Fasterproms Twin Turbo AWD Gen V LT Twin Turbski S10 Build!

Jeremy Formato is no stranger to new things. This guy has always been on the cutting edge and challenging himself with things before most. He was the first guy with the new Gen V LT1 engine to go 9s with his Corvette. He typically dabbles in more street friendly refined street driven vehicles and late model platforms. But they have pulled out all the stops on this radical new S10 project!
While helping Cleetus with a mechanical fuel pump install earlier this year down in Florida, we were there for the beginning of this truck. Jeremy and the Faster Proms crew share a space with the Cleetus McFarland crew, and it seems his wild ideas are starting to move across the aisle at the shop. They literally could not blow the 2.8L factory engine up, pouring popcorn, either, and all kinds of other crazy liquids down it, running without oil coolant etc.
Fast forward to a few months later, Jeremy calls us up and says dude we are going to do something crazy with this build and need your help.
What resulted was this killer "Hoonigan" ish truck as he calls it. An AWD, Stick shifted, Gen V LT 5.3 (L83), Twin Turbo, monster.
We caught up with Jeremy, George, Lazz and the whole crew at LS Fest to check out this work in progress. Check it out!
If you don't follow along, you should. Jeremy and the guys are not only a fun loving bunch of dudes, their builds and videos are very tech heavy which is awesome free content for youtube subscribers!
Faster Proms: