Coronavirus outbreak: Donald Trump says U.S. deploying over 3,000 military to New York | FULL

U.S. President Donald Trump and the U.S. coronavirus task force provided their daily update on the COVID-19 crisis in America on Sunday.
Trump began the update at the White House by expressing his well wishes to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was admitted to hospital for medical tests ten days after testing positive for COVID-19.
He also said that as of April 7, the U.S. will have deployed over 3,000 military personnel and public health professionals to New York, and that the federal government will be sending 600,000 N95 respirator masks to assist with the COVID-19 outbreak in the state. He added that they will also be shipping “millions” of masks to other locations.
Trump also reported that the country has received the COVID-19 test results for 1.67 million Americans.
As of April 5, the number of people infected in the U.S. has exceeded 330,000, with the death toll climbing past 9,000.
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  1. Sean Jones

    Sean Jonesپیش ماه

    (proof read and revised) First of all I wanna send much love to Donald Trump. A great wrong was committed against me because of lies told by a family member I was forced into a emergency psychiatric evaluation. I agreed to give urine but refused to give blood. First nurse said it was ok. The next nurse said they would basically hold me against my will if I didn't agree to the blood test. Told him I still didn't consent, but the police has already been violating my right for year's and my family did this, so I had no choice to take the blood test. I did it to tell you and the y'all keep fighting. There's no telling what they've done to me. At least I'm able to share my story that they are disobeying Trump's orders forcing citizens to do things medically against their will. 3 nurse said if they took your urine you didn't have to consent to a blood test. I finally reached a family that is a cop for that same department. He said I did not have to take the test. Social security has reported it to their front office. I will be pursuing legal action after all the paperwork is gathered. They registered me without me having my identification. They didn't even give me a medical report or court documents. Keep hope alive. 🙏🏾🕊️🌐✌🏾 BMORE MIKE J

  2. Kaitlyn Wright

    Kaitlyn Wrightپیش ماه

    “We have this tiny platform and I’d love it to be wider...”

  3. kiley neu

    kiley neuپیش ماه

    great job mr. president! keep up the great work! god bless america trump 2020!!🇺🇸

  4. sasse Brasse

    sasse Brasseپیش ماه

    Great...cheers from Sweden

  5. Arjun Reddy

    Arjun Reddyپیش ماه

    Kill tha China. Government... Is a lier

  6. 65wiseman

    65wisemanپیش ماه

    D trump tries to look serious but can't quite manage it.

  7. Bab Khan

    Bab Khanپیش ماه

    Pray all human on this earth ! ALLAH GOD bhagwan ELLOHI whatever people says different names ! Of creater of this universe ! He will save usss!! Help poors ! Don't hate Anyone! Everything will be ok !

  8. chris m

    chris mپیش ماه

    its a job for the new crew

  9. nanna jules

    nanna julesپیش ماه

    im sure if these mylaria drugs worked then the rest of the world would be using them .

  10. Ted Tan

    Ted Tanپیش ماه

    Why is the Flag, fringed now? Ever notice?

  11. Kimberly Haugan

    Kimberly Hauganپیش ماه

    According to the World health organization, "Heat at 132.8 degrees farenheit kills the SARS corona virus at around 10000 units per 15 minutes. The average sauna temperature I have ever been in is 140 degrees farenheit.

  12. تسهيل بالتفاصيل

    تسهيل بالتفاصيلپیش ماه

    Watch the Egyptians way to prevent covid19 on my channel Follow me

  13. Junwoo Kim

    Junwoo Kimپیش ماه

    China spreads and now masks all over the world

  14. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    Take out all illegal germ filled undocumented ILLEGALS.

  15. soong park

    soong parkپیش ماه


  16. Sebi

    Sebiپیش ماه

    Trump's politics: First deny everything and then blame others. It is simply blatant what has been going on in New York in the past few days and weeks and not just that Coronaviruis So played down it is all about human life in this matter one hopes that it will end in Nov 2020 with Trump's politics in terms of new elections and someone else Trumps politics will finally replace my respect that are active in all areas of the media in New York please don't give up

  17. Timbo

    Timboپیش ماه

    Sit down, the shows just starting.

  18. karenza t. Wall

    karenza t. Wallپیش ماه

    trump is planning to take over New York. Military? Beware Americans, you don't know what your ignorant insane ruler will do next. Shoot one of you on Fifth Avenue, and then move on to Wall Street? Right in front of all of you, and you will cringe & subjugate yourselves to your scummy ruler. I fell so much better now.

  19. Brent Miedema

    Brent Miedemaپیش ماه

    I’m so over Trump.

  20. Brent Miedema

    Brent Miedemaپیش ماه

    I am so ready for this awful government to collapse. Oh, is the alternative Joe Biden. That wasn’t at all rigged.

  21. Don M

    Don Mپیش ماه

    I hope Boris Johnson fucken dies from the virus

  22. Aiko Ladesma

    Aiko Ladesmaپیش ماه

    Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. Dynamix15

    Dynamix15پیش ماه

    USA no 1 in everything ... including infections 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Dynamix15

    Dynamix15پیش ماه

    Frank Cicero she was great in bed, most would say so

  25. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    Your a brown skid mark. at least I know who my wonderful mother was

  26. Dynamix15

    Dynamix15پیش ماه

    Frank Cicero yeah then your mama caught it from me 😂😂😂

  27. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    I had a dream , that your infected too

  28. Christine Graves

    Christine Gravesپیش ماه

    Trumps best wishes mean nothing. His best wishes are crap. Trump is the essence of blame on the heads of others, and he himself is responsible for the escalation in the outbreak in the U.S. Had it not been for his ignorance, and oblivion, and his belief that he is the almighty God of the world, the U.S., by his lack of acknowledgement that this WAS a problem, deemed the gullible public of the U.S. immune. The arrogance, and ignorance of who they elected, an entire nation now believe in a false leader, who refuse to believe they are not susceptible to nature.

  29. Marcelo Machado

    Marcelo Machadoپیش ماه

    What a fn joke

  30. Marcelo Machado

    Marcelo Machadoپیش ماه

    So the free world Is the biggest looser now

  31. Marcelo Machado

    Marcelo Machadoپیش ماه

    So If this a war Is the us loosing Now

  32. Hokunin

    Hokuninپیش ماه

    "...very good things are happening..." - hmmm... Somehow I don't think so.

  33. Alex Jameson

    Alex Jamesonپیش ماه

    Context matters loser

  34. Arom Suh

    Arom Suhپیش ماه

    Trump supporters gets all triggered, as they come to realization as to how incompetent he is

  35. zero carter

    zero carterپیش ماه

    They need Obama back

  36. Nur Laila Fauziah Laila

    Nur Laila Fauziah Lailaپیش ماه

    Saya turut berduka atas wabah di USA, ada cara yg cukup efektif untuk menangkal virus yaitu dengan berpuasa cara moslem, semoga bisa nenjadi jalan keluar.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. marcum exe

    marcum exeپیش ماه

    They have to protect New York port from alien ships landing to invade America while everyone is sleeping that is what they call a rude awakening, so go down to the shore dig holes and stick your heads in them that way they won't see you and eat you alive. Not much different than Covid 19..

  38. منبر التعلم

    منبر التعلمپیش ماه

    هدا معروف منك

  39. منبر التعلم

    منبر التعلمپیش ماه

    وفقك الله يا أستاذة وبارك فيك

  40. Robert Williams

    Robert Williamsپیش ماه

    He is using this crisis as a political platform to achieve reelection...he is a cretin.

  41. Mohammad Waqas

    Mohammad Waqasپیش ماه

    PLz Beautyfull weapon use corona virus💨💨💨😂

  42. имя фамилия

    имя фамилияپیش ماه

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  43. Dane Mueller

    Dane Muellerپیش ماه

    someone please tell me why military intervention is necessary on such a scale

  44. Bobby B

    Bobby Bپیش ماه

    Rather hear Drs Virology specialists talk about this More

  45. Nadine ***

    Nadine ***پیش ماه

    What a loser.! At leased you American know why Fema has all those caskets.

  46. K P

    K Pپیش ماه

    Trump holds "financial interest" in pharmaceutical company that produces hydroxychloroquine: NYT

  47. TD

    TDپیش ماه


  48. tristyn houle

    tristyn houleپیش ماه

    Check Presidents little red pages. 16 and 26 and 11

  49. triangle stomache

    triangle stomacheپیش ماه

    Look at Mike Pence pulling the shirt of that soldier at start haha :)

  50. Prashant Tripathi

    Prashant Tripathiپیش ماه

    Hope he doesn't rage war after losing

  51. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    Go back to your rice tent

  52. Letta Mego

    Letta Megoپیش ماه

    The virus is being used as an excuse for bailouts It's a planned-out crime: borrow, inflate, strip assets, crash, get bailed out, start over. Corporations gain and we lose. Surveillance, controlling, robbing and killing are all the government does now and it's we the people who are the victims.

  53. Hitesh Pitroda

    Hitesh Pitrodaپیش ماه

    Go Back with corona Mr. Trump, you are not good president, What do you threaten us, if you are afraid of Iran and small country Kim Jong-un, do not forget this is India, and our all indians are very brave, जय हिंद वंदे मातरम Do Not Trust America

  54. Rustam Kafle

    Rustam Kafleپیش ماه

    He seems to have low IQ. I think he should be a President of US.


    SEER CREATORSپیش ماه


  56. Jacks Cleaner

    Jacks Cleanerپیش ماه

    The US is going down thanks to that game show host they have for a leader.

  57. Jacks Cleaner

    Jacks Cleanerپیش ماه

    kiley neu 😂🤣😭

  58. kiley neu

    kiley neuپیش ماه

    Jacks Cleaner actually we’re doing better than we ever have. trump began rebuilding america. right now with the virus our income & economy is at the exact same spot we were at with obama. so i’d say he’s doing pretty great.

  59. Miranda Lovejoy

    Miranda Lovejoyپیش ماه

    Quit giving medical advice you fucken turd!! You have a hard time with the alphabet

  60. RG media

    RG mediaپیش ماه

    Virus is not our parents are our children's so so don't TTE comment irrespectively

  61. Hossen Malaysia

    Hossen Malaysiaپیش ماه

    What’s going to be fine...... ......?????. You’re reasons for America

  62. Mehadie Hassan Khan

    Mehadie Hassan Khanپیش ماه

    I say on behalf of the people of Bangladesh ......... Is there any political leader or big business person in China suffering from this disease? Why can't people in Beijing or Shanghai in China suffer from the disease? So, to take feedback, we must exclude Chinese products.

  63. Amos zl

    Amos zlپیش ماه

    Boris and trump are two idiots. They had arrogantly ignored warnings from WHO. After they mess up everything, they try to blame WHO , CDC or EU.

  64. Rob B

    Rob Bپیش ماه

    We became the planet of apps wearing those stupid masks.

  65. Terri Robison

    Terri Robisonپیش ماه

    Best President America ever had - if you people believe you can do a better job as President then run!!! Running America is more than being an eloquent speaker like our previous President (OBAMA) in case you people did not know who the previous President even was!!!!! COMPLAINING is so easy and that is what most of the under-educated younger generation does......

  66. thirsty pleb

    thirsty plebپیش ماه

    When are we gonna have an hour of prayer for the nation? Doesn't God tell us to repent and he will heal our lands? Why don't we go to him as a nation? We need an hour at the very least of prayer to Almighty God otherwise how do we expect to be blessed? Call for an hour of prayer Mr President and he will heal our lands and our suffering, call unto the Lord before its to late, sir.

  67. thirsty pleb

    thirsty plebپیش ماه

    @Delovely 1 it is not God who unleashed this, it is the sins and wickedness of man that has allowed this to happen ma'am besides, this is nothing compared to what will come 😉

  68. Delovely 1

    Delovely 1پیش ماه

    If only God had never unleashed this upon us though hm

  69. Riyaz Mulani

    Riyaz Mulaniپیش ماه


  70. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    China is a super power ????

  71. Riyaz Mulani

    Riyaz Mulaniپیش ماه

    ALREADY VERY LATE TO Save AMERICAN military otherwise soldiers of ALMIGHTY ALLAH will kil every one

  72. John Sloan

    John Sloanپیش ماه

    I can't prove it but I think trumps son in law's brother has ties with the medical industry which may be why he's pushing for certain drugs to give to people with the virus somebody should investigate that one

  73. shreya deshmukh

    shreya deshmukhپیش ماه

    Corona virous is biological weapon of china.trump sir plz take action against china.🙇

  74. Vertigo101

    Vertigo101پیش ماه

    Martial law in new york get ready to have your rights revoked

  75. Michael Müller

    Michael Müllerپیش ماه

    Whe mr. president stands beside like a little boy. Good job.🥳

  76. Slade Payne

    Slade Payneپیش ماه

    Trump is a loser. And his wife looks like a transgender

  77. Dan sarim

    Dan sarimپیش ماه

    The doctor look like gulom

  78. codey kean

    codey keanپیش ماه

    Omg this guy is a piece of work lmao I can’t listen anymore so boring lmfao

  79. nazrull haziq

    nazrull haziqپیش ماه

    Just a question, why he look soo orange?

  80. Elvis Chicas

    Elvis Chicasپیش ماه

    Woouuu not he only knows about medicine but construction too!! Listen up people 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i though this man was smart .😂😂

  81. Gurjinder Singh Gurji

    Gurjinder Singh Gurjiپیش ماه

    Tackling over Covid 19, I hv post in WhatsApp in M'sia n Sin on it. If only all areas are clustered n track down on active area n lock down totally n grade it with Red , Yellow n Green. You will stop the spread of it. Like when you are on war u need military strategic to find all enemy n kill. Same goes to Covid 19 - find it n kill it at the area. May all be blessed with fast recovery n all back to good days. Satnaam Sri Waheguru jio.

  82. RegalSin

    RegalSinپیش ماه

    and to think that this ignorant buffoon is the leader of the free world!

  83. nmerek

    nmerekپیش ماه

    I hope he gets war crimes put on him after this is over. What a rotten disgusting person

  84. Thomas

    Thomasپیش ماه

    We’re cats and dogs teaching him throughout his career oh I think not cause animals must have more common sense than him

  85. Frank Cicero

    Frank Ciceroپیش ماه

    Don't skip your meds

  86. Ed G

    Ed Gپیش ماه

    So when are we going to start testing people for antibodies and for infected asymptomatic carriers so we can quarantine the Covid Mary's and start getting back to work? Still claiming 3 years later he inherited a broken system. Listening to him try to pronounce words is downright painful. We just passed 10k dead. That's more than 911 and 2 wars in the middle east combined I believe.

  87. deskryptic

    deskrypticپیش ماه

    perception management

  88. neogeoriffic

    neogeorifficپیش ماه

    Trump is an ignorant, lying, narcissistic sonofabitch who's absolutely unfit for office!

  89. Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smithپیش ماه

    Your man called out Gov of Illinois with no hesitation. Just wow. Lol. And I just sometimes wonder how he can accomplish so much in his professional career yet sound so very uneducated. Yet I am happy with how hard he is working to take care of this country

  90. Marie Ab

    Marie Abپیش ماه

    Is this Donald Trang from Vietnam?

  91. Zoky Khan

    Zoky Khanپیش ماه

    The governor not performing is duty he is not doing. Great job lol 😂

  92. Prince Frog

    Prince Frogپیش ماه