California prepares for looming surge coronavirus cases

The nation's most populous state is bracing itself for a surge in coronavirus cases. Health officials predict Los Angeles could face New York-level crisis. Danya Bacchus reports.


  1. Michael Crabtree

    Michael Crabtreeپیش 5 روز

    We need more sanitizing wipes....and rubbing alcohol. Sincerely the people in Hawaii.

  2. Michael Crabtree

    Michael Crabtreeپیش 5 روز

    Please wash hands for 20 seconds, social distance and wear masks. Let's get virus free people!!!

  3. Valentina Z

    Valentina Zپیش ماه

    California prepares by arresting a SUP boarder

  4. Love God

    Love Godپیش ماه

    My fam means the world

  5. Love God

    Love Godپیش ماه

    All I noe is God bless everyone but if one of my kids especially pupush die I'm gonna go sikko and I won't gaf....all the Morelos family and escobar and Munoz I'm with u

  6. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuپیش ماه

    It's going to be okay...

  7. Robert Smith

    Robert Smithپیش ماه

    California police are pushing the coronovirus by primarily enforcing the curfew on those sleeping in their vehicles, knocking on windows telling them they can't anywhere. You can't spread the virus inside of a parked vehicle! That's a pointless fluff and the police are notorious for enforcing vanity and nothing. The virus can spread way faster with a bunch of people in an apartment, hotel or motel complex than a bunch of people living in individual vehicles, those vehicles are a form of quarantine! I apologize for the rant, but I just have so little patience for stupidity. They're harassing people who's habits flatten the curve and decrease the virus and force them to do things that are more dangerous and help to spread the virus! This should be a time where those living in their vehicles should be allowed to sleep anywhere since they decrease the risk, even encouraged as if every American did this, the US would have the lowest numbers period! Someone with the coronovirus could be sneezing and coughing relentlessly in they're own vehicle and not spread the virus to anyone, until they move into an apartment or hotel and have to use all of the general areas like mailrooms, garbage rooms, leasing offices, hallways, entryways, stairways, elevators, door handles, etc. California should suggest that all businesses allow people to sleep in their lots to help contribute to firebug the curve and encourage anyone who wants to self quarantine in their vehicle should even if they don't have symptoms incase they're asymptomatic. Even in a house you could have 20 guests secretly, but a vehicle it's guaranteed because it's too no room and very visible from outside. Police will give you a ticket for rolling a stop sign in a ghost town I promise, the glorification of persnickety nonsense is this viruses best friend!

  8. Mah Kost

    Mah Kostپیش ماه

    California will not see a surge in coronavirus deaths unless they decide to do widespread large scale testings like NY. Until there are self administered tests available, the testing strategy and testing sites where symptomatic people congregate with infected people are major contagion points. It was widespread testing in NY that amplified the contagion. Look at the data. This trend is everywhere...NY, NJ, Italy, Spain. Look at China and SK, no more mass scale testing, no lines, no congregating symptomatics into common areas. They know.

  9. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuپیش ماه

    paper people. Thank you to everyone who replied, we all are doing our best as humans pulling together. Take care of yourselves and each other 🙏🙏

  10. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> los santos from a view from the buzzard attack chopper

  11. Chris Ng

    Chris Ngپیش ماه

    Any content about COV19 hit million views within days...

  12. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinپیش ماه

    Media loving the word “surge” these days. 😒

  13. Bini Get

    Bini Getپیش ماه

    Guess what year it is in Ethiopia? And guess which calendar is the correct one...

  14. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuپیش ماه

    Chinas bio warfare!!!🤔🤔🤔

  15. Yessy Hernandez

    Yessy Hernandezپیش ماه

    People Do Not test if you feel fine,, 🦠 virus is in the testing kit

  16. Robert Lopez

    Robert Lopezپیش ماه

    Just keep praying plzz

  17. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinپیش ماه

    strong against the virus. For more information text me whatsapp +1 8296182413

  18. misolou fout

    misolou foutپیش ماه

    Really it's testing surge. I don't see a surge of people getting sick after stay home order.

  19. Janet Sue

    Janet Sueپیش ماه

    hmmmmm the 2 MOST leftist wack-job states in the US who thumb their noses at God and every other form of virtues.... hmmmmmm i get it

  20. Janet Sue

    Janet Sueپیش ماه

    @bmbiz nope, He just wants better for all people, and if we turn against it, He will get (my) everyone's attention and it is in the Bible 1 Peter 3:18 Pray all would learn that, as i had too as well 😇 enjoying grace now, it's available!!

  21. bmbiz

    bmbizپیش ماه

    Yesss. I get it, too. Your god is genocidal, homicidal maniac prone to petty jealousies with murderous results. It's all in the bible.

  22. Jared Salazar

    Jared Salazarپیش ماه

    another virus is going on which is the Hantavirus. So that means we have 2 viruses which both came from China

  23. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyپیش ماه

    ??Great !

  24. Miguel Gabiola

    Miguel Gabiolaپیش ماه

    Chinas bio warfare!!!🤔🤔🤔

  25. Evan Guenther

    Evan Guentherپیش ماه

    Now this is an Avengers level threat

  26. Agcmaster

    Agcmasterپیش ماه

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  27. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyپیش ماه


  28. ANTI GLO

    ANTI GLOپیش ماه

    Maybe God is just punishing people for turning their backs on him. It's no coincidence the liberal areas are being hit the hardest with Corona.

  29. ANTI GLO

    ANTI GLOپیش ماه

    @bmbiz maybe not to you but I know God exists.

  30. bmbiz

    bmbizپیش ماه

    Yeah, your revenge fantasies aside, he don't exist.

  31. True2Live

    True2Liveپیش ماه

    If you think this travel ban/isolation will last only until April you’re ignorant.

  32. Brittany Hamilton

    Brittany Hamiltonپیش ماه

    It’s Judgement Time🙏🏾🙏🏾

  33. Raghu Seetharaman

    Raghu Seetharamanپیش ماه

    Let's hope it wipes out the degenerates in Hollywood who knew about Harvey Weinstein.

  34. IB Captain Jack

    IB Captain Jackپیش ماه

    Thank God for the president Trump, open border can you imagine the devastation we have if Democrats get into power again....

  35. bmbiz

    bmbizپیش ماه

    Has there been a single objective source that has classified Trump's efforts as anything but an unmitigated disaster? Without malice I'd ask whether you think that maybe, just maybe, you're viewing the world through a very partisan lens?

  36. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Henry Windsor Rurikovichپیش ماه

    💓 thought and prayers 💓 stayhome 💓 staysafe 💓 probably one day we can use mofloquine as a coronavirus treatment 💓

  37. Sally Vi Serquina

    Sally Vi Serquinaپیش ماه

    Should we also need to build a makeshift hospital like new york before it is too late to gather help and resources? Can media really start asking valid question and open the eyes of the elected officials and local government to prepare early?

  38. Joe Schizoid

    Joe Schizoidپیش ماه

    CBS News: The enemy of the people.

  39. 6LACK LORD

    6LACK LORDپیش ماه

    Didn't they say something about Vaccine costing like a couple billion dollars for the Coronavirus s few weeks ago???

  40. Mr. bonus

    Mr. bonusپیش ماه

    “It’s just the flu” they said.

  41. 6LACK LORD

    6LACK LORDپیش ماه

    But it kind of is like the Flu. And people have died from the Flu before. They say weather kind of affects the Coronavirus too as well. Doesn't do that well in the warm/hot temperatures

  42. Maggie

    Maggieپیش ماه

    We are in lockdown in london, our second week. And most people did panic buy, especially toilet rolls!, but the shops are stocking more things again now. We also did special shopping times for nurses, elderly, etc.. It was so strange see empty shopping aisles.. how life can change so quickly!...

  43. Light on the Inside

    Light on the Insideپیش ماه

    California just needs to make a multi-billion $ contract for companies to produce mass quantities of respirators for the hospitals for the whole country. Sue the federal government for the money afterwards. Somebody needs to take action without delay.

  44. Jim Fix

    Jim Fixپیش ماه

    Same recycled story for the last three days...

  45. Max Payne

    Max Payneپیش ماه

    "Never let a crisis go to waste". Our constitutional rights are being put on hold. This is a beta test for global martial law. Everybody will be a prepper after this one.

  46. dundunsar

    dundunsarپیش ماه

    Wear masks. Reduce spreading. Help medical staff. Save lives. (There are many silent carriers without symptoms. Masks can protect medical staff and other human beings too.)

  47. Carolyn Sanchez

    Carolyn Sanchezپیش ماه

    Drive by birthday partay lololol Smh how did we get here.

  48. HiddenChambers!

    HiddenChambers!پیش ماه


  49. miko foin

    miko foinپیش ماه


  50. 1234qwer

    1234qwerپیش ماه

    Global false flag op

  51. paloma salcedo

    paloma salcedoپیش ماه

    No more scam likely calls

  52. Elaine Colling

    Elaine Collingپیش ماه


  53. miko foin

    miko foinپیش ماه

    "looming surge" or LOOMING PURGE!!!

  54. Nancy Neptune

    Nancy Neptuneپیش ماه

    Mabe the virus will wipe out everyone in the Hidden Hills/Calabasis area!!!

  55. Khoshie hum

    Khoshie humپیش ماه

    I think cronavirus come from pig please do not eat pig

  56. thomas paine

    thomas paineپیش ماه

    Nah, it came from a US biolab

  57. robinpreese

    robinpreeseپیش ماه

    I heard a lot of “could” and “ worst case scenario “ in this clip 🤔🙄

  58. Matthew Bora

    Matthew Boraپیش ماه

    This can get really really Bad fast!

  59. Misael Villeda

    Misael Villedaپیش ماه

    Please don’t forget about mental health workers and caregivers...we are still going to work and still risk exposure

  60. knickandchester

    knickandchesterپیش ماه

    No you D A, Califirnia just got access to test kits, c-19 been here for months before citizens flipped out due to media & politician hype. Bigger threat to public health is the democrats homeless

  61. Eder Rabanales

    Eder Rabanalesپیش ماه

    CA isn’t doing a damn thing.

  62. Sue Armstrong

    Sue Armstrongپیش ماه

    Runs out to the car ....grabs the present with GERMS ....all over it....what are these people....STUPID

  63. Sean Bailey

    Sean Baileyپیش ماه

    Trump and his cult will do a happy dance for every dead Californian.

  64. Sue Armstrong

    Sue Armstrongپیش ماه

    Hopefully Pelosi is helping out in the hospitols.

  65. thomas paine

    thomas paineپیش ماه

    Without a mask . .

  66. Jesse Dugal

    Jesse Dugalپیش ماه

    This is as fake as they were you t I o the we can start o

  67. Migz8191 Splat

    Migz8191 Splatپیش ماه

    Give me the Virus already I cant work or provide for my family, Might aswell get sick

  68. Ben Baxter

    Ben Baxterپیش ماه

    I know I know i've let you down

  69. LORD'S Watchman

    LORD'S Watchmanپیش ماه

    "looming surge" or LOOMING PURGE!!!

  70. Dedalus69

    Dedalus69پیش ماه

    Seems as though the Virus prefers Democrat ran areas.

  71. Nick D

    Nick Dپیش ماه

    Hard to be proud of any response when we are out of masks and hand cleaner. Seriously, hand cleaner.

  72. TheRenard10

    TheRenard10پیش ماه

    All love to my hometown of L.A....Stay in prayer, peeps. 💖💖💖💖💖

  73. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farmingپیش ماه

    DEMOCRATS getting their DUE. As Lot was told to LOOK AWAY from 50d0me, so too should we RED conty people look away from these thieves, liars and corrupters of our children. OPEN BORDERS caused this. Now we should close OUR doors to the Blue counties. Keep their dysfunction CONTAINED. Cheers

  74. bmbiz

    bmbizپیش ماه

    How diseased of an individual are you?

  75. N Mil

    N Milپیش ماه

    I've grown to hate Leftists so much that I personally don't care how many of them die from the virus. As long as it doesn't spread to conservatives living in California.

  76. Allen Iverson

    Allen Iversonپیش ماه

    In the words of trippie redd “you gon die”

  77. U Haul

    U Haulپیش ماه

    On top of tyfus, hep a, homelessness, etc. rite?


    FULL ARMORپیش ماه

    40 million

  79. Tip Tig

    Tip Tigپیش ماه

    have family in ca

  80. Indigenous Indigo

    Indigenous Indigoپیش ماه

    The beach wasn't closed today

  81. WW Conkright

    WW Conkrightپیش ماه

    they aren't gonna get worst case. 39 million for 1000 dead what a sad day they will see not so many will die it's largely a scam

  82. Kaden Vasseur

    Kaden Vasseurپیش ماه

    Why does this look like a 2003 news report

  83. SenPieBeatz

    SenPieBeatzپیش ماه

    nice clickbait, you mentioned two cities, big brain....

  84. Fort Red

    Fort Redپیش ماه

    Snake Newsom is at the helm, no doubt we're going to steer into the rocks pretty quick

  85. Fort Red

    Fort Redپیش ماه

    @John Kim California has always voted strangely. Always seems hard to predict. I would have thought Bradley would have been Governor at one time. Deukmejian was a surprise, but he was a real Californian so he gauged the state very well. I liked Jerry Brown's first two terms way back at the end of the 70s, use a gun go to jail. He had morality and integrity back then. The return of Jerry Brown was a sad caricature of what he once was. We're in trouble with Gavin Newsom. That is the most bizarre unqualified worst person possible to lead our state. I was so disappointed.

  86. John Kim

    John Kimپیش ماه

    Absolutely. When did Governor Newsom ever care about the people? Makes me chuckle how he wants to use this opportunity to serve his political image and expand governmental powers. People like him and the political powers are the real danger to California.... much more than the virus!

  87. ItsDaKoolaidDude

    ItsDaKoolaidDudeپیش ماه

    Yeah nice try, Cali-liberals. We're not escaping this, and you remember all those people flooding our state and squatting over by L.A and San Fran? Yeah, they likely are carrying and spreading that virus about like crazy and the symptoms show up late. Have fun, "Let the foreign foreigners in" *NEW OBJECTIVE:* *SURVIVE*

  88. V S

    V Sپیش ماه

    garcetti is not a leader

  89. EmperorN

    EmperorNپیش ماه

    Less than .1% of the population has it and they are spreading all this hysteria. This is part of a goverment agenda to scare people and lock them inside while they destroy the economy.

  90. Q C

    Q Cپیش ماه

    They better be treating illegals before Americans!!

  91. john Wall

    john Wallپیش ماه

    Dumb liberals

  92. mrzack1520

    mrzack1520پیش ماه


  93. Stone Hedge

    Stone Hedgeپیش ماه

    Nature says time to think the herd! The 🌎 is getting a fever aka global warming, and is sending out its anti-bodies aka corona virus, to get rid of the virus aka humans!

  94. lunaticgenius

    lunaticgeniusپیش ماه

    I wonder if Covid-free zones will end up just like gun-free zones...

  95. paper airplane

    paper airplaneپیش ماه


  96. MrPepe360

    MrPepe360پیش ماه

    I guess the celebrities little song colab didn’t work