Deep Cleaning a Girl’s DIRTY Jeep | Hairiest/Dirtiest Jeep EVER | Satisfying Car Detailing!

Deep Cleaning a Girl's DIRTY Jeep | Complete Transformation and Satisfying Car Detailing both Interior and Exterior! This Jeep was the hairiest & muddiest car we've ever detailed and needed a full interior and exterior car detailing, so in this video we show you our satisfying process to deep clean it!
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  1. Benjamin Martindale

    Benjamin Martindaleپیش ماه

    Honestly your videos are very similar to the detail geek. But tbh it doesn’t matter. Cleaning cars can only be so different. Either way they are still entertaining to watch and they both help reach a bigger audience and help know how to properly clean their car. So you earned a sub.

  2. Robyn Alex

    Robyn Alexپیش ماه

    Benjamin Martindale Payton Bushee I made a video like this & I’m new to youtube, I would love any kind of feedback!!

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  6. Rachel El Abbady

    Rachel El Abbadyپیش ماه

    Spritz with a mist of water and the lilybrush works 5 times as quick so that you dont have to use the drill cone brush to break up the hair and throw pieces around the vehicle ;)

  7. pei polkadotz

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    Just like the detail geek 2

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    Coolkrezer _پیش 2 روز

    Он че , в этой машине овец стриг что ли ? Как можно блядь так безобразно относиться к машине ?

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    tyhis car is full of do shit!

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    I m watching this from India .. Nice video i love this type of pressure washing videos

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    Oh my god its too dirty..u spent so much tine to clean this

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    You scratch the paint with that much pressure... on top of that all the dirty youre ‘cleaning’ is scratching the paint with the pressure

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    I think the owner is a cat lover.

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    Ricky Smithپیش 8 روز

    bet money the undercarriage wasn’t touched in this process. also, TAKE THIS WOMANS KEYS BECAUSE SHE GOTTA BE DISGUSTING BY THE LOOKS OF THE JEEP !

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    Two little things, it would be good if you overprint the name of the company and / or the logo at all times and second, I would like to know how much do you charge for a job like this; Thank you.

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    Was this her just deciding to get it cleaned or was she going to sell it? if she wasn't selling it, hopefully she keeps up the cleanliness of it. I do a regular clean of my car, but struggle with a few areas on the door, around the drink trays and dash etc, so thanks for showing how you do these areas

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