Paint Correction: Must Know BEFORE Compounding Car Paint!! ATA 201

The AMMO Training Academy is BACK! The 200 series is focused on the core fundamentals of paint correction to shrink the learning curve and increase your proficiency quickly. I believe the speed with which you learn a skill determines its value. If we can shorten the time to learn paint correction, the more valuable it is to your business or personal enjoyment. To do this, Kevin Brown and I focused on the core building blocks of paint correction and arranged the content in a simply and strategic manner to best absorb the concepts and demos. The first episode (201) is focused on how the paint reacts to heat and pressure from the polishing machines and pads. This is critical information to anyone "buffing" their car. Hope this sparks productive conversations! -Larry

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AMMO Formulas used in this video:
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Grit Guard & Washboard
Stanley FatMax
Rupes Paint Light
Clay Bar
Wash Mitt
Invisible Glass
Megs D300
Foam Applicator Pads
Foam Gun
Wheel Woolies
Tar Remover
Tire Gel Applicator
Festool Vacuum
Milwaukee Packout
Milwaukee 1/2 in Impact
Milwaukee Wireless Spkr
Milwaukee LED Light
Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Console
Milwaukee Fan
Milwaukee Rapid Charge
Festool Vacuum Crevice
Rupes Polisher 21
Rupes Polisher 3-in.
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6"
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6"
Rupes Bag
Positector Paint Depth Gauge
Mercury Spray Bottle
CR Spotless Water Filter
Megs MF finish 3"
Megs MF finish 5"
Megs MF finish 6"
Megs MF cutting 3"
Megs MF cutting 5"
Megs MF cutting 6"
Black Wow
Megs M205
Megs M105
Steam Machine VX5000
Elcometer Paint Depth
Scangrip I-view
Scangrip D-Match 2
Gorilla Gloves
Long-handled Window Scrubber
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen
Fight Tech Dust Mask
Carpet Brushes
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    Is it too soon to polish a one or two year old car?

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    Depends on the condition of the paint. Too many variables to give a simple yes or no.

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    Paint expanding and contracting under different temps, makes sense know, I guess if it didn't it would just crack. It's like a bridge, a bridge expands and contracts with temp changes as well as moves when you drive across it, if it didn't it would collapse. Thank you for making this video series, can't wait to watch the next one.

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    Hi Larry. I have been watching a lot of your videos and are extremely helpful. I have been doing a lot of paint correction with ceramic coating putting in at least anywhere from 16-20 hours. Although it is rewarding. It can be very brutal for your back and knees. I just started wearing the knee pads which helps with comfort. I don't always have the luxury of having the vehicle on a lift which would make things so much easier but when literally doing the doors where you have to be in awkward positions. Is there a better form or a more comfortable way to avoid straining your back or do you recommend something?

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