Maddow to Trump: You Had One Job. Virus Response Needs Competent Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow points out for Donald Trump the failures of the George W. Bush administration in dealing with the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and encourage him to recognize his own administration's fecklessness as COVID-19 is killing thousands of Americans and put someone competent in charge of the federal response. Aired on 4/3/20.
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Maddow to Trump: You Had One Job. Virus Response Needs Competent Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



    ORRIOL BOHIGASپیش 3 روز

    If Trump had not stop the flights from china, there would be 10 times more deaths. And guess which politicians were against that measure, dear Madcow ?.....

  2. Tony Reyna

    Tony Reynaپیش 6 روز appears change is coming>

  3. Mankalaza Tsiry

    Mankalaza Tsiryپیش 7 روز

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="827">13:47</a> very emotional. Tears in my eyes too

  4. Dennis Challinor

    Dennis Challinorپیش 11 روز

    I just saw the movie Capone and from my professional experience, it would appear Trump is on his way to a similar demise. Hopefully the sooner the better!!! I'm a hateful soul.

  5. Peter Grimshaw

    Peter Grimshawپیش 13 روز

    Trump had one job. To become president with help from banks and corporations to pay them back with our tax dollars.

  6. Bubbles

    Bubblesپیش 14 روز

    Trump to Maddow, you are fake news peddling a russian conspiracy theory for 3 yrs. Thumbs down are growing get used to it MSNBC. You are fake news !

  7. Koort Wallien

    Koort Wallienپیش 15 روز

    watch this for the truth.

  8. Ted Patriot

    Ted Patriotپیش 17 روز

    Extra extra breaking fake news, this dude isn't even a dude it's a chick, Rutger Madcow! How do you feel knowing Obama is a treasonous POS. He's a stain on the office and perhaps the death nil of Democrat party, the party of lies and sedition!

  9. Stephen Crabb

    Stephen Crabbپیش 18 روز

    Madcow shut the f up. Fake news MSN should fire you

  10. Russell Mitchell

    Russell Mitchellپیش 19 روز

    #OBAMAGATE. Your 6 viewers need to watch.

  11. Jake MacHine

    Jake MacHineپیش 19 روز

    Maddow is the biggest conspiracy theorist alive today. How many more lies is she going to spew out? It's OK for Chris Cuomo to waste a test on himself, but not the Whitehouse?

  12. Jake MacHine

    Jake MacHineپیش 16 روز

    @Franz Fanon 85, 000 is not a conspiracy, it's an outright lie. Hospitals are paid up to $39,000 for a Wuhan virus patient. If you go in with the flu hospitals are paid $6,500. Why have there been so many prominent doctors that have come out saying that the numbers are overblown? They are listing very test as a death. A person can be tested 3 times and they will count that person as 3 deaths. They have been caught already. Someone had a .55 blood alcohol level and died. The Wuhan virus was listed as the cause of death. The same with someone who overdosed with fentynal. Wuhan was his cause of death. You might need to read some real news to get real facts.

  13. Franz Fanon

    Franz Fanonپیش 16 روز

    How many Americans are dead so far? Is 85,000 dead a conspiracy theory?

  14. Jake MacHine

    Jake MacHineپیش 19 روز

    Italian population = 60 million USA =330 million. Nice comparison.

  15. Sister Anonymous

    Sister Anonymousپیش 20 روز

    Today is May 10th. One month ago we had 7,000 deaths. TODAY IS 70, 000!

  16. Green Man

    Green Manپیش 23 روز

    Donald Trump and the Republican Party are murdering the American people and destroying our democracy.

  17. Jon dow

    Jon dowپیش 23 روز

    'heavy metal magazin

  18. Susan Berry

    Susan Berryپیش 24 روز

    Thank you again president Trump for stepping up to this virus that's not even close to what the so called scientific expert's, who was pumping the gates, who,and China crap down our throats, good thing everyone doesn't watch fake news. Shame on all of youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  19. bucolis

    bucolisپیش 25 روز

    Rachel is hallucinating again.

  20. Gary Ha

    Gary Haپیش 26 روز

    MSNBC and CNN viewers spewing hatred show an eery likeness to subjects of big brother in 1984: "The party channels people's frustrations and emotions into ferocious hatred against the party's enemies" The more hatred they show, the more approval they feel they have. Thus safe from being on the receiving end of that hatred by others.

  21. Basketball Coach

    Basketball Coachپیش 26 روز

    Go Trump 2020 beep you Maddow, loser journalist. You piece of chitt spreading hatred towards the president of the United States of America.

  22. Zoukie Zouk

    Zoukie Zoukپیش 26 روز

    To all of you Righteous people leaving comments. How many of you voted for Abortion while voting to take prayer out of school. How many of you agreed with Obama when he said America is no longer a christian nation.

  23. Butch Dye

    Butch Dyeپیش 27 روز

    Trump is in office only to protect and help his business Cronies!

  24. Chris Musumeci

    Chris Musumeciپیش 27 روز

    Over million people die each year from mosquitoes. Blame pools, buckets, lakes, ponds, anything with water in it or better yet blame trump! Haha dummies #4MOREYEARS

  25. purple rain purple rain

    purple rain purple rainپیش 28 روز

    Trump has an IQ of 73. He is a greedy Moron.

  26. Reverend Lynda

    Reverend Lyndaپیش 29 روز

    Watching on from Australia. Tragic as the numbers of COVID-19 cases passes 1M and the death toll now past 60, 000 in the US. Rachel Maddow is correct, coordination of resources is the key and capital L Leadership. Other countries have done so and are stemming the tide of cases.

  27. Viktir E

    Viktir Eپیش ماه

    The President's ONE job is preparing and responding to medical emergencies? I didn't know that.

  28. Tom Diaz

    Tom Diazپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1163">19:23</a> Enjoy the epidemic? That is where this creep RM's mind truly is. I don't think she would care if 1 million Americas died if it would improve its narrative against Trump. He is getting it done despite her.

  29. MrBob1815

    MrBob1815پیش ماه

    It's now 10 PM, April 28th John Hopkins US 1,012,517 Confirmed CoV 2 + 58356 deaths. That's 2 weeks into the future. Are you scared yet? Even today, 2 weeks later?

  30. Kevin Wilson

    Kevin Wilsonپیش ماه

    Maddcow talking crap once again ! Because you dropped the ball as mayor of NY .

  31. Randall Paul

    Randall Paulپیش ماه

    Facts are required not your spin. Watch. Testing is in accurate I live in Italy. All most all false readings. Check your facts. Also they are listing almost all deaths ascoronarelared. Why? They receive funds.

  32. Douglas Nielsen

    Douglas Nielsenپیش ماه

    I got brothers prettier than Richard Madcow 👍 😂 🖕

  33. giovani paez borja

    giovani paez borjaپیش ماه

    NY not so long ago had donated exactly that ventilators. or i am wrong?

  34. Spirit Winds

    Spirit Windsپیش ماه

    A so-called Watchdog news organization that don't even have basic facts. Trump's doing better than any other leader in Europe in terms of saving lives. Take the UK for instance. They have 66 million people living in the UK and 21000 people have died from the Coronavirus. The United States population is 5 times the size of the UK. If we had the same percentage of deaths as the UK has we would have well over a hundred thousand people dead in America from Coronavirus. Simple math you bunch of dimwits!

  35. James Madison

    James Madisonپیش ماه

    She's been bitter since 7th grade. Navy hospital ship Rachel? Care to correct? No? Right, as you are deep state stooge liar.

  36. Felisha

    Felishaپیش ماه

    At the end of this video.... so true. We need better leadership. Responsible, brave people not going to hesitate but take charge and do what is necessary and that is take care of of the people. See to their needs and not ignore them as the gov has being doing, but take care of people.

  37. Felisha

    Felishaپیش ماه

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1196">19:56</a> "We have the worst corona outbreak in the world".... okay, just listen to her words. So true.

  38. joe cole

    joe coleپیش ماه

    At the beginning Maddow went on the Tonight show and claimed it was no big deal. Most people will get it and only 2% will die. Now she is claiming Trump is not taking it seriously.... There's got to be a Jewish saying for this.

  39. Gilbert Thomas

    Gilbert Thomasپیش ماه

    Rachel Madcow you are a 🤥 LIAR 🤥 at the Highest Fake Media Level . You have been totally wrong 5x Thousand Times. You should and Need to go to Jail.

  40. Randy Norman

    Randy Normanپیش ماه

    To all those that disagree with Rachel Maddow your just like Trump...NUTS

  41. Randy Norman

    Randy Normanپیش ماه

    They should build a wall around the White house to keep Trump out.

  42. Randy Norman

    Randy Normanپیش ماه

    Powerful to say the least. Good job. Everyone should watch this.

  43. TONG SO

    TONG SOپیش ماه

    선관위 참관인의 85%가 좌빨 골수 대원 인것을 그중에 정말 저질 3류국가 개돼지 들이다. 요은 진상규명을 따질 단체 기관 공무원 의원 등이 없다는것이다. 한국의 자유민주주의는 박근혜대통령남과 같이 죽었다. 선거로 빨갱이 세상이 명확하나는것을 또 다시 증명했다...개돼지들이 언제 선진 자유민주의 고위한 정신을 알겠는가?

  44. thomas kenyon

    thomas kenyonپیش ماه

    Where is the Dem leadership there is none Oh Biden ?

  45. Dion McGee

    Dion McGeeپیش ماه

    Are you suggesting that the democrats should usurp Trump's presidential authority and take over the federal government? Or are you trying to pass the buck because you don't want to acknowledge that the current president of the US isn't qualified to hold that office and doesn't know what to do? Doesn't know or doesn't care?



    April 24th we are up to 50,000 American lives lost and Counting. Today the president wants Americans to inject themselves with bleach and Lysol

  47. Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Mary Ann Zimmermanپیش ماه

    where does she get her information from Fake NEWS

  48. Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Mary Ann Zimmermanپیش ماه

    Gov Cuomo stated back on March 2 he didn't think the virus was going to be as bad as other countries

  49. Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Mary Ann Zimmermanپیش ماه

    I don't know where she gets her figures on NY total Hospitalization if you go th this link page down to daily counts click on hospitializations the total hospitizalization figures DO NOT match her figures FAKE NEWS

  50. Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Mary Ann Zimmermanپیش ماه

    If the Oil guys meet with the president don't you think they should get tested?

  51. Candice Monique

    Candice Moniqueپیش ماه

    I am frustrated that the "Greatest Country In The World" can't get rid of a buffoon of a President.

  52. Kevin Hanna

    Kevin Hannaپیش ماه

    Canada doesn't have a President. We have our own buffoon.

  53. billy john

    billy johnپیش ماه

    Do these tests and ventilators just grow on trees or is it like in the real world where they have to be made by someone and paid for by someone first? As far as I can tell the US is doing far better than Europe and has already spent TRILLIONS of dollars on relief packages. But the only thing we get from Maddow (surprise,surprise) is more stuff to blame on Trump. She then lauds praise on Obama, I guess forgetting that 60 million people came down with the H1N1 virus during his presidency MSNBC barely even acknowledged that then as they do not acknowledge it now. Obama did nothing during that time and took over 4 months after the WHO declared it a pandemic to declare it a national emergency, the hypocrisy is staggering. I used to like Maddow until Trump got elected, his election caused her to go off the rails though. She is now nothing more than a never Trumper no matter what the situation. It's shameful.

  54. Jason S

    Jason Sپیش ماه

    Maddcow, you should STFU useless reporter along with your cronies who pays you to say stupid things.

  55. Rob Devard

    Rob Devardپیش ماه

    Hydroxychloroquine and high doses of zinc will cure the coronavirus in 8 to 12 hours the president has already told you this and thousands of real doctors from around the world are backing it up but this traitor and MSNBC Microsoft National Broadcasting Company doesn't want you to have the Cure they want to keep you on lockdown until their boss Bill Gates rolls out his vaccine with tracking microchips in it

  56. Harpoon2theRescue

    Harpoon2theRescueپیش ماه

    Oh Richard, how stupid you are.

  57. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه

    The large cities have the most cases and the most people with venereal diseases. And the most on welfare.

  58. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه

    Most of "our" cases are in New York City where there are about 120,000 with HIV/AIDS which is an underlying condition. Liberals are lethal.

  59. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه


  60. keikoasmom

    keikoasmomپیش ماه

    Sorry, Rachel, Trump won't understand what you are saying. Too many big words. Command, disaster, response. If only you could be president right now.. .

  61. keikoasmom

    keikoasmomپیش ماه

    OMG, Rachel, thank you. How can I play this clip over and over? So many people ( thx to Trump and his minions) don't see what is happening-

  62. LaubowiebassMusic

    LaubowiebassMusicپیش ماه

    April 19th 2020, 40,000 dead.

  63. Shawn Mahoney

    Shawn Mahoneyپیش ماه

    ppl begging to go back to work but they'll get laid off cuz no ones gonna want to go shopping. watch ppl all the smart ppl will remain at home away from ppl. watch what happens when we reopen we haven't seen the effects of other countries reopening yet.

  64. Shawn Mahoney

    Shawn Mahoneyپیش ماه

    I'm not goin back to work I got 50k in the bank not workin

  65. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه

    I worked for the government and those on welfare are eating up cash as fast as they can and they don't work. The wealthy pay MORE taxes than their fair share. (See Wall St. Journal article on that subject). They also buy long-term care insurance for their elderly, while the middle class (even the upper middle class) put their parents on Medicaid when they run out of funds. Because they didn't care whether their parents had long-term care policies. The MIDDLE CLASS IS A NET LOSS. They may contribute, but not enough. Obama made the law tougher - Medicaid RECOVERY ACT. Now, middle class families have to pay back every cent PLUS INTEREST. They get bills for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And no inheritance.

  66. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه


  67. Claire Holtak

    Claire Holtakپیش ماه

    When a narcissist is permitted to lead a massive country.

  68. Lei Shy

    Lei Shyپیش ماه


  69. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Primeپیش ماه

    Because this is the worst president ever

  70. Lori Raf

    Lori Rafپیش ماه

    It took me a minute, but I figured out what she meant by "feckless"; it's an abbreviation for "fuk'n reckless". (Certainly fits.)

  71. Ericka Luo

    Ericka Luoپیش ماه

    She is professional enough to articulate out all points she wants to state and not crying which i am. It’s plain high school AP American Government material she constantly comes back, which the team that was empowered with most likely never took~


    ROSE DIAMONDپیش ماه

    Feckless can anyone understand her use of this word?


    ROSE DIAMONDپیش ماه

    Where there are no testing here how do you come up with 273,403 confirmed Infected? Youre Numbers are fixed. Its a total LIE! Go back and look at the real numbers not the cooked up numbers.

  74. Stephen colon

    Stephen colonپیش ماه

    Sir Rachel stop your gossiping maybe you should report for national enquirer, or maybe the sun . You quack .

  75. Anil Dimri

    Anil Dimriپیش ماه

    Rachel Maddow should ask Nancy Pelosi who has a more expensive Refrigerator and rich,it's sad the agenda if this journalist is dividing people and biased news

  76. John Lee Bass

    John Lee Bassپیش ماه

    Trump + Leadership Skills = 🤣🤣🤣

  77. taxiuniversum

    taxiuniversumپیش ماه

    That spoiled brat and sociopathic parasite in the White House has never seen one single day of honest work in his entire life. At over 70 years old, that won’t change - and he would not be able to build up the COMPETENCE his office requires.

  78. taxiuniversum

    taxiuniversumپیش ماه

    It’s amazing how over 6000 people downvoted this video. Must be those deluded Americans still following a severely mentally ill leader (malignant narcissism, look it up if you don’t know yet what this is). Or those Evangelical religious fanatics, who believe „being covered in Jesus’s blood“ is an effective treatment for a virus.

  79. Loreanna York

    Loreanna Yorkپیش ماه

    This young man is so dishonest.

  80. Ena Whiteraven

    Ena Whiteravenپیش ماه

    I know someone who predicted this before it happened. Here’s her latest video, with links to more info.

  81. Askar Niko02

    Askar Niko02پیش ماه

    All r u in tolol there is only in game . R they really death n fake death .???? R usa in game death but world outside there people really death in each country .

  82. Brett Loyd

    Brett Loydپیش ماه

    Maddow wears underpants w/ dickholes in them.

  83. Roman Ward

    Roman Wardپیش ماه

    My grandma used to say..."When you spank a child on the butt, you are just moving the brains back up to where they needed to go" Same pertains to the MSNBC and CNN reporters..they need their butts spanked and pushed back where they belong. Stop mocking president Trump!!

  84. William Baker

    William Bakerپیش ماه

    Laws and politics don't fix a MSM that hates America only revolution.