Basic information about the novel Coronarvirus, currently in China.
Coronaviruses (CoV)
A large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe respiratory diseases.
A new novel virus identified from humans 29th December 2019, 2019-nCoV
Human respiratory viral infections
Cold often caused by rhinovirus
Influenza (flu) caused by influenza virus
Coronaviruses virion
CoV is a single stranded RNA
Protein envelope (protein shell or capsid)
Crown shaped virions
Less than 100 nm
Coronaviruses are zoonotic
MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, 2012
SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, 2003
Novel previously unidentified in humans, 2019 - nCoV
Clinical features
Fever 98%
Cough 76%
Myalgia or fatigue 44%
Sputum production 28%
Headache 8%
Haemoptysis 5%
Diarrhoea 3%
Dyspnoea 55%
Severe acute respiratory infection - pneumonia
Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Median duration from illness onset to dyspnoea 8·0 days
Median time from onset of symptoms to first hospital admission 7·0 days
Time from onset of symptoms to mechanical ventilation was 10·5 days
Leucopenia less than 4 × 109/L 25%
Lymphopenia less than 1·0 × 109/L 63%

Direct from animals, vectors
Human to human
Droplet, nasal or mouth mucosa, eyes
Coughs and sneezes spread diseases - over 2 metres
Catch it - bin it - kill it
Surfaces - hands - mucous membranes
Virus contained in an envelope, so virus can stay dormant for 5 days
Closed environments, less likely outside
Sometimes people with mild or no symptoms can be carriers
Contagious for a few (2-5-14) days of incubation period, feeling well but still contagious.
1. Stay home, avoid planes, buses, trains, busy areas
2. No visitors avoid close contact with symptomatic people or potential carriers
3. Wear a quality medical mask
4. Wrap around glasses
5. Gloves and meticulous hand hygiene, don’t touch eyes, nose mouth
6. Don’t trust hand sanitizers
7. Avoid hospitals
Same infectiousness as SARS, lower mortality (SARS) 10% v 3%
2 to 3 people get new infection for every infected case
Keep warm
Eat if hungry
No specific coronavirus antiviral drugs
Oxygen for hypoxaemia
3% mortality
No vaccine as yet


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    SARS-CoV-2 is a type of enveloped virus. Its virion has both envelop and capsid.

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    That's the exact same image used for lots of diseases including HIV. virologists no longer isolate viruses so there are no real micrographs. They use other markers to establish a virus. The rest of the information given us is theoretical narrative true for many viruses. The respiratory aspect is observed. The abdominal pains are from all the dry coughing that wears out the muscles.

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    Dr. John Cambell, has been thoroughly indoctrinated into their VIROLOGY camp for the blind, and insane, which just so happens to mean "Unclean" how ironic. ...? If that virus was ever "ALIVE" it might be able to do a few of these circus tricks on his list. ...perhaps when he skipped over health and nutrition in DOCTORING CAMP, they should've had a lesson or two in biology 101? One can't "kill" something that isn't living, nor has ever lived? Viruses are called "virion" when isolated. ...coming from "environs" or environment? there simply trillions of encapsulating bubbles that can holdup to 50 times their weight? This allows them to be little microbiological dump trucks for our interior cellular glial cells, parenchyma cells et al. in the natural degenerative process? If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself sick "WORMWOOD" absinthe. ...sage, in tea form should do the trick, charcoal can rapidly detoxify your stomach if you accidentally swallow something infested with bacteria, but I believe it sage advice coming from Jesus. ... "Let the dead, bury the dead" Peace ~Inertia

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    Applying Industrial Hygiene in Treating COVID 19 I realised that since the government is telling the people to wash their hands regularly and the World Health Organization recommends the use of alcohol whether isopropyl alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol for disinfection, I got an idea of using alcohol vapor to kill the virus inside our lungs by intentionally inhaling the alcohol vapor. However, this may work only for those people with mild symptoms since their lungs have minor secretion/mucus while for those severe cases it might be completely covered with mucus and the virus will not be directly exposed to the alcohol vapor. In order for it to work for severe cases it has to be treated with nebulizer first to soften and expel phlegm and that’s the only time that this therapy will become effective. as a former Industrial Hygienist for 15 years, I know also that there is a safe level for airborne alcohol vapor since the nature of work of an Industrial Hygienist is to measure the concentration of airborne contaminant and compare it to the safe level as stated in the standard. Actually, we used to experience inhaling alcohol vapor whenever we are visiting alcohol manufacturing companies and imagine also how disinfected and sanitized the lung of the worker’s in the alcohol manufacturing companies. The toxicologist will agree that there is an alcohol vapor concentration that people may be exposed to for eight hours without them sustaining any adverse health effect and this is called Threshold Limit Value(TLV). These TLVs are computed based on the lethal dose 50 (LD50) and by using some factors to convert it to Lethal Concentration then another uncertainty factor to arrive to the so called TLV. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Standard the TLV/safe concentration for Ethyl alcohol vapor is 1000ppm while the TLV for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is 400ppm meaning IPA is more toxic than Ethyl Alcohol(Ethanol). It may sound absurd but I am proposing to use this Industrial Hygiene Technique to treat the COVID19 by intentionally exposing the patient to alcohol vapor within the safe concentration or TLV. I am proposing that this therapy be intermittent and should not reach or last 8 hours to make it safer especially for children and elderly since dosage is always based on patient’s weight and susceptibility and to allow the patients bodies to somehow produce antibodies by fighting minimal number of active COVID 19 virus. The above-mentioned standard is applicable for regular adult without underlying disease. Patient should inhale a maximum of 9ml for Ethanol and 4.82 ml for IPA in a duration of 8 hours. A plastic bottle with its corresponding recommended amount gradually squeezing and inhaling in 8 hours will definitely expose the virus in the lung killing the COVID 19 virus using the proposed therapy. It is not necessarily a continuous 8 hr exposure it may be done intermittently or the recommended amount further reduce to ensure safer therapy. 18 years ago there is SARS outbreak and then few years later there is MERS and up to now they have not come up with a specific vaccine for these viruses now there is COVID 19 It might take few more years to discover the vaccine for these viruses. For the meantime that there is no vaccine discovered yet for this COVID19 Virus it’s high time to try the proposed possible solution using Industrial Hygiene technique. Please see supporting computation below. ppm -parts per million MW of ethanol= 46.07g/mol density of Ethanol = 800mg/ml TLV of Ethanol = 1000ppm MW of Isopropyl Alcohol = 60.1 g/mol density of IPA at room temp = 781.2 mg/ml TLV of IPA = 400 ppm To compute safe 8 hr exposure for Ethanol ppm = (24.45 L/mol)(mg/m3) MW Therefore: mg/ m3= MW (ppm) 24.45 mg/ m3= 46.07 (1000ppm) = 1884 mg/ m3 24.45 converting to mg/L ( 1884 mg/ m3)(1 m3)= 1.88mg/L 1000L 0.5 L per breath x 16 breath a minute = 8L/min (1.88mg/L)(8 L/min) = 15 mg/min to determine inhaled Ethanol in 8hrs (15 mg/min)(60min/hr) (8hrs) = 7200mg since density of Ethanol = 800mg/ml 7200mg = 9 ml 800mg/ml Should not inhale more than 9ml of Ethanol in 8 hours To compute safe 8 hr exposure for Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) ppm = (24.45 L/mol)(mg/m3) MW Therefore: mg/ m3= MW (ppm) 24.45 mg/ m3= (60.1) (400ppm) = 983.2 mg/ m3 24.45 converting to mg/L ( 983.2 mg/ m3)(1 m3)= 0.98mg/L 1000L based on 0.5 L per breath x 16 breaths a minute = 8L/min (0.98mg/L)(8 L/min) = 7.84 mg/min to determine inhaled IPA in 8hrs (7.84 mg/min)(60min/hr) (8hrs) = 3763.2mg since density of IPA at room temp = 781.2 mg/ml 3763.2 mg = 4.82 ml 781.2mg/ml Should not inhale more than 4.82 ml of IPA in 8 hours

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    Billy Borgan FYI: _”…we offer a perspective on the notable features in the SARS-CoV-2 genome and discuss scenarios by which these features could have arisen. Importantly, this analysis provides evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct nor a purposefully manipulated virus.”_ Humans are constantly picking up viruses, parasites, bacteria and prions from our close association with animals. Even the common cold came to humans from horses.

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    One benefit of being an introvert. I hear ppl say they've gotten the normal flu one, twice, three plus times. I never had it in 40 years. I'm not lucky, I just been practicing social distancing since kindergarten.

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    Hi Everyone for the meantime that there is no vaccine for this COVID19 Virus its high time to try drastic solution using Industrial Hygiene technique. We know already that ethyl alcohol can kill virus but according to the standard there is a safe concentration for ethanol which is 1000ppm. That means we can be exposed for eight hours without sustaining any adverse health effects at that concentration allowing your lung to be exposed to sufficient amount of ethanol organic vapor. This concentration is called Threshold Limit Value It may sound absurd but I am now proposing that those with mild symptoms and turns positive to COVID virus be intentionally exposed to this concentration which may eventually kill the virus upon contact to the lungs anyway it is still within the safe level for as long as it will not exceed inhaling a total of 30 ml in 8 hours in a day. A plastic bottle with this amount gradually squeezing and inhaling in 8 hours may somehow kill the virus without poisoning the patient. As former IH, we used to experience inhaling relative high concentration of ethyl alcohol vapor whenever visiting alcohol manufacturing company thats why our lung so far is COVID 19 virus free.🙂😉 Elderly and children should inhale at a lower concentration than what is indicated in the standard. Dosage will always be based on weight of the patient. Now I realized that drinking liquour with alcohol like Vodka and coconut wine will somehow kill the virus in the lungs since portion of the exhaled breath is alcohol vapor which may be detected by alcohol breathing analyzer. I also found out that some of the e cigarette juice contains ethanol this may somehow kill virus inside the lungs. In order to kill the corona virus using alcohol as much as possible concentration must be higher than 60% Please share to others and post feedback. I have attached links ways to vaporize alcohol this is the solution of killing the virus in the body but of course it should be in moderation 18 yrs ago theres SARS outbreak and then few years later theres MERS up to now they have not come up with a specific vaccine for these viruses now theres COVID 19 maybe it will take few more years to discover the vaccine for these viruses.......😞 Do not under estimate this we have to slow down the spread of the disease so that the avaiIable health workers can manage the number of patients.....

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    Coronavirus: Make the best use of time while at home



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