Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

HIt them with the ole zap hands - it's Honest Trailers for Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!
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Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole


  1. Dr. Jh Irons

    Dr. Jh Ironsپیش 10 ساعت

    Worst movie ever!

  2. PurplePanda Guy

    PurplePanda Guyپیش 10 ساعت

    I liked it when Star Wars movies didn’t expect you to read all the books

  3. forbes foo

    forbes fooپیش 11 ساعت

    They literally pulled a “ready player one” at the end

  4. UrbanRose

    UrbanRoseپیش 12 ساعت

    dont know if youve done this yet but steven universe the movie?

  5. chainfire

    chainfireپیش 12 ساعت

    Just watching these clips... this really was one of the worst put together trilogies of all time... How do you have one of the best franchises paired with all the money, personnel and resources that Disney has and still end up with this.. at least the prequels had awesome saber duels

  6. Aravind M

    Aravind Mپیش 14 ساعت

    say 'i don't love you, i loooove you !'.

  7. joel jojy

    joel jojyپیش 15 ساعت

    u forgot the dialogue i am iron man and one from star wars and im all of the jedi

  8. Marcelo Briseño

    Marcelo Briseñoپیش 15 ساعت


  9. Soviet McDucc

    Soviet McDuccپیش 15 ساعت


  10. fco2121

    fco2121پیش 17 ساعت

    Hones Trailers - Outbreak , Contagion and Osmosis Jones

  11. I Giorno Giovanna

    I Giorno Giovannaپیش 21 ساعت

    Bass boosted force lightning

  12. Jillian L

    Jillian Lپیش 22 ساعت

    You can thank Disney for this piece of garbage because they cut out an hour of the movie, and make J.J. have a lot of stress.

  13. Harry Rowsell

    Harry Rowsellپیش روز

    Bland Moff Tarkin hahahaha

  14. Niklas S.

    Niklas S.پیش روز

    I liked it. Please dont kill me

  15. Niklas S.

    Niklas S.پیش روز

    @dflowers30 The thing is I know it's bad but I think it's like a greatest hits album and a celebration of the franchise.

  16. dflowers30

    dflowers30پیش روز

    Nobody is gonna kill you for liking a bad movie. Its ok

  17. EvilJ069

    EvilJ069پیش روز

    Better than the actual movie!

  18. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseپیش 19 ساعت

    "Use the force...me." HAHAHAHA!!

  19. Gerald Watkins

    Gerald Watkinsپیش روز

    Got woke. Destroyed the franchise. Fuxktards

  20. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseپیش 19 ساعت


  21. Troy Bennett

    Troy Bennettپیش روز

    This video would be hilarious if it wasn't so true😞

  22. Dennis Lafferty

    Dennis Laffertyپیش روز

    I actually liked The Rise of Skywalker, but this is hilarious

  23. Lex & Cinnabon

    Lex & Cinnabonپیش روز

    This... is amazing. Thank you

  24. Preston M

    Preston Mپیش روز

    Still had a lot of fun watching it.

  25. Inazarab

    Inazarabپیش روز

    I thought it was fine.

  26. Erik McDonel

    Erik McDonelپیش روز

    "Use the force, Me." HA!

  27. Darrin Neil

    Darrin Neilپیش روز

    Spot on review!

  28. Eloy Stikker

    Eloy Stikkerپیش روز

    I thought this movie was ok Now I think it's garbage. Thanks Honest Trailers

  29. albertftw

    albertftwپیش روز

    They literally just went full on mad libs with the End Game script to create the final act for this. Still enjoyed it because more Star Wars is better than no Star Wars.

  30. Klamath 2046

    Klamath 2046پیش روز

    The only folk this film pleased was the Reylo fangirls

  31. Nacho Canfranc

    Nacho Canfrancپیش روز

    to keep himself in the movie LOL

  32. Let's Sample This

    Let's Sample Thisپیش روز

    Screen Junkies Hey! I loved this movie. Compared to the Force Awakens and the disaster that was Last Jedi, Rise of SkyWalker had more “right” than what was “wrong”. However your Honest Trailer was so awesome, so funny. This was a great Honest Trailer, guys and gals. Keep it up!

  33. Cap'n Mo

    Cap'n Moپیش روز

    I love how much the new flicks are hated. The response is awesome. I love it when people are so childish when they don't get what they think they deserve. Top shelf entertainment.

  34. QuantumElectricians

    QuantumElectriciansپیش روز

    "Use the force...me." HAHAHAHA!!

  35. Russ By

    Russ Byپیش روز

    I'm starting to think I'm the only one who liked the new films. However, I do hope they bury the Skywalker saga and do more stand alones or create their own trilogy outside of the original. It can tie in like Rogue One or be something on it's own like Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars, or a Rebel unit fighting the Empire.

  36. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyiپیش روز

    C3PO: “the only consist character across all nine films”

  37. Zen Adventuring

    Zen Adventuringپیش روز

    funniest review i ever seen

  38. Nidhin James

    Nidhin Jamesپیش روز

    Finn throughout the Trilogy: RRRRREEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  39. malloc_free

    malloc_freeپیش روز

    Meh SW IX was more like a very well funded piece of fan fic. Would love to see Raisy Diddlys reaction to your comments on her go-go-acting-skills.

  40. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyiپیش روز

    Saw it the first time was like...eh hail mary...saw it second time w my dad and was like boy this is terrible. I just can't do a third🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  41. TheRanda Poto

    TheRanda Potoپیش روز

    It accomplished the impossible, it united fans, by making none of them happy 😂😂

  42. Anza Hanif Athallah

    Anza Hanif Athallahپیش روز

    "Rolling James D-0" was amazing.

  43. Mike Laplante

    Mike Laplanteپیش 2 روز

    I had no intention of seeing this... but this makes me wanna see it for the comedic value.

  44. René Ramos Rocha

    René Ramos Rochaپیش 2 روز

    This was so hard to watch. So sad Star Wars ended up like this.

  45. Theopheus

    Theopheusپیش 2 روز

    Thank you for not doing that stupid bs where old voice guy shows up and does his terrible voice and argues with you about Star Wars.

  46. Patrick Craig

    Patrick Craigپیش 2 روز

    There were three movies: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  47. Gustaf Gardtman

    Gustaf Gardtmanپیش 2 روز

    I think they should make a Rey-standalone movie where she becomes a Sith and Sith wins against shitty Jedis

  48. Bart Hill

    Bart Hillپیش 2 روز

    Very precise. Love your videos

  49. gabriel mourão gouvêa

    gabriel mourão gouvêaپیش 2 روز

    the worst movies i have seen, thank you Disney...

  50. blue dragon

    blue dragonپیش 2 روز

    it ripped off marvel 😡

  51. iRondanye

    iRondanyeپیش 2 روز


  52. Nicolas Braun

    Nicolas Braunپیش 2 روز

    This movie is the worst movie ever to run in a cinema

  53. Statalyzer

    Statalyzerپیش 2 روز

    Star Wars 7-9 will always be the Thrawn Trilogy to me.

  54. Adam Kiewel

    Adam Kiewelپیش 2 روز

    How do I like this video more than once? And why was there more thought put into this video than the entirety of the Disney wars? (They are NOT star wars)

  55. The Watcher

    The Watcherپیش 2 روز

    Saw it the first time was like...eh hail mary...saw it second time w my dad and was like boy this is terrible. I just can't do a third🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  56. allan carey

    allan careyپیش 2 روز

    Totally needed the Twilight stare Theme for Reys face :)

  57. Joseph Allison

    Joseph Allisonپیش 2 روز

    This just ruined 3 already ruined movies lol

  58. Steve

    Steveپیش 2 روز

    Uniting fans in mutual hatred. Yep, sounds about right to me.

  59. Kk hacker

    Kk hackerپیش 2 روز

    so funy

  60. Felipe Carrasco

    Felipe Carrascoپیش 2 روز


  61. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinپیش 2 روز

    a stormtrooper be all 'hey that's the knights of Ren.'"

  62. Cats with Cars

    Cats with Carsپیش 2 روز

    1600 people want the truth, but they can't HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

  63. Cats with Cars

    Cats with Carsپیش 2 روز

    These movies had limitless potential, instead, they turned out like the visual equivalent of those hellacious and inedible Jello salads.

  64. KingDuken

    KingDukenپیش 2 روز

    This movie in a nutshell: Rey being Rey, Finn getting friendzoned, Kylo Ren still emo but turns good, Poe being dominated by another female but at least this one is badass, Palpatine being overpowered but completely immobile, and more unnecessary nostalgia for original Star Wars characters. No one really cares that Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter. That subplot was really irrelevant and it wouldn’t have changed the movie if that detail was left out. The only thing I liked in this movie was that tiny little mechanic guy with the helmet.

  65. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinپیش 2 روز

    this movie was so horrendously bad

  66. Abasi-ono Umobong

    Abasi-ono Umobongپیش 2 روز

    Do naruto!!!!!!!!

  67. Louise P.

    Louise P.پیش 2 روز

    To finally see the knights of Ren Who do absolutely nothing This is soooooooo true 😂😂😂😂

  68. Louise P.

    Louise P.پیش 2 روز

    Honestly I love the sequels even if everyone hates them.

  69. Jason Chamberlain

    Jason Chamberlainپیش 2 روز

    So honest trailers, when is your perfect Star Wars movie coming out? Every one is a smartass. Yes I see the irony of what I just said, haha!!!

  70. Senor Que

    Senor Queپیش 2 روز

    Do a Rush Hour honest trailer Jackie Chan

  71. Jalla MichaelSchoenbaum

    Jalla MichaelSchoenbaumپیش 2 روز

    TROS was awful. I loved TLJ, but TROS made the whole sequel trilogy just pointless. It all should have ended with ROTJ.

  72. Apollo Mo

    Apollo Moپیش 2 روز

    Hey! I'm 40! 😅

  73. anonamous365

    anonamous365پیش 2 روز

    That wasn't starwars

  74. Soylent Green

    Soylent Greenپیش 2 روز

    Rise of Skywalker, fall of the franchise.

  75. Emanuel Kline

    Emanuel Klineپیش 2 روز

    Honest Trailer Voice: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> R2D2: "Am I a joke to you?!?!"

  76. Free Bee

    Free Beeپیش 2 روز

    The worst star wars movie ever!

  77. Chill Bill

    Chill Billپیش 2 روز

    I'll have to admit, i was pleasantly surprised, i liked it

  78. Aditya Samawi

    Aditya Samawiپیش 2 روز


  79. FightDayBoxing.com

    FightDayBoxing.comپیش 2 روز

    Finn had a lot of potential in TFA. Then, idk wtf happened. Oh yeah, The Last Jedi happened.

  80. Osiris

    Osirisپیش 2 روز

    this movie was so horrendously bad

  81. Loucci Deavon

    Loucci Deavonپیش 2 روز

    For me Disney trilogy is not canon. Only 1-6

  82. Chr0nic1er

    Chr0nic1erپیش 2 روز

    And now I've watched all of The Rise of Skywalker I ever hope to haha

  83. Arnamo

    Arnamoپیش 2 روز

    What a shitshow of a trilogy...

  84. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotooپیش 2 روز

    "I have a bad feeling about this." So do i, Lando. So do i.

  85. Vickor Magno

    Vickor Magnoپیش 2 روز

    PLEASE Do a CONTAGION honest trailer NOW!!!!!

  86. Varg Pack WAVSIII

    Varg Pack WAVSIIIپیش 2 روز

    they erased the 8th from the archives... hence, no more 8... which is awesome, you can go from 7 to 9 with no issues... AWESOME!!! GREAT MOVIE INDEED!!!