We need to talk..


  1. matt stewart

    matt stewartپیش 13 روز

    this is making me so hungry

  2. Fawn

    Fawnپیش 16 روز

    I buy Wendy's Spicy Chicken sammich......

  3. Bethany B

    Bethany Bپیش 20 روز

    Great video, hilarious! Are you still gluten free? Do they offer gluten free bread?

  4. Emma Peterson

    Emma Petersonپیش 21 روز

    I think you’re so fabulous and hilarious! Your videos always make my day!

  5. natalia gd

    natalia gdپیش 22 روز

    I know nobody cares buuuuuuttttt so I wanted to make a elastic thing for my markers and sew tallys to separate the slots and so there was a sewing machine at my school so I decided to use that but my librarian didn't trust me to use it with experience so I got the teacher who knew how so I explain to her what I want to do with the elastic and she's like we should put it on fabric and I'm over here like noooooooo but internally because I'm nice and so now I have sabatoged the project by taking the elastic home and now I'm going to do my original project by hand and make up exuses until the lady gives up thank you for reading this if you did and yah just needed to get this out don't know why

  6. Ashley Andrews

    Ashley Andrewsپیش 23 روز

    That sandwhichs toppings change sounds like it got jale-pene-yo stomachs biz nesss Brandon! PETITION SIGNER #2 RIGHT HERE!!!

  7. wolf momma21

    wolf momma21پیش 23 روز

    I'll have you know..... I order wendys spicy chicken sandwich. XD

  8. Emmi Goes Rawr

    Emmi Goes Rawrپیش 24 روز


  9. Elizabeth Rhoden

    Elizabeth Rhodenپیش 24 روز

    I thought you were going to say “Shredded lettuce? More like shredded dreams!!!”

  10. zaintana

    zaintanaپیش 24 روز

    I thought you were gluten free??? Lol

  11. angel DOJC

    angel DOJCپیش 24 روز

    My squirrels and I love this video. They actually watch your videos, they enjoy it.

  12. Jess B

    Jess Bپیش 24 روز

    How I feel about McDonalds changing my homestyle chicken biscuit into a McChicken biscuit. 😭😭 it’s awful

  13. Officer Frankie Wahl

    Officer Frankie Wahlپیش 25 روز

    35 thumbs down... probably CJ employees lmao

  14. Øleda Bailey

    Øleda Baileyپیش 25 روز

    2:04 Brandon: CAaaAAaaARRRRLLLLLLL!!!! Carl Jr.: Changing our sandwiches is our, our least favorite thing to do

  15. Tiffany Zane

    Tiffany Zaneپیش 25 روز

    Change IS bad. So sorry about your sandwich.

  16. Jessica Watson

    Jessica Watsonپیش 25 روز

    Love the outfit changes

  17. Jeff McNair

    Jeff McNairپیش 25 روز

    Spicy pickles 😂😂😂

  18. Kayla Allen

    Kayla Allenپیش 25 روز

    Ask them to leave off the jalepeños?

  19. Misty Valzania

    Misty Valzaniaپیش 25 روز

    Any other Psych fans focus on the pineapple on his shirt?! 😂

  20. OhMyVixen

    OhMyVixenپیش 25 روز


  21. OhMyVixen

    OhMyVixenپیش 25 روز

    Lmfao oh golly

  22. Elizabeth Hamby

    Elizabeth Hambyپیش 25 روز

    "Let me talk to Carl Senior!!!" 😂♥️😂

  23. Mason McCormick

    Mason McCormickپیش 26 روز

    Wendys didn't change their spicy chicken sandwich because people actually like it

  24. Funny Fajitas

    Funny Fajitasپیش 26 روز

    I don't even know what Carl Jr's is but I know how you feel. A store near me changed there chicken Caesar wrap now it tastes like crap the sauce isn't the same either. Now I've spent the last 2 years thinking about how good that wrap is. I'll never be able to taste it again

  25. Susana Zuniga

    Susana Zunigaپیش 26 روز

    Omg ur such an amazing you tuber ur so funny have a great day!❤️🙏👍😃much love


    BABY FACE Zپیش 26 روز

    How many wardrobe changes will he have!💀😂

  27. Misty Barillas

    Misty Barillasپیش 26 روز

    I’m dying!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂. U should go back to eating spiders. U show Carl.

  28. Tara Hill

    Tara Hillپیش 26 روز

    You keep changing your shirt?

  29. Emo Wolfie

    Emo Wolfieپیش 26 روز

    Brandon: No one eats Wendy's spicy chicken. Wendy's Twitter: 👀🤬

  30. It's me Miah

    It's me Miahپیش 26 روز


  31. SurrealJC Games

    SurrealJC Gamesپیش 26 روز

    yeah.... the shredded lettuce is trash, everywhere.

  32. Madysen Ray

    Madysen Rayپیش 26 روز

    but the star chicken nuggets is where it’s ACTUALLY at 😎👍

  33. Tesla Neaveill

    Tesla Neaveillپیش 26 روز

    Lol its funny your upset about shredded lettuce ours doesnt have any thing but shredded and has never has leaf! I hate it

  34. Meagan Woolstrum

    Meagan Woolstrumپیش 26 روز

    “Did you lose a bet?”

  35. Meagan Woolstrum

    Meagan Woolstrumپیش 26 روز

    “Shredded lettuce *insert sound* ~” 🤢🤢

  36. Elsa Batley

    Elsa Batleyپیش 26 روز

    WHAT HAPPENED TO LEARNING TO SKATEBOARD?? Sorry about the capitals

  37. Michael Paciorek

    Michael Paciorekپیش 26 روز

    similar topic.... bring back the OG spicy McChicken!

  38. Brooke Rangel-Legris

    Brooke Rangel-Legrisپیش 26 روز

    I’ll sign that petition ✅

  39. Kristina Kraus

    Kristina Krausپیش 26 روز

    I am loving the outfit changes- and addons in this video.. you look wonderful by the way xD

  40. Mark Overman

    Mark Overmanپیش 26 روز

    Umm! How many wardrobe changes did you go through for that video?

  41. Samantha Johnston

    Samantha Johnstonپیش 26 روز

    Hey on a side note have u watched the videos where people are doing Bob Ross tutorials on their face, you should do that!

  42. Supe

    Supeپیش 27 روز

    When we y’all gonna tell me Carl’s Jr. is still open? Ours closed down 3 years ago

  43. Midnight Sama

    Midnight Samaپیش 27 روز

    When I first looked at it I thought the title was (Dead girls car)

  44. Branch Windom

    Branch Windomپیش 27 روز

    Him: nothing good has come from change Slavery: am I a joke to you?

  45. Laura Nigga

    Laura Niggaپیش 27 روز

    Hey pls do Estonian snacks

  46. A R R-G

    A R R-Gپیش 27 روز

    Keep ordering it the old way, do this and they may change it back, worked for me at Jack in the Box!! LOL

  47. Suzy the Cockatoo

    Suzy the Cockatooپیش 27 روز

    Burger King got rid of their grilled chicken artisan sandwich. 😢

  48. antony kulik

    antony kulikپیش 27 روز

    A ranting idiot.....who else wants to punch this guy in the face?

  49. Robin Summey

    Robin Summeyپیش 27 روز

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like shredded lettuce for that reason 🤣🤷‍♀️

  50. Mang Boih

    Mang Boihپیش 27 روز

    You can always ask for no jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. $5 all star meal comes with fiery chicken (jalapeño and pepper jack cheese). You can also ask for leaf lettuce instead of shredded lettuce. Plus they do still have a reg spicy chicken.

  51. Jordan Cook

    Jordan Cookپیش 27 روز

    Carl how dare you just change the chickey sandmich, but we gonna so go off on them because they messed us all up for this😂😭🧐

  52. Autumn B.

    Autumn B.پیش 27 روز

    Pineapple I win!😄 psych is the best show😁😁

  53. Michaela Oren

    Michaela Orenپیش 27 روز

    "I have nothing else to say except all this CARL" me when I rant 😂

  54. Melissa Lazio

    Melissa Lazioپیش 27 روز

    You would like McDonald's mcchicken

  55. Erma Gerd

    Erma Gerdپیش 27 روز

    Best part is kfc being the advertisement for this video for me lol

  56. Nestle Amarillas

    Nestle Amarillasپیش 27 روز


  57. BluePattern

    BluePatternپیش 27 روز

    C'mon Carl.....sigh.... Carl I've never seen him wear so many different clothes in one video

  58. Cora Draws

    Cora Drawsپیش 27 روز

    I've never eaten from Carl's Jr.

  59. Evelyn Carranza

    Evelyn Carranzaپیش 27 روز


  60. bobbi chaney

    bobbi chaneyپیش 27 روز

    Brandon, what about burger kings spicy chicken sandwich. ????? Idk just a thought. Lol.