DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation!

DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Car Detailing Transformation! I took the challenge of finding the nastiest and dirtiest car I could find on FB marketplace and picked up this beauty for a whooping $500... Needless to say I still had a ton of work ahead of me to restore the inside and outside to make this car useable again. I completely gutted the interior to begin cleaning and removing the moldy and spilled food all over the inside of this disaster of a car interior.
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    Do one of a gun owner where they keep their guns lol

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    Ab Soluteپیش 13 روز

    Stauffer Garage Magic erasers are great and very useful. However, u can’t/shouldn’t stay in one area to long, especially on dark color panels, it will discolor it slightly. However, its great for removing scuff marks, makeup etc!

  4. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicoleپیش 20 روز

    How is the car mechanically? If its in ok condition mechanically then thats one hell of a deal. Im addicted to.these videos

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    I love your videos. So satisfying to see the before and after, do you have a commercial business garage or do you clean out of your house? How much would you think it costs for all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions?

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    If their car looks like that can you imagine what their house looks like amd smells like? Roaches and everything

  9. Taylor Goughnour

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    Tbh: probably one of the most nasty videos I've ever seen, yet loved it because it was also one of the most satisfying videos I've ever seen

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    How is someone not completely embarrassed to sell a car that was that nasty?

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    #roachmotel This transformation is insane! I can't believe how gross the car was at first

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    How much do you charge to clean a car

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    For the smell, Try Ozium or Airwick has a device that sprays air freshener every so often. Both are about 12 bux a piece

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    Magic Erasers work great but be warned; if any trim pieces are painted, the eraser will take off the paint.

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    I cant imagine having my car like this

  37. Amber Garcia

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  38. Amber Garcia

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