so involved in other aspects of our life that we cannot pay attention to what’s going on politically. Anyone listening to William bar and 45 clearly understands that that was a ridiculous attempt at fooling the public. And William bar has had his head shoved high up 45s gluteus maximus since 2018 or perhaps even longer. Stop speaking for the American public… You Megan McCain are the voice of ignorance.

  5. Purple rose Swan

    Purple rose Swanپیش ماه

    No sunny, we are not that stupid, but all of you are. Trump for 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Hallam

    Jeff Hallamپیش ماه

    Don’t fall for it Joy...

  7. Sebastian Minney

    Sebastian Minneyپیش ماه


  8. Marzell Holbrook

    Marzell Holbrookپیش ماه

    Barr... YOU ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. Howe dare you sit here and have the audacity to play in our faces in this manner

  9. Chani Salado

    Chani Saladoپیش ماه

    Megan must think people are so stupid that they don't know what is going on in the world

  10. mark haas

    mark haasپیش ماه

    Joy Behar flirts with her favorite con man Michael Avenatti before prison

  11. Porn Lawyer Micheal Avenatti 2020

    Porn Lawyer Micheal Avenatti 2020پیش ماه

    Her breath smelt like a fart passing through an onion

  12. Barbara Bueno-Welton

    Barbara Bueno-Weltonپیش ماه

    Yes the American public IS THAT STUPID! They voted for Trump! HELLO????!!!

  13. Charlene Rowley

    Charlene Rowleyپیش ماه

    Ana can take over for... what's her name?

  14. Susan Santana

    Susan Santanaپیش ماه

    You are as crooked as a dogs hind legs barr!

  15. Unmasking Fools

    Unmasking Foolsپیش ماه

    The View is just a shameless garbage show that is obsessed with Trump and always Wrong on Trump

  16. JDWhit _

    JDWhit _پیش ماه

    Barr is lying!!!!!!

  17. abhimanit12

    abhimanit12پیش ماه

    Barr is going to jail for obstruction when new administration comes in, unless Trump pardons him in advance..

  18. C. Schoenfeld

    C. Schoenfeldپیش ماه

    How to do Meghan's job of defending the indefensible in three easy steps: 1 - Deflect to the Democrats. Whatever awful thing Trump is doing is kind of bad, I guess, but what about...? If there is no suitable whataboutism, go on to step two: 2 - "Normal" Americans are busy with their lives and don't care. Honsetly, who ever even heard of the AG of the United States? Use sparingly because after too many tries, it really looks like you think Middle America is dumb as ****, which is what step three is there for: 3 - Make yourself the victim, say you're the only conservative in New York City and no one understands you and you have such a hard job, and yell above everybody else until you are in control or at least have the discussion entirely derailed. Works like a charm every time, and since it's good entertainment ABC will encourage you to keep up the good work.

  19. Travis Cutler

    Travis Cutlerپیش ماه

    You're job is to be a link in the human centipede that is the GOP.

  20. Prayer Anon

    Prayer Anonپیش ماه

    How’s your favourite Presidential candidate Michael Avenatti doing? Keep on using your few viewers.

  21. King Peppy

    King Peppyپیش ماه

    Corruption of the foulest degree. Disbar Barr!

  22. Pedro Adrián

    Pedro Adriánپیش ماه

    William Barr is fake af.

  23. SSC

    SSCپیش ماه

    No...that was a message to "The Lawless One" to shut up and not tweet about what he's doing.

  24. Ignacio Jorajuria

    Ignacio Jorajuriaپیش ماه

    They're not getting this. He's saying it's hard for him to cover up his crimes while Trump admits them on a daily basis.

  25. Denver

    Denverپیش ماه

    Barr's supposed anger about Trump's tweets is nothing but orchestrated slop... It's theater designed to fool Americans into thinking that Big Billy Barr and our little Mango Mussolini aren't working completely hand-in-glove... or whatever filthy metaphor you may find more fitting...!!!

  26. Terrence Strong

    Terrence Strongپیش ماه

    I am just tired from it all I feel like the government isn't holding anyone accountable so I just don't care

  27. kali koka

    kali kokaپیش ماه

    Angry birds. Awaken.

  28. YugotSwaqedd

    YugotSwaqeddپیش ماه

    They're all crooked!

  29. Abouttime K

    Abouttime Kپیش ماه


  30. jonathan dow

    jonathan dowپیش ماه

    Meghan said the key word on why our country is in a dire straits. People living in a normal world 👰

  31. Ammon Weser

    Ammon Weserپیش ماه

    So, let's get this straight. Because Trump tweets (the truth, shockingly) it makes it impossible for Barr to do his job to make it look like the department is acting with integrity (which they aren't).

  32. J M

    J Mپیش ماه

    Barr should be disBARRed

  33. Ron Wuerch

    Ron Wuerchپیش ماه

    Just Came Out That Four Of The Jurors In The Stone Case Were A Set Up By The DOJ...The Democrats Need To Be Held Accountable.

  34. TheMentalHouseTV w/Khadijah

    TheMentalHouseTV w/Khadijahپیش ماه

    SAY IT ANNA!!!!

  35. R J

    R Jپیش ماه

    GO KING TRUMP - why are the left so afraid of TRUMP and his wonderful administration? Why are they so insecure? Democrats please do not become America's biggest are not far from it...

  36. R J

    R Jپیش ماه

    @Gay Davenport nope 👎 I am only giving my opinion but I see you can't handle it do not be afraid and try to get rid of the TRUMP derangement syndrome - cheers please do not reply again cause you will not change your opinion and I will not change my opinion so we will only be wasting each other's time - please do not follow other people like a bunch of sheep start thinking for yourself and see the truth - and by the way if I want to refer to TRUMP as 👑 KING TRUMP should I not have the so called freedom of speach to do so - the only troll here I am afraid is you that is trolling me..

  37. Gay Davenport

    Gay Davenportپیش ماه

    wrong , America fought against a king , for you to mention king trump you are a troll /bot as you know nothing about American history. Any Trump supporter mentioning King Trump are traitors to the constitution as it was written to prevent a sovereignty

  38. Alex

    Alexپیش ماه


  39. Jordan B

    Jordan Bپیش ماه

    Banana Republic was a great finisher. I wish we heard the audience laugh.

  40. Victor Akandu

    Victor Akanduپیش ماه


  41. Sandy D

    Sandy Dپیش ماه

    Meghan, you are so wrong, the average American IS TUNED IN and outraged over this lying heartless administration.

  42. Greens Beans Potatoes Tomatoes

    Greens Beans Potatoes Tomatoesپیش ماه

    I disagree

  43. Sandy D

    Sandy Dپیش ماه

    Wow, he lies with such ease......

  44. Micheal L

    Micheal Lپیش ماه

    Ana is the best!

  45. Essein Atu

    Essein Atuپیش ماه

    Nobody believes you Barr.

  46. SouthFlaCutie

    SouthFlaCutieپیش ماه

    Nutmeg's "I have friends", is right up there with Trump's "Sir" stories...all fictional. 😒🙄

  47. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    harlow jean 1975 deymonazپیش ماه

    Meghan lots of us don't have cable news and this is STILL everywhere

  48. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    harlow jean 1975 deymonazپیش ماه

    Barr...does not know what integrity is

  49. Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo

    Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxoپیش ماه

    Fake Barr 😡😡

  50. Blake still in the game

    Blake still in the gameپیش ماه

    It looks like the media falling for the Charlie Brown kick the football again 🙄🙄🎧

  51. Reefahholic

    Reefahholicپیش ماه

    More LIES LIES LIES on the view. Paid off by the main stream media. How sad America has become.


    MAGACOPپیش ماه

    Ana Navarro is a Fat pig.

  53. Destination Mingle

    Destination Mingleپیش ماه

    Yes they do know they're stupid. 😂

  54. crazy fish

    crazy fishپیش ماه


  55. crazy fish

    crazy fishپیش ماه

    You should go suck your thumb.

  56. Ms W

    Ms Wپیش ماه

    so.....why are you watching? why waist your time on trash? so many other things to do in this world... you can't get the time back that you used to watch this... go do what makes you happy... ...I'm just sayin...

  57. teddycheong

    teddycheongپیش ماه

    The View are going to get stroke on election night.

  58. Michele Grigsby

    Michele Grigsbyپیش ماه

    I love you Ana!!!!

  59. Michele Grigsby

    Michele Grigsbyپیش ماه

    Omg Megan, 'we people' with normal lives are watching this and you need to stop trying to speak for us. You have no idea what we regular people are doing.

  60. Muarice D

    Muarice Dپیش ماه

    Make America Weak and Gay Again Vote Democrat 2020

  61. Muarice D

    Muarice Dپیش ماه

    And some people still wonder why it’s called fake news when all you have to do is turn this crap on called The View. Liberals still haven’t figured it out that the majority of the country were and still are sick of politicians and politically correct bastards running this country into the ground. Trump isn’t a politician and he’s twits obviously not PC.

  62. Jessica DeTrant

    Jessica DeTrantپیش ماه

    You are a fool, but don't expect others to follow you down the rabbit hole. You say that liberals haven't figured things out and yet you support a Conman. Take your own advice and return to your fake news on Faux.

  63. Felicia Gardner

    Felicia Gardnerپیش ماه

    I have never seen Meghan on Friday how odd.

  64. Willy Bagatcholon

    Willy Bagatcholonپیش ماه

    Tuned out. That's what happened in Poland. People tuned out. From there WWII happened.

  65. John Edward Jones

    John Edward Jonesپیش ماه

    Former RNC head Michael Steele states this whole TRUMP/Barr, Barr/Trump "thing" was orchestrated. It seems to be fodder to fool some.

  66. Roof1975

    Roof1975پیش ماه

    I'm Canadian and fully tuned Meghan. All you need is to watch Seth, Colbert and any 6pm nightly news program outside of Fox and its easy to stay tuned in....

  67. C&B Jones

    C&B Jonesپیش ماه

    I'm in Australia and all I need to do is listen to news on the radio!

  68. Grace Henry

    Grace Henryپیش ماه

    Meghan is right. I think they are hoping people are exhausted and/or not watching.

  69. AL

    ALپیش ماه

    Well of course we’re fatigued Meghan but that doesn’t mean we tune everything out as it gets worse

  70. Boston Bob

    Boston Bobپیش ماه

    Bill Barr the schill will arrest no one - He s deep state , He declared Epstein's murder a suicide for sure and that s that .

  71. Simmer Pete

    Simmer Peteپیش ماه

    Barr was putting on a show! Don’t be fooled. Trump would have let us know he was mad by what Barr said. And by not getting mad we know Trump is in on it.

  72. Lena Ghio

    Lena Ghioپیش ماه

    such a good liar!

  73. Bex is the word

    Bex is the wordپیش ماه

    Jabba the Barr will be saying bye to his job 🤭

  74. Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin

    Kyla Armstrong-Benjaminپیش ماه

    I don't believe that's his true sentiment at all. He's shown who he really is and what he's really about time and time again. This lip service is just him trying to save face. Its really ridiculous that he expects America to believe what he SAYING now, when we've all seen what he's actually DONE done for the past year as Attorney General! NO ONE IS BUYING WHAT YOU'RE SELLING BARR

  75. brandon nash

    brandon nashپیش ماه

    Is it just me? Or have anybody noticed how Meghan McCain when she don't have a defense. She goes to the famous. So I don't think anybody actually cares. Well we do care that our Country is being led by a mob boss.

  76. GrayEagle48

    GrayEagle48پیش ماه

    🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Avenatti guilty. We all knew it all along. And you people thought he was going to take down President Trump. HAHAHAHAHAHA. "Stop Stepping On My Second Amendment"

  77. E S

    E Sپیش ماه

    I hate to say this.... but they need another conservative on the show, otherwise you might as well change the name of this show to CNN.

  78. candi World

    candi Worldپیش ماه

    Meghan always down play everything .... nobody care my friends don’t everything don’t matter .... go to sleep.... she is pathetic

  79. David

    Davidپیش ماه

    @To The Max TROLL

  80. To The Max

    To The Maxپیش ماه

    Yup because the hysteria is easy to down play

  81. confusion delusion

    confusion delusionپیش ماه

    I consider myself average American I haven't tuned out I am following my government and today's current events along with living my normal life

  82. Heather Bender

    Heather Benderپیش ماه

    Barr will be fired for that interview in a minute

  83. WizardPatch

    WizardPatchپیش ماه

    The Mueller Report was a big flop. Stop pretending it mattered.

  84. Shane Bracewell

    Shane Bracewellپیش ماه

    They are all fake, morally corrupt mobsters! It’s just one big Frightening reality show. And all the sheep that follow them! Shame on you!!

  85. Paul Moulton

    Paul Moultonپیش ماه

    Jeff Session was the perfect AG he backed off and did nothing. Barr is actually doing his job.

  86. Angel T

    Angel Tپیش ماه

    Only Trumpsters are that stupid to believe it! We with common sense know that it's a lie.

  87. Alex

    Alexپیش ماه

    Barr can Gripe all he wants, but everyone knows he was "IN THE LOOP." He's going to pay for this political favor sooner or later.

  88. Castor Troy

    Castor Troyپیش ماه

    The Megalodon confuses fatigue with stupidity.

  89. Willy Wallie

    Willy Wallieپیش ماه

    The view should of talked about the anniversary of the parkland shooting.

  90. Castor Troy

    Castor Troyپیش ماه

    Barr is the lowest form of human life.

  91. Willy Wallie

    Willy Wallieپیش ماه

    No matter how much of an outcry people do to Trump is going to continue his attacks and laugh about it.

  92. Greens Beans Potatoes Tomatoes

    Greens Beans Potatoes Tomatoesپیش ماه