Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora (Teaser)

The official teaser to Iggy Azalea's new video 'Black Widow' feat. Rita Ora.
Directed by Director X and Iggy Azalea
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  1. TEN 10

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  2. Rashmi _123

    Rashmi _123پیش 2 ماه

    *September 2019* Why is this in my recommendations now???

  3. Arya InMyDefense

    Arya InMyDefenseپیش 3 ماه

    Omg! Wow!

  4. habdwl bwb

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  5. sam smit

    sam smitپیش 10 ماه

    Quién 2019

  6. R.A Khan

    R.A Khanپیش سال

    2014 moments.

  7. FlipzSZN

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  8. SweetXtract

    SweetXtractپیش 2 سال

    This didn't appear in the final video.

  9. Ameena Shafiq

    Ameena Shafiqپیش 2 سال

    I hope Nikki and Iggi do a song together so you people can realize that they are naturally different. But it is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. Larry Wan

    Larry Wanپیش 2 سال

    It's 2017 but the song is still awesome

  11. Gabriel Tenheri

    Gabriel Tenheriپیش 2 سال

    I gonna love you Until you hate me And I go show u What is really crazy

  12. Follower Of Duck

    Follower Of Duckپیش 2 سال

    Whos here after watching the music video

  13. Emma Mazza

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  14. Giac Mo

    Giac Moپیش 2 سال

    love doctor nice day guarderia murcia ltunes docs.google.com/document/d/1SMKwU9dObrYGj02hxu-1Akpm_BaxPAPtzExAwsSaDNA

  15. Ashleyy Mituss

    Ashleyy Mitussپیش 2 سال

    yess tell um

  16. Joke_Sar Julio César Herrera Arroyo

    Joke_Sar Julio César Herrera Arroyoپیش 2 سال

    y yo me pregunto: ¿Qué tiene que ver el teaser con el video? :V

  17. uv glow

    uv glowپیش 3 سال

    I love this song

  18. Martin Reiter

    Martin Reiterپیش 3 سال

    Elsewhere light afternoon gift debate wave.

  19. X. Yang

    X. Yangپیش 3 سال

    This song was suppost to be in Katy's album prism, but this song sound alike so she gave it to iggy for further music and they are friend now

  20. shooketh

    shookethپیش 2 سال

    Ong Xeng Yang really is it true

  21. what is

    what isپیش 2 سال

    Dumb katy cant even sing how can she rap no hating just telling the truth.

  22. Diana Manzano

    Diana Manzanoپیش 3 سال

    Wtf 😑

  23. Antonia Stylinson

    Antonia Stylinsonپیش 3 سال

    i miss my amethyst :(

  24. Frankie

    Frankieپیش 2 سال

    Antonia Stylinson me too!!!!

  25. Amerie Wingster

    Amerie Wingsterپیش 3 سال

    that was too short

  26. Justine Meyer

    Justine Meyerپیش 3 سال

    Omg exchange i really please "this #fashion :o)

  27. Pastelic

    Pastelicپیش 3 سال

    sexy bitches

  28. Fabrizio Aldave

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  31. Ann Grayer

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  32. mardochee bosse

    mardochee bosseپیش 4 سال

    iggy Azalea can make a hit song so ye

  33. Someone That u might not know

    Someone That u might not knowپیش 4 سال

    katy Perry wrote this song

  34. maria Eduarda almeida almeida

    maria Eduarda almeida almeidaپیش 4 سال

    Não gostei

  35. Hannia Haydar

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  36. ժɾҽɑɑ

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    My mistake 3 million people still bigger difference

  37. ժɾҽɑɑ

    ժɾҽɑɑپیش 4 سال

    I don't know why people saying iggy better nicki is followed by 9 million fans iggy has 2 million bigger difference

  38. h

    hپیش 4 سال

    Subscribers don't mean they are better, #1 songs do though...

  39. Girlymcgirlson

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  40. Melissa Pearce

    Melissa Pearceپیش 4 سال

    Your awesome Iggie

  41. All Girly

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  42. Yoneidys Castellanos

    Yoneidys Castellanosپیش 4 سال

    What the fuck is this?!?

  43. Angel Ramos Gonzalez

    Angel Ramos Gonzalezپیش 4 سال

    Jajaja sí

  44. Jordan M Crazy

    Jordan M Crazyپیش 4 سال

    Who else was disappointed that this wasn't in the video?

  45. Kelsey Hills

    Kelsey Hillsپیش 3 سال

    Your a piece of shit

  46. Kelsey Hills

    Kelsey Hillsپیش 3 سال

    Idk Bc it wouldn't be azalea style 😮🖕🏻

  47. Tatiana Mrv

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  48. DaPenguin

    DaPenguinپیش 4 سال

    Me i hoped it was like this style

  49. Actual Pancake

    Actual Pancakeپیش 4 سال

    @Jordan M Crazy meeeee