"Found" YouTube's Diamond Play Button Underwater! (10 Million Subscriber Award)

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I Found 50 iPhones, 17 Guns, 15 GoPros and 22 Wedding Rings Underwater! (Road to 10 Million) irgos.info/fylm-hay/vIWmgYCMapaXqWk.html
I Was in a Bad Accident, Rushed to the ER irgos.info/fylm-hay/qI5pgZqUZIqVvW0.html
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Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Unbelievable) irgos.info/fylm-hay/kqOIoqp6iYJys6Q.html
Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving) | DALLMYD irgos.info/fylm-hay/yYmJoKSdo2V91LA.html
I Found a Fidget Spinner, 5 Phones and a Bike Underwater in the River! (Scuba Diving) irgos.info/fylm-hay/3oifpo-eg353naA.html
I Found 8 Guns, 7 iPhones, 6 GoPros, and 5 Apple Watches Underwater in the River! Best Finds of 2018 irgos.info/fylm-hay/t6qYraiToGWglKg.html
I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner) irgos.info/fylm-hay/xm6roJeLnGVjs6Q.html
Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend) | DALLMYD irgos.info/fylm-hay/vmx_fmyRlpBetII.html
Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called) | DALLMYD irgos.info/fylm-hay/yIptoplpg5abypI.html
Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called) irgos.info/fylm-hay/ynqip2yiq3qU0Jw.html
Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2016 irgos.info/fylm-hay/upN9fa-XoHKLkaQ.html
Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner) irgos.info/fylm-hay/u5-nrH6WaH-Up6w.html
Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and IRgosr w/ 10,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on IRgos!
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"Found" IRgos's Diamond Play Button Underwater! (10 Million Subscriber Award) irgos.info/fylm-hay/m3B5ZnqRmptlu3E.html



    DALLMYDپیش ماه

    Today we unbox a package from @IRgos!! Thank you all again for 10 million subscribers. You have made this mans dreams come true. I love y'all

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    Its sad its not real diamond

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    DALLMYD hi

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    np ur awesome

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    If every one saw your Chanel it would pop out

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    So happy for you Jake! Congratulations!

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    What a genuine guy. The world needs more people like you. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it going. We love you.

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    you dezerve it !!!

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    i been watching him for years

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    Ok First off SHREYAS He Finds them he dosnt place stuff in the watar you Hater. 10M People love his vids and that includes me.



    Carry Minati :- only 10M, I got that much in one video



    He only puts the things in the water and pretends as he found it

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    @Ging Ging good for u

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    Zerav Igneel I did UwU

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    Says the guy who doesnt move from his room and sits on his aśś all day Go watch my little pony

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    50m gives you your own custom play button

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    really? i though you got a ruby play button but maybe different wait was it diamond prob not

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    I remember when u hit 1M that was crazy but now at 10M I’m sssooooooo happy for you

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    100M to

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    ua the best

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    XD u did this

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    I'll never get one 😣😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡

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    No way

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    I came to your channel for the adventures but stayed because you're such a good guy. Great work & congratulations!

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    Imagine its his own diamond play button that he found

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    Your videos are amazing and you are amazing for giwing the stofe away ❤❤

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    Congrats jake, you deserve it.

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    You are awesome and making a difference in the world! What a beautiful soul you have Jake! Congratulations you deserve that award and many more awards.

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    Keep on diving🏊‍♂

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    Parabéns acompanho tuas aventuras a 2 anos

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    Congratulations my brother 🙏

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    i knew you would make it

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    Keep on grinding

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    there is a special place in hell for whoever disliked this

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    That's really to far bro cmon now btw stay safe🔔

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    Congratulations Jake!

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    I literally just came across your videos two hours ago and was instantly hooked. Then I looked you up on Google and was heart broken to find out about the accident. And now to see this and the recovery you made is a testimony of what a person can do when they put their heart and soul to it. Thank you for being an inspiration to many.

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    Omg I read this and when it said accident I thought he died

  45. Chris Cleary

    Chris Clearyپیش 3 روز

    You are such a humble wonderful young man who has very strong family values , it’s those values that keep you grounded, that foundation stone is without doubt your biggest treasure. Keep doing what you’re doing and being who you are, they are a beautiful combination.

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    Huge congrats👍💪🎉 And keep up the good work💍

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    Brother you inspire me to be a better person . I really appreciate what you do and god bless you

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    The title says found when he dident he got

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    Do you know my dear I’m so happy for you and your channel

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    Im not rude to you btw i really came here from whats inside and thought oh its one of those youtubers with like 57.5k subs or smth watching this video makes me believe that anything is possible

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    Congrat's Jake awesome bigger than the population of new york city. Hoping that you can visit and make video in my country the Philippines. You know that we have 7,100 island and lots of tourist in every part of the world visiting our country more tourist means more treasure to found more power to you're channel and god bless you, inspiring more people to be honest returning things that you found with out anything in return, hoping to see more video from you.

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    That is a great video...it is very difficult to stay up with the passion and talent you have ....I seriously breakup into tears after watching that❤ A LOTS OF LOVE FROM PAKISTAN🇵🇰 LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND YOUR TALENT IS REALLY APPRECIABLE .... Waiting for your next award #soon be received by you🙃 Keep making awesome videos .... You deserves a lot your videos are the living example of your efforts ....may you will be blessed by all the blessings .... 🙌

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    Congrats Jake-love your channel

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    congratulations jake n i started watching your vids this week n I love them

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    Congrats 🎊🎉

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    Just came across this video. Congratulations to a genuinely thoughtful and well deserving IRgosr. I once was a diver myself and your videos take me back to those days. Thank you for sharing your adventures and again, congratulation.

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    Wow so clickbate

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    Wow you're so wrong

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    I’m really proud of u. I watched u at 50000 subs I never thought u would become a legend on IRgos. U truly are the best IRgosr.

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    Im crying too... I support you all the way to PH.. MABUHAY KA!!

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    I may be new to your channel, however you have come a long way and brought your best friends along with you. I love watching you with Brandon and Tristan. I love seeing your furry sidekick Treasure. I hope you reach the next milestone. I will be watching from Ontario Canada.

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    You deserved it bro, keep it up! 👍👍👍👍

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    Congratulations!...so well deserved. You inspire people!

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    Congrats man ! Love your curios, generous and adventurous spirit... Keep it up while on the road to 50,000,000 SUBS!!!

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    Well done

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    And the rest of the Community

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    I have never seen a Guy going Scuba Diving for Item's and making it this far we appreciate your Content and everyone don't forget that your Family is the best and always care for them and the rest of the Community except for the ones that hurt us and hope everyone has a good life and Day or Week or Month or Year!

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    Good Job... Your the best... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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    Well Congrats man

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    I thought you were going to have placed it in the river and then dive for it and pretend to find it there. Lol


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    Subscribe buttons red, violets are blue, I just got clickbaited and so did you

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    Congrats for getting a diamond playbutton!!

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    So that’s what your name is

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    I am so happy for you 😁😁

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    Same I have been watching for years

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    Ryan Hines me to

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    Congrats brother im about 3 weeks to your channel and my kids and i want to thank you and your boys for cleaning up the rivers. Keep it ☝

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    Jake: "gets diamond play button" Jake again: *POSSIBLE MURDER WEAPON*

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    I from the Nederlands and i like this canel

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    Congratulations and God bless you!! Take safe care.

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    DALLMYD you are such a brave a strong IRgosr that can handle anything. I never thought that I would find such an amazing IRgosr that goes on such beautiful adventures! You are the best and deserves everything! You are so kind and I wish I could see you in real life. Keep up the amazing work you do! And thank you so much for not quitting on us from your shoulder accident like other IRgosrs would normally do. I love you so much DALLMYD and I have probably watched all of your videos! I am also subscribed! Keep up the hard work and let’s get you to 50,000,000!!

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