Installing a 2 Post Vehicle Lift - Kicked my A$$..
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Jimmy Oakes
PMB 169
61 N. Plains Industrial Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492


  1. Drew Payne

    Drew Payneپیش 18 روز

    do you have your man basket cert thoo?? lmao

  2. Ryan Gautier

    Ryan Gautierپیش 26 روز

    you need to put a dyno on that loading dock

  3. Jason Meeks

    Jason Meeksپیش 27 روز

    I think Jimmy fell off his lift

  4. Jason Meeks

    Jason Meeksپیش 27 روز

    I think Jimmy fell off his lift

  5. Rydnorth

    Rydnorthپیش 27 روز

    Come up to Toronto!

  6. phungman

    phungmanپیش 28 روز

    Stop lagging on the uploads

  7. Karan Bhatia

    Karan Bhatiaپیش 28 روز


  8. Pitti xD

    Pitti xDپیش 28 روز

    See you tomorrow... :)

  9. Thomas Dijkhof

    Thomas Dijkhofپیش 28 روز

    I have been watching your videos for a while now and I like your humour and the content especially nisshonda 💁🏿‍♀️ ecaude I would love to convert a car one day from a fwd to a rwd but why do never have plugs in your ears ?

  10. Blancheezzy

    Blancheezzyپیش 28 روز

    Gotta say, I found your channel due to searching for e30 content. Wellllll I absolutely love your channel and the crew. I constantly find myself smiling and laughing along with you guys! Seeing your shop grow and all your builds come together is awesome! Best of luck and thanks for being a bunch of crazy and talented guys!

  11. Danger Dave

    Danger Daveپیش 28 روز

    Breakin out the big guns.....50 cal hammer drill ! Hey! next time U pound in those expanding studs thread the nut to to be even at the end, then have one of the guys who trusts you hold a flat piece of 1/4 in. steel scrap on top with vice grips then use a real Hammer! "10 lb sledge" with a long handle bash the $#!% out of it....(they need the force to really expand.) and that way it wont bung-up the threads at the end and they will seat good. You never know when you might have to move one. : )

  12. Shawn ODonnell

    Shawn ODonnellپیش 29 روز

    if you don’t post a vid today🥺

  13. Gary Meola, Jr.

    Gary Meola, Jr.پیش 29 روز

    SDS Plus drills are no joke. That is a must have for drilling concrete. You need a bigger hammer brother !!!

  14. Demo

    Demoپیش 29 روز

    Gimme s13 content you fuckin goon

  15. Wayz

    Wayzپیش 29 روز

    Jimmy Boy with that New Lift! Finally Hyped for you man.

  16. Zach Vance

    Zach Vanceپیش 29 روز

    If you have any 220 plugs on that end of the shop there is no need to run straight to the panel. Lifts don't draw alot of amperage and when in use only in the lifting operation. Been running 2 lifts on 1 220 circuit with a straight plug /socket for awhile now and have had no issues.

  17. It's all about me

    It's all about meپیش 29 روز

    If no one has mentioned it.... at that distance of a run, why don't you just install a sub panel....

  18. Landin D.

    Landin D.پیش 29 روز

    Jimmy has officially put me on to Bonsai Trees

  19. mike tambini

    mike tambiniپیش ماه

    What kind of welder do yo guys use?

  20. Joshua Nading

    Joshua Nadingپیش ماه

    Next time you set anchors you can use the hammer function on the drill to sink them in instead of manually

  21. Marcelo Boosted 5oh

    Marcelo Boosted 5ohپیش ماه

    Hold the drill firm because if you hit a rebar it’s going to fuck your wrists up


    IDEALESSپیش ماه

    Wow I've missed a lot. When d'you get the new garage?

  23. Mark J

    Mark Jپیش ماه

    Thats what she said. If you get it Like

  24. Dom leedz

    Dom leedzپیش ماه

    What fucking beat is that ... so easy but i love it hahahahahahahahaha

  25. unknown

    unknownپیش ماه

    Hopefully you grease the steel wires

  26. Rupert

    Rupertپیش ماه

    is it me or the camera lens has some small spot in the middle

  27. Lezly

    Lezlyپیش ماه

    Ive always seen you around in heaps of other videos an have no idea how i only checked out your channel recently. All these vids are MAD! So ive been binge watching and catching up on your projects 😂🤙🏼

  28. Bailey Bell

    Bailey Bellپیش ماه

    Bruh jip looks deadass like Nick colletti now I can't unsee

  29. An Old Man Plays

    An Old Man Playsپیش ماه

    Yay, now its legit when i say LOVE THE NEW LIFT JIMMY :) !!

  30. ikmal somadani

    ikmal somadaniپیش ماه

    08:00 can somebody tell me what that soundtrack is

  31. Gemidrift

    Gemidriftپیش ماه

    DJ with the Jordan 1 mids This mans has to teach the other boys about kicks clearly

  32. inglowrious

    inglowriousپیش ماه

    Gemidrift those definitely aren’t mids lol u should see the prices for those sbb’s

  33. Anthony Biggs

    Anthony Biggsپیش ماه

    You have to run conduit for that. And run larger than you need! Coming from experience it will be easier to pull wire... And additionally, it could be used for anything else you want to install. Compressors. Door openers etc

  34. TestarossaGZ B

    TestarossaGZ Bپیش ماه

    The pullies are why it can use such a small motor on a 10k lift. Add a few more pullies in the right places and you can lift the car yourself

  35. bluedub02

    bluedub02پیش ماه

    Where is the dyno going to go?

  36. Casper HVA

    Casper HVAپیش ماه

    That fresh cut though

  37. TUAMAN

    TUAMANپیش ماه

    Show us your haircut Jimmy! Glad you waited patiently for a much better quality lift and that it's finally in. Always great seeing the guys & Steph'e too. Up & up Jimmy, half a mil subs soon I reckon.

  38. Frosty Inc.

    Frosty Inc.پیش ماه

    Should definitely turn the loading dock into a manline👀

  39. David Oconnell

    David Oconnellپیش ماه


  40. Mr Omagachi

    Mr Omagachiپیش ماه


  41. This Is Mando

    This Is Mandoپیش ماه

    That's what she said🤙🤙🤙

  42. allen Lovelace

    allen Lovelaceپیش ماه

    So im thinking of doing a Ls swapped 2g eclipse gs any thoughts

  43. allen Lovelace

    allen Lovelaceپیش ماه

    Or a vq from a 350z grand touring ....dont worry its a roll over car

  44. Too Klingy

    Too Klingyپیش ماه

    Where'd Steff go

  45. scott tim

    scott timپیش ماه

    Hell yeah! This years content is gonna be savage

  46. Raysean Toney

    Raysean Toneyپیش ماه

    My boi donald in the back blowing it dowwn😂🔥 waved the smoke after i was lmao

  47. Nick Doescher

    Nick Doescherپیش ماه

    It’s called a rotor hammer

  48. thejunky1

    thejunky1پیش ماه

    Is anyone else that knows sketched out by the depth the anchors grabbed at? Trick is to thread the nut on first, and drive that sumbitch til the nut is down almost tight. Not knowing the concrete, if the anchors wedged to close to the surface you could pop the concrete and the lift will tip over with a load on it. Especially if you were to throw a long wheel base on there that was really nose or tail heavy.

  49. Gage Osborn

    Gage Osbornپیش ماه

    Jimmy did you get a hair cut?? Always gotta notice when babe is looking fresh AF

  50. Brad Klamp

    Brad Klampپیش ماه

    I've had issues with using wife configurations on lifts, some trucks and SUVs just will not comply and it ends up being very sketchy. It's definatly a pinch weld only configuration 😂 good work Jimmy and gang!

  51. Robbie

    Robbieپیش ماه

    When you use a concrete anchor your suppose to have a bolt on top just for next time.

  52. Matthew Zizzo

    Matthew Zizzoپیش ماه

    Song Is : "What Color Is The Sky by _91nova" ...... use Shazam people!!!

  53. mike h

    mike hپیش ماه

    I just wanted to know if it's going to work on small cars being extended like that usually has for oversized vehicles not Honda hopefully the arms extend far enough

  54. Robert_4130

    Robert_4130پیش ماه

    How many went back to see the face he made?!?

  55. Cody Reddish

    Cody Reddishپیش ماه

    The boof pack

  56. Carter Fab

    Carter Fabپیش ماه

    It actually wedges when you tighten up the nut!!!!

  57. HBH Official

    HBH Officialپیش ماه

    I need that hoodie 😭

  58. Mike

    Mikeپیش ماه

    Is it just me or does jimmy wear the same tightest faded jeans erryday?

  59. mongoloid

    mongoloidپیش ماه

    Mike learn proper English first but yes he does wear the same skin tights on the daily

  60. Lain Burgess

    Lain Burgessپیش ماه

    Daddy Oaks with the fresh fade and beard trim🥵

  61. Sam Sanderson

    Sam Sandersonپیش ماه

    “Always measure from the base” 😂

  62. marcusmcmeekin1

    marcusmcmeekin1پیش ماه

    So happy for you guys!!! Dreams coming true!!!

  63. Michael Coleone

    Michael Coleoneپیش ماه

    How’d I know you were going to put the top bar on by using the scissors lift 😂