Can You Guess Who The Boss Is? (GAME)

Check out Lilly's show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh” on NBC!
Today, we're joined by Lilly Singh to play the game 'Can You Guess Who The Boss Is?', where we talk to a group of coworkers and try our best to guess who the boss is! GMM #1650
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  1. Mr12Relic

    Mr12Relicپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a> = The ENTIRE comment section

  2. HarperBlade

    HarperBladeپیش 2 ماه

    Does Link speak french? Because if not, that was a pretty amazing guess with what he said.

  3. Chanel Adams

    Chanel Adamsپیش 2 ماه

    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about Lily Singh.. she was great the entire episode. It’s called having a personality

  4. Matt Mays

    Matt Maysپیش 2 ماه

    Kat cute

  5. Ar Acech

    Ar Acechپیش 3 ماه

    Anyone else think the redhaired girl from the boba shop was on a kitchen nightmares episode??

  6. rocket s

    rocket sپیش 3 ماه

    Rhett,link and the mythical crew you guys are so fun but please do yourself and the mythical beasts a favour and do not invite supermom again.PLEASE.

  7. ITsJustPain

    ITsJustPainپیش 3 ماه

    I love that reading the comments most people mention how much they don't give a sh*t about Lilly.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez

    Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopezپیش 3 ماه

    I literally guessed the exact same as Lilly for all three rounds

  9. Exonia Uchiha

    Exonia Uchihaپیش 3 ماه

    Why Lilly think she know everything?

  10. k m

    k mپیش 3 ماه

    I don’t watch lily and I thought this episode was fine but these comments obviously disagree 😂😬

  11. Hannah Coyne

    Hannah Coyneپیش 4 ماه

    oh btw, did u guys know she’s a bisexual woman of colour??

  12. Matt Tavenner

    Matt Tavennerپیش 4 ماه

    this was the best improv episode from every single person lmao

  13. Z.G.W

    Z.G.Wپیش 4 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="442">7:22</a> "thats what I woulda do" hey hey hey

  14. Kemdoh

    Kemdohپیش 4 ماه

    yo im studying in spokane washington

  15. Cedric Turbeville

    Cedric Turbevilleپیش 4 ماه

    Everybodeh tha bozz

  16. A Dempsey

    A Dempseyپیش 4 ماه

    Oh god it's this chick again

  17. Sebastian Rock

    Sebastian Rockپیش 4 ماه

    Should have called ghost busters <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="486">8:06</a>

  18. Boi Plays -Fortnite And More,But Mostly Fortnite

    Boi Plays -Fortnite And More,But Mostly Fortniteپیش 4 ماه

    why the heck are y’all hating on Lily???

  19. Joshua Bardwell

    Joshua Bardwellپیش 4 ماه

    I love this game format.

  20. Emily Sires

    Emily Siresپیش 5 ماه

    I do not enjoy watching Lilly Singh.

  21. Moody Niessuh

    Moody Niessuhپیش 5 ماه

    I GOT *YESL* RIGHT!!!!!!!

  22. Moody Niessuh

    Moody Niessuhپیش 5 ماه

    *AAAAAHHHHH LILLY + RHETT + LINK !!!!!!* 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😍😍😍

  23. Eric Wahl

    Eric Wahlپیش 5 ماه

    Does anyone know where I can find Link’s jacket? Like what brand?

  24. Attila Light

    Attila Lightپیش 5 ماه

    I like how they always ask the silliest questions in these. XD

  25. Mike Yates

    Mike Yatesپیش 5 ماه

    if only they couldve had somebody funny to compliment the scuba guys

  26. Skyler O'Riordan

    Skyler O'Riordanپیش 5 ماه

    I feel like the only person that actually thinks that Lilly’s funny

  27. mosh aholic

    mosh aholicپیش 5 ماه

    Stop having these unfunny, unlikable morons on your show.

  28. TheGoldenRoses

    TheGoldenRosesپیش 5 ماه

    I love this concept

  29. RockismyAir

    RockismyAirپیش 5 ماه

    Its 17th of December and I have reached the point of watching the December episodes. I used to watch Lily Singh, but man, she gets on my nerves sometimes.

  30. Alison Clark

    Alison Clarkپیش 5 ماه


  31. Alison Clark

    Alison Clarkپیش 5 ماه


  32. Adjacent Philosophy

    Adjacent Philosophyپیش 5 ماه

    Lily Singh is insufferable af

  33. Akram Hood

    Akram Hoodپیش 5 ماه

    And to find where the wheel o mythicalililalallawnd

  34. Hazii-C

    Hazii-Cپیش 5 ماه

    god damn I can't stand her I'm sorry

  35. Neil Kushner

    Neil Kushnerپیش 5 ماه

    what do your questions have to do with who is the boss?

  36. Kobe Angeles

    Kobe Angelesپیش 5 ماه

    Despite what people think of Lily, she wasn’t a problem in this video. Mostly because she’s just being herself

  37. Dolly Whitley

    Dolly Whitleyپیش 5 ماه

    I guessed Hal cause he had shorts on🤷🏾‍♀️

  38. Abduljabbar M

    Abduljabbar Mپیش 5 ماه

    Yikes, why they brought her?

  39. Elvis Queme

    Elvis Quemeپیش 5 ماه

    Skipping this one!

  40. Luann Morgan

    Luann Morganپیش 5 ماه

    I have been waiting foreveeeeeer to see this collab again!!!!!! OMG, my heart

  41. colo3000

    colo3000پیش 5 ماه

    Lilly seems to think having a god complex makes her funny.

  42. Quantum Magnus

    Quantum Magnusپیش 5 ماه

    What’s the issue with Lily? Her jokes may be a bit flat, but she seems like a nice person.

  43. Zabeer Farid

    Zabeer Faridپیش 5 ماه

    Woooahh represent Spokane

  44. Zabeer Farid

    Zabeer Faridپیش 5 ماه

    This is a weird game

  45. Nox Kraven

    Nox Kravenپیش 5 ماه

    How about will it noodle

  46. Ellis Saunders

    Ellis Saundersپیش 5 ماه

    omg she’s wearing her own hoodie

  47. Ellis Saunders

    Ellis Saundersپیش 5 ماه

    I can’t explain why but everything Lilly says just mildly irritates me she’s so full of herself for like ... no reason? she’s not funny .... or charming ....

  48. every thing

    every thingپیش ماه

    A lot of us thinks she's halirious

  49. Martina Mendez

    Martina Mendezپیش 5 ماه

    what a cool episode

  50. RC Gamex

    RC Gamexپیش 5 ماه

    I legitimately don't understand what's going on in the comments. Like has she done something? Cause I feel like I have had guests I didn't care for on this show before, but I don't think I've seen this kind of reaction before. So I can only conclude it has to do with something outside of this episode

  51. Jenaya C

    Jenaya Cپیش 5 ماه

    Damn, I understand ur lily Singh but dat don’t matter here. Big boss energy

  52. Cat Nugget

    Cat Nuggetپیش 5 ماه

    Thank you Link, for always being yourself, for being genuine and for (almost) never fake laugh or play it up for the internet. Thank you for you Link

  53. Trill Collins

    Trill Collinsپیش 5 ماه

    oh no its tha bad lady well dang

  54. Trill Collins

    Trill Collinsپیش 5 ماه

    oof dat ratio tho :|

  55. Jamie Blur

    Jamie Blurپیش 5 ماه

    As soon as I saw lily I was like ugghh 🤢🤢🤢

  56. CaramelsLove

    CaramelsLoveپیش 5 ماه

    Uber cheaper than ambulance in the states, so yes, call that Uber LOL

  57. Joshua Navarrete

    Joshua Navarreteپیش 5 ماه

    She’s definitely better here than on her own show

  58. Nick Tokar

    Nick Tokarپیش 5 ماه

    I don't know enough about Lilly Singh, but I don't see why everyone hates her so much.

  59. Grace Flores

    Grace Floresپیش 5 ماه

    Yay! I love Lilly!

  60. Kelly Mulvaney

    Kelly Mulvaneyپیش 5 ماه

    get billie eilish on gmm!!!!!!!

  61. nuitari k

    nuitari kپیش 5 ماه

    Scuba guys are too funny!!!

  62. Mert Lad

    Mert Ladپیش 5 ماه

    This game was awesome 😂 Should do more like this!

  63. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 5 ماه

    Ya, dont really like lilly. At all Yaaa spokane wa

  64. Tyler Messer

    Tyler Messerپیش 5 ماه

    Does Lilly make anyone else think she could be Salma Hayek's younger sister? Damn girl. You fine. 🤟🏻🤣

  65. Tyler Messer

    Tyler Messerپیش 5 ماه

    @mixio hili To be fair, I never said she was funny. LMAO 🤟🏻🤣

  66. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 5 ماه

    lilly singh is painfully unfunny

  67. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiپیش 5 ماه

    "It should be low stress at a CBD spot"

  68. SemkOld

    SemkOldپیش 5 ماه

    This has to be one of the most downvoted videos GMM has, and I’m one of them.

  69. Dank Memer

    Dank Memerپیش 5 ماه

    oh the least funny person on the planet yay

  70. Stroffello

    Stroffelloپیش 5 ماه

    Wow. It is amazing how unfunny Lilly Singh is.

  71. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiپیش 5 ماه

    It's nice to see Lilly act naturally in a IRgos environment

  72. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 5 ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> Rhett being dad/uncle angry at Lilly for being self deprecating about her book... I can't

  73. Laurie Owen

    Laurie Owenپیش 5 ماه

    I think I need to move so I can work at a CBD store! I can certainly use a low stress job for a change!!!

  74. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 5 ماه

    Lily misread the body language at the end, Ashley had her arms crossed- 100% boss posture

  75. yungman theresnoplaceyoucango

    yungman theresnoplaceyoucangoپیش 5 ماه

    i do not like lilly singh at all

  76. Trill Collins

    Trill Collinsپیش 5 ماه

    @bilias hour inertia is a property of matter

  77. bilias hour

    bilias hourپیش 5 ماه

    Just realizing how tall Rhett is again for the 100th time.

  78. StarShip Dolly

    StarShip Dollyپیش 5 ماه

    Can someone tell lilly she needs to stop the cocky attitude.

  79. Adjacent Philosophy

    Adjacent Philosophyپیش 5 ماه

    Lily Singh is INSUFFERABLE

  80. Brandon Rankin

    Brandon Rankinپیش 5 ماه

    Especially when she fails so often ... Confidence is fine but cockiness is so abhorrent

  81. Maragopolopolis

    Maragopolopolisپیش 5 ماه

    Lily Singh.... no thanks

  82. mixio hili

    mixio hiliپیش 5 ماه

    Wooo! Go Spokane!

  83. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodanپیش 5 ماه

    Lily misread the body language at the end, Ashley had her arms crossed- 100% boss posture

  84. Arifah

    Arifahپیش 5 ماه

    Rhett is literally HUGE

  85. FrankfurtMyDearIDontGiveAJam

    FrankfurtMyDearIDontGiveAJamپیش 5 ماه

    No. Please don't.

  86. Blake Wenzhou

    Blake Wenzhouپیش 5 ماه

    lilly singh is painfully unfunny

  87. quad

    quadپیش 5 ماه

    Ya, dont really like lilly. At all Yaaa spokane wa

  88. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodanپیش 5 ماه

    Yes we have butterfingers!!!

  89. alida flus

    alida flusپیش 5 ماه

    need some old school raps like their rhett and link brought back

  90. curtburp

    curtburpپیش 5 ماه

    i knew it was hal because he's the only one wearing shorts😆

  91. adhdfader

    adhdfaderپیش 5 ماه

    Asks question: Are you the boss?

  92. anniandro

    anniandroپیش 5 ماه

    It's nice to see Lilly act naturally in a IRgos environment

  93. anniandro

    anniandroپیش 5 ماه

    @alida flus Yeah I was gonna click away, but it was actually pretty enjoyable to watch

  94. alida flus

    alida flusپیش 5 ماه

    Smart move not putting Lilly in the title. You got my click but not my watchtime

  95. Yami

    Yamiپیش 5 ماه

    god, lilly singh, when did GMM stoop so low?