Coronavirus Task Force holds news conference

Trrump, Coronaivrus Task Force holds news conference.
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  1. Giovanni Sanseviero

    Giovanni Sansevieroپیش ماه

    COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, is now the deadliest disease in the United States, killing more people per day than cancer or heart disease. Newsweek 4-9-20. Meanwhile, Trump tweets about his press conference ratings.

  2. Gary Wenzlaff

    Gary Wenzlaffپیش ماه

    Trump knew he screwed up to the American people.All the horses were out of the barn by that time is was to late.He still has an Ace up his sleeve.The game changer!!!!!

  3. Ethan Hill

    Ethan Hillپیش ماه

    I will never forgive folk who voted for trump.

  4. Debra Jones

    Debra Jonesپیش ماه

    The Orange Shitgibbon just needs to STFU and let the experts field this. "400, that's a lot!" What a moron.

  5. Amber Becker

    Amber Beckerپیش ماه

    Wheres the seal and flag???

  6. AdA January

    AdA Januaryپیش ماه


  7. jarchitect

    jarchitectپیش ماه

    So, you would put your trust in a president who cannot string 3 words together without sounding like a complete moron.

  8. Diego Debunks

    Diego Debunksپیش ماه

    Press keeps government accountable. Govt can make claims, but when triggered for being questioned there is a major problem.

  9. Ron Casey

    Ron Caseyپیش ماه

    Great job Mr. President screw you CNN Communist news network

  10. XcepTion CreaTions

    XcepTion CreaTionsپیش ماه

    Looking for that moment in the screenshot where everyone is absolutely not practicing social distancing...

  11. yarpos

    yarposپیش ماه

    tut tut, a distinct lack of social distancing when people enter the room

  12. John Doe36

    John Doe36پیش ماه

    If it's so dangerous why don't these politicians "practice distancing"?

  13. Ms. Jocelyn

    Ms. Jocelynپیش ماه

    Free the babies Trump!!! We’ve been waiting for years! Praise God it’s happening!

  14. Californiagirl

    Californiagirlپیش ماه

    Where is the seal???

  15. Michael Powell

    Michael Powellپیش ماه

    Reporters are Whoreers. The stupid questions make them disappear.

  16. Chris Kiry

    Chris Kiryپیش ماه

    Do the so called expert Doctors and politicians realize they have created mental problems and depressed people that will do more damage than the virus

  17. jarchitect

    jarchitectپیش ماه

    So its, I mean Pence...I mean Jared, uh, who's the virus czar?

  18. Khanh Nguyen

    Khanh Nguyenپیش ماه

    God bless America and President Trump , Vice President, and Americans 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Mark De La Cruz

    Mark De La Cruzپیش ماه

    How disrespectful Dr. Birx, calling by such an honorable label as Mr. President. Hey, wait a minute, HE IS THE PRESIDENT! Hey by the way, where's Hunter?

  20. Bobby Kephart

    Bobby Kephartپیش ماه

    Fake news is hoping for people to die for ratings sake.

  21. Donald Trump is a rapist

    Donald Trump is a rapistپیش ماه

    I hope u Trump Supporters kids die first

  22. Joyce B

    Joyce Bپیش ماه

    I watch every time the President is on...just to see if President Trump is going to rip some idiot reporter, and he does. It is funny because you would think they would get that he is no longer going to take their crap but they just like to make fools out of them selves. I laugh so hard when he calls them out. Great job Mr. President!

  23. Mark De La Cruz

    Mark De La Cruzپیش ماه

    Yes we know, we know Mr. President that you have common sense, something that Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and Rachel Maddow don't have. Yes Mr. President, we know.

  24. Andrew T

    Andrew Tپیش ماه

    Do as I say not as I do. How come these clowns are not practicing what they preach with social distancing and wearing masks? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  25. Donald Trump is a rapist

    Donald Trump is a rapistپیش ماه

    Trump bis a child molester

  26. Donald Trump is a rapist

    Donald Trump is a rapistپیش ماه


  27. Shawn E. Hays _

    Shawn E. Hays _پیش ماه

    I pray to God, that someone would give me a gift or invest in my idea, to invest or give about $50,000,000,000.00 or more to start a legal Federal Government Independent Army, three Federal Government Independent Army Banks, one Federal Government Independent Army Mint, a Federal Government Independent Army gun and ammunition manufacturing plant, Federal Government Independent Army jeep manufacturing plant, Federal Government Independent Army TV channel, radio station, and newspaper printing press and newspaper company. Anyone that would want to invest in my idea or give a gift to me can mail the check to me via USPS Certified Mail to the name and address below: Shawn E. Hays 588 Easy Street Mitchell, Indiana 47446 765-580-1786

  28. Dave -in-NJ

    Dave -in-NJپیش ماه

    BAN hydroxy from NY let the leftist media demand you release it.

  29. Jeff Schlarb

    Jeff Schlarbپیش ماه

    Says 19 hours ago, and it is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="708">11:48</a> AM PST So 6 pm Sunday night? California sending Ventilators to NY

  30. Shawn E. Hays _

    Shawn E. Hays _پیش ماه

    At sometime to get 50,000 Federal Government Independent Army workers to seize two County Courthouses in Hamilton County Indiana, in Noblesville Indiana, and to block off three bridges on both sides, and to block off the surrounding streets on four sides of the Courthouses, and to seize the Hamilton County Indiana Sheriff's Department and jail building, to seize the Carmel Indiana City Police Department building, to seize the Indiana state police building and land on East 21st street in the Indianapolis Indiana area, to block off East 21st Street both ways, to block off Interstate 70 both ways, to block off all of the surrounding streets, and to seize the Indiana DOT there to, to announce publicly what the Federal Government Independent Army is going to do, before we do it, and to shoot at the fake Indiana State Police cars there, to shoot at the fake Indiana State Police building there to, to seize whatever bank that has the Hamilton County Indiana tax account there, and to seize all of the money that's in that account, and to shut that account down. And to get the Independent Army lawyers at sometime to check the Hamilton County Indiana real estate deed books, and to look for Mike Pence's name and Bradley Grant Mendenhalls name who is a fake FBI agent, and other gang criminals names, that there could be fraudulent names on the real estate deeds, and to seize all of the real estate that Mike Pence and Bradley Grant Mendenhall own in the State of Indiana, and to seize all of the real estate that Mary Stanley's gang, Mike Pence's gang, and Barack Obama's gang own in the state of Indiana. And at sometime to seize the Indiana State Police building, Indiana State Supreme Court building, and other state Government buildings in that area, to block off the streets on four sides of those buildings, and to seize all of the Indiana University buildings and land in that area. And to seize the Marion County Indiana Courthouse, Marion County Indiana Sheriff's Department and jail building, to seize the FBI building and U.S. District Court building in the Indianapolis Indiana area, to seize both of the Morgan Stanley Banks in the Indianapolis Indiana area, and to seize the Indiana State Tax accounts, Marion County Indiana tax account, FBI and DOJ accounts and any other government accounts there, and to seize those two banks, and to seize all of the money that's in those accounts, and to shut those accounts down, and to shut those banks down, and to get the lawyers to put all of the real estate deeds to all of those government properties and those two banks, in the Federal Government Independent Armys name. To search Chase Bank building beside Morgan Stanley Bank office, to search HNTB office and Sales Force office, and to check all of the bank accounts there, to look for stolen money. To seize all of the bank accounts with Mike Pence's name on them, and all of the bank accounts with Bradley Grant Mendenhalls name on them, if that's the case, and to look for fraudulent names on the bank accounts and to seize all of the bank accounts that have fraudulent names on them, if that's the case, and to seize all of the bank accounts that belong to those gang criminals, and to seize all of the money that's in those accounts and to shut those accounts down. To get the bankers, Ph.D.s in economics, banking lawyers, accountants, engineers, lower ranking Generals, Lieutenants, and Seargants, to come up with a strategy to search those bank buildings and other buildings, to find a way to search the bank account records and to seize any bank accounts that we need to seize there, and to seize any money that will belong to us. And to get the Lieutenants and Seargants to search the bank account records, and to get some of the Seargants and Soldiers to block off the streets and to guard the entrance to the Chase Bank building, and to guard the streets there. To try to find any bank accounts here in Indiana, that have Mike Pence's name on them or Bradley Grant Mendenhalls name on them, and to seize all of those bank accounts, if that's the case, and to seize all of the money that's in those accounts, and to shut those accounts down. To check some banks in Carmel Indiana, to check them for stolen money, and to seize all of the stolen money that's in those banks, if that's the case.

  31. D J

    D Jپیش ماه

    Mainstream media exposed 👹 Obama and Biden memes 🖕 👁️‍🗨️

  32. Mit Hall

    Mit Hallپیش ماه

    If Boris croaks, it's on like donkey kong.

  33. Jose Bahena

    Jose Bahenaپیش ماه

    It's like watching an 8th grader do a presentation.

  34. simon templer

    simon templerپیش ماه

    Mr. President Sir and Mr. Vice President Sir ..With respect if you are watching these videos please reopen our country for business we are not children and know how to cover our mouths and faces when we cough or sneeze , know how to wash our hands, and keep distance from others when in public places. Let the Governors of places like NY NJ California, Minnesota etc. lock their people in their homes if that is what they want and the people are comfortable with it. But please sir let the people of the free states live their lives as true free Americans making their own adult decisions!

  35. Rpbert Butt

    Rpbert Buttپیش ماه


  36. BB

    BBپیش ماه

    Where is the Presidential Seal and the Flag???????????? Why are they gone????????

  37. Michael Ortiz

    Michael Ortizپیش ماه

    Execute treasonous trump and gop parasites

  38. SOS

    SOSپیش ماه

    I just noticed a telltale sign when Trump is lying: He blinks a lot while he's lying on TV. Funny but sad. Focus on Americans - sue China later!

  39. An Le

    An Leپیش ماه

    China plays grame or CDC,Nacy, BG

  40. Sandman 123

    Sandman 123پیش ماه

    Trump will cause another caos on this pandemic again with 5 to 10 years. I will vote BLUE so i can be more secure

  41. cheryl bertocchi

    cheryl bertocchiپیش ماه

    The chloroquine is working

  42. cheryl bertocchi

    cheryl bertocchiپیش ماه

    Cuomo cares about one thing and it's not the people

  43. Systems Integration

    Systems Integrationپیش ماه

    I notice that when the President came into the room the People of the So-called Press did not show the respect and courtesy to stand.

  44. Heidi Boyers

    Heidi Boyersپیش ماه

    God bless Trump! Trump 2020

  45. Judith Osorio

    Judith Osorioپیش ماه

    Trump's Coronavirus Task Force is a day late and a dollar short in it's response to this Pandemic.

  46. Catherine O

    Catherine Oپیش ماه

    Can virus self extinct? Burn out? Run a coarse and go like it came??

  47. Catherine O

    Catherine Oپیش ماه

    @Jeff Schlarb thank you Jeff

  48. Jeff Schlarb

    Jeff Schlarbپیش ماه

    They say heat and humidity are bad for the Virus, so when the weather warms, it will recede. But it will very likely be back in the FALL of this year. The Spanish flu was not that lethal the first season it appeared. But no one thought it was a big problem the first year...seasonal flu is a normal issue

  49. Lenny Taylor

    Lenny Taylorپیش ماه

    Who even listens to this peanut gallery, I get more info from Gov Cuomos briefing. When you republicans get control of this idiot Trump and have him sit the briefings out, they will get better.

  50. The PURGE

    The PURGEپیش ماه

    🤮Lenny Taylor Cuomo is reactive to the virus! Just give Cuomo more money, he’s an expert?? Haha 😂 Your here because MSMLSD will not cover the president! Your here for the truth!

  51. Don Emigholz Jr.

    Don Emigholz Jr.پیش ماه

    Soon the USA will be investing in sand because trump has a hunch....

  52. Don Emigholz Jr.

    Don Emigholz Jr.پیش ماه

    Trump invested in hydroxychloroquine? I am sure Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law) found out about this and invested heavily too.

  53. The PURGE

    The PURGEپیش ماه

    🌈Don Emigholz Jr. 🌈❄️ Who are you? Got your art degree (participation award) 😱 I guess that you measure your worth in the 10 followers! Haha Your extended family? Figured out who’s ya daddy?? Sorry for dropping to your level of insults and stupidity!❄️🐑🌈🐑❄️

  54. Don Emigholz Jr.

    Don Emigholz Jr.پیش ماه

    @The PURGE Who are you? How can you have no content and not one subscriber on you IRgos account? What are you doing?

  55. The PURGE

    The PURGEپیش ماه

    🌈❄️🤮Don Emigholz Jr. where’s your proof?? 🐑 This is your TDS16 opinion and your guilt!

  56. Danny Sullivan Music

    Danny Sullivan Musicپیش ماه

    What is brown and sticky? 👇 👇 👇 A stick

  57. Steve Simmons

    Steve Simmonsپیش ماه

    Thanks Mr President, for scolding the loser Governor’s and naming names, for under performing.

  58. ser45her

    ser45herپیش ماه

    There is more than enough blame to go around if everyone wants to look back to a few mos ago. Yeah, media was so focus on impeachment that they drop the ball for months. Media job is to go out and do investigative journalism and they did not. Trump was slow by around 1 week and then he quickly issue a travel ban. States was not prepare cause they never foresee this happening. Some major city did not enforce distancing and let crowd gather at beaches and public party events for a month. Yeah more than enough blame to go around. So what are people going to do going fwd..

  59. Jim Flagg

    Jim Flaggپیش ماه

    Trump you are not a Doctor to not subscribe to people. Please get your Doctor's advice before you take anything.

  60. Private Private

    Private Privateپیش ماه

    Covid1918 repeats itself. tRump will have the most USA citizens blood on his hands in history. Incompetent tRump trash.

  61. Private Private

    Private Privateپیش ماه

    Imagine tRump in a mask. Pig in a mask. 🐷😷

  62. Trump Blows

    Trump Blowsپیش ماه


  63. Trump Blows

    Trump Blowsپیش ماه


  64. Jeff Schlarb

    Jeff Schlarbپیش ماه

    At least Trump knows how many states we have....

  65. LPeskoran

    LPeskoranپیش ماه

    President Trump said, "We'll answer that question later.". (Why they don't open SOME businesses.). Seems there are a lot of questions waiting to be answered. I truly hope there's a reason for him saying that and making similar comments. Trying to trust. (Him, not them.)

  66. Terry Eagen

    Terry Eagenپیش ماه

    God Bless you and your team Mr. President! Handling the crisis and the ridiculous media at the same time!


    LINUX PHONEپیش ماه

    A second potential medicine? This is a good sign. Theirs probably even more to come.

  68. Pirate Dog

    Pirate Dogپیش ماه

    Task force yeeeeeeeah! dun dun dun doo dun dun

  69. LPeskoran

    LPeskoranپیش ماه

    This is petty, I know, but WHY does she wear a scarf every single day?


    LINUX PHONEپیش ماه

    Rather than complaining all the time, why don't these journalist offer some tips and ideas themselves.

  71. Debra Jones

    Debra Jonesپیش ماه

    @LINUX PHONE No, he's stroking his big pharma buddies. Doctors are analyzing the blood plasma of coronavirus survivors, those who have built up an immunity. Scientists are doing research. THESE are the ones who are actually doing something. Malaria meds do not help COVID-19.


    LINUX PHONEپیش ماه

    @Debra Jones he's looking into actual drugs to help cure the virus. The msm are just complaining but offering nothing.

  73. Debra Jones

    Debra Jonesپیش ماه

    WINDOWS PHONE Coz Trump doesn't listen to Drs., Scientists, or Generals, he snipes reporters every chance he gets. Get real.

  74. Richard Russell

    Richard Russellپیش ماه

    MAGA! Mass American Graves Ahead.... Come 11/3 I'll be voting for Joe.

  75. JB6789

    JB6789پیش ماه

    Important to note, ventilators require beds with O2 and Air return lines PLUS a Ventilator Technician. Under Cuomo, hospital beds were significantly reduced in NYS during his tenure and NY ventilator purchases cancelled back in 2016. This corrective action by the FED government to urgently support NY citizens cannot be done overnight. Cuomo needs to own his F-up.

  76. Black Death

    Black Deathپیش ماه

    Look our economy was the best 3 weeks ago. The best. The best ever. The best in the world. We have to get back to work. My filthy rich friends are really taking a hit right mean people are taking a hit right now. We have to get back to work now regardless of the body count. Money is the only thing that matters. Did Trump say this today? I can't watch the whole thing.

  77. Letheification

    Letheificationپیش ماه

    It's amazing that Fox would air people contradicting all of traitortrump™'s lies.

  78. The PURGE

    The PURGEپیش ماه

    Where’s your proof? You’re positive for TDS16, prove you are not!

  79. Norman Alvarez

    Norman Alvarezپیش ماه

    Shut up Democrat

  80. ThaYoutubeBigWig

    ThaYoutubeBigWigپیش ماه

    How come mentions indomethacin....reduces some corona viruses like sars X some study..have to take it at onset

  81. Aaron Gatti

    Aaron Gattiپیش ماه


  82. Marcus

    Marcusپیش ماه

    TYT are reporting that the imbecile Trump is planning to golf at his course in Virginia while thousands of Americans are dying

  83. Sonday Hermann

    Sonday Hermannپیش ماه

    How dare you put people's life still in danger when you don't have a cure for the coronavirusand you going to open everything back up and spread it more and take more innocent life

  84. PackCat

    PackCatپیش ماه

    Big Pharma companies are heart-broken that a cheap already approved Malaria medication nips C-virus in the bud. They are now studying the virus to see if they can produce a more resistant strain.

  85. XY-Dracht Enterprises

    XY-Dracht Enterprisesپیش ماه

    circle ⭕️ jerks

  86. Sonday Hermann

    Sonday Hermannپیش ماه

    Donald Trump when you make an order to make everybody wear masks why don't you go by by the rules to

  87. Sonday Hermann

    Sonday Hermannپیش ماه

    You don't even have a cure for the coronavirus but you want to open everything back up and spread it again

  88. Daniel Jansen

    Daniel Jansenپیش ماه

    From Canada ten bucks that you voted Democrat

  89. YouKnow Who

    YouKnow Whoپیش ماه

    Very Good

  90. Randall Bermudez

    Randall Bermudezپیش ماه

    Donald Trumps trade war will lead to a recession.

  91. Randall Bermudez

    Randall Bermudezپیش ماه

    Donald Trumps policies will lead to a recession.

  92. Nikolai Mikhail

    Nikolai Mikhailپیش ماه

    Even the Dr Fauchi is touching ans rubbing his hands on the unsanitized uniform of the Military officer, when pushing others for social distancing, face mask etc... What a hypocrite 🤝🤯

  93. Machiavelli Plato

    Machiavelli Platoپیش ماه

    FACT, TO-DATE: USA: TOTAL INFECTED: 336, 851, DEATHS: 9,620 These are the cold hard statistics of the dereliction of duty of this president who is totally unfit and inept for office. He is way over his head and out of his depths. He has been dissembling about the crisis while America burns. All he cares about is his beautiful numbers, the dow index, employment data and all the while his eye was on his reelection. He has put Americans in harm's way.

  94. The PURGE

    The PURGEپیش ماه

    🤮❄️🦠Machiavelli Plato🌈🐑 Get a GD and understand-what a tool you are! TDS16 is your moral malfunction!

  95. Tena Barnes

    Tena Barnesپیش ماه

    all the idiot reporters asking why Fauci and Trump wrre not wraring face masks, yet not one of the reporters had face madks on, and by the way no one asks Cuomo why he doesn't wear a face mask!

  96. Degal 76

    Degal 76پیش ماه

    Got to love the power of stupid media. These questions and then the reports, especially about medication. Doctors are seeing and reporting on the results and they just Trump in every report they do as not being a doctor, yet the media is pretending they are scientists and doctors. They do not wear masks, no gloves and shove dirty microphones in ppl face. Are the media also spreading the virus with dirty mics along with their false reports?