Luh Kel & IV Jay - Tweakin (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Tweakin" by Luh Kel & IV Jay.
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Song Produced by Dinuzzo & Xone
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You got me tweakin’ (tweakin’)
All in my feelings
Ohh but I like it (yea)
I can’t deny it (yea)
You know what you doing
Brain Like a Bruin
Ohh you be wildin
When I’m inside it
No cappin you got me
Your face and your body
It drive me insane
I’m sending your pictures
To all of my n****s
Like that’s my bae
And I never felt this way
Ohh bae
Ohh she got me open
Her Nina fully loaded
The way it’s killing me
Ohh Murda yea she wrote it
I’m swimming to the bottom
Uhh when I’m in your ocean
And don’t you ever leave
No I can’t see you going
Girl you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know I need it
Girl you got me feenin’
And you got me tweakin
And all your love yea you know ooo I need it
It’s all day and all night
You stay on my mind
Girl you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know ooo I need it

Tell me you going to ride for me
spend some time with me
Say you trynna be my everything
then thats fine with me
I aint never going to lie to you
so don't you lie to me
know you can have my heart if
you just treat it properly
cause I aint never felt this way
you really doing something to me
im feenin, im tweaking ,im doing the most tonight
im not going to lie , im scared that you aint mine
baby keep it real , do you run the game
tell me if theres other girls up in your face
cause they could never have you cause I have you
and I aint one to brag boo but I have too
Girl you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know I need it
Girl you got me feenin’
And you got me tweakin
And all your love yea you know I need it
It’s all day and all night
You stay on my mind
Girl you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know I need it
When I feel alone I know baby you'll help
know that you don't need nobody else I know you well
Sometimes I be tweakin and don't trip on how you feel
I rather be with you because I'm no good by myself
Boy you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know I need it
Girl you got me feenin’
And you got me tweakin
And all your love yea you know I need it
It’s all day and all night
You stay on my mind
Girl you got me feenin’
Got me in the deep end
And all your love yea you know I need it
Director: Brilliant Garcia
Executive Producers: Edgar Esteves, Adam Ben, JonnyShipes
Production Company: Blanksquare Productions
Producers: Kalani Kelly & Joshua Valle
Video Commissioner: Adam Ben
Dancers: Devon Daniels, Shareef Jamal, Aahkilah Cornelius, Milena Andebrhan
DP: Neema Sadeghi
1st AC: Connor Lambert
2nd AC: Kourosh Farhangi
Steadicam: Nick Serabyn
1st AD: Izzy Hameed
2nd AD: Chris Rouse
Key PA: Angel Vaughn
Production Designer: Gaby LaRosa
Art PA: Alex Sampson
Art PA: Quinton Cameron
DIT/Playback: Austin McCracken
Gaffer: Sebastien Nuta
Key Grip: Sean Hunt
Grip: Caleb Blakey
Board OP: Chris Van Lieshout
Swing: Michael Proa
Swing: Vito Lyles
Makeup artist: Nikko Anthony
Styling: Jenna Demaio and Busy Rivera
Production Assistant: Quinn Fernandez
Edited: by Joan Pabon
Colorist: Dylan Hageman
VFX: Scissor Films
Camera Rental: LCA Rentals
Labels: Cinematic Music Group & Atlantic Records
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