Iggy Azalea - Interview - #VEVOHalloween

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At #VEVOHalloween in London, Iggy Azalea gave an exclusive interview before her live performance on stage at this electric party. Does Iggy change your life?
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  1. Sauvage Ascension

    Sauvage Ascensionپیش 16 روز

    That’s Jeffree Star

  2. 罗 Low瑞南 Soke Lam

    罗 Low瑞南 Soke Lamپیش 3 ماه

    Am also going USA

  3. Booker Wiggins

    Booker Wigginsپیش 8 ماه

    She got the Adams family look here! It works for her!

  4. Charlie Ruiz

    Charlie Ruizپیش سال


  5. Yessenia Diaz

    Yessenia Diazپیش 3 سال

    I should be subtitled not hit much to English....

  6. marcelloVitorGamer Vitor

    marcelloVitorGamer Vitorپیش 4 سال

    Very sexy

  7. lui !!!

    lui !!!پیش 4 سال

    I love Iggys music 💚

  8. Roykin Ch. Asadee

    Roykin Ch. Asadeeپیش 4 سال

    I like her hair.

  9. Laura Will

    Laura Willپیش 5 سال

    I know all the words to everything in reclassified!!

  10. Todd Preston

    Todd Prestonپیش 5 سال

    I'd tap that

  11. Vineet Mehta

    Vineet Mehtaپیش 5 سال

    1:15 which is that music in background?

  12. Vineet Mehta

    Vineet Mehtaپیش 3 سال

    +Hallana Beatriz Thank you

  13. Vineet Mehta

    Vineet Mehtaپیش 3 سال

    +Lolly Leonard Thank you

  14. Hallana Beatriz

    Hallana Beatrizپیش 3 سال

    +Lolly Leonard it's bounce

  15. Lolly Leonard

    Lolly Leonardپیش 5 سال

    It's called "my world" by iggy azalea

  16. Inde Francis

    Inde Francisپیش 5 سال

    She looks very cruella.

  17. Quantaya Robertson

    Quantaya Robertsonپیش 5 سال

    I been up all night trynna get that rich I been work work work work working on my shyttttt

  18. Quantaya Robertson

    Quantaya Robertsonپیش 5 سال

    @Lolly Leonard mine too

  19. Lolly Leonard

    Lolly Leonardپیش 5 سال

    That's my fav part of dat song!!!

  20. Alicia Graceffa

    Alicia Graceffaپیش 5 سال

    Omg she sang my world

  21. Robert the happy dog

    Robert the happy dogپیش 5 سال

    Iggy is an entertainer . Don't this into more than what it is.

  22. Shamim Khan

    Shamim Khanپیش 5 سال


  23. brad guidry

    brad guidryپیش 5 سال


  24. Yuyu

    Yuyuپیش 5 سال

    cruella XD

  25. mininovaq

    mininovaqپیش 5 سال

    What did they do to you? Poor Iggy ; |

  26. Sharon xVengeance

    Sharon xVengeanceپیش 5 سال

    Some of u guys are a little slow because it was Halloween when she did this interview and she was dressed a cruella deville (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) from 101 dalmations...

  27. Belieber Lovator

    Belieber Lovatorپیش 5 سال

    love you

  28. Lisanne verwater

    Lisanne verwaterپیش 5 سال

    woow she looks like cruella the vil from 1001 dalmatiërs :$

  29. Alecksia Murillo

    Alecksia Murilloپیش 5 سال

    Nice costume iggy

  30. Amber Tousett

    Amber Tousettپیش 5 سال

    Any one else notice that one of her eyebrow's has like 2 tails or whatever you wanna call it XD

  31. Natasha E.

    Natasha E.پیش 4 سال

    Yeah 😃

  32. Gaby

    Gabyپیش 5 سال

    I did I was getting annoyed and wanted to pluck or wipe it off aha

  33. Sercan A

    Sercan Aپیش 5 سال

    that attention to detail ... WOW!

  34. Emily Sawtelle

    Emily Sawtelleپیش 5 سال

    Am I the only one that thinks she could be Demi's twin??

  35. ArtisPhoto

    ArtisPhotoپیش 5 سال

    Whats that song on 1:07 pls i need it

  36. Polar RuinVEVO

    Polar RuinVEVOپیش 5 سال

    Iggy Azalea - My world

  37. seni 13

    seni 13پیش 5 سال

    iggy azalea- my world

  38. Bilal Rafiq

    Bilal Rafiqپیش 5 سال

    Iggy Azalea - Bounce

  39. Little Star

    Little Starپیش 5 سال

    Look like lady gaga

  40. F

    Fپیش 5 سال

    she is losing her Aussie accent

  41. local pope

    local popeپیش 5 سال

    Now keep your voice that way!

  42. Joe Swanson

    Joe Swansonپیش 5 سال

    Wow her voice sounds nothing like when she raps... Her rapping voice sounds terrible like an uneducated person.

  43. A Z

    A Zپیش 4 سال

    She raps like that because it's what sells. I don't think rapping with an Australian accent would sound good

  44. Natasha E.

    Natasha E.پیش 4 سال

    You've got to be kidding me... 😒She raps great and that's the reason why her tracks are awesome.

  45. really? seriously?

    really? seriously?پیش 5 سال

    im suggesting that Raymond Crooks is implying that because many people say that she sounds black when she raps and hes saying she sounds uneducated. i didnt say i agree with him.

  46. Sanfran JDC

    Sanfran JDCپیش 5 سال

    @really? seriously? Racist much? Really? Seriously? LOL

  47. really? seriously?

    really? seriously?پیش 5 سال

    hahaha you mean like a black person?

  48. Christina Rusu

    Christina Rusuپیش 5 سال

    what song is that at 1:13

  49. kitekeiaho tuita

    kitekeiaho tuitaپیش 5 سال

    It that a hollaween

  50. Mackenzie Greenhawk

    Mackenzie Greenhawkپیش 5 سال

    Cruela Deville

  51. Racheal buckley

    Racheal buckleyپیش 5 سال

    omg this song is amazing

  52. Samantha S

    Samantha Sپیش 5 سال

    her teeth look waay to big for her mouth

  53. Shaé Wise

    Shaé Wiseپیش 5 سال

    Her wig is insane!!! I love it 😍😘

  54. Moonlandx

    Moonlandxپیش 5 سال

    OMG I didn't know I watch this before FANCY......... So weird.

  55. Mariana Corrêa

    Mariana Corrêaپیش 5 سال

    she looks so much like mirandasings/colleen!

  56. patience smith

    patience smithپیش 5 سال

    In her music she sounds like she's a rapper but in this interview she sounds like a sweet British girl.. I love her music but I'm confusing

  57. Sercan A

    Sercan Aپیش 5 سال

    My thoughts exactly. In her interviews she's so princess like and then watching her sing I'm like "WTF! is that the same person?", swearing and dancing like that ...

  58. Bey & Mariah

    Bey & Mariahپیش 5 سال

    She's Australian not British.

  59. Lolly Leonard

    Lolly Leonardپیش 5 سال

    Her hair is cray cray

  60. Lauren Bowden

    Lauren Bowdenپیش 4 سال

    @Lolly Leonard I agree, it is cray cray, but awesome :3

  61. Lolly Leonard

    Lolly Leonardپیش 5 سال

    Her hair a cray cray in a good way! I'm not trying to be offensive or anything. Sorry

  62. Lucas Jover

    Lucas Joverپیش 5 سال

    Anderw lam lol

  63. Sam Tang

    Sam Tangپیش 5 سال

    @natasha thomas OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

  64. Tasha

    Tashaپیش 5 سال

    @Andrew Lam lilke u