I Bought A Lexus SC300 With An Insane Engine (NOT 2JZ)

In today's episode were jumping into the new build off series, BIFB VS Tavarish. The series is brought to you by Ebay Motors, go download the app now! ebayvehicle.com/app/BisforBuild
We were both challenged by ebay motors to buy the best drag racing car we could find under a 9K budget. We have 4 days to build them, and on the 5th day we are going to the drag strip to race heads up for slips! Winner keeps both cars!
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  1. Beej W

    Beej Wپیش 8 روز

    Seeing this after seeing how bad the car was even with nos is kinda funny

  2. Richard Denson

    Richard Densonپیش 24 روز

    Brad built that Lexus

  3. Richard Denson

    Richard Densonپیش 24 روز

    Lol that green screen tho

  4. Alfredo Lozano

    Alfredo Lozanoپیش 26 روز

    Boosted boys made some jam on eBay turbos

  5. Matthew Field

    Matthew Fieldپیش ماه

    Lol your drivetrain cost more than his whole car, I did a similar build to a c10 and just drivetrain alone cost nearly $10,000. Winner should see the positive side, you have a sbc350 full swap to go in anything and other side you have a what looks to be decent b16 swap and now days Honda Engines are getting pricey.

  6. Matthew Field

    Matthew Fieldپیش ماه

    Also $6000 was a steal for your car. You could sell it all day for $12,000+

  7. Boosted And Bagged

    Boosted And Baggedپیش ماه

    Looks like you've give the car a good name "The insanity"!

  8. Aaron Rogers

    Aaron Rogersپیش ماه

    That's a great build man 💪.

  9. mcdonaldm73

    mcdonaldm73پیش ماه

    Dude builds really cool stuff but doesn't know how a ratchet shifter works? Seriously?

  10. Woody Woodman

    Woody Woodmanپیش ماه

    Carry on young fella, if possible, could you relay the company you’re purchasing your cars from, especially the one in Houston. Thanks, Woody.

  11. Ethan Macheras

    Ethan Macherasپیش ماه

    Both cars look like they have plenty of power, but the Lexus looks ridiculous lol

  12. Angel Lizarraga

    Angel Lizarragaپیش ماه

    Actually kind of sad the person put the Lexus for sale. It had some thought to it not just a build. 🥺

  13. Kheir112

    Kheir112پیش ماه

    You should just keep it simple. You know the K.I.S.S. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. I have two words for you. Centrifugal Supercharger. No B.S. Turbo lag. No complex air and exhaust plumbing. No oil lines that leak are needed. It's lighter. Gives you instant power. Less complex so there is less to go wrong. Granted, it's not "free" power like a turbo, but it will give you just as much boost with less bull. Best of all, these superchargers, work well with Nitro. Just saying...

  14. Ken Baker

    Ken Bakerپیش ماه

    This is going to be CRAZY! INSANE!

  15. MARIA S

    MARIA Sپیش ماه

    If you win can I have the Lexus Sc 300 as a late birthday gift.

  16. james carr

    james carrپیش ماه

    Looks like something out of madmax

  17. پیش ماه

    Anddd then it lost

  18. KNT Media

    KNT Mediaپیش ماه

    Cut the hood to fit

  19. Jermz Money

    Jermz Moneyپیش ماه

    looks like a 15 sec car hahaha

  20. Rad Stay At Home Dad

    Rad Stay At Home Dadپیش ماه

    Clearancing them on the valve covers AKA taking a BFH and banging a big dent in them lol

  21. Seiko Andromeda

    Seiko Andromedaپیش ماه

    Tavarish out here with vegeta's hairline :)

  22. Jonny Polea

    Jonny Poleaپیش ماه

    Hey Chris, @bisforbuild why not just supercharge the small block, was it down to cost etc?

  23. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Millerپیش ماه

    This video is sponsored by eBay.... here’s my cheap eBay turbo. Chinese special.

  24. Dennis J

    Dennis Jپیش ماه

    The shit you were talking .... Couldn't even break 15s :) Love your channel

  25. EweToobUsername

    EweToobUsernameپیش ماه

    That's going to be a fun Soarer when you're done with it.

  26. Fairshake Media

    Fairshake Mediaپیش ماه

    IRgos must have known I didn’t wanna see Freddie because I got zero notifications about this.

  27. Danny Rincon

    Danny Rinconپیش ماه

    That honda will wash that lexus with even tavarish driving it.

  28. David Casey

    David Caseyپیش ماه

    Why not do a rear mount turbo?

  29. Sébastien Cilia

    Sébastien Ciliaپیش ماه

    Why didn't you just put a blower on the lexus?

  30. onhawaii

    onhawaiiپیش ماه

    'I don't know if someone mentioned it before... But you should have Supercharged it.

  31. no thing nothing

    no thing nothingپیش ماه

    Didnt know you would loose the car if you dont win. Now l understand what your doing. I was just about to have a big sook and start complaining about what you've done to it. 😢😭😭Actually I'm amazed it doesnt have an LS1 in it, everything else does these days. The dude that built the car probably liked the old school Chevy small block maybe.

  32. no thing nothing

    no thing nothingپیش ماه

    I cant believe you didnt drive it first just to test it see what its like and capable of. Oh ok l just heard you say your going to EFI the engine. Big dollars and a lot of work with all the best parts have gone into that car. I would definitely keep it.

  33. no thing nothing

    no thing nothingپیش ماه

    I wouldnt turbo it. Not with a carby. Alot of work and expensive to turbo. First l would drive it to see what it can do because you havt driven it, tested it yet. To much work money and effort has gone into that car to ruin it. Also you dont have enough money for a supercharger, easier for a Nos kit and spend some money on decent brakes. I dont think that motor would need a bigger cam l think it would fly the way it is.

  34. no thing nothing

    no thing nothingپیش ماه

    Ive allways called TOYOTA'S TOYMOTA as in toy moter. Had a sticker made for the tailgate of my Toyota pickup. But that thing is definitely no toy moter, that thing would be insane to drive and has so much potential. I love that car 😁 so jealous.

  35. پیش ماه

    Wonder how many times you can say "VERY VERY" in one episode lol

  36. پیش ماه

    He should have supercharged it ffs

  37. MadVtec YO

    MadVtec YOپیش ماه

    “Idk how this is even legal” well... it’s not. Lol

  38. MadVtec YO

    MadVtec YOپیش ماه

    The civic isn’t going to have a chance

  39. Brand0n7

    Brand0n7پیش ماه

    WTF is this

  40. پیش ماه

    good video

  41. پیش ماه

    I want to build cars with some of you rich guys lol... I just put an LT1 in a RX8... hehe Yeah i did it and i love it :P

  42. David James

    David Jamesپیش ماه

    That Lexus is a total sleeper!! really fools you wit the stock rims

  43. David James

    David Jamesپیش ماه

    eeeehhhh whats with the vr4 in the background???

  44. Max Levy

    Max Levyپیش ماه

    watch him turn this into a pro-mod

  45. پیش ماه

    Hope to see these cars in FH Hot wheels update 🤞🤞🤞😂😂😂

  46. پیش ماه

    TiAL products are made about a quarter mile from me.

  47. MyStevieH

    MyStevieHپیش ماه

    Toyota soarer

  48. DJ TinyTim

    DJ TinyTimپیش ماه

    Chris: buys random race car built by complete stranger who is willing to let it go for a fraction of what's in it Also Chris: "it's like probably already one of my most reliable cars" The honesty in that statement...like, I love this channel and the builds and the people on it, but I would never ride in one of Chris's complicated builds.

  49. gomd3rd

    gomd3rdپیش ماه

    “Jared is basically here helping me....” because I forgot to pack my Oscar....

  50. Louis Turner

    Louis Turnerپیش ماه

    This guys breathing just makes me want to rip my ears off

  51. Louis Turner

    Louis Turnerپیش ماه

    Gasping for fucking air. Non stop. Disgusting good god.

  52. Louis Turner

    Louis Turnerپیش ماه

    Good god, talk talk talk talk talk. That’s the entire show. Definitely not subscribing. Talk talk talk talk. Bullshit

  53. Louis Turner

    Louis Turnerپیش ماه

    Freddy’s ’ breathing fucking kills me. And what’s with the scratchy audio

  54. Bryan Roupe

    Bryan Roupeپیش ماه

    the b for build guy has done a few cool builds but i just cant get into it. he acts as if he has the worst job ever and hates his life.

  55. PhySicS ArIeL

    PhySicS ArIeLپیش ماه

    Are you gonna be able to see out onto the road

  56. Nick Venture

    Nick Ventureپیش ماه

    Absolutely everybody: *2jz..2jz..2jz* Nobody: "please let there be a small block chevy"...

  57. Max_x2

    Max_x2پیش ماه

    Fuck me sideways, this is going to be mental! Really hope you win the whole thing, and work on both of them as I do have a thing for EKs. I'M more into B18C5 Type-R swap but hey, bring the novelty my man!

  58. SI RICKO

    SI RICKOپیش ماه

    Video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a>

  59. TheZmt325

    TheZmt325پیش ماه

    Just throw nitrous on it. Bank on the fact that Freddie can't drive. Its a safe bet..

  60. Roo Tehconqueror

    Roo Tehconquerorپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1320">22:00</a> where is the panhard bar or watts link?

  61. Chris_Xing

    Chris_Xingپیش ماه

    I was waiting for a 2j

  62. Brayan Melendrez

    Brayan Melendrezپیش ماه

    Time to unsubscribe

  63. Lumen Ate

    Lumen Ateپیش ماه

    Couldn't find a 1UZ...I'll forgive you since you got a small block Chevy in it.

  64. Alex Manganiello

    Alex Manganielloپیش ماه

    Why on God's earth would you turbo that thing with upside dow. Headers like that. What a disgrace

  65. peter bukovec

    peter bukovecپیش ماه

    Those are Recaro LSCs in the Lexus; the holly grail for e30 era BMWs. They sell for around 1000-1500$ in good condition for a pair, so defo not a budget option ;)

  66. danny perkins

    danny perkinsپیش ماه

    Do not boost the lexus. Go nitrous

  67. Douglas Brown

    Douglas Brownپیش ماه


  68. Lord Ryno Gaming

    Lord Ryno Gamingپیش ماه

    its so dumb and i love it

  69. pasha c

    pasha cپیش ماه

    👌 😁 subscribed

  70. Nathaniel dunford

    Nathaniel dunfordپیش ماه

    I wonder how much you won't be able to see from the driver seat

  71. Brendan Koester

    Brendan Koesterپیش ماه

    Those look like fox body recaro’s which are very expensive

  72. Wanous 1966

    Wanous 1966پیش ماه

    Those are called headers not exhaust manifolds

  73. Basic MLT

    Basic MLTپیش ماه

    Great video

  74. پیش ماه

    For the love of god get a new tripod, the squeaking is killing me. Besides that great video, I’ve been watching you for awhile.

  75. Addicted4Life !

    Addicted4Life !پیش ماه

    You don’t sound like you know what your talking about! Tavarish clearly said his car made 600hp, not 650hp. Your comments from one sentence to the next, don’t ever make sense. Did you graduate high school? That rear suspension is clearly a 4 link, NOT a ladder bar setup! Do you have someone else that can talk about the car for you??

  76. Danny S

    Danny Sپیش ماه

    So in Fast and Furious terms: "We race for pink slips and loser walks home."

  77. پیش ماه

    Umm, if you really don’t want the sc300 I wouldn’t kick it out of my driveway for leakin’ oil. Just offering

  78. Gage Sonny

    Gage Sonnyپیش ماه

    Talk shit about ebay turbo's, they'll surprise you. Had one on my 99 camry, and that thing was great, never had an issue with it, and it was beaten on for over a year.

  79. پیش ماه

    I feel like it's more elephant than norwhal.

  80. wgbsigns123

    wgbsigns123پیش ماه

    thats a four link not ladder bar

  81. Tyler Reum

    Tyler Reumپیش ماه

    That is beautiful