Coronavirus Epidemic Update 13: Li Wenliang, nCoV vs Influenza, Dip in Daily Cases, Spread to Canada

Coronavirus epidemic update 13 by pulmonologist Dr. Seheult of
Dr. Li Wenliang, who sounded an early warning about coronavirus spread in Wuhan, and was taken in by local authorities, has died. Dr. Seheult discusses Dr. Li, a slight drop in daily confirmed coronavirus cases, briefly compares 2019-nCoV to influenza (though a comparison is difficult), and illustrates a recent novel coronavirus transmission in Canada
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  2. Kathleen Egbert

    Kathleen Egbertپیش روز

    @John Malsantri I have no doubts that he was poisoned, but few will give any credibility to how I have concluded that. It is unlikely that any autopsy was performed and his body may well have been cremated like those of other victims, so no exhumation is likely to be possible. The unusual history presented here does not not contradict the possibility of poisoning. Because a team in India has detected HIV genome sequences in the SARS-CoV-2, and even though their conclusions have been retracted (were forced to?), poor Dr. Li may have known more than we might suspect.

  3. Alexandra Schulda

    Alexandra Schuldaپیش ماه

    Hi Doc. Dont you do any updates about it anymore?

  4. 吴林星

    吴林星پیش ماه

    @John Malsantri What good does the Chinese government's murder of Li Wenliang do to the Chinese government? If false statements are made in China, those who do not have serious consequences will only be warned by the police and not even detained. Of course Li Wenliang was telling the truth, but Wuhan government officials lacked sufficient vigilance against the epidemic. You may call the slogan "Freedom of Speech", in the eyes of the Chinese, "national peace and stability" is more important than "freedom of speech".

  5. 吴林星

    吴林星پیش ماه

    Where did my reply go

  6. 吴林星

    吴林星پیش ماه

    I come from China, and I believe the data in China is true. A patient was found in our community on February 7th and was announced in the news on February 8th. The Chinese government's mobilization capacity is unprecedented, with 1.4 billion people isolated at home. Stations, airports, highways, and even village entrances are checked for temperature. Officials have been fired in my area because of too many patients infected with ncov. From January 26 to February 10, I stayed at home. On January 24, I took a plane to Kunming. At this time, the entrance of Zhengzhou Airport had begun to check the temperature. Everyone is wearing a mask at Zhengzhou Airport. On January 25, I learned from the news that the epidemic would continue to grow, and I immediately bought a high-speed rail ticket to go home.

  7. GABE

    GABEپیش 9 روز

    Crazy where we are now. In comparison to 1 month ago. 03-18-2020

  8. Anirudh Appala

    Anirudh Appalaپیش 9 روز

    Just revisiting this. We have over 200k cases now.

  9. The Follower

    The Followerپیش 14 روز

    Why is it always pointed out in this series of videos that it was a person to person transmission? I guess the first one got it from an animal but is there currently another way to get this illness?

  10. KingCos19

    KingCos19پیش 16 روز

    Not to be that guy.... but the ad to join med cram spelled illustrations wrong (it forgot the r, around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="365">6:05</a>)

  11. shaokun chen

    shaokun chenپیش 18 روز

    Offer Disposable Medical Mask and N95 Mask , Whatsapp:+8615059898678

  12. Sheila Bataclan

    Sheila Bataclanپیش 21 روز

    I think the corona virus cases are under reported. Like in my country people who are under investigation for corona virus infection run away from the hospital because they don't want to be admitted or exposed for testing positive.

  13. Rootless Wanders

    Rootless Wandersپیش ماه

    The decrease in infected numbers was the decrease of available testing kits to test patients

  14. 向你祖母問好

    向你祖母問好پیش ماه

    China: Where police has more say on virus than a doctor

  15. Moia Beemer

    Moia Beemerپیش ماه

    maybe mention that China has STOPPED counting asymptomatic confirmed positive corona virus infection and is NO LONGER even testing any contacts. China is now ONLY counting hospitalized positive, symptomatic patients with WHO support. Expect the numbers to take a massive jump n 10 days when the ignored get sick enough to need a hospital.

  16. sjamasaja

    sjamasajaپیش ماه

    Can someone help? My father is an MD, PHD member of the scientific committees of BioMah, Rome, Italy. He uses Dihydroartemisinin for effective cancer treatment. He says that the Coronavirus can be fought with Dihydroartemisinin. And says it would be good to find a virologist who can do research on tissue cultures. I am not a doctor myself and I have no contacts, and my father is far too busy treating people with cancer. Maybe someone can give virologists this information by stating that Dihydroartemisinin is a possible way to combat the nCoV2019. I think we should at least try this, for the sake of humanity.


    BOOGNOWپیش ماه

    the flu rate of infection is about 1.8 the virus infection rate is 4.8 so these ding a lings that say oh the flu kills just as much are off their rockers, yes the flu kills but were looking at the r.o. rates between flu and the corona virus which is greater than the SARS. CHINA OFFICIALS CLAIM 100 people are dying a day in china so apply the number for 30 days it out does SARS and Flu.


    BOOGNOWپیش ماه

    it came out today that the incubation period for developing the virus could be up to 24 days also the WHO said this was not an airborne pathogen but yet on the cruise ship docked in japan the infection rate is going up it was 130 people day before yesterday and now it's 160 seeing that most people are staying in their rooms and wearing mask when they open their doors for receiving their meals and the captain on board says that fresh air is being brought in from outside tells me the whole ship is contaminated with an airborne virus or a longer incubation period for the virus is adding to the infection rate not to mention how many people are preparing meals and what is the state of their health.

  19. Patron

    Patronپیش ماه

    11 stationary furnaces had serviced 116 bodies one day in one location of WuHan on Feb. 6, other 9 bodies not finished. Each body takes 50 mins to burn. SO2 in the pollution air has reached to 1700mg, means there must be at least 14000 bodies burned to creat that level.

  20. Patron

    Patronپیش ماه

    11 stationary furnaces had serviced 116 bodies one day in one location of WuHan on Feb. 6, other 9 bodies not finished. Each body takes 50 mins to burn. SO2 in the pollution air has reached to 1700mg, means there must be at least 14000 bodies burned to creat that level.

  21. Ewan Robertson

    Ewan Robertsonپیش ماه

    The data on that site is horseshit

  22. MichaelDB Hawker

    MichaelDB Hawkerپیش ماه

    Stop comparing influenza to Corona virus. Apples and oranges... Use sars or Mers to benchmark

  23. Yaqub Khan

    Yaqub Khanپیش ماه

    Great job sir you are the real man keep on your work .Iappreciate you from the cor of my heart.

  24. s gammad

    s gammadپیش ماه

    will steam lung therapy or steam inhalation kill the virus in the lungs? assuming that the virus just lodged in the lungs on day 1 of infection, will it be killed if the person does steam inhalation or steam bath? can we prevent infection if we do steam inhalation daily for 30 mins?

  25. Helium Valentine

    Helium Valentineپیش ماه

    It's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> am already on Monday morning. Wheres video #14???!!!!

  26. toby_belize

    toby_belizeپیش ماه

    What does 82% cases with outcome means?

  27. Deathless

    Deathlessپیش ماه

    Americans are afraid that if the Chinese successful contain this infectious disease it would mean they could’ve done something about their own influenza outbreaks that infects millions and kills thousands every year. Seems to me you’re being put to shame by an authoritarian regime, if that’s the case what does that say about your incompetency leadership?

  28. Sam S

    Sam Sپیش ماه

    No friend, Americans are worried for their families. We are worried for our brothers and sisters in China too. Not all Americans are selfish.

  29. Nico David

    Nico Davidپیش ماه

    Hello, Dr. Sehultz, I heard the nCoV could airborne. what's your take on this?

  30. Offshore Migration

    Offshore Migrationپیش ماه

    Time for Australia and other Nations (Including the UK) to close down the Bio-Metric Data collection centres In Thailand These centers are not necessary for Nationals who hold ePassports. They impose a significant cost and risk to public safety. In November last year we wrote to the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) requesting the MIA President , John Hourigan and the MIA CEO to raise this issue and discuss it with the Australian Government. They did nothing. These Bio Data collection centres, in the wake of the coronavirus place a high risk on Thai and other Nationals attending these overcrowded centres. They are a third level nodal point capable of transmitting the virus to unsuspecting would be travellers on par with an airport. Bio-metric data has already been collected by the Thai Government for any Thai Citizen who holds an ePassport (which is most of Thai Nationals applying for a visa) There is no need for them to attend. Documents can be submitted on line and a simple phone call can be used to assist in verify the identity of any suspected fraudulent applications, Visa holders are checked at the airport on arrival departing Thailand and again on arrival at their destination. The only person(s) who benefit from their operation are the owners and shareholders of the VFS Global who over service the market. Applicants who have already provided bio-metric data are required to attend these centres and resubmit the same information n repeat appliations . If need be they could develop a phone app that could collect this data or verify he applicant. Thailand's ePassports fully comply with international standards and arrivals at Thai airport undergo a bio metric data scan It costs hundreds of dollars for Thai nationals who live outside of city centre to travel to these data collection centres, The cost of travel accommodation and travel back home is considerable, These centres, which support not just Australia but also many other foreign Countries (such as the UK, Canada, The USA and EU states) lack the bio protection required to stem the spreed of the coronavirus. If Australia and other states do not act now to suspend or close down these centres it is incumbent of the Thai authorities to act to protect its own citizens in the wake of the nCoronaVirus outbreak. The Migration Institute of Australia needs to act to ensure that its members and their clients are protected

  31. Offshore Migration

    Offshore Migrationپیش ماه

    sorry for multiple posts not sure what happended there

  32. M.C.S. Photo

    M.C.S. Photoپیش ماه

    I think looking at mortality rate by comparing infected vs deceased is not a good indication? Legit question, isn't it a better indication to look at recovered vs deceased? Seeing as the incubation and sicktime are quite long..

  33. Anne Marie Fisher

    Anne Marie Fisherپیش ماه

    Where are your updates there is none since this one online

  34. Raja Ampat

    Raja Ampatپیش ماه

    no updates for two days now. where are you man?

  35. Hello DrFumiya

    Hello DrFumiyaپیش ماه

    SARS killed more than 600 people in 8 months. And this virus killed more than 900 people in 2 months. That’s something...

  36. Hello DrFumiya

    Hello DrFumiyaپیش ماه

    A Lawyer in China has gone missing. This happened right after he shared some information on social media.

  37. Mr. Mac

    Mr. Macپیش ماه

    Did the government finally 'Visited' the 'people spreading rumours'? Hope your well Sir.

  38. Criss Ramirez

    Criss Ramirezپیش ماه

    Update! Feb 10! Update???

  39. Reece Muir

    Reece Muirپیش ماه

    Where are you?? Update 14! Hope your well, thank you :)

  40. Potato

    Potatoپیش ماه

    not a med student but I find your videos more informative then MSM.

  41. Teri Chewbaca

    Teri Chewbacaپیش ماه

    You got a new sub!!! Love the numbered updates

  42. Steven Coffone

    Steven Coffoneپیش ماه

    This is getting deadly FAST!

  43. Pavel Alexander

    Pavel Alexanderپیش ماه

    Looks like the CCP got you too

  44. 山風

    山風پیش ماه

    Dr. Li can't be diagnosed with coronavirus because of the Chinese government was denying the existence of the coronavirus outbreak until Xi gave a speech on Jan 20. Besides, Dr. Li passed away on 2/6 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a>pm. There was a public outcry, so the CCP ordered to resume the full resuscitate 20 mins after he was dead and announced: "Dr. Li is still in critical condition." The resuscitate continued until <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>am the following day, which the CCP considered it was safe to announce the news because "everyone seems asleep right now". Every single rib of Dr. Li was broken from the CPR. In China, CCP politics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>human lives/human rights/truth.

  45. See Canon

    See Canonپیش ماه

    Interestingly, the 3 released has many alarmed that they are carriers of the virus running free. This is in the US. Saw a video on Chinese police breaking into apartments to get people out that might have the virus. People are more afraid of the virus than the flu.

  46. ImRadu

    ImRaduپیش ماه

    How come the original doctor died? He was fairly young?

  47. schwartzenheimer1

    schwartzenheimer1پیش ماه

    Forward slash, '/'.

  48. Adhenn Akbar

    Adhenn Akbarپیش ماه

    This is my main source reliable info for this epidemic. Not upload for 2 days give me some anxiety

  49. Asterlofts

    Asterloftsپیش ماه

    THANKS FOR THE SUBTITLES! I am from Paraguay and I am bad with English ... but with the subtitles I can understand your video much better; Very good by the way.



    How about anothee update..... Over 40k just in china now

  51. Flying High

    Flying Highپیش ماه

    Soon enough we will all know the true numbers. Worst case numbers are 5% fatality rate with up to 25% having severe illness. However, like any virus, if supportive care and experimental antivirals are given early, a person's prognosis is more favorable. The problem is due to the infectious nature of this virus and the severity of illness it can cause, few health care systems will be able to provide any care, and this will increase the number of fatalities. There is some good news though. By exercising caution and good personal hygiene, you can greatly reduce your chances of catching it. Also, there are several promising antivirals that might be effective, if they are given timely. The first coronavirus patient in the US took a turn for the worst on day 7, but on day 7, he was given experimental antiviral and on day 8, improved dramatically and recovered. However, if he had been in China, he would have probably died. And if he had been in any crowded and overwhelmed hospital, he would or could have died from pneumonia. Other positive is that some labs already have a candidate for a vaccine, but now need to do animal testing and it is possible that limited supplies of vaccines might be available by the end of summer. Also, virus is less susceptible to spread in weather warmer as sunlight and higher temperatures can kill it. There are so many variables. But the truth is China really screwed up on this and actually did the exact opposite of what they should have done. At least the rest of the world now has at least some warning and can take actions now to prevent as many outbreaks as possible until such time that the vaccine is ready and a viable antiviral is proven to be effective. So, it is not correct to say there is no treatment for the virus, just no scientifically proven treatment, and in the next two weeks, we will know. China has already begun clinical trials, and what will be telling is if in the next couple of weeks, China bypasses any further testing because they find out that the antiviral works so effectively that it just needs to be given. Unfortunately, a lot of people died unnecessarily and this disaster is entirely human error.

  52. lukas bawart

    lukas bawartپیش ماه

    It's because of ORF10 Protein - no antibodies released! not positive then. This Virus is great at hiding itself.

  53. Lightning93

    Lightning93پیش ماه

    I love math

  54. River Chicken

    River Chickenپیش ماه

    Kinda need to find out if the Dr. was normally healthy, or was considered more likely to perish if infected with this virus. He looked generally healthy to me, so if that's true, then it's killing normally healthy people. That is kinda crucial info, I haven't heard anyone address this...

  55. Lyle Wiley

    Lyle Wileyپیش ماه

    Infrared Satellite image shows a cloud of organic matter over Wuhan. Possibility they are cremating bodies, a large amount of bodies. That tells me this is far more serious than anyone realizes.

  56. james Liu

    james Liuپیش ماه

    After China has passed the epidemic this time, in fact, we can go back and ask the United States to improve public health and reduce the number of deaths from influenza from 80,000 to less than 1,000 per year. And publish every infection case like China!

  57. Dan Berkey

    Dan Berkeyپیش ماه

    Where's update 14 and 15, doctor?

  58. George Carranza

    George Carranzaپیش ماه

    Thank you for your information, I hope we could have a vaccine cure soon.

  59. Daniel Maxter

    Daniel Maxterپیش ماه

    And you belive these fake numbers because??????????? Yeah sure trust the communists, they never lie!

  60. Jeffrey Leclerc

    Jeffrey Leclercپیش ماه

    Two days, no updates. Another person silenced for speaking the truth?

  61. kotha kotha

    kotha kothaپیش ماه

    SARS killed 700 people over 9 months, corona virus has killed 815 people in 1 month, just think about that

  62. Zoltán Kürti

    Zoltán Kürtiپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> it has nothing to do with derivatives.

  63. Kimura Erino Tarrot Reading

    Kimura Erino Tarrot Readingپیش ماه

    エイズの治療薬が改善されるという結果が出ているのなら、エイズ治療薬をどっさり 武漢に海外から送り、自宅へ配って、医師がスマホからどういう症状が出たら飲まないといけないのかを指示して行くほうがただの風邪で病院へ来てしまう人たちや別の病気で病院に来る人たちの院内感染を防止できるのでは???どうなのでしょうか?見るからに感染者に対してベッド数が足りているように見えません。エイズ薬とインフルエンザの薬を家に宅配するほうがこれ以上の感染を防げるし、エイズ治療薬で患者を治した医師や他の専門医が薬の飲むタイミングをスマホで中国の各家庭に一斉に送信する方法とか検討できないのですか? 多くの人たちの命が助かる最善の治療方法が見つかりますように・・・祈り。

  64. Deanna Reffitt

    Deanna Reffittپیش ماه

    I’ve been watching your posts daily and appreciate your work greatly! Question: Can the virus be spread through their sewage systems? I spent a couple years in Korea and know they have open sewage systems and have read that doctors have determined that they found the virus in fecal matter. Can you provide some information on the potential risks of this?

  65. bokelund917

    bokelund917پیش ماه

    Hey, new vid please!

  66. Innocent Onyebuchi

    Innocent Onyebuchiپیش ماه

    Chai! May God have mercy on China & deliver them in Jesus name. Amen.

  67. cosima kazak

    cosima kazakپیش ماه

    Millions are infected Worldwide. Trust me ! Only the beginning ! Biological wars , nothing new !

  68. gogoback Marques

    gogoback Marquesپیش ماه


  69. Rosalind Chiang

    Rosalind Chiangپیش ماه

    The data from China is not real , lots of underreport because of not enough test kit and not enough medical stuff to deal with such a large outbreak

  70. Bo Arch

    Bo Archپیش ماه

    OMG, do people really believe the numbers given by the CCP? They fake everything! The real confirmed cases is now around 2 Million! Death around ~50k! Crematories in Wuhan operate 24/7, burning close to 200 bodies per day per crematory! I think everyone can work out the math for the past 20 days.

  71. Fefnir Eindraer

    Fefnir Eindraerپیش ماه

    Dr Li was purged for speaking against the CCP.

  72. k t

    k tپیش ماه

    if you do not trust any figures came out from china govt. but believe that there were already over 1 million deaths in china. then flu cannot compare.

  73. Kimberly Cox

    Kimberly Coxپیش ماه

    You are the only source of true and accurate information. Thank you!!!! Why is it spreading human to human so rapidly. I thought animal to human viruses took a while to mutate to be able to transfer human to human.

  74. Jools Hammonds

    Jools Hammondsپیش ماه

    Not here uk now have 4 and he caught it of some one traveled from china to uk then on to france so how many he infected

  75. az7500

    az7500پیش ماه

    the Mathematical discussion needs to be more rigorous, as the presenter does not do a good job when it come to numbers and curves

  76. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuyپیش ماه

    It’s weird how many people are having mild to no symptoms while others need hospitalization. Like the Dr who died, he was a young man only 34 or 35 but he died as well as a 39 year old man in Hong Kong. I know the vast majority of deaths (supposedly) are in people 60+ but these young deaths have me perplexed.

  77. cosima kazak

    cosima kazakپیش ماه

    @SolidRock children are victims too.

  78. SolidRock

    SolidRockپیش ماه

    Maybe they were smokers.....this is very bad when the virus hits you.

  79. Ratty Chen Po

    Ratty Chen Poپیش ماه

    What about goods arriving from China.

  80. IKniveZI

    IKniveZIپیش ماه

    Stop comparing two totally different viruses. The flu has previous strains each season that you can derive vaccines from fairly quickly. "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are four types of flu viruses: influenza A, B, C, and D. The seasonal flu that humans face every winter season in the United States are caused by human influenza A." This coronavirus is a NOVEL virus that has been on an exponential rate when viewing the data. The medical facilities may not have enough supplies to continue testing so many cases that come in. So please stop making such comparisons and then writing information without voicing it during the video. As you wrote in the video they have different rates of spread and fatality rates so WHY COMPARE? This gives people a FALSE sense of what is actually going on.

  81. magnetmannenbannanen

    magnetmannenbannanenپیش ماه

    CHina lays the grounds for the newest stuff. including viruses.

  82. Gman Singh

    Gman Singhپیش ماه

    There's a nefarious motive here especially from all western MSM anti-China propaganda, so I will be careful before jumping into any conclusion. Dr. Li Wenjiang was an ophthalmologist not virologist, he just heard the virus from his private channel and shared it to limited people in the WeChat group even asked them not to spread out. The true heroine is Dr. Zhang Jixian a virologist, who has filed a formal case to China CDC two days prior at Dec 27, 2019.

  83. Frank eldr

    Frank eldrپیش ماه

    No government can be fully trusted, but it could be worse if this happened in other countries without much medical resource and strong execution.

  84. scott h

    scott hپیش ماه

    Why On earth do you even bother to analyze “official” numbers. It’s is a total waste of time. They don’t have enough test kits. No one even knows the percentage of people that are getting tested that need to be tested. Ridiculous.

  85. Fire Google

    Fire Googleپیش ماه

    This is really hard to watch and believe in if you don't believe the numbers...


    YOMOMOMAMAپیش ماه

    that's a lie no decrease in virus they running out of room in hospitals and not counting people who are undocumented death in china

  87. Pac1fic0

    Pac1fic0پیش ماه

    The increase of cases yesterday was 7.7 percent. If the rate drops again today, I would say that we are at an inflection point and the measures, if they continue to be applied, will successfully stop this epidemic in China. Other countries should be paying close attention.

  88. braintree

    braintreeپیش ماه

    The figures are lying