Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever!

Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 19 of a Hyundai Elantra that is beyond description of how filthy and nasty it was on the inside! It has never been cleaned on the inside and is caked in dirt and grease! Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage
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Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage

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  1. Stauffer Garage

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    I'm sitting here wondering if my wife is pregnant with baby #6... well at least I got a fresh cup of coffee and this detail to watch! Cheers to that Share this video because I'm going to need all the support I can get!!!!

  2. get in

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    Why would you intentionally suck money up and throw it away? Poor people would love your vacuum cleaner.

  3. SacredFire

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    Can you clean my car? I can't afford all of those tools.

  4. Kmb YTT

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    Pregnant? Should know by now.

  5. D. Moreno

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    Anyone that has their car like this has sh*t stains in their underwear.

  6. Ruby Castro

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    Stauffer Garage is she pregnant?

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  8. PredatorBBS

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    Why this shock content recommended to me? Why? Great job, but... i'd rather renew whole interior, include seat insides. That dude LITERALLY crap under himself. Can't imagine how to spoil interior like this.

  9. HighKey Dia

    HighKey Diaپیش 12 ساعت

    somehow ended up here 😭😂 that car is MAD is disgusting 🤦🏾‍♀️ anyone new to youtube and wanna sub each other ?

  10. jasonb252

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    Dirty lol that thing ain't that bad I wish I could show pictures of the cars I've encountered. I have been detailing 15 years.

  11. 김냐냐

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    자막이 있지만 이해하기 어렵구만,,무튼 재밌게 봤습니당

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  13. Сергей Звягин

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    Лайк за старания! Огромную работу проделал. Жаль, что она ее снова превратит в помойку( Успехов тебе!

  14. Catarina Sousa

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    Do I watch video about cars in general? No Do I like stuff getting clean. ? Why yes it’s very satisfying Did I look for this video ? Most definitely not But I watched all the way and I don’t regret it :D

  15. Stauffer Garage

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    Thanks IRgos algorithm lol

  16. Avilac87

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    Esse cara sujou o carro o todo pro vídeo pq não tem como um ser humano ser tão porco a esse ponto quem concorda deixa o like

  17. James C

    James Cپیش روز

    Excellent work Stauffer Garage. Alot of great tips. As a police officer we have to ensure our vehicles are clean when transporting a person. But I am also an Army Veteran and it was all about personal pride in taking care of your equipment. You sir did a great job of taking something that needed attention and indeed the owners appreciated it. Odd as this may sounds, cleaning is like therapy, you get rid of the dirt that's trapped in there.

  18. Stauffer Garage

    Stauffer Garageپیش روز

    Amen to that! Its relaxing and I get the best ideas when I'm doing it.

  19. Mim Jack

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    Exquisite job you attention to detail is what I'm talkin about great work even on that bucket great work

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    Представляю какие у нее труханы грязные :)

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    people getting the subscribers they deserve this quarantine

  22. Stauffer Garage

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    Appreciate it!

  23. Katie Perkins

    Katie Perkinsپیش روز

    That’s amazing. What kind of tools did you use?

  24. Stauffer Garage

    Stauffer Garageپیش روز

    All the tools and products I use I have listed in the description box :)

  25. Addie Ulsh

    Addie Ulshپیش روز

    I wish I was closer!! 😭 Spilled a new cup of coffee in my car as i was trying to squeeze out in a tight parking space at work. Any tips to get it out? So it doesnt smell like spoiled milk?

  26. Felipe Moreno

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    How much did you charge this person 💵

  27. LifeInGeneral

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    Who’s filthy car is this?

  28. Li Everlast

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    That gross, how it gets that dirty is unknown to me. This was random in my suggestions panel.

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    Таких автовладельцев надо стерилизовать.

  31. Griselda Guerrero

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    How can there be people that are so disgusting living in filth such a biohazard! I keep my car organized, smelling good and use a mini car trashcan bin inside. I vacume and wash my car weekly it's not that hard to maintain.

  32. Kenny Ho

    Kenny Hoپیش روز

    great job. will be trying your technique tomorrow to clean my car, its has alot of oil strain like. thanks in showing your video.

  33. Fire Ant

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    I think your service costs more than this Hyundai Elantra

  34. get in

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    If I owned that car (and I would never be dirty like that), I wouldn't admit it was mine, I wouldn't show my face on IRgos. You should be more than ashamed, you're pigs.

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    Pislikler 😡

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  37. Reems Syd

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    As I’m watching this I can’t help but wonder if the value of the car is less than what this dude might have charged for detailing it..!!! Great job btw 👏🏼👏🏼

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    끼햐아앜 !!

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    Arep parkir aring sawangan isa ora?

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    How long did this detail take? And what do you charge for a detail of this magnitude?

  41. DM Detail

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    This went so viral ! No pun intended

  42. Emma Extra

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    It bugs me that you pick up the coins with the vacuum 😂

  43. Daryl Rosenberg

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    What upholstery tool are you using for the extraction? If I missed it but I dont see it in the description or your store front page.

  44. Daryl Rosenberg

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    Nvmd,, found it :)

  45. Dahlia Dodyy

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    I guess you are translating to arabic using google translate, just wanted to tell you that it’s not correct

  46. Sam L

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    Weird thing is I feel genuine pity for that poor vacuum lmao

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    My goodness !! Car looks amazing. That takes a lot of patience. How long did it take you to clean it??

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    I gotta just one thing stucked on my mind How much bucks u re get for clean

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  53. Stauffer Garage

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    Ничего плохого в этом нет!

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    the owners are not ok

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    No thats fake my friend has the most Dirty car in the world he hasnt clean it in more than 5 years xddd

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    My mother bought a used Trailblazer and its horrible inside. The carpet has really dark brown stains all over. The seats are dirty as well. She's going to have a hip replacement surgery after this covid19 slows down and her appt in Cleveland opens back up. I'd love to have it clean and ready for her to ride home from the hospital in.

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