KSI Reacts to Soccer Player's Tattoos

KSI shares his thoughts on the best and worst tattoos in FIFA, as well as the stories behind his own tattoos.

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  1. TrashBag

    TrashBagپیش 2 روز

    But wasnt KSI tattooed by a pedo?

  2. Bailey-May Walker

    Bailey-May Walkerپیش 7 روز

    Knowledge Truth Integrity kSi

  3. Tanner Woods

    Tanner Woodsپیش 14 روز

    Corny to tattoo yourself on yourself.... your only tattoos are your initials....

  4. Edwin Brown

    Edwin Brownپیش 17 روز

    I feel like ksi is getting bored doing these kinds of videos.

  5. Otte Visti

    Otte Vistiپیش 20 روز

    Digne has a Liverpool tattoo but plays at everton (Liverpool’s rival)

  6. Sgt_

    Sgt_پیش 22 روز

    they just got JJ on here for views! hes not a tattoo artist! i love him but im willing to bet that he would agree with me that he doesnt know shit about tattoos xD

  7. ThatFatGingerNut

    ThatFatGingerNutپیش 23 روز


  8. ThatFatGingerNut

    ThatFatGingerNutپیش 23 روز

    Bedroom experiment gone wrong

  9. ThatFatGingerNut

    ThatFatGingerNutپیش 23 روز

    What a fucking failed abortion

  10. ThatFatGingerNut

    ThatFatGingerNutپیش 23 روز


  11. Danny The penguin

    Danny The penguinپیش 23 روز

    Ksi: sees a tattoo of a lion *Babatunde wants to know your location*

  12. TGV TOX1C

    TGV TOX1Cپیش 23 روز

    KSI: I have knowledge strength and integrity tattooed on me that is my name Also KSI: y would u tattoo yourself on yourself

  13. Swoop

    Swoopپیش 23 روز

    He might get a down like that tat only about himself and i like the dragon ball z tattoo too.

  14. Infernus

    Infernusپیش 24 روز

    Where’s Radja Naingollan

  15. Infernus

    Infernusپیش 24 روز


  16. Agro mike

    Agro mikeپیش 24 روز

    He should 100 get that dragon ball snake dude on his spine that would look clean

  17. Ben R.

    Ben R.پیش 25 روز

    Yo hes still that shy kid 💚

  18. peter horvath

    peter horvathپیش 26 روز

    I swear the gun is an m16

  19. Jakey Trigger

    Jakey Triggerپیش 26 روز


  20. Scott Dempsey

    Scott Dempseyپیش 26 روز

    The holy goalie! Artur boric! 😍😍🍀🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪💚💚 he hates the huns 😋

  21. Left

    Leftپیش 26 روز

    Please please please, don't write soccer

  22. anonymous .03

    anonymous .03پیش 29 روز

    Ksi is on fire

  23. The Flash

    The Flashپیش ماه

    I like how he says “a tattoo on his leg, yeah” 😂

  24. Vagner

    Vagnerپیش ماه

    Were the fuck was zlatans tatoos

  25. Saakhi Navas

    Saakhi Navasپیش ماه


  26. Freddie Wilkens

    Freddie Wilkensپیش ماه

    ‘There is meaning to my songs’ Ksi - LA LAMBORGHINI LA LAMBORGHINI

  27. Theo Boss

    Theo Bossپیش ماه

    could interpretate sterlings like gusn down with his cousin or some or shoots

  28. mohammed alawadhi

    mohammed alawadhiپیش ماه


  29. SeEk _

    SeEk _پیش ماه

    KSI: Tattooing your self on your body is corny Also KSI: Has his name on his body

  30. Reshi

    Reshiپیش ماه

    lmao ksi is so done with press

  31. V7KO

    V7KOپیش ماه

    Cristiano is not on here cuz he donates blood ;) take that messi

  32. Blu Brin

    Blu Brinپیش ماه

    He sounds like when you talk while pinching your nose shut 😂

  33. Astro mf Kid

    Astro mf Kidپیش ماه

    Ksi: I want to get something simple that means something Also Ksi: yeah , so ima get a dragon ball character

  34. SXG

    SXGپیش ماه

    if it means something to him, why not

  35. King Tomo720

    King Tomo720پیش ماه

    I love jj but am I the only person who skipped through to just see the different tattoos? 😂🤣

  36. callum martinson

    callum martinsonپیش ماه

    King Tomo720 Ye you’re the only person dickhead

  37. Youngboy 23

    Youngboy 23پیش ماه


  38. Ali Raza

    Ali Razaپیش ماه

    2:46 If someone had a Nazi sign on that would be Red Flag. LMFAOOO

  39. Juancarlos Pelayo Official

    Juancarlos Pelayo Officialپیش ماه

    Jj: It’s kinda corny to tattoo yourself on your body Also Jj: Knowledge Strength Integrity

  40. DaddyKZreadytoPLAY

    DaddyKZreadytoPLAYپیش ماه

    Juancarlos Pelayo Official i mean the guy tattooed his own face and body on his body, it’s different

  41. ABoiiio

    ABoiiioپیش ماه

    Jj should get beerus

  42. TheMafio88

    TheMafio88پیش ماه

    Omg what a rubbish! FUCK THIS CHANNEL!

  43. ItzBrennan _

    ItzBrennan _پیش ماه

    This is so awkward

  44. Loki odenson

    Loki odensonپیش ماه

    Ksi is a boring cock.

  45. Loki odenson

    Loki odensonپیش 28 روز

    DXXNN his millions of fans are boring cocks

  46. DXXNN

    DXXNNپیش 28 روز

    his millions of fans disagree

  47. jakob king

    jakob kingپیش ماه

    I'm a Liverpool fan but I hope arsenal succeed in the future so ksi gets back into football

  48. robin97rv

    robin97rvپیش ماه


  49. Nika Tsintsadze

    Nika Tsintsadzeپیش ماه

    so enjoy the vid ffs dont complain

  50. Filip Zz

    Filip Zzپیش ماه

    No one: Ks: YEAH

  51. Leroy

    Leroyپیش ماه

    K: Knowledge S: Strength I: integrity

  52. Haydn Cooper

    Haydn Cooperپیش ماه

    REVENGE 😂😂😂

  53. Haydn Cooper

    Haydn Cooperپیش ماه

    REVENGE your welcome my g

  54. unaccord

    unaccordپیش ماه

    thanks for clarifying sherlock

  55. Haydn Cooper

    Haydn Cooperپیش ماه

    Leroy truth actually 👌👍🏻

  56. Housir死

    Housir死پیش ماه


  57. Jesse Cutress

    Jesse Cutressپیش ماه

    He don't wanna be there lol


    TANGY JASONپیش ماه

    1:30 Babatunde came out for a second

  59. guderrin

    guderrinپیش ماه

    That was fucking tragic

  60. Meme Plug

    Meme Plugپیش ماه

    Andre gray 🔥🔥🔥

  61. The Schmidt Anderson

    The Schmidt Andersonپیش ماه

    JJ - *has 4 tattoos* Inked - “We gotta get this guy on the show”

  62. theshabomb !

    theshabomb !پیش 25 روز

    Milos Marinkovic no there’s one in his right wrist

  63. Milos Marinkovic

    Milos Marinkovicپیش ماه

    @Unknown I forgot about that one thanks for reminding me :D

  64. Unknown

    Unknownپیش ماه

    @Milos Marinkovic he has a small xix on his wrist

  65. Milos Marinkovic

    Milos Marinkovicپیش ماه

    doesnt he have 3 tattoos?

  66. Jacob Armstrong

    Jacob Armstrongپیش ماه

    Ethan - *Has 1 tattoo* Inked - Ayo JJ can we get Ethan's number?

  67. ajgray21

    ajgray21پیش ماه

    Tf ksi on here he has like no tats and has no personality borning

  68. theshabomb !

    theshabomb !پیش 25 روز

    Dude he has 4 tattoos. Also he’s not boring he’s just bored of the interviews

  69. Inutsiaq Petersen

    Inutsiaq Petersenپیش ماه

    ajgray21 nah man they’re just using his name for views.. DON’T get mad at him get mad at them (inked)

  70. Tanya Maria

    Tanya Mariaپیش ماه

    Have to admit I didn't realize how Knowledge would represent JJ :D But now I see it like...life is all learning and growing and you should always be seeking for knowledge.

  71. Tanya Maria

    Tanya Mariaپیش ماه

    Yes one of my favourite channels and creator combined! Good job!

  72. Daniel Wendelboe

    Daniel Wendelboeپیش ماه

    KSI: “I think it’s corny to get a tattoo of yourself” Also KSI: *Has his own name tattooed on him*

  73. SHAIT

    SHAITپیش 22 روز

    I mean ksi isn't his name dumbass

  74. Haydn Cooper

    Haydn Cooperپیش ماه

    I was thinking he thought your own face or image

  75. • FloHN •

    • FloHN •پیش ماه


  76. Andri Snær

    Andri Snærپیش ماه

    Well to be fair KSI aint his real name its kind of his brand so i understand it, getting a tattoo of your real name or your face or whatever seems pointless tho

  77. Jon Verma

    Jon Vermaپیش ماه

    Daniel Wendelboe I was about to comment this

  78. Random Person

    Random Personپیش ماه

    There has to be something seriously wrong with you to get a tattoo of yourself. That goes way beyond arrogance and self love, that‘s a mental disability lmao.

  79. nasif siddiquey

    nasif siddiqueyپیش ماه

    People get tattoos of their own names and birthdays all the time. It's normal. It's a lot better than getting a tattoo of another person you "love" just to break up a month later. That's a problem

  80. hi im nobody

    hi im nobodyپیش ماه

    why is he reacting to this? what? out of all video...

  81. William Polano

    William Polanoپیش ماه

    The amount of interviews JJ has done after the fight is way too much.. I’m loosing interest in him slowly, he should pick more wisely

  82. JaxJax

    JaxJaxپیش ماه

    I don’t think he cares much about losing 1 fan 😂

  83. Luke O'Gorman

    Luke O'Gormanپیش ماه

    Wtf is this