Disgusting Car Detailing Makeover: Junkyard Disaster Before and After Cleaning

This is a 1984 Porsche 944 that sat in a junkyard and was eventually donated to Kars4Kids.org for a $500 tax voucher. I decided to donate a disgusting disaster car detail restoration in 2 days for a complete detailing makeover to see how much money we could raise for charity. We performed a paint restoration, interior disaster clean up, scratch removal, and paint touch up with a new needle trick. I posted the restored black paint pic on instagram and the car sold for $3000 based on the before and after detail prior to going to auction!
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    AMMO NYCپیش ماه

    This was a 100% donation to Kars4Kids and I had a blast. The Porsche 944 never made it to auction because it sold in 7 mins after posting on AMMO NYC Instagram page. (I actually had 3 offers within 15 mins) Congrats to Kevin for picking up his new project and for his donation. Hope you guys enjoyed. -L

  2. Cristo Nabarrete

    Cristo Nabarreteپیش 2 روز

    AMMO NYC hi! How are you? Tell me where I can buy that nice jack, tell me the name and model, thanks have good day.


    MKRBRKRپیش 7 روز

    @Arron Jones Just do a simple search. Kars4Kids is a total fraud

  4. Donald Landgrebe

    Donald Landgrebeپیش 13 روز

    @AMMO NYC v I .

  5. The Enthusiast

    The Enthusiastپیش 21 روز

    Wouldn't saving it for the auction instead of selling it to the first (or third) interest possibly raise the price and therefore more money donated?

  6. Jay The Random Bunny

    Jay The Random Bunnyپیش 23 روز

    I would love to try your products, but i haven't seen them in Sweden.

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    I would love to see the follow up video as it is mechanically restored.

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    I have that same Porsche

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    so , is this car now working , or are we going to see another video like this one in 15 years down the line, about the same car ???

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    if i where to use steam and all that liquid in my own car, withworking speakers and stuff is that safe or should i remove the speakeres and stuff?

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    What u guys do is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for doing this for beloved cars. Truly satisfying videos .

  19. Jomaster The Second

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    "We disassembled the interior to find the source of the moisture." Oh easy, that's my girlfriend.

  20. Bob Scott

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    Whats the brand name of the jack(s) ? or do you have a link?

  21. John Venable

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    All my 944s always had that crows feet like wear on the moon roof. Every. Single. One.

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    Arrrr that old man and his Merc at 8.21 was the first of these videos I saw. The start of my addiction you might say. I’ve been enjoying a daily dose pretty much every day since discovering this channel through that red car clean up. 😘😘

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    Go to @kevinkelemen Instagram page, the Porsche has just started for the first time in 20 years!

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    You are an amazing guy with a big heart! This video is awesome!

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    Awesome work! To answer your question, I would prefer for the water to sheath away rather than bead. I used to buy products that would make water bead, but as the water dried and wind blowing, it would collect dust on the remaining water beads and then the paint would look dirty.

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    Do they know anything about the history of the car? I can't help thinking, with that Mar 2001 registration date, that it has a sad 9/11 related story.

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    I work for Tephseal detailer

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    Great video, great story.

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    Amazing. Any idea what this kind of job would normally cost? I have an ‘86 944 that needs about half this level of love, and it’s near your business.

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    I love this videos. But... No matter how in depth you go, you are not really cleaning a car like this, unless you hear it apart completely. That's my pov at least

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    These guys get paid by washing the car, then they get paid by doing youtube videos! Dude kill two birds with one stone!!!

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    Kars4kids is a scam charity that only pays for jewish kids go on a field trip to Israel, doesn't actually help any kids like they want you to think

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    All those old kraut cars had clearcoat over the whole engine.

  50. stitch2k1

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    Fun fact, clear coat on a 944 means it was repainted. Right side of my 89 944 is clear coated, no accident damage though. Peculiar thing. Need to buff the rest badly, lol.

  51. EstefaniaXO

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    *Works great and much faster than a regular jack.=>>**share4.photo/pCarJack?L38 ** I wouldn't trust my life with it as I always use jack stands, but this thing is good and works well everytime with no failures to date.*

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    UPDATE: When presented with the repair quote...the Porsche was returned to the original donation location. RIP 🤘

  56. Johnny D.

    Johnny D.پیش 6 روز

    I'm not sure whats the best between water beads or sheets but with my experience in luxury car which i no longer do by the way since in canada your way too underpay for the quality and energy you put to make a perfect job in rushing schedules from even the most luxurious garage i gave my redemption or as i love to say i gave my towel even though i really loved making a shitty looking car look brandnew from top to bottom. One day i wish to have my house with a small garage and buy car only for my self interest and passion of detailing.all that to say i always loved wen it beads on paint or on my windows i dont know its give me the impression to always notice the good work i was doing on rainy days which i dont love in a way i can say that paint beads maked me love the rainy day . I didnt not see your McClaren video i dont know what your talking about . But beads all the way . My favorite product whas Presta but there was a lot of thing i didnt like from it even if it was my favorite i never found anything that could give better quality sadly because i didnt like the high toxicity of the product . As you i loved better to put more down pressures on my jobs and presta was helping me not get tired of over working to get the quality i wanted but the first stage was way too ruff .i'm a passionate to detailing its an art that need to be respected cause you put all your art skills and love to give a former glory to something that artiste conceived (cars) sorry for my english its not my first language. And by the way in future i'll look into your product you look to have really nice stuff and i really love how they seem to work the rejuvenator you used on the back wing is one product i really wish i ad back when i was working for mercedes or sports car garage.

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    My dad had a 924 that looks pretty much like the 944 had so much memories as a little girl in that car until he sold it and bought a 95 Cadillac saville

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    Why does this car remind me of other cars? - When I saw it in the thumbnail I thought it was a Firebird and in the video itself it reminds me of a Toyota or something like that.