Derrick Carberry makeup masterclass for your 40s


  1. Youtube Viewer

    Youtube Viewerپیش 10 ماه

    I think the eye makeup looks way too heavy for her, especially under the eyes. Sorry but it's not a good look and actually makes her look older.

  2. Sally Mun

    Sally Munپیش سال

    Beautiful.... fuck the rest of the comments

  3. Mirjam Kramer

    Mirjam Kramerپیش سال

    I don't like fake eyelashes.

  4. Татьяна Рябова

    Татьяна Рябоваپیش سال

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  5. jason smith

    jason smithپیش 2 سال

    Honestly I am 40 and a man and I thought to myself I look better than she does. However, she is defiantly age appropriate.

  6. Brunetta Roveri

    Brunetta Roveriپیش 2 سال

    Tutorial make up over 70

  7. Lori Ann

    Lori Annپیش 2 سال

    eyebrows were awful. so fake

  8. Kelley Jacquelyn

    Kelley Jacquelynپیش 3 سال

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  9. Kelley Jacquelyn

    Kelley Jacquelynپیش 3 سال

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  10. Annie B

    Annie Bپیش 3 سال

    I like it a lot for an evening look. I can't imagine that much makeup for day to day wear. She is very pretty without makeup so for daytime she could do the brows, a touch of blush, some mascara and lip balm and look fabulous.

  11. victoria mogyoro

    victoria mogyoroپیش 3 سال

    OK let me just say something....contouring makes you look drag-queenie!!!!! it's too severe on a blond with light skin. the eyes look great though as do the lips.

  12. Vanessa Christidis

    Vanessa Christidisپیش 7 ماه

    🤣😂 you know me soooo we'll!!!🤣😂👍 hence reason why I try not to use too much make up and radical colours! Besides, this woman is grogeous, my eyelids are droopy and not as perky as hers! I would love someone to do make up on real women in their 40's and 50's who don't look like ex supermodel!! Really women, real skin, real wrinkles and all. Would love that...anyone up for that????

  13. victoria mogyoro

    victoria mogyoroپیش 3 سال

    this is more like it. see below link.

  14. SeinSein Hlaing

    SeinSein Hlaingپیش 3 سال

    Wow I like me too I'm 40 old




  16. Gerry Johnson

    Gerry Johnsonپیش 3 سال


  17. Stung by Samantha

    Stung by Samanthaپیش 4 سال

    Really beautiful!!

  18. StaciSch75

    StaciSch75پیش 4 سال

    This is nice, however it is not anti-aging. With a full windshield wiper motion on the upper lid you extended the outer edge to far. Giving it a down turn at the outer edges. This pulls the eyes down, closing them, and making them appear more hooded and tired.

  19. monymony68

    monymony68پیش 4 سال

    This woman is not over 40

  20. 7.756.935

    7.756.935پیش سال

    I'm 48 and I've never liked the sun, I was emo before emo existed and people is always shocked when I tell them my age. They say that I look 35 at Max. I think I have soon good genes too, my grandma who is 91 looks like 70.... I'll guess that I'm happily married since 29 years with a husband that never has dragged me down too. ,🤪

  21. TheLeigha72

    TheLeigha72پیش 2 سال

    40’s are not as old as you may think! lol

  22. Jelena Cuturic

    Jelena Cuturicپیش 3 سال

    Yes thank you @Kris Fritz​ 👍

  23. Kris Fritz

    Kris Fritzپیش 3 سال

    She is definitely over 40

  24. Jelena Cuturic

    Jelena Cuturicپیش 3 سال

    Hey @SEEINGtheLIGHT NOWandFOREVER​ im glad you agree & you're very welcome, thank you 😚

  25. Zanet Swartz

    Zanet Swartzپیش 4 سال

    She does.

  26. Phoenix Feline

    Phoenix Felineپیش 4 سال

    She would look great in a turtle neck, to hide the drastic color difference between face and neck!

  27. Kat Cymru

    Kat Cymruپیش سال

    Phoenix Feline Lmao

  28. Dawn Masters

    Dawn Mastersپیش 4 سال

    What wonderfully simple tricks, the end result was very good! One question: Is there a trick to slim down the appearance of puffy (chipmunk) cheeks?

  29. Ben Dniprowskij

    Ben Dniprowskijپیش 4 سال

    She looked beautiful

  30. Liz Torres

    Liz Torresپیش 5 سال

    Very nice and polished

  31. Shelley Anne Shorter

    Shelley Anne Shorterپیش 5 سال

    I see you used Mylar and Harmony but what was the contour darker shade used for the outer corner?

  32. momfrom NJ

    momfrom NJپیش 5 سال

    I think she would be prettier with less eye makeup

  33. chanelbeauty100

    chanelbeauty100پیش 5 سال

    Great and easy look,thank you.