How I got rid of my Cystic Acne / Texture for good! Please share 💜
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1. Taking a food Intolerance / sensitivity test
My Top pick (the one I've taken) :
Another great one! :
2. DOING A DETOX ( I did celery juice for the 30 days)
Juicer I have :
Old Juicer I recommend:
3. PROBIOTIC RICH FOODS: Kimchi, Kefir, Kombucha, SauerKraut, applecider vinegar, Miso ect..
Probiotic Powder 'GutPro' :
Bee Pollen :
Cod Liver Oil :
Cod Liver Oil Softgels:
(which ever one is easiest for you to take)
(ONE OF EACH A DAY as recommended on bottle)
Vitamin A :
Vitamin B5 :
Zinc Picolinate :
*UPDATE* started taking these HUM vitamins and love them for the skin! I take these two together : Daily Cleanse:
Omega the Great:

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% :
More info on Niacinamide :


B U S I N E S S O N L Y:

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    kristinaxmakeup how much kimchi do you have in your meal?

  4. Cherish H

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    Thanks this really helps a lot. What Face Wash, Toner, and Moisturizer do you use?

  5. Noob Noob

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    kristinaxmakeup how about vitamin c and e pls give me a answer because I love your skin

  6. natassia paula rodriguez

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    @Tiffany Elvira Ortiz yes. If you're suffering from hormonal imbalance, it's recommended by some doctors but it has side effects. People taking it experiencing extreme headache and mood swings,etc. But right after you stop taking, pimples will come back. Some cases it will gotten worst. So better to try something that suits you in a natural way ❤️

  7. Samantha Espinosa

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    I struggled with acne for 2 years and had the worst depression of my life !! Took your advice and havent had a pimple in 4 months now !! THANK YOU SO MUCH U CHANGED MY LIFE !!!!! 😍🖤🖤🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    Samantha Espinosa SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Thank you for coming back and letting me & everyone know ❤️🙌🏼 god blessss you beautiful xx

  9. Lauren

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    Hi! I have the same zinc piconilate brand that you do (pure encapsulations 30mg). but I take two so it's 60mg a day. is that too much?

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    This is the video that had me hooked on your awesome content! We really enjoy your videos at my house ☺️👍🏼

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    i really want to develop a healthy diet but my mom makes it really difficult for me because my metabolism is so fast and i never gain a lot of weight no matter how much i eat. if i suddenly start eating only fruits and veggies and healthy foods without rice or bread or noodles, my mother would genuinely think i’m trying to starve myself :( she tells me to just sleep and use water on my face for clearer skin but never cares about the internal solutions as well. (sorry my english isn’t good)

  12. WhiteWhiskers

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> Bruh thats how I see my skin everyday before my acne came☹😔

  13. British Stingley

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    So basically clean the gut with a vegan diet and juice/drink lots of water. Acne start with the gut and blood that need a cleanse. So far the best acne video. Most IRgosrs give advice on treating the acne from the outside (chemicals) but no one seems to have the knowledge about what's going on inside the body. I'm not a big pill taker so I probably consume more raw veggies

  14. J

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    Idk what to do. I can’t really change my diet at all and can’t get many products. I have so many skin problems. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    anyone else trying to glow up during quarantine but its not working?!?

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    Pretty eyes

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    Can I use zinc 50 mg..I don't find zinc picolinate 30 mg in .. please reply..

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    Thank you for sharing! Could you also do a what I eat in day 😊

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    Me watching this as a high school student with $0 in my pocket 😭

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    How many b5 pills did you take each day? Also, how often did you use Niacinamide and how much?

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    hey babe! I finally got my Pantothenic acid and I'm curious how many you take a day?!

  22. kristinaxmakeup

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    Neesa Marie as recommended, one a day ❤️

  23. Sarah Nehlil

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    For acne scars the best thing is vitamine E oil that you apply on your face . It really helps

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    What dose of b-5 did you take?

  25. Denise Fulgencio

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    Are you taking the new vitamins along with the old ones or as a replacement ?

  26. Jess Gettin' Started

    Jess Gettin' Startedپیش 12 روز

    excellent information.... Just be careful with Vitamin A. It can cause liver damage if taking just a little too much. Beta Carotene is a healthier and safer form of vitamin A that allows your body to remove any excess and does not damage the liver.

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    How i cleaned my boyfriends pockets shud be your next video ☺

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    How many tablets of B5 do you take a day?

  29. Hrach Frangulian

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    Hello.. Thanks for sharing this with us❤ Just a question.... did Vitamin b5 make your hair fall?

  30. Sam Green

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    Lost me after detox

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    Give some tips on having a boxy face

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    Was wondering does this method work for all skin types? Would love to try it.❤️

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    Seriously had a notebook ready before I started the video!

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    Plz make a video on removal of upper lips hair permanently at home naturally

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    Very easy to follow

  36. Jørgen Fallet Mosand

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    I recommend you guys try tracking your food for a month on chronometer. You'll see what vitamins you get a lot of and what you get less. For me I get tons of vitA, because I eat carrots, but I'm a bit low on zinc because I don't eat meat.

  37. idkkkhahah !

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    i’m only 15 but i genuinely haven’t stepped out of the house without concealer in 2 years or more. acne has always been one of my biggest insecurities and i just want to know what it’s like to have a nice clear face without makeup and to just live freely like that.

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    I totally get you

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    i hope you get rid of acne... you are beautiful whatever!!!

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    im not ugly... im just poor😩

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    How to take all those products?😘

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    How many pills did you take of B5 to get rid of acne?

  43. Melissa Mazza

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    What mg is the vitamin B5??????

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  45. Veronica Rodriguez

    Veronica Rodriguezپیش 20 روز

    I have tried this serum by itself (without products/vitamins you mentioned) and I noticed a huge difference in the way my acne presented itself. It wasn’t as painful and cysty. I still have some dark clusters on my skin but not as bad it had been! I’ve been using the serum for awhile and have noticed results (I know they’d be even better if I change my diet) I recommend trying it! I’ve struggled with maintaining my moisture barrier and it’s rly helped

  46. Marija Martinovic

    Marija Martinovicپیش 21 روز

    Did you have any breakout or purging while using niacinamide+zink? After just two days, I have a serious breakout that includes redness... and I am not sure if that is possible with niacinamide, or is that some allergy? Thanks!

  47. Gaby Ojeda

    Gaby Ojedaپیش 21 روز

    Thank you so much for sharing babe! I'm a firm believer in the nutritional aspect of it and I wish i would have known about the food intolerance test before! But im so happy i came across you're video cause that's the first thing im gonna do as soon as things start to regulate out in the world. xoxox

  48. salazarjleigh

    salazarjleighپیش 21 روز

    Guys her regimen has been life changing for me. I’ve been following this for 3 weeks and my skin has transformed. It takes time so be caring to yourself during it. The only difference I did was a different brand of pre and pro biotics (I use the ones from Dr. Gundry). No sugar, some dairy (goat cheeses are ok for me), and this vitamin and skin care routine have been life saving. THANK YOU KRISTINA!!!!!!

  49. Progga Paromita

    Progga Paromitaپیش 21 روز

    I started taking a multivitamin pill for my vertigo, and all of a sudden I got glass skin. At the time I was using a charcoal facewash too. Pretty dope.

  50. Munisa R

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    so sad that some of these products cant be found in my location :(

  51. Jackson Springer

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    I'm a guy, and I don't necessarily have cysts but I have small little white dots all on my cheeks and the corner of my mouth and I don't know what they are or how to get rid of it.

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    Best vid on acne this is the 8th one and it's the most useful , u're saying everything and not lefting anything to google ❤❤👍

  53. kawal kaur

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    Hi. When to take all the three Vitamins? After any meal? All together? Please tell as I’m gonna start taking these vitamins. Thank you

  54. Megan Goldstein

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    Is there another form of a detox, I cant stand celery

  55. Mark McBride

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    Lemon juice

  56. Tiffany Lamontagne

    Tiffany Lamontagneپیش 25 روز

    I just want to come back on here after watching this some time ago and say thank you. After some research-I ordered everything you mentioned, literally everything from the celery juice, all the vitamins and the bee pollen, I even take a shot of apple cider vinegar every day. My skin is already fully clear after about 3 weeks. I just have scarring left. I had been to dermatologists, tried proactive, curology, so many things and nothing worked. Thank you again!

  57. kristinaxmakeup

    kristinaxmakeupپیش 25 روز

    Tiffany Lamontagne so so happy for you!!

  58. Iva Angelicheva

    Iva Angelichevaپیش 27 روز

    How do you apply The Ordinary Niacinamide to your face? I'm trying to reduce the topical treatments I use to a minimum, so I was wondering if I could use it straight after I was my face on its own and to go sleep. Thanks!

  59. Zibuyile Nene

    Zibuyile Neneپیش 29 روز

    I am in South Africa. Where can I get these products or similar products in my country?

  60. Hope Mooketsa

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    That's what I'd also like to know..

  61. katie

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    I’ve had acne for at least 10 years shatters how I feel about myself. I can’t fix it. Help me. I’m so mad

  62. katie

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    なお sounds amazing!

  63. なお

    なおپیش 28 روز

    Me too. I've had acne for over 9 years and I found that raw honey+lemon juice mask helps. But it takes about 2 months on me to get rid of the acne. Now I'm still fighting against the scars. Maybe you should have to give a try too! You only have to mix an organic raw honey and fresh lemon juice 2:1 and leave it on ur face 20-30 minutes everyday. I hope it helps! We can do it!!😄😄😄

  64. Flavia Burton

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    Hi Do you take the Hum Cleanse or Omeaga the Great in lieu of any of the 3 vitmains (A, B5 or Zinc)?

  65. Jennifer Mirabal

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    Just ordered all the supplements 🙏🏼 vitamin A, Zinc, and pantothenic acid with the ordinary serum too!

  66. Melie L

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    I also got bee pollen a few weeks ago but I just can't handle the taste, and I also don't have a mixer so was wondering if you have any ideas on how to take it ? I tried it in my tea but still seems like I'm doing something wrong

  67. Victorianna Filippone

    Victorianna Filipponeپیش ماه

    Purchased the Cod Liver OIl and Vitamin B5: It's been about a week and my hormonal acne is nearly gone. Also, celery juice and spearmint tea! (Balances hormones, suggested for women with PCOS)

  68. Victorianna Filippone

    Victorianna Filipponeپیش ماه

    I have been dealing with hormonal acne for some time now. As someone who has always had flawless skin, I refused to get on birth control because i knew it would only be solving the problem temporarily. I wanted to get to the deep-rooted issue at hand. This video as well as doing research on certain foods, inflammatory foods, foods with healing properties, herbal medicine, etc has helped me tremendously. Your gut health is so important in this process! If you get anything from this video, invest in the Rosita Cod Liver Oil and the Vitamin A! Also, spearmint tea (anti-inflammatory and aids in balancing hormones, suggested for women with PCOS). The vitamins are a bit pricey, yes, but your skin is an investment! Thank you for recommending these amazing products!

  69. moksha Reddy

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    Does it work?

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    i love you thank you

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    what can i substitute with celery?

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    Please do a video on how to get rid of scars on face

  76. Aalema Saiyed

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    Does anyone know of any good alternatives to the gut pro probiotic supplement powder? One that's a little more affordable but still gets the job done?

  77. valiantwarrior

    valiantwarriorپیش ماه

    God bless you!!! I am in my 40s. I started using the ordinary niacinamide and zinc bottle, and my other acne products including vitamins more consistently and my face is clearing up after 4 yrs of trying everything. Keep doing what you are doing. 🙌 Thanks🥰

  78. Michelle Kathryn

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    How many mg is panthotenic acid?

  79. Danielle F Terzano

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    Make sure you take lysine also as too much zinc can cause lysine deficiency . Lysine helps the body absorb calcium zinc and vitamin c and produces collagen

  80. AllThingsFabulous

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    This is AHmazing. So true because it’s within thanks for advising. Your incredible. I think I will do fasting for 72 hours to reboot my immune system. 💕

  81. Chanel Parker

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    This may be a dumb question... Lol if I'm trying to cut sugar out of my diet does that just mean processed sugar or does that also include natural sugars in fruit and honey etc.... 💕

  82. TrustFund

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    Chanel Parker I think she is referring to processed sugar, fruits are fine just be aware of the sugar that is in the serving size of the fruits you choose.

  83. Diana Vasquez

    Diana Vasquezپیش ماه

    What helped me clear my complexion was to STOP STRESSING about it. It was very difficult to do bc I tend to look in the mirror quite a bit but I found that the more I worried and cried and stressed about my acne, the more it just made it worse. I had to clean up my diet too and be kinder to myself and I started noticing improvements. Stress brings so many other complications so start by being more positive about yourself on the inside and it will later show on the outside!

  84. Diana Vasquez

    Diana Vasquezپیش ماه

    kristinaxmakeup it sure does and you mentioned some excellent advice and products:)

  85. kristinaxmakeup

    kristinaxmakeupپیش ماه

    Diana Vasquez completely agree! Stress is a poison for the body & mind

  86. Summer Borgard

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    What facial cleanser do you use? I’m buying al products today.

  87. Archana tarar

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    How to use niacinamide..? Are we apply it on face or just pimples?

  88. Kristel Franjie

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    The vitamin B on Amazon has different venders. Which one do you use? I don’t want to use a company who may be counterfeit

  89. Michelle Davies

    Michelle Daviesپیش ماه

    Did you ever do that skincare routine video? I'd be interested to see what you reccomend, I've used so many different products over the last few years I dont know what works anymore! 😅

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    I totally appreciate this video! cant wait to give this a try! xx

  91. RpgilbertRS

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    I’ve spent more time than anyone on this earth researching acne and have had it severely for years. This is easily the best video I’ve ever seen- you actually know what your talking about! Thank you!!!

  92. Lady T.

    Lady T.پیش 22 روز

    RpgilbertRS not sure if you have spent more time that anyone on this earth researching it but it’s good that you are researching it. also check out Organic Olivia. She talks about going on a parasite cleanse, healing your gut, and so much more.

  93. Sophie P

    Sophie Pپیش ماه

    RpgilbertRS definitely try the probiotics and celery juice. I’ve been doing it for 5 days only and see a difference! Also I just bought a turmeric face wash and it helps so much! Just wanted to share! Good luck girl

  94. katie May

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    Finally someone who just tells me what to do and not “everyone has different needs” for once I actually wrote everything down!:)

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    katie May yay!

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    Absolutely loved this video. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the research and then sharing all these informative stuff with us. God bless you! Stay safe xxx

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    Love this video, sometimes I would either feel like a skincare video was entertaining but redundant advice or informative but boring. You delivered everything in a way that was really easy to take from and listen to, thank you for making this and helping so many people ❤️

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