Doing Kesha's Makeup!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video I glam up the iconic KESHA! We showcase her new beauty line while talking about her old music as Ke$ha, how she’s transformed over the past few years, her new album, and more! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! 🌈❤️
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Maggie and daycee

    Maggie and dayceeپیش روز

    Are you still in school

  2. Meowmew

    Meowmewپیش روز

    I also have an alien skin flap 😨

  3. Aron Martinez

    Aron Martinezپیش روز

    Kesha is so friggin awesome 👌

  4. Dandy Lions

    Dandy Lionsپیش روز

    Ariana Grande WHERE ARE YOUU

  5. Juan Bosco Prieto Martinez

    Juan Bosco Prieto Martinezپیش 6 روز

    Free kesha

  6. Anneliese W

    Anneliese Wپیش 9 روز

    Next is Billie’s makeuppp

  7. Bohemianwildone

    Bohemianwildoneپیش 9 روز

    Kesha is just a ray of light 🌠

  8. Bohemianwildone

    Bohemianwildoneپیش 9 روز

    I'm a crazy cat lady too I have 4 cats too like kesha 😊

  9. Genevieve McCumbers

    Genevieve McCumbersپیش 10 روز

    I remember Kesha being on victorious

  10. Zoey Miller

    Zoey Millerپیش 10 روز

    I love Kesha my mom does too.

  11. Audreine Joy Ojenar

    Audreine Joy Ojenarپیش 10 روز

    I love you, Keshaaa! 🤍

  12. Nida Aqif

    Nida Aqifپیش 10 روز

    This is the first time in my life I have seen Kesha so peaceful and calm

  13. Shannon McCarthy

    Shannon McCarthyپیش 11 روز

    the closed captioning for “Kesha Rose palette” was “casserole” and i can’t stop laughing

  14. Vane_Karin

    Vane_Karinپیش 12 روز

    she looks really diferentt




  16. Ghanou Ghania

    Ghanou Ghaniaپیش 13 روز


  17. Ghanou Ghania

    Ghanou Ghaniaپیش 13 روز

    طيحلي نطيحلم

  18. Josephine Quieti

    Josephine Quietiپیش 13 روز

    bro she's freaking gorgouse with and without makeup

  19. A Pinch Of Stardust

    A Pinch Of Stardustپیش 13 روز

    She's so iconic. Love her

  20. niaa_hp

    niaa_hpپیش 14 روز

    O GOD Kesha is so sweet🍯

  21. Cloudxy bxlla

    Cloudxy bxllaپیش 14 روز

    I thought it was abby

  22. Mishel Guzman

    Mishel Guzmanپیش 15 روز

    kesha is so adorable i love her

  23. iamlilyandiamagirl

    iamlilyandiamagirlپیش 16 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="488">8:08</a> Kesha: can you hit it? Me at 2am: EEEEAAAAEEEEAAAAAOOOOOUAOOO

  24. viktoriavictory

    viktoriavictoryپیش 16 روز

    her freckles

  25. Georgia Smith

    Georgia Smithپیش 17 روز

    I love Kesha so much she is so lovely 💗🥺

  26. Taryn

    Tarynپیش 17 روز

    Kesha is a man.... no way thats a woman..

  27. Cottoncandy Pandagirl

    Cottoncandy Pandagirlپیش 17 روز

    OMG I luv ur songs kesha OMG ur a queen

  28. The Carter Edition

    The Carter Editionپیش 18 روز

    Okay wow James ! Hit that note sis

  29. Alessandra Poppa

    Alessandra Poppaپیش 18 روز

    Her eyeshadows aren’t that pigmented, does someone agree?

  30. Tenisia Pooi

    Tenisia Pooiپیش 19 روز

    That's Kesha !!???

  31. Umanga Ruhunage

    Umanga Ruhunageپیش 19 روز

    the outro music is Bonkers Beat Club - Bird Flex

  32. Bence Godina

    Bence Godinaپیش 20 روز

    How does sister James get all these amazing people to collab with him?

  33. kazeem786

    kazeem786پیش 20 روز

    I love you so much James and Ke$ha

  34. Katie Moore

    Katie Mooreپیش 21 روز

    Why don't you go live on tiktok ever

  35. alexia kambouris

    alexia kambourisپیش 21 روز


  36. Jeff A

    Jeff Aپیش 21 روز

    She's never looked better! Amazing work

  37. Olivia’s Life

    Olivia’s Lifeپیش 22 روز

    Omg u have to do billie eilish next!!!

  38. Holly Guldenzopf

    Holly Guldenzopfپیش 22 روز

    Kesha is so cute and adorable

  39. Nazirali Usupov

    Nazirali Usupovپیش 22 روز

    бок экен бул бала

  40. Ezra

    Ezraپیش 23 روز

    Easily most iconic person of the 2010’s

  41. Jane Smith

    Jane Smithپیش 23 روز

    This is a sweet video but honestly ? Kesha is Shockingly Beautiful at the beginning of the video but looks like 1000's of other women at the end.

  42. steph

    stephپیش 24 روز

    bruh kesha played on the radio as soon as i clicked on this

  43. HypnoticLights

    HypnoticLightsپیش 24 روز

    Livin for this look oh god she looks so beautiful! This makeup is crazy amazing. I absolutely love it!!!

  44. Anita Buluma

    Anita Bulumaپیش 24 روز

    she’s so cute

  45. beautyspeakswithin23

    beautyspeakswithin23پیش 24 روز

    Honestly if u talk less we would be to see ur work clearer

  46. Aliejha

    Aliejhaپیش 24 روز

    Kesha’s face is so chiseled and defined. her eyes are so crisp and so green. it’s so beautiful.

  47. Sara Campos

    Sara Camposپیش 25 روز

    Wow I used to hate kesha, but somehow JC makes me like her... Why?

  48. NoApplesauce Gentleman

    NoApplesauce Gentlemanپیش 25 روز

    How the fuck does his not have more views. Yeah everyone hates James but it’s KESHA! Like what!?

  49. Romina Adams

    Romina Adamsپیش 25 روز

    i love her. she's so gorgeous

  50. Libby Brown

    Libby Brownپیش 25 روز

    How she said crazy made me feel so relaxed and I loved it lol

  51. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Leeپیش 26 روز


  52. A Evsen

    A Evsenپیش 26 روز

    Love your channel so much!!! Thank you for doing this! I love these kind of videos. :)

  53. jsx F

    jsx Fپیش 26 روز

    Drugs literally destroy her face sadly💔

  54. Alessia Enache

    Alessia Enacheپیش 26 روز

    Tik tok: dances on keshas songs James : i am going to ruin this guy carier

  55. Emma S

    Emma Sپیش 26 روز

    omg Kesha is literally so sweet!!

  56. Ava Grace

    Ava Graceپیش 27 روز

    I think we can all agree that Kesha is a GODDESS like she’s just so ethereal and I LOVE her

  57. Luna

    Lunaپیش 28 روز

    It looks like she wants to cry.


    ITS MY NAMEپیش 29 روز

    wow she is so beautiful and kind

  59. Err User Not Found

    Err User Not Foundپیش 29 روز

    That one eye screamed bi pride

  60. jillian

    jillianپیش ماه

    how gorgeous is she omg

  61. Micky Ripley

    Micky Ripleyپیش ماه

    Tbh ppl that watch James charlels are sad

  62. patti andrus

    patti andrusپیش ماه

    I wish i could video chat you on facebook

  63. patti andrus

    patti andrusپیش ماه

    I am such a fan of you James charles you are such a good make up artest

  64. Arwa Jaouhari

    Arwa Jaouhariپیش ماه

    she is just so beautiful and inspiring your video made my day literally

  65. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa Mandesپیش ماه

    This was such an amazing collab. Love this for Kesha

  66. EyeLoveTage

    EyeLoveTageپیش ماه

    Anyone know what glitter he used here?

  67. Hope Carr

    Hope Carrپیش ماه

    I SO want a complete tutorial for this look!!! I just received my Kesha Rose I Want It All Set today & I'm already in love with it! It's the best quality make-up I've ever owned...thanks to my mom 4 getting it for my bday!!

  68. Nicky Lettau

    Nicky Lettauپیش ماه

    Hey James, you should totally do Billie Eilish's makeup, I want to see what you would do and I want to see what she would look like and how she would react to the makeup

  69. Sylvana Finkbeiner

    Sylvana Finkbeinerپیش ماه

    Is an alien eye flap a chunk of skin running vertically most noticeably in the inner corner of the eye (Epicanthal Fold)??! If so, I freaking have that too and always wondered if i wasn't alone!!!! XP yaahhhss

  70. Maleficent Afrin

    Maleficent Afrinپیش ماه

    Kesha is a sweet person. .. I have been her fan since forever 😍 she's looking beautiful

  71. Zia Lauer

    Zia Lauerپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> "i love that, we love a little baby hamster" wtf lol love ya XD

  72. Larissa Rowe

    Larissa Roweپیش ماه

    i NEED to know what colors are the Lip liner and Lip color!! Please Help!

  73. Cookie Monster123

    Cookie Monster123پیش ماه

    I also have that "alien" skin thing i never really acknowledged it i dont wear make up but yeah


    ATHINA THEOPHILOY !!!!پیش ماه

    Ke$ha - Cannibal

  75. Patton 28

    Patton 28پیش ماه

    Kesha looks like a caveman now 😂😂😂😂

  76. chicken noodle-soup

    chicken noodle-soupپیش ماه

    i haven’t seen her since like 2013. it kind of scares me

  77. Mae Rhodes

    Mae Rhodesپیش ماه

    i’m literally in love with her wow

  78. September Alvarez

    September Alvarezپیش ماه

    She has a whole mullet

  79. Nina's Life

    Nina's Lifeپیش ماه

    Everyone is watching because kesha is of cannibal I think

  80. Tanan Kavoosi

    Tanan Kavoosiپیش ماه

    I don't like Kesha but I love James