Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Season One Anthem

Just. Go. Bigger.
From the launch of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® to Season One starting with a bang, who's raising the bar next?
🎵: “Step” - NLE Choppa
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  1. Starkid For life

    Starkid For lifeپیش 16 ساعت

    tf is skill based matchmaking and why do people hate it so much

  2. Cadel Fistro

    Cadel Fistroپیش 20 ساعت

    You’ve dissapointed a lot of your loyal fans.

  3. DerDeutscheGoogleNutzer

    DerDeutscheGoogleNutzerپیش روز

    Remove SBMM

  4. HennibsDP

    HennibsDPپیش 2 روز


  5. Laukeekdutta Borah

    Laukeekdutta Borahپیش 4 روز

    O..................uuuuu Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  6. Mindless

    Mindlessپیش 6 روز

    Remove SBMM

  7. Daniel WILD

    Daniel WILDپیش 8 روز

    Agreed, Remove Skillmatched making, and map voting, will make battlefield so much better then cod.

  8. 漆黒の精霊メラバース

    漆黒の精霊メラバースپیش 9 روز


  9. Time Bandit

    Time Banditپیش 20 روز

    I'm not a fan of the dumb goulag respawns in warzone, it's not going to be popular


    EREN GAMESپیش 20 روز


  11. Andrew Mendoza

    Andrew Mendozaپیش 24 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> what does baseball have to do with this

  12. Vanillalocal

    Vanillalocalپیش 25 روز


  13. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش 27 روز

    It be way better if we can trigger the Black Hole Bazooka explosion in IW2. Yeah if it's a small game with a few new maps and alot of old maps with Modern Warfare style Heavy maps for Ground War, Battle Royal and Extinction. People probably wouldn't care for a grind/pay system like IW.

  14. Peter Ghoul

    Peter Ghoulپیش 28 روز

    Esto es el battle royal???

  15. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش 29 روز

    You could so pay me with a side by side Stereoscopic 3D setting and hooking me up with the Ghost skin in Infinite Warfare, so please and thanks.

  16. ABC Shock

    ABC Shockپیش ماه

    ya'll are just mad that you die to people better than you

  17. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    So in a Prestige IRgos video it looked like the energy shothun out a white photon blanket. I tried to find the video to post it but I couldn't find it. So did it get nerfed because that what I want to see in the project.

  18. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Alot of great things in Zombies in IW for multiplayer for the project.

  19. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Hey Call of Duty it be cool if the villain of the project come across alien technology for he's suit. I think a IW game with grappling hook from IW's campaign and abilities like Overdrive would play even better than Doom Eternal. That and 4 player co op campaign.

  20. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    The 40 millimeter shotgun under barrel for grenade launchers, that easily can be equited using L1 or LB. Yeah as much equipment you like.

  21. Andy Poblador

    Andy Pobladorپیش ماه

    Season 2 anthem?

  22. XLRCrackedYT

    XLRCrackedYTپیش ماه

    What song is it

  23. EliTan. ds

    EliTan. dsپیش ماه


  24. David Soroz

    David Sorozپیش ماه


  25. Fakhrul Hidayat

    Fakhrul Hidayatپیش ماه

    6743259776374800385 codm

  26. being gay is not normal

    being gay is not normalپیش ماه

    Remove microtransactions

  27. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Yeah the Advanced Warfare movement system with Hang Time Perk or call it Glide Perk would be awesome.

  28. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe you the grappling hook should be a spear.

  29. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe the new hover equipment should let move around while hoving and last a well. It cool to hover in a tree and do some snipping, so maybe two pieces of hover equipment can last along time.

  30. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    You could make a small Season 2 for Modern Warfare if the rumors are true that 2020's not ready that keep boot on ground fans happy because boots off ground fans are completely different than boots off ground fans. Personally I like them both but boots off ground is just a way more faster, fun and heavier.

  31. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Ammo Gun Support Streak to restock on everything from main,secondaries like launchers and equipment like Modern Warfare.

  32. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    The Meteriod map would a amazing map the light constantly changes even becomes a night map for low budget IW2 project. Boots off ground really want a new title, the fans even wanted the new Treyarch project to be boots off ground. The project would be as big as Modern Warfare to boots off ground fans. I love IW it's way better than Halo but it's just missing Modern Warfare style Ground War.

  33. Vault Of Arms

    Vault Of Armsپیش ماه

    What happened to music that makes you wanna put your head through a wall being call of duty’s trademark

  34. Dominik Miller

    Dominik Millerپیش ماه

    Remove SBMM

  35. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Hey maybe it depends on what support streak gun you got for the support streak themselves.

  36. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Ammo in the Support Streak Guns would great maybe let us pick our Support Streaks and Specialist Perks in a menu like Score Streaks.

  37. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    It should to hard to get the grappling hook from IW's campaign to drag somebody towards you and you while you hip fire at them and your team can shoot at them. A Superman punch would awsome or slam when you get somebody in the air.I don't know if it be hard but if somebody is upside down on the ceiling it hang the enemy player and leaves them hanging. Sure the base engine of IW can easily make that animation. This easily top Titan Fall and be as big as Halo in its prime. IW is way better than Halo, it's just missing heavy big team ground war.

  38. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    You should so launch this IW2 project you have all the time the world to work multiplayer and I gave already made fan favorite maps from IW for multiplayer That can change the lighting and make night maps. The gun list would be huge. IW is great it plays like Doom with Warfighters Overdrive with the mini-gun and shotgun, might nerf the Synaptic's Propulsion.

  39. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe the last boss comes down to a gun fight with special end where you have shoot a item or equipment or boot them. Something over the top right.

  40. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe like the suit is infused with experimental bio and energy technology and stages like hovering. Kind like Zombies boss fights.

  41. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    So if the project is successful IW3 would have 4 player co-op, I always want like boss fights like the room locks down and go up against a AI team with better shield belts and the last boss is like infused bio and energy technology or maybe a gaint mech boss fight. That be over the top.

  42. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Can we get the Smart Shot on other weapons, that and increasing the range to mid range be awsome to.

  43. John Woolven

    John Woolvenپیش ماه

    Hey guys im that comment who isn't spamming what everyone else says to keep you sain.

  44. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    The V.T.O.L. Helicopter for Ground War with a few rockets and turrets with over heat and recharge time. That passengers can fire there weapons as in the Ground War portion of the project.


    ALONE WORLDپیش ماه

    I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIA GAME :-) ❤💙💚💛❤💙💚💛❤💙💚💛

  46. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    The Iron Man ammunitions belt would be nice maybe for the tri gun I pitched.

  47. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    May add a jet engine instead of wing suits to the Rig's.

  48. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe that Rig should have gravity jump in multiplayer, that you way up in the air or something.

  49. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe that equipment should portable or put of a Rig.

  50. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    About flying across the map it should make fly slow across the map so get in engagements around the map and in air.

  51. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe a medical emitter to be original but you could easily make that equipment. Oh increase the life of the Dome Shield.

  52. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    A medic rig with the Tak 5 and Rejack from Black Ops series. Would be great.

  53. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    You should change the Merc's Reactive Amor to invincibility for a short period of time, since now we have support streak guns for shield belts.

  54. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    You could also us the grappling hook to hang players if you clinged upside down on the ceiling. That also be Predator status.

  55. As Alabdullh

    As Alabdullhپیش ماه

    I want Battle royale

  56. Gaungi

    Gaungiپیش ماه

    Keep SBMM

  57. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Could imagine a Merc's Shockwave grav slam from atop a tower on a flag or tank. It should make the biggest Shockwave ever.

  58. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    It also so over the top if mount a enemy Helicopter and pull someone out and have fight with someone on the way down. Just over the top scifi fun and mayhem.

  59. DerDeutscheGoogleNutzer

    DerDeutscheGoogleNutzerپیش ماه


  60. Κώστας Ανδριτσακης

    Κώστας Ανδριτσακηςپیش ماه

    Ad reactive camos

  61. SK

    SKپیش ماه


  62. Vujnovic634

    Vujnovic634پیش ماه

    Bunch of noobs. SBMM is not the problem! You are

  63. Zach Showalter

    Zach Showalterپیش ماه

    Remove SBMM!

  64. PizzaMitHand

    PizzaMitHandپیش ماه

    Battle Royal..?



    We will see. The worst COD that I have played.

  66. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    The customized tanks should be drop from space by a battle star much like what the U.S.S. Trump is going to be.

  67. Travis Hamler

    Travis Hamlerپیش ماه

    I'll also add REMOVE SBMM and after a match, stop forcing a player to jump lobbies. Let us decide to back out and change lobbies if we want. And add in map voting. Way too many times we are repeating the same map or same 2-3 maps over and over.

  68. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Ease droping would be nice to go with one of new perks maybe heightened senses. Kind of can't remember write now but by cool if you hear enemy players get wild.

  69. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    About mounting vehicles you need a grenade to take out a vehicle like the gaint robot or do damage to it with your fist if you have melee equipment but you canpull out the driver of a tank with melee equipment and have battle on a moving tank. That be like right out of a COD campaign.

  70. Jack Frost

    Jack Frostپیش ماه

    Keep SBMM 👀

  71. Jack Frost

    Jack Frostپیش ماه

    Keep SBMM 👀

  72. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    There's no need for crafting just make the high tiered weapon perks at the end of the grind. Countless customization opions.

  73. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Be really cool to get a tri- barrel electric shot assualt rifle that be crafted into all types of ammo kind of like in the new Modern Warfare. Eclectic shot for more controlled hip fire recoil and a tight hip fire reticle like the Exon in Infinite Warfare.

  74. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    A rifle baynot charge is a must have as well, different versions could have melee that sticks up in the air and guns them, them drops them, Predator status. A version let you run through multiple enemy's, plenty of way to customize that to rig's.

  75. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Maybe the flashlight attachment or weapon model has a weapon mod as well flash fry a few enemies or does both blinds and fries enemies.

  76. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Please put the Mini-gun and Grenade Launcher in the weapons crate. That and armor crate from Spec Ops in Modern Warfare's multiplayer.

  77. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    @master yoda I am Thanks but still want Body Armor from Spec Ops.

  78. master yoda I am

    master yoda I amپیش ماه

    They are in the weapon crates

  79. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Yeah the melee equipment sounds awsome can kick some off the edge and with quick draw and uppercut you send in the air and quick snipe them. Yeah can switch to melee equipment shotgun attachment, lethal and tactical. The spike launcher under barrel would great because you have watch go flying backward then up in the air to explode. There's plenty of ways mod that gun for example plasma fire explosion or black hole implosion.

  80. Captain AJ

    Captain AJپیش ماه

    99% of the comments : remove SBMM 1% percent: that actually have regular comments

  81. RI Clan

    RI Clanپیش ماه

    Remove sbmm °

  82. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 1پیش ماه

    Yeah exo zombies in the city in the middle of the map, that run up the side of the building. Yeah shut those doors it buy a few seconds or blow the in when they attack it. Extinction too, you can so much fun with gaint Battle Royal map.