Oppo Reno 10x ZOOM!

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom First Look & Impressions. Video made in Partnership with Oppo
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The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom features a 6.6 inch OLED display, a Pivot Rising Camera Module, Triple Cameras with Ultrawide, Primary and Telephoto with 10x Hybrid Zoom, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, MicroSD Card Support, ColorOS 6 (Based on Android P) and 4065mAh Battery with VOOC 3.0.

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  1. SuperSaf

    SuperSafپیش 11 ماه

    Nice and early once again #SuperSafStyle 😎 What do you guys think of the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom?

  2. Saint

    Saintپیش 6 ماه

    can you please try mi 9pro 5 g pls

  3. Ruben Campos

    Ruben Camposپیش 10 ماه

    @paul jones there's not many chips stronger than snapdragon 855 mate... XD

  4. Middle Fingers

    Middle Fingersپیش 10 ماه

    Bye bye stupid iPhones

  5. ShubZ

    ShubZپیش 10 ماه

    It's amazing 👍

  6. Luqman Khan

    Luqman Khanپیش 10 ماه

    SuperSaf hi can you do a comparison between this phone oppo reno and oneplus 7 pro

  7. Nikhil Chopra

    Nikhil Chopraپیش 18 روز


  8. Ishmael

    Ishmaelپیش ماه

    Now that's a nice looking phone.

  9. Elkana Muabe

    Elkana Muabeپیش 3 ماه

    Hey it the oppo reno zoom it have not earphones jack or pit?

  10. Japan Travel

    Japan Travelپیش 4 ماه

    Mas matindi pa eto kumpara sa iPhone X

  11. K4M4K4Z

    K4M4K4Zپیش 5 ماه

    Am I the only one who has realised every phone is the same every year with only slight differences that don't warrant the 1000 dollars plus cost. Glad I am not as foolish as the rest of these people. I will keep my 5 year old phone that works just as well for online tasks and phone calls.

  12. Manrico Ceroni

    Manrico Ceroniپیش 5 ماه

    Me ne sbatto dell'eleganza, mica lo devo portare a cena al Ritz, cazzo... questo apparecchio ha tutto ciò che serve per fare tutto in modo ottimale. non é una spesa ma un investimento. é 5G pronto ; significa che non lo cambio più nemmeno dovesse uscire il 10G col teletrasporto.

  13. Ali Aitimov

    Ali Aitimovپیش 6 ماه

    I don't know why oppo and iPhone 11 is same

  14. Eddie Masters

    Eddie Mastersپیش 6 ماه

    What is that os?!? I have an oppo reno and my os looks nothing like that. 🤔

  15. Talal Ahmed

    Talal Ahmedپیش 8 ماه

    Plz give me full information opporenox10 zoom-- camera & speed test & flash light** where is flashlight 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. ElmikoYT

    ElmikoYTپیش 8 ماه

    Earth 2 Flash is mad

  17. beyblade burst QR Cod Master

    beyblade burst QR Cod Masterپیش 8 ماه

    Oppo reno is better then oppo find x

  18. jerick nitural

    jerick nituralپیش 8 ماه

    very nive oppo reno 10x zoom😁😁

  19. Mukul Sharma

    Mukul Sharmaپیش 10 ماه

    Compare Samsung s10 plus with oppo reno

  20. Saiharsha Paladugu

    Saiharsha Paladuguپیش 10 ماه

    So sad 😭 😞 Got huawei ad!

  21. Balbisiana A

    Balbisiana Aپیش 10 ماه

    You forgot to mention the tiny round nob sticking out so slightly to protect the lenses

  22. Ronald Rhoi

    Ronald Rhoiپیش 10 ماه

    Zenfone 6 joined the group 😅

  23. Yasin Khan

    Yasin Khanپیش 10 ماه

    Why did you turn on the phone before using the fingerprint.

  24. Debabrata Tarafdar

    Debabrata Tarafdarپیش 10 ماه

    Would be much glad if you make a video on its in depth camera review with video quality.

  25. Para Noia

    Para Noiaپیش 10 ماه

    The military won't be using scopes anymore.

  26. راكان العتيبي

    راكان العتيبيپیش 10 ماه

    S10 or Oppo Reno?

  27. cabinet dog

    cabinet dogپیش 10 ماه

    I heard you saying offo and not oppo

  28. Mark Hart

    Mark Hartپیش 10 ماه

    Does it have wireless charging?

  29. Subuhi Shaakir

    Subuhi Shaakirپیش 10 ماه

    Price kya hai

  30. shivam vishwakarma

    shivam vishwakarmaپیش 10 ماه

    Amazing phone. The finger print sensor is too fast.

  31. shivam vishwakarma

    shivam vishwakarmaپیش 10 ماه

    Great photo but the os sucks

  32. Abdul Kalam

    Abdul Kalamپیش 10 ماه

    Price make this phone for choice of purchase

  33. Vineet Kumar

    Vineet Kumarپیش 10 ماه

    What ll be It's cost approx???

  34. Prabal Sharma

    Prabal Sharmaپیش 10 ماه

    it is 5g or not

  35. math's zombiee

    math's zombieeپیش 10 ماه

    Love opppo... Every time new look

  36. Arun Surendran

    Arun Surendranپیش 10 ماه

    aesthetically it feels weird in my pov.

  37. gods frame

    gods frameپیش 10 ماه

    Bhai put on accent kum maar ese toh angrez bi ni bolte h me america rehta hu nd hats off to u

  38. RG Rider

    RG Riderپیش 10 ماه

    Android phones are getting better day by day

  39. Diptajit Biswas

    Diptajit Biswasپیش 10 ماه

    plzz make a camera comparison vedio

  40. Arko Bhandari

    Arko Bhandariپیش 10 ماه

    Phone looks osam, specs are osam.... I'll definitely buy if the price is good...

  41. ankit rawat

    ankit rawatپیش 10 ماه

    WouLd much rather prefer side shark fin camera which could be open with thumb and also fingerprint sensor on the back...would be perfect ergonomic and useful rather than a gimmick

  42. ankit rawat

    ankit rawatپیش 10 ماه

    WouLd much rather prefer side shark fin camera which could be open with thumb and also fingerprint sensor on the back...would be perfect ergonomic and useful rather than a gimmick

  43. anshit yadav 2 yadav

    anshit yadav 2 yadavپیش 10 ماه

    What a nice phone and its camera

  44. Danial Khan

    Danial Khanپیش 10 ماه

    It's basically a OnePlus 8 pro.

  45. James L Manley Jr

    James L Manley Jrپیش 10 ماه

    is it Dual Sim?

  46. M SHK

    M SHKپیش 10 ماه

    One plus 7 pro vs oppi reno 10x zoom You think who win?.

  47. in Brooklyn keep loading

    in Brooklyn keep loadingپیش 10 ماه

    M SHK naw one plus only 3x optical zoom.one plus 10x is digital zoom which Oppo has 60x

  48. zima koiba

    zima koibaپیش 10 ماه

    In one video I saw it doesn't use zoom lens while shooting videos, oppo please fix that

  49. Lydia Luan

    Lydia Luanپیش 10 ماه

    Put it in a speed test between iphone

  50. Shreyas Puri

    Shreyas Puriپیش 10 ماه

    is the fingerprint reader ultrasonic?

  51. Gal

    Galپیش 10 ماه

    Thanks for the video. Once I heard it has 8mp sensor for the ultra wide angle I stopped, that's a serious deal breaker for me. Oh well.. Next.

  52. Arnab Roy

    Arnab Royپیش 10 ماه

    One plus 7 was a let down....But this is not.....Awesome phone. Killer look, snapdragon 855 ,48 mpx cam, 10x zoom, 4000 mah battery,voor charger ....What more do u want???

  53. samson karisa

    samson karisaپیش 10 ماه

    Is the international version out yet?.... Would like to win it

  54. Ibra Rutta

    Ibra Ruttaپیش 10 ماه

    This is better than one plus 7 pro.

  55. מוזיקה לנשמה

    מוזיקה לנשמהپیش 10 ماه

    language Hebrew is support?

  56. Reinaldo Figueroa

    Reinaldo Figueroaپیش 10 ماه

    Where can I get this phone I live in Illinois USA

  57. Nidalonso 86

    Nidalonso 86پیش 10 ماه

    1080x2340 screen resolution. 390 ppi (no 4K to enjoy the big screen) Deal breaker for me.

  58. Judge277

    Judge277پیش 10 ماه

    I'm not sure whether to buy the Asus Zenfone 6 or Oppo Reno 10x Zoom...

  59. vibe Maker

    vibe Makerپیش 10 ماه

    Vivo iqoo review please 💜

  60. michelangelo Chan

    michelangelo Chanپیش 10 ماه

    Can we have a camera comparison on this phone with p30pro

  61. Rahul Amin

    Rahul Aminپیش 10 ماه

    OPPO 4g hey

  62. Waqar Ali

    Waqar Aliپیش 10 ماه

    Which one mobile u use ?

  63. Vikingz. edits

    Vikingz. editsپیش 10 ماه

    Compare it to the Huawei p30 pro 📷

  64. Sebastian Stan

    Sebastian Stanپیش 10 ماه

    Huawei is gonna be dead in 3 months.

  65. Alok Meshack

    Alok Meshackپیش 10 ماه

    A little more objectivity would have been nice but i guess its a paid review so you didn’t have a choice

  66. Lan ti

    Lan tiپیش 10 ماه

    One thing error, camera pop out result shorter battery life, and dust get inside, oops

  67. D S Sethi

    D S Sethiپیش 10 ماه

    Nice phone

  68. Hmmm

    Hmmmپیش 10 ماه

    it's os sucks

  69. Bikkram Keshari Pradhan

    Bikkram Keshari Pradhanپیش 10 ماه

    Can it shoot slow-motion videos??

  70. Parveen Kumar

    Parveen Kumarپیش 10 ماه

    Wow, i thought u were oppo's representative. Perfect phone huh ?

  71. harmesh bhumbla

    harmesh bhumblaپیش 10 ماه

    I think u have sd 855 in yourself that's how u got it so fast

  72. Aryan Sahni

    Aryan Sahniپیش 10 ماه

    How much is the price of this phone, in india

  73. Aryan Sahni

    Aryan Sahniپیش 10 ماه

    How much is the price of this phone, oppo reno 10x

  74. Sra1 Kumar M

    Sra1 Kumar Mپیش 10 ماه

    Are you sure it's Snapdragon 855 chipset?? I think it comes with SD 710 10nm.. same as Realme 3 pro...

  75. Sra1 Kumar M

    Sra1 Kumar Mپیش 10 ماه

    @Santhi Kumari Janjam ok..

  76. Santhi Kumari Janjam

    Santhi Kumari Janjamپیش 10 ماه

    2 variants

  77. WhirlWolf

    WhirlWolfپیش 10 ماه

    That's a early look at Pixel 4

  78. R Rfor

    R Rforپیش 10 ماه

    it have back flash ?

  79. Shashank Shrivastava

    Shashank Shrivastavaپیش 10 ماه

    Amazing I was planning to buy one plus 7 pro but this time I very much disappointed from the mobile now I have better option thanks again

  80. Nidhish Dev Lomash

    Nidhish Dev Lomashپیش 10 ماه

    One Plus 7 pro's step brother

  81. Hottest Ass

    Hottest Assپیش 10 ماه

    So this fone is for camera n gaming?

  82. Soomi Sydhic

    Soomi Sydhicپیش 10 ماه

    Sorry. When i searched on amazon i get to know that oppo reno is powered with SD 710 only. Do oppo reno have SD 855 varient

  83. Giovana Samara

    Giovana Samaraپیش 10 ماه

    Why would search Amazon if you've got every tiny detail listed @ GSM Arena?! www.gsmarena.com/oppo_reno_10x_zoom-9654.php

  84. amir akmal

    amir akmalپیش 10 ماه

    The casing would be trouble

  85. Gimm Wolff

    Gimm Wolffپیش 10 ماه

    For those who wonder, OPPO has 60x zoom now with software update. check utube video now. search

  86. Mango

    Mangoپیش 10 ماه

    i need 2 simcard and sd card. :(

  87. Liridon Emsha

    Liridon Emshaپیش 10 ماه

    is it for sale

  88. ᏒᎪᏁsᎥᏦᎪ

    ᏒᎪᏁsᎥᏦᎪپیش 10 ماه

    Is this had Macro Photography ?

  89. mohamad nazhan

    mohamad nazhanپیش 10 ماه

    P30 pro more better xD

  90. Junaid Bari

    Junaid Bariپیش 10 ماه

    What a retarded User Interface... I hate Oppo for this only !😡