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  1. RWBY Fiend

    RWBY Fiendپیش 35 ثانیه

    What he still can do skits.....who knew😂

  2. Anything4likes

    Anything4likesپیش ساعت

    Yo I got a video idea ghetto asmr video

  3. Dhruv Patel

    Dhruv Patelپیش ساعت

    This channel is older than PewDiePie's channel...

  4. Ricardo Garcia

    Ricardo Garciaپیش 2 ساعت

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> well god damn😂😂

  5. JoeAceJR

    JoeAceJRپیش 2 ساعت

    "This is halloween 3" "That's a good ass movie" IM DYING

  6. Enrico Pucci

    Enrico Pucciپیش 3 ساعت

    Guud azovie DOUH

  7. The mer

    The merپیش 4 ساعت

    dashie never ages does he

  8. Not ZED ヅ

    Not ZED ヅپیش 6 ساعت


  9. Antonio Mejia

    Antonio Mejiaپیش 6 ساعت

    Bruh I have that fucking keyboard 😂😂

  10. Yung Overstreet

    Yung Overstreetپیش 7 ساعت

    Aint that dude off of wild n out?

  11. Kaneko Point

    Kaneko Pointپیش 7 ساعت

    Why Asian dudes got the name Kim bruh

  12. Kaneko Point

    Kaneko Pointپیش 7 ساعت

    He talking all over me lol

  13. 1 Subscriber Before *2021*

    1 Subscriber Before *2021*پیش 11 ساعت

    I swear every time he says "soon" I have another birthday

  14. Fyeee Ant

    Fyeee Antپیش 12 ساعت

    Where tpindell😔

  15. Qortez McCoy

    Qortez McCoyپیش 13 ساعت

    Were is this store

  16. natalie parris

    natalie parrisپیش 17 ساعت

    dang i mess tim in wild n out

  17. nickfourseven

    nickfoursevenپیش 20 ساعت

    Woah, a skit?

  18. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomezپیش 21 ساعت

    I’ve been waiting 3 years, where’s ghetto chef 7

  19. PokeGar

    PokeGarپیش 22 ساعت

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> the way he said dead lmao, like how do you even type that?

  20. ll KingOfPop ll

    ll KingOfPop llپیش 23 ساعت


  21. Fernando Del Villar

    Fernando Del Villarپیش روز

    I like the post on Instagram where u said 10 yrs of IRgos and it's about time you got a job

  22. Bianca Bianca

    Bianca Biancaپیش روز

    Mannn FUCK YALL 🤣😭😭😭😭

  23. Atomic Baller

    Atomic Ballerپیش روز

    Please do a ghetto barber shop 💈

  24. Michal J

    Michal Jپیش روز

    I didnt watch the video yet and I'm already laughfing from just lookoing at the comments 🤣

  25. Exile

    Exileپیش روز

    Yo dash the backpack kid has a dachie plushie

  26. Chris k.

    Chris k.پیش 15 ساعت

    They already made a video together

  27. CharXtreme

    CharXtremeپیش روز

    Cool vid dashiell

  28. Ranooodles Ranooodles

    Ranooodles Ranooodlesپیش روز

    This place DURRRRRDA

  29. Arturo Martinez

    Arturo Martinezپیش روز


  30. Little Teddy

    Little Teddyپیش روز

    So niggas have keyboards hooked up to cash registers now?

  31. Orlando Juarez

    Orlando Juarezپیش روز

    Bro you should do another ghetto chef 👨‍🍳

  32. Austin Daa

    Austin Daaپیش روز

    Collab with berleezy

  33. Casini Lee

    Casini Leeپیش 2 روز

    Its always a banger when Tim and dashie get together🤣🤣

  34. Hentai Gawd

    Hentai Gawdپیش 2 روز

    Ryan isnt doing IRgos!!!! anymore 😥😥😥😢😥

  35. GamingWith MalachiRogers

    GamingWith MalachiRogersپیش 2 روز

    You made a new DashieXP video let's go

  36. Ronnie Ferguson

    Ronnie Fergusonپیش 2 روز

    3 Ninjas II in the pocket! 🤣

  37. ZYN1Lemon

    ZYN1Lemonپیش 2 روز


  38. djs alt

    djs altپیش 2 روز

    i prefer 3 ninjas kick back more than the first one to be honest

  39. Deondrick Glass

    Deondrick Glassپیش 2 روز

    Yo💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “Aye man god bless you” Dashie: oooww

  40. Rell Young

    Rell Youngپیش 2 روز

    Make a PT 2

  41. Izzat Danial

    Izzat Danialپیش 2 روز

    Play with DownRangeGaming pls

  42. Water Foxo

    Water Foxoپیش 2 روز

    What happened to sport??

  43. ChrisYoungGunn

    ChrisYoungGunnپیش 2 روز

    Nice like/dislike ratio

  44. gamer Ramirez

    gamer Ramirezپیش 2 روز

    It’s been awhile

  45. Jahh.capalot

    Jahh.capalotپیش 2 روز

    Keep posting skits u have one of the best skit channel☹️💯

  46. trxpped fn

    trxpped fnپیش 2 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> look at the second one dafukatat

  47. Killer Bean

    Killer Beanپیش 2 روز

    This is so good we need more

  48. Mia Tal

    Mia Talپیش 2 روز

    Loved this one!!

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    Andre The Great YTپیش 2 روز

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    JonEEs Studioپیش 2 روز

    Y E S

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    Vic Animationsپیش 2 روز

    Pls do bloopers

  52. Chris k.

    Chris k.پیش 15 ساعت

    Vic Animations he did

  53. Jonathan Sosa

    Jonathan Sosaپیش 3 روز

    Dashie keep on videos

  54. Michael Gumby

    Michael Gumbyپیش 3 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a>😂😂😂😂

  55. Gladys Wilson

    Gladys Wilsonپیش 3 روز

    Got to love Dashiegames and Tim

  56. Inquisitive Artist

    Inquisitive Artistپیش 3 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> Final Destination 1 is my favorite movie!

  57. Jon Silverio

    Jon Silverioپیش 3 روز

    Ay y’all anyone notice at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a> dashie laugh a lil bit but the camera cuts off to shadow. That shi got me for real😂😂

  58. gerardo cervantes

    gerardo cervantesپیش 3 روز

    Your the best dashie💯

  59. DxN Super Saiyan

    DxN Super Saiyanپیش 3 روز

    This shit was funny asf 😭

  60. omen-of- death

    omen-of- deathپیش 3 روز

    is dashiexp back

  61. jon ciobanu

    jon ciobanuپیش 3 روز

    what everyone thinks when going to their boss: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a>

  62. nitro.

    nitro.پیش 3 روز

    Can I still purchase the couch made from 100% Egyptian leather that came from China tho

  63. nitro.

    nitro.پیش 3 روز

    @Jeiana Lottie oh shi- I thought they were still selling those

  64. Jeiana Lottie

    Jeiana Lottieپیش 3 روز

    nitro. That’s the furniture store this is the video store so get it right

  65. Mani Walker

    Mani Walkerپیش 3 روز

    He said That shit expired anyway! Omg that hurt meeeeee lolol Dashie... you are worthy 💋

  66. Davy Warren

    Davy Warrenپیش 3 روز

    I started watching dashie when i was 6 and im 15 now and i still watch him. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FIRDT BEST IRgosR!!!

  67. Jay Tindall

    Jay Tindallپیش 3 روز

    Dashie is Cory okay?

  68. Zai

    Zaiپیش 3 روز

    Dude, we need more Dominican Dad stuff! I was just watching those back Y’all are hilarious together. It actually warms my heart to see him

  69. goku sup

    goku supپیش 3 روز

    Wheres coryxkenshin

  70. Johnny P

    Johnny Pپیش 3 روز

    Halloween 3 is literally the worst one 😂

  71. samatar samatar

    samatar samatarپیش 3 روز

    The way dashie says BITCH is halarious

  72. Erick Sanchez

    Erick Sanchezپیش 3 روز

    I really been watching since 2011💯❤️🙏🏽

  73. John Terrazas

    John Terrazasپیش 3 روز

    Ghetto chef reboot?

  74. Alex Williams

    Alex Williamsپیش 3 روز

    This is very hood dashiexp!

  75. Dallas

    Dallasپیش 3 روز

    "Touche, mothafuckah." XD

  76. Alton Robinson

    Alton Robinsonپیش 3 روز

    Can you play a way out please

  77. Rayne Wilson

    Rayne Wilsonپیش 3 روز

    Where is Cory the goat just like u

  78. Jeiana Lottie

    Jeiana Lottieپیش 3 روز

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  79. The Adventures Of Jimi Jaden

    The Adventures Of Jimi Jadenپیش 3 روز

    Hooray, DASHIEXP Skit channel is back

  80. xMaul 47

    xMaul 47پیش 3 روز

    Is that Silas? Oh he real cool with Logic squad

  81. Sauccy Dre

    Sauccy Dreپیش 4 روز

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