Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever!

Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 9 This car was used as a transport for goats and by doing so the smell and filth that is soaked into the carpet and seats was disgusting! With my carpet extractor and drill brush I was able to transform this car and the owners reaction was perfect! If you like carpet cleaning or vacuuming this video also has some great footage of my technique!
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    Hey, boss. Just a suggestion for windows. I use a method shown by Chris Fix here on IRgos. He uses micro fiber cloths and a magic eraser and finishes it off with a glass cleaner. It really helps get that film off that comes from smoking and the oils from the dash. I use it on my own every year in the fall and every car I detail. It helps not to have foggy windows in the cooler months.

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    What we usually do is to completely cover the fixed carpet with vinyl and replace the removable woolen carpets with rubber ones. Detail? Vaccum and wipe!

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    Honestly at the beginning, for a car the carried livestock, it was cleaner than expected. But you truly worked magic on this old thing!

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    As a goat (and sheep) owner, I see no problem with putting them in the car! It's no different than a dog lol, however when moving the animals they usually go in a trailer or a dog cage in the back of a pickup, but I have moved 2 sheep in the back of my impala 🤣 I don't know if the red stuff has any relation to the goats..... their urine isn't/doesn't turn red, and idk how it could be molasses, you dont give goats a whole lot, there's some molasses in their grain typically, but it's very dry and doesnt transfer.... they only time I've ever given goats molasses in a liquid form that would do that is in the water of pregnant goats, but idk who would put an open bucket of molasses water in a car that's bound to spill and leave a mess!

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    I love this video! I literally just got a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo and it’s been sitting for years since 2002 and one of the windows has been down all those years so there’s spider webs and dirt, leaves all types of stuff in there I just used the techniques of this video to clean the the door panels and center console and the front and it cleaned up really nice now I need to take the seats out and vacuum everything I can’t wait to see what it comes out to and how clean I can get it! It also used to be my father in laws car so when he had it he said that he always had it clean and everything so I want to see if I can get it back to that way if not better!