Deep Cleaning a Girl’s DIRTY SUV | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Satisfying Car Detailing!

Deep Cleaning a Girl’s DIRTY SUV | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Satisfying Car Detailing! This Chevy Trailblazer was covered in dirt, had super nasty carpets and was the worst smelling vehicle I’ve ever detailed! It needed a full interior car detailing and exterior car detailing, so in this video I show you my satisfying process to deep clean and completely transform this Trailblazer!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
Drill Brush Set -
Lilly Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Drying Towel -
Glass Waffle Weave Towel -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5 inch backing plate -
Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” Pads -
FLEX Swirl Finder Light -
Carpet Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Grit Guards -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Bug Remover -
Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner -
Meguiar’s Iron Decon -
Carpet Solution -
Folex Spot Remover -
Glass Cleaner -
Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Leather Cleaner -
Leather Conditioner -
Optimum Tire Shine -
Meguiar’s Quick Detail Spray -
Meguiar’s AIO Wax -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
CarPro Reload -
Car Wash Soap -
CarPro PERL -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
Drill Brush Set -
Lilly Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5 inch Backing Plate -
Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Carpet Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Carpet Solution -
Folex Spot Remover -
Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Glass Cleaner -
Optimum Tire Shine -
Meguiar’s Detail Spray -
Meguiar’s AIO -
Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Sealant -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
CarPro Reload -
Car Wash Soap -
CarPro PERL -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Lilly Brush -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner -
Griots Garage 6” Dual Action Polisher -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boars Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Drill Brush Set -
Leather Brush -
Foam Cannon -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
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  3. Kenia Cristina

    Kenia Cristinaپیش 3 روز

    The Detail Geek The Detail Geek kkkkk ♡♡♥♥ ☆☆★★ ♧♧♣♣

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    Ya was right what a disgrace but with a professional like you it would obviously look as good as new when u picked up the chips it is because I am fanatic of my car being clean🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👌👌👌👌

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