Iggy Azalea - Fan Award Presentation (Vevo Certified SuperFanFest)

Iggy Azalea - Fan Award Presentation (Vevo Certified SuperFanFest)
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Iggy Azalea receives her CERTIFIED awards for "Fancy" and "Work" from a super fan at Vevo's CERTIFIED SuperFanFest in October, 2014. Both videos are from Azalea's 'The New Classic' album.
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  1. Max Ch

    Max Chپیش 7 ماه


  2. Thiago Goroa

    Thiago Goroaپیش سال

    Vai toma no cj sua puta loca

  3. ahoc ciao

    ahoc ciaoپیش 3 سال

    The Queen

  4. videos fallidos

    videos fallidosپیش 3 سال

    omg iggy azalea súper cool

  5. Rex Snow

    Rex Snowپیش 3 سال


  6. Vicente Valdés

    Vicente Valdésپیش 3 سال

    she forgot the award XDD

  7. Alysia Pedraza

    Alysia Pedrazaپیش 3 سال

    that's what her voice sounds like

  8. Sarah Bloom

    Sarah Bloomپیش 4 سال

    Every one Iggy sounds like a rapper just like justin beber

  9. Tedi Kacani

    Tedi Kacaniپیش 3 سال

    justin bieber is not a rapper?

  10. Alba Martin

    Alba Martinپیش 4 سال

    im so fancy 💁

  11. Parmar Ramesh

    Parmar Rameshپیش 2 سال

    Alba Martin

  12. Rusphometh

    Rusphomethپیش 4 سال

    yo quiziera conocerte iggy azalea

  13. zack rorz

    zack rorzپیش 4 سال

    hey iggy u forgot to take your award smh !!

  14. Mariah Johnson

    Mariah Johnsonپیش 4 سال

    500,000,000 views. Gotta love iggy

  15. Adam Prince

    Adam Princeپیش 4 سال

    The girl at the end was like OMG the bitch stinks of shit

  16. James Millingen

    James Millingenپیش 2 سال

    shut up I know I'm carry late here but still like seriously cut it out just because you don't like her doesn't mean you have to say things like that i mean how old are you 3 geshhhhhhh!

  17. Deanna Rasmussen

    Deanna Rasmussenپیش 4 سال

    TO Alex you should never be allowed on any email site what kind of a person are you if you do not like something you do not have to watch it oh lets see you do better than her art is art and now any one can do their own thing that's freedom of expression get a real life and be positive. making negative comments it is people like you that we lose our freedoms on the internet thanks buddy

  18. Betzy Linett

    Betzy Linettپیش 4 سال

    Iggy hey you're a racist fucking stupid to think that australians are better than mexicans go back to Australia so that the truth you're useless! Greetings.

  19. James Millingen

    James Millingenپیش 2 سال

    since when in this video she was being racists what is wrong with you

  20. A Z

    A Zپیش 4 سال

    @Grayson Maximillian Phoenix why are you on every iggy video tho? You sure youre not a fan?

  21. Robert Stan

    Robert Stanپیش 4 سال

    @Grayson Maximillian Phoenix No she never did

  22. Grayson Maximillian Phoenix

    Grayson Maximillian Phoenixپیش 4 سال

    +Robert Stan Iggy Azaela has said some of the most stupidest things. She probably said that

  23. Robert Stan

    Robert Stanپیش 4 سال

    I am pretty sure that Iggy never ever said that lioe never

  24. micloveblair

    micloveblairپیش 4 سال

    I love u Iggy!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Randon gaming101

    Randon gaming101پیش 4 سال

    It's ok iggy i love yah songs


    DRIGOSZNپیش 5 سال

    Iggy you left your awards 😂 lol ilysm

  27. Paige Aleese

    Paige Aleeseپیش 5 سال

    Awee the fans reaction at the end when Iggy hugged her, so sweet. I want a hug from Iggy lol😂💜🙌

  28. Sierra S

    Sierra Sپیش 5 سال


  29. jacquelinne01

    jacquelinne01پیش 5 سال

    I love you and i love your song

  30. Izzu Sulaiman

    Izzu Sulaimanپیش 5 سال

    She has actually 3 certified videos

  31. Juan Carlos Diaz A.

    Juan Carlos Diaz A.پیش 5 سال

    wow! su voz es como gruesa dflksjlakjg

  32. Starfire003

    Starfire003پیش 5 سال


  33. John Lexa

    John Lexaپیش 4 سال

    No one cares

  34. Starfire003

    Starfire003پیش 5 سال

    I'm 2 Inches Shorter xDD

  35. akotoh1014

    akotoh1014پیش 5 سال

    I love you IGGY baby :*

  36. Justice Ryan

    Justice Ryanپیش 5 سال

    Dear Iggy azalea you are my favorite rapper of all times i can name all your songs your beautiful and my favorite song that you ever made is work,let all the haters hate becajse yohr the bomb and i live in tacoma washington by burger ranch and i just love you and arianan grande keep your head up and i wish u the best .

  37. Lucas Dias

    Lucas Diasپیش 5 سال

    Muito linda 3>

  38. David Kermen

    David Kermenپیش 5 سال

    I ♥ you Iggy!

  39. Glen E. Mealing Jr.

    Glen E. Mealing Jr.پیش 5 سال

    Yeah, pretty "Amazing" to me too!!!

  40. Sam Hel

    Sam Helپیش 5 سال

    If she came to Australia And touched me or gave me a hug Probs pass out Heart will stop beating Please please please come to Australia to preform

  41. Jess

    Jessپیش 5 سال

    Hehe the girl at the end is like " omg! She just talked to me and hugged me!!"

  42. Adam Prince

    Adam Princeپیش 3 سال

    @Tedi Kacani How old are you? 12 You basically said i know you are but what am I.

  43. Tedi Kacani

    Tedi Kacaniپیش 3 سال

    +Adam Prince she would be like that if you would've hugged her...

  44. Adam Prince

    Adam Princeپیش 4 سال

    The girl at the end was like OMG the bitch stinks of shit

  45. sue lohman

    sue lohmanپیش 5 سال


  46. Cassandra Marie

    Cassandra Marieپیش 5 سال

    That fans reaction was really cute.

  47. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko4000پیش 5 سال

    I love u.Iggy Azalea

  48. Olga Guevara

    Olga Guevaraپیش 5 سال

    I just love her so much!

  49. CoachByNicole

    CoachByNicoleپیش 5 سال

    When are you going on tour? Your tour! Please come to Seattle.

  50. Amyah Zettlmeier

    Amyah Zettlmeierپیش 5 سال

    She's releasing tour dates this month!

  51. Paulina Vizcayno

    Paulina Vizcaynoپیش 5 سال

    TE AMOOO 😭😍😍

  52. jamal bryant

    jamal bryantپیش 5 سال

    give me a hug iggy....and a kiss

  53. Erik David

    Erik Davidپیش 5 سال


  54. Mai K

    Mai Kپیش 5 سال

    Iggy has the same b-day as me c:

  55. a nobody

    a nobodyپیش 5 سال


  56. Gnasza 123

    Gnasza 123پیش 5 سال

    Love iggy💕😘👌👐😘💕