Lucas the Spider - Jumping Spider

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for Lucas the Spider and all of you who love him! What are you thankful for?
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  1. W0LF B3AT5

    W0LF B3AT5پیش 5 ساعت

    “Other times I feel like a ‘boop’ spider.” That word “boop” in that sentence almost made me melt. 😙

  2. John Deacon

    John Deaconپیش 5 ساعت

    I'm arachnophobic Help

  3. Zap 0909Y

    Zap 0909Yپیش 6 ساعت

    Animal's Childhood

  4. Dasnd Vid 13

    Dasnd Vid 13پیش 6 ساعت

    He is awesome no spider on earth try’s to hurt anyone people just needs to understand that

  5. Victor Bugarin

    Victor Bugarinپیش 7 ساعت

    He looks like it's a baby recluse.

  6. Thief Master

    Thief Masterپیش 7 ساعت

    Что это делает у меня в рекомендациях?

  7. I Like Peas

    I Like Peasپیش 7 ساعت

    Awwwww cute 😍

  8. Ryan Robertson

    Ryan Robertsonپیش 7 ساعت

    Lucas is running out of ideas


    GALAXY CATپیش 8 ساعت

    My mom made me wacth this to get over my fear of spiders

  10. Games andsuch461

    Games andsuch461پیش 8 ساعت

    After watching a lot of creepy videos I felt like Lucas was going to eat the fly.... I'm sorry for thinking that🤯

  11. Temple gefre

    Temple gefreپیش 8 ساعت

    My heart ❤️

  12. Elsa Strawberrywalker

    Elsa Strawberrywalkerپیش 8 ساعت

    What the heck is this? Why YT do this to us? Stupid COPPA. Now YT will become a child paradise. I mean, I’m 14. Well, Idk... wut the heck is COPPA, then..?

  13. guazon torino

    guazon torinoپیش 8 ساعت

    Yo al recibir está recomendación -Valió la pena- -Valio cada maldito segundo-

  14. Jiwon's nutritious millets

    Jiwon's nutritious milletsپیش 9 ساعت

    I come here to purify my soul once in a while.

  15. Nathan Stafford

    Nathan Staffordپیش 9 ساعت

    You should make videos more like your older ones. I like those more

  16. Thehider 1234567

    Thehider 1234567پیش 9 ساعت


  17. Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen

    Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogenپیش 10 ساعت

    I'm pretty sure he is a rabid wolf spider


    DEIMOS DA KINGپیش 12 ساعت

    Lucas looks cute as hell

  19. meow meow kitty

    meow meow kittyپیش 14 ساعت

    oh no i just realized coppas gonna kill it NOOOOOOOOOO

  20. Ferslev

    Ferslevپیش 14 ساعت

    I just realized Every video lucas gets bigger and more hairy O-o

  21. LegoSonic SpinDash2.0

    LegoSonic SpinDash2.0پیش 14 ساعت

    The people who dislike any of these videos are absolute DEMONS!

  22. Sebastián Meza

    Sebastián Mezaپیش 14 ساعت

    Oh, shit SPIDER

  23. ETPS

    ETPSپیش 14 ساعت

    This is the _only_ spider that I would allow in my home. And this is coming from an arachnophobe.

  24. José de Jesus Cano Vázquez

    José de Jesus Cano Vázquezپیش 15 ساعت

    Me encanta Lucas!😊

  25. •Cuter Annie•

    •Cuter Annie•پیش 16 ساعت

    Awwww Cute!! ^^

  26. railracer222

    railracer222پیش 17 ساعت

    I may fear bugs, but Lucas I adore. He’s cuter that baby yoda!

  27. Ellittey Kitty

    Ellittey Kittyپیش 17 ساعت

    I swear if anyone hurts him I am going to come after you and make you pay, make you sorry and love him.

  28. railracer222

    railracer222پیش 17 ساعت

    I may fear bugs, but Lucas I adore. He’s cuter that baby yoda!

  29. Kazimir Sucks

    Kazimir Sucksپیش 18 ساعت

    What about hunger spider?

  30. EinfachNurEva 1

    EinfachNurEva 1پیش 18 ساعت

    I imagine my kids growing up watching this as series.

  31. Bekah Cassidy

    Bekah Cassidyپیش 20 ساعت

    That spider’s so cute!

  32. Mr. Goose

    Mr. Gooseپیش 20 ساعت

    Lucas.... you’r gonna live maybe one day...

  33. Saint Pony

    Saint Ponyپیش 20 ساعت

    Lucas so cute!

  34. KzCreationz & More

    KzCreationz & Moreپیش 20 ساعت

    Am I too old for Lucas? Probably Do I care? Nope. BOOP!

  35. Gaming is Life

    Gaming is Lifeپیش 21 ساعت

    Why spider doesnt killed the fly

  36. edible0pig

    edible0pigپیش 21 ساعت

    I expected right up until the end that Lucas would identify himself as a killing spider, and proceed to devour that fly by paralysing it with venom and dissolving its innards. This did not happen, and I'm disapointed.

  37. Syaza Adni

    Syaza Adniپیش 21 ساعت

    I wish all spiders cute like this

  38. A Man From Nowhere

    A Man From Nowhereپیش 22 ساعت

    Nice try, i still hate those things

  39. 잠꾸랭이

    잠꾸랭이پیش 22 ساعت

    나만 징그러워..?

  40. unnou.

    unnou.پیش 23 ساعت