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  1. Xay - CSGO

    Xay - CSGOپیش 3 ماه

    Anyone else notice the dr pepper shirt harrys wearing like in the sidemen tinder vid

  2. Howelzz

    Howelzzپیش 3 ماه

    When you realise Harry has been wearing that Dr Pepper jumper for three years

  3. Malina Yaldo

    Malina Yaldoپیش 3 ماه

    10:51 josh and Simon !!!!

  4. Bisam Jamil

    Bisam Jamilپیش 3 ماه

    Harry still has this Dr pepper sweat shirt. Lol and its 2019 😂

  5. Shahida [X]

    Shahida [X]پیش 5 ماه

    2:05 and 3:48🤣 also 5:13 🤣 aww Simon now you have one.

  6. ERIN!!!

    ERIN!!!پیش سال

    3:49... was that the only way of explaining it???

  7. British smarties

    British smartiesپیش سال

    Love it how Simon and harry took it upon themselves to spoon

  8. MiddleDill

    MiddleDillپیش سال

    Vik was quite good

  9. AllyMarie Laschke

    AllyMarie Laschkeپیش سال

    2:40 they all started drooling when Milan Kunis came up

  10. Toxicfox

    Toxicfoxپیش سال

    word: 'virgin' everyone to vikk: WHAT YOU ARE!!!!!

  11. Skylor Barrales

    Skylor Barralesپیش سال

    i thought calfreezy was the worst because he couldn't even get john cena

  12. Amy-Lynn Leclair

    Amy-Lynn Leclairپیش 2 سال

    Poor vikk 2:05 and after that too cal did it 😂☹️

  13. Mr. Generic

    Mr. Genericپیش 2 سال

    Calf reedy is the third wheel friend of the sidemen. Fuck off, cal!

  14. Scott Walsh Smyth

    Scott Walsh Smythپیش 2 سال

    Who else thinks Tyler's the best rapper

  15. Court _johnson

    Court _johnsonپیش 2 سال

    10:50 for those minizerk shippers

  16. Betsy Blue

    Betsy Blueپیش 2 سال

    Harry looks so fit😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Ali Mohamed

    Ali Mohamedپیش 2 سال

    I hate how mean harry is to vikk

  18. David Maguire

    David Maguireپیش 2 سال

    Sidemen give me your WhatsApp

  19. VillaRolo23

    VillaRolo23پیش 2 سال

    00:52 SWAG xD

  20. Hamani Killer

    Hamani Killerپیش 2 سال

    Simon and W2s

  21. Rick Sushi

    Rick Sushiپیش 2 سال


  22. Leonardo Dos Santos

    Leonardo Dos Santosپیش 2 سال

    calfreezy and Simon lap dancing on vikk hhhhhhaaaaaaahhhh

  23. EpicSpongeyBoy

    EpicSpongeyBoyپیش 2 سال

    2:05 Simon's new video

  24. Viper 76

    Viper 76پیش 2 سال

    Is vikk fr a virgin????

  25. martintheemoji

    martintheemojiپیش 2 سال

    vikk got violated

  26. NNS 12

    NNS 12پیش 2 سال

    Did Simon say 'lisp' for Alfie?? Wtf

  27. s

    sپیش 2 سال

    Well, they weren't really being mean...if you watch the video when it was everyone else's turn, Vikk did fuck all (nothing) to try and get them to guess

  28. IncorrectPlin

    IncorrectPlinپیش 2 سال

    it it just me or does harry hate josh

  29. DEFCON G20

    DEFCON G20پیش 2 سال

    cal- something you dive into vik- lunch XD

  30. Imogen Urmummate

    Imogen Urmummateپیش 2 سال

    This was literally the gayest video ever😂

  31. 100P1NG _

    100P1NG _پیش 2 سال

    7:00 why didnt they just say ksis song

  32. CaptainRod

    CaptainRodپیش 2 سال


  33. Liv Gilliland

    Liv Gillilandپیش 2 سال

    What did he say at 9:26

  34. K1NG KDl

    K1NG KDlپیش 2 سال

    lmao he said bashurverse

  35. Tw Fizz burn

    Tw Fizz burnپیش 2 سال


  36. You're Wrong

    You're Wrongپیش 2 سال

    Nah nah nah Vikk was good at this game!

  37. annya pabial

    annya pabialپیش 2 سال

    can we all just talk about what the fuck simon's reaction was when mila kunis came up lmfao

  38. Bijaya Koirala

    Bijaya Koiralaپیش 2 سال

    i know this video is old but vick did the best

  39. Gershee 26

    Gershee 26پیش 2 سال

    Everyone: very fit Simon:related to him (Harry) Harry: I'm not saying anything Vikk: Harry's sister Me: PEDOPHILE CONFIRMED

  40. Lorrine Sitha

    Lorrine Sithaپیش 2 سال

    What's the name of the app they are using?