Iggy Azalea - Behind the Stripped (VEVO LIFT UK)

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An awesome 'behind the scenes' look at Iggy Azalea's Stripped session which sees her rendition of 'Work' accompanied by a string quartet.
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  1. Thsachemba Sangtam

    Thsachemba Sangtamپیش 2 ماه

    Dont lie

  2. Sarika Rajora

    Sarika Rajoraپیش 7 ماه

    i love you iggy sooooooooooo much I like your face cuts

  3. Dakota Isham

    Dakota Ishamپیش 9 ماه


  4. Suleima Gonzalez D Martinez

    Suleima Gonzalez D Martinezپیش 9 ماه


  5. sam smit

    sam smitپیش 11 ماه


  6. Igor Santana

    Igor Santanaپیش سال

    I love you iggyyyy

  7. cultura pop

    cultura popپیش سال


  8. You know all my friends are my best friends :D

    You know all my friends are my best friends :Dپیش سال

    Wow. Ive never heared anything more fitting to a feeling before.

  9. Miss Lànà

    Miss Lànàپیش سال


  10. Famouszao

    Famouszaoپیش سال

    Que hino

  11. Gabriel

    Gabrielپیش سال

    Queen ! This makes me so happy seeing her happy and emotional :)

  12. Danaaya

    Danaayaپیش 2 سال

    this video released 14 april , 2013. My birthday i was 12 years old☺

  13. Janeth Mercado

    Janeth Mercadoپیش 3 سال

    i love it

  14. Patty M

    Patty Mپیش 3 سال

    I just love this version of Work. Love Iggy.

  15. Ha aha

    Ha ahaپیش 3 سال

    Iggy is so amazing. She is the most real celebrity there is.

  16. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel Aguirreپیش 3 سال

    Iggy is so amazing... it's about 2 hours watching her videos since I discovered her on the tv for the first time today ... I can't let go... :-) so talented ...

  17. Kyleigh Brewer

    Kyleigh Brewerپیش 4 سال

    Love you!!!! She went through heck and back to get to where she's at now! Iggy you still have your fans.😍♥️ All haters do are wish that they were YOU♥️😘

  18. 張洛霖Mira Rainforest

    張洛霖Mira Rainforestپیش 4 سال

    everyone should see behind the scenes of the artists before they play the actual videos. If they understand and feel related to iggy more

  19. Utba Almandhri

    Utba Almandhriپیش 4 سال

    "Your voice is horrible " as if your voice is any better, "your an overrated cunt" guess what ? 95% of the artists we know today are minimally talented yet made it , so get with the program ! This bitch got more digits in her bank account then your phone number ... Nuff said ... You do you iggy 👊🏽❤️

  20. Kevin Sullivan

    Kevin Sullivanپیش 4 سال

    Stop picking on her how would you like if the whole world would do this to you be nice "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it" 👍🏻😃😃

  21. Youngg Thugg

    Youngg Thuggپیش 4 سال

    ❤️We love you all iggy❤️

  22. Luke Kress

    Luke Kressپیش 4 سال

    Fuck you Iggy, Eminem is The Best!

  23. Stephanie Allen

    Stephanie Allenپیش 4 سال

    2 ppl cant be equally as good? news to me

  24. Sefton Productions

    Sefton Productionsپیش 4 سال

    The press have to spread lies and rumors about Iggy. They focus only on the bad and not the good. Don't listen to the press, don't buy tabloid newspapers, and don't buy magazines that spread lies and rumors.

  25. Nataly Castillo

    Nataly Castilloپیش 4 سال

    lol #crazy me

  26. Reynaldo Perez Jr

    Reynaldo Perez Jrپیش 4 سال

    It is 100% true that people judge Iggy way too fast. She's had to literally work to get to where she is now. Why can't people just understand that she's doing what she wants. Iggy will forever be my favorite rapper, because she's worked hard for everything, and her lyrics are so meaningful. It just amazes me how much hate she gets.

  27. Marvin Martin

    Marvin Martinپیش 4 سال

    I love piggy I don't care what all y'all haters say

  28. Naomi Hunt

    Naomi Huntپیش 5 سال

    Thats mean

  29. Adolf Spitler

    Adolf Spitlerپیش 5 سال

    hey everyone my name is Adolf Spitler and i just released my first song "Hardcore Gangsta Shit" if you guys would check it out that would be amazing

  30. Ruta B

    Ruta Bپیش 5 سال

    Sadly this is what rap has come to.. most of old rappers are going to be gone and there is no hope for future generations to get into real rap. They are going to think thay this is hip hop.. guys we fucked up let's go back

  31. Brittney bee

    Brittney beeپیش 5 سال

    Tf is this bitch even saying????

  32. Reb Houston

    Reb Houstonپیش 5 سال

    Why do I want to hit her with a bag of kittens...

  33. Nagaraj Rao

    Nagaraj Raoپیش 5 سال


  34. Lu Oliveira

    Lu Oliveiraپیش 5 سال

    Not like rap, but, i like the sound of Iggy. It's really cool and I like the way she dances.

  35. CHEERS!

    CHEERS!پیش 9 ماه

    I like twerking too

  36. buna007

    buna007پیش 5 سال

    same here

  37. mufasa

    mufasaپیش 5 سال

    Her song work got me through rough times.

  38. KING L.A.

    KING L.A.پیش 5 سال

    Who da duck cares?, Where she came from she here now. Work it you got it girl.

  39. akotoh1014

    akotoh1014پیش 5 سال


  40. Mussie Gebremichael

    Mussie Gebremichaelپیش 5 سال

    Den är bra

  41. Andrea Robinson

    Andrea Robinsonپیش 5 سال

    I am not trying to diss this creative rapper, but when I look at her really well in her face she looks like her lips are full, and her shape is full in the rear. I wonder how many blacks did she hang out with to perfect her craft? just a thought

  42. B3e gaming

    B3e gamingپیش 5 سال

    iggy ur amazing i always like to rap but i keeped it hiden cos i thought i would just be picked out when i do rap but now after i saw you videos i am now nearly most pouplar in my form because of rapping

  43. jules dacko

    jules dackoپیش 5 سال

    if you love Iggy kiss Iggy bangot

  44. jules dacko

    jules dackoپیش 5 سال