REZZ live 30 minute set


  1. Eros Lion

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    Wow just wow

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    i love uuuuuu

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  5. Future Cuts

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    If you like REZZ listen to Pax Impera x ZABO - Aftermath🔥🔥🔥

  6. Dylan Granados

    Dylan Granadosپیش 12 روز

    What does it mean Id-id

  7. Felix Pan

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    Damn.. I’d like a playlist

  8. pookandfoof

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  9. Caralyn Schwartz

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    All the right wubs in all the right places

  10. Mari Camarillo

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  11. Caralyn Schwartz

    Caralyn Schwartzپیش 17 روز

    I hope you recorded this PLEASE post to SoundCloud if you diiid

  12. 8th Myth

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    Didn't know Bloodhound knew how to drop the bass! I call upon natures wraith!

  13. Yasmin Bispo

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  14. Rob Rutkowski

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    Who put the ads right before the drop

  15. Leandro Mendes

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    [<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1000">16:40</a>] name please

  16. Robert Duarte

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    Here stuck

  17. jessica satan

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    I am so in love omggg great music ❤

  18. Michael Beebe

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    Please make more of these my queen

  19. Léon Noël

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    Does anyone have Rezz's Room Service Live Stream?

  20. C4K3 Seraph

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    I'm making a C4K3 for you REZZ 🎂

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    Rezz feeds my dark side 😜😩

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  24. Jennifer Sepulveda

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  25. Jennifer Sepulveda

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    lOVE I!!!! T

  26. Vanessa Haldeman

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    Fuck this is fire

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    She is a hot tamale that’s for damn sure

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    Yee yeeeee ❤️

  29. Ghoulin Rouge

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    She doesn't need to get bEtTeR qUaLiTy. It's REZZ.

  30. Nehilo

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    Thank you Rezz! Homeoffice became way better Right now haha EDIT: spelling

  31. Yano

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    quarntine+REZZ= this video

  32. Yano

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    alien songs be like

  33. TrueStory

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    I expect some fucking manic magic from Rezz if she is home by herself

  34. 13rian MF 13lazer

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    I absolutely love this set list! Your killing it and only getting better👾🙅‍♂️

  35. Katie Luna

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    Gosh, wish I were there front row, sitting on a bean bag. 😂 Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your night during this shelter in place, Rezz. Something about the eerie feels during the sets... DAYUM I'm very disappointed I missed this live. This won't happen again.

  36. Roy Loeffler

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    I Love You REZZ

  37. Andrew Muck

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    I Love You Rezz! ❤️

  38. YoungSquid64

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    Epic sounds! honestly it got me mesmerized @_@

  39. vanessa swerves

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    Woah what the fuck release the remix of into the abyss I SHIT MYSELF

  40. Rob Kle

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    honest answers only, how does this get to the top of youtube when i search "rezz live"

  41. Chiara Atoyebi

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    I love your music. Thank you for this

  42. bigmike1547

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    Love you space mom but 720p? Eh

  43. Chris

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    Scissor Queen.

  44. Mauricio Ossa Zapata

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    Eso si es oscuro 🖤🖤🖤

  45. Atnarama

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    Thank you for blessing us with this content 🙏💗 ughhh your Spring awakening set for 2019 Chicago got me tripping so hard 👽🤙🏻✨


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  47. cvcvcvnvbvb

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    No matter how famous, No matter how dank your music is, We are all connected by owning a mainstay 3 blub floor lamp. Stay safe.

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    this is...... i cant explain

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  51. Thomas Riehle

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    Was all set up for AREZZona, but excited to see you in july!

  52. Steve Ramirez

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    cannot get enough of REZZ. Any chance this video is in 1080p?

  53. M Homg

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    That drop at 2 min 🤯

  54. Riley Moore

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    “Enter the machine” ohhhh shit mfers😆🤘🏽💀

  55. hex warp

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    It would be awesome to see Rezz experiment with some EBM beats added to her mix or New Beat.

  56. Kittysophie OwO

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  57. RainbowDreams30

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    Idk if people can see it, but check out my Rezz playlist lol I have most of her songs I think..also, if I’m missing anything, please tell me lol

  58. xMCx

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="890">14:50</a> Why did she have to kill us with this SVDDEN DEATH id tho

  59. Monica Whitty

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    Thank you! Was gonna buy tickets to the Dallas show for this summer but don’t know when this crap will end!!! Can’t wait until I can!!!

  60. Antonio De la Garza

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    Ur a goddess !!

  61. Love & Musick

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    This stream got more commercials than the super bowl... wonder if it’s on SoundCloud yet ?! 🤓

  62. Phillip Rodriguez

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    I love her dance moves

  63. nachopooch

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    on lsd it looks clear

  64. nachopooch

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    @Mas Sufiani lol

  65. Mas Sufiani

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    @nachopooch omg you killed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    rezz sexy as f

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    Pro tip: When the video starts, scroll to the very end and press replay. Boom! No ads

  68. WAGS

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    Put this shit on blast the world needs to know

  69. Mas Sufiani

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    @Rickachu youtube junkie wisdom, i love it

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    I am in so much love

  71. Naturally Chaotic

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  72. Nevi1097

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    suprised more people didn't comment how awful this was... horribly visual and audio quality. Not to mention, she doesn't really do any mixing or even transitions the songs, just plays the next one :/

  73. Mas Sufiani

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    i will make it up to you , fytch apocalyptic special

  74. PCPherretZ

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1680">28:00</a> is the shit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2040">34:00</a>, also sick And yeeeah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2220">37:00</a>! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2490">41:30</a> ftw

  75. PCPherretZ

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    That headlamp is annoying AF - but the tracks are bomb AF :-)

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    amazing ♥️

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    snooze fest

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    No thanks......waf.... bullshit beatz.... Def skip

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    F*@$# YEaH

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    hi mom

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