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  1. Suzuki gsxr 600

    Suzuki gsxr 600پیش 14 ساعت

    I was thinking that was monster university lol;))

  2. Rudi Cricket

    Rudi Cricketپیش 3 روز

    Sidemen videos are just them sitting on a couch, having fun together, and getting millions of views

  3. Carolyn Harris

    Carolyn Harrisپیش 9 روز

    guys looked disappointed they didn't get to see Vikk do charades for the sexy part in sexyback XD

  4. Savage Msp

    Savage Mspپیش 9 روز

    4:58 Harry do be out here pulling both the lads 🤣🤣

  5. Tadhg Spencer

    Tadhg Spencerپیش 10 روز

    10:45 tgey went from 4 points to 6

  6. Bryant Wulu

    Bryant Wuluپیش 15 روز

    11:21 NIGGA IS GAY

  7. Shade Slayer

    Shade Slayerپیش 15 روز

    Bro this channel and its uploads are much better than the uploads on the main channel

  8. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachankaپیش 15 روز

    Can we talk about JJ and Tobi wearing the same colour clothes

  9. Apollo

    Apolloپیش 16 روز

    I hate Ethan, automatically Harry's fault because he is stupid to get smh

  10. Alva McBride

    Alva McBrideپیش 19 روز

    Just skip to 08:34 please....

  11. Missy Briggs

    Missy Briggsپیش 20 روز

    unpopular opinion: ethan putting his phone in his pocket is hot

  12. Damon Prasad

    Damon Prasadپیش 21 روز

    11:18 JJs laugh 😂

  13. Raymond Harrington

    Raymond Harringtonپیش 25 روز

    seems like all the ethnics have the same dress code

  14. NyaanTV

    NyaanTVپیش 27 روز

    I’m sorry but...... did he say cow and chicken ( which I love ) but do the theme song for Ed Edd and Eddy ???

  15. Zara YTFan

    Zara YTFanپیش 27 روز

    I love how jj and ethan say how bad harry is when he is the only one that guesses and does the best

  16. Chamal Mcv

    Chamal Mcvپیش 27 روز

    harry was good ethan and jj were bad at guessing

  17. Ispill Killz

    Ispill Killzپیش 28 روز

    13:00 who is that in the background

  18. Nick D

    Nick Dپیش 28 روز

    10:39 the score went from 4 to 6?!

  19. TylerDerpFace

    TylerDerpFaceپیش 28 روز

    I'm pretty sure at 8:32 JJ was singing the theme for ed, edd and eddy

  20. Ethan Bradberry

    Ethan Bradberryپیش ماه

    *Everyone always wears socks except JJ and Simon*

  21. Maya Singh

    Maya Singhپیش ماه

    Harry got easy ones and made them look complicated 😂😂

  22. Salem AL-ansari

    Salem AL-ansariپیش ماه

    Isnt anyone gonna notice the girl in the background at 12:50

  23. Mad Gordon Ramsay

    Mad Gordon Ramsayپیش ماه

    probably cleaning

  24. galindork

    galindorkپیش ماه

    Why does harry look so fake when he sits and gets up 6:18

  25. Charlie Fawcett Wilson

    Charlie Fawcett Wilsonپیش ماه

    At 16:33 Ethan was texting someone

  26. Mad Gordon Ramsay

    Mad Gordon Ramsayپیش ماه

    people aren't allowed to text anymore?

  27. Charlie Fawcett Wilson

    Charlie Fawcett Wilsonپیش ماه

    At 12:42 who is that

  28. Mad Gordon Ramsay

    Mad Gordon Ramsayپیش ماه

    a maid i think

  29. JustJess X

    JustJess Xپیش ماه

    I swear jj said dancing queen 5:56

  30. Loukas X.

    Loukas X.پیش ماه

    8:32 That's Ed, Edd n Eddy...

  31. Fernanda Castro

    Fernanda Castroپیش ماه

    This is ho much people love you the sideman ⬇️

  32. This person is a potato

    This person is a potatoپیش ماه

    How the hell did they not get Dancing Queen🤦🤦🤦

  33. This person is a potato

    This person is a potatoپیش ماه

    Saw this on someone else's comment and I want to help make it seen The Sidemen should do an IQ test and then guess who's results are whose!

  34. football crazy248

    football crazy248پیش ماه

    5:58 JJ said Dancing Queen 😂

  35. NoLoaf

    NoLoafپیش ماه

    Is nobody gonna talk about josh succing

  36. Whyman1993

    Whyman1993پیش ماه

    Monster is hard to do as there’s so many kinds of monsters 😂

  37. Qadu Gaming

    Qadu Gamingپیش ماه

    Simon with the toothpick legs 😂😂🤣

  38. Emily Caldwell-Ley

    Emily Caldwell-Leyپیش ماه

    Y’know, I got pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl straight after JJ did a pirate, probably the most proud I’ve ever been ngl😂

  39. Tecca.

    Tecca.پیش ماه

    0:32 Wakanda Forever


    APØSTLEپیش ماه

    K so no one's talking about 6:20 lol

  41. Denzelvc

    Denzelvcپیش ماه

    Look they put a emoji of JJ im megamind

  42. Toby 06

    Toby 06پیش ماه

    You already know everyone’s gonna comment about tobi copying jj bandana

  43. Harry Videoz

    Harry Videozپیش ماه

    Should do this again

  44. Zxro

    Zxroپیش ماه

    When you’re guessing, your team is having a hard time, and then you guess it right 😎 that’s a good feeling right there

  45. Fishy_

    Fishy_پیش ماه

    Can I just say I guessed ever one of Harry’s, Ethan and JJ are just thick in the skull

  46. This person is a potato

    This person is a potatoپیش ماه


  47. Blurzz

    Blurzzپیش ماه

    Nobody: Ethan : BLACK PEARL?

  48. Revan

    Revanپیش ماه


  49. Heidi Ava

    Heidi Avaپیش ماه

    You should make merch with more sidemen on it

  50. hank parker

    hank parkerپیش ماه

    Harry was good jj and Ethan were trash

  51. JustRazor

    JustRazorپیش ماه

    8:33 Me trying to dodge bullets in WW3

  52. Jenna M

    Jenna Mپیش ماه

    11:43 josh’s was so good actually. I got broke back mountain in like 5 seconds lol

  53. Dylan Heron

    Dylan Heronپیش ماه

    Why didn’t JJ do dragon ball z

  54. Sooperninja2006

    Sooperninja2006پیش ماه

    JJ has never played this before Me coming from a video of JJ absolutely failing at playing it with simon

  55. Jacy Naiksatam

    Jacy Naiksatamپیش ماه

    You know jj just “hummed”? The ed edd and eddy intro trynna explain cow and chicken

  56. Lizzy Edwards

    Lizzy Edwardsپیش ماه

    Who’s that lady by the door ??

  57. ✹JiggLub✹

    ✹JiggLub✹پیش ماه

    yall need some shordies in your videos lol more people would watch. "The Sidegirls"

  58. Official AudiO

    Official AudiOپیش ماه

    11:21 would you suck your homies di*k for $100000 me: *doing it for free*

  59. Abraham Luna

    Abraham Lunaپیش ماه

    11:21 😂😂😂

  60. Mumtoa Prince

    Mumtoa Princeپیش ماه

    Nobody going to mention the random woman that kept coming in and out of the room and in the background lol

  61. Madi

    Madiپیش ماه

    5:55 jj said it

  62. Qibli

    Qibliپیش ماه

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is 9 words, not 10 like JJ mimed.

  63. Chubbybob8

    Chubbybob8پیش ماه

    Qibli set 8

  64. Hermione Dolan

    Hermione Dolanپیش ماه

    Pirates (1) of (2) the (3) Caribbean (4): The (5) Curse (6) of (7) the (8) Black (9) Pearl (10)

  65. Flop

    Flopپیش ماه

    Simon Vikk And Josh Are Fucking Pussies They Had 99% Songs No Longer Than 3 Words. JJ, Ethan And Harry Actuly Did A Bit Of Everything 33% Movie 33% Song 33% Show And JJ Had A Film 10 Words Long So I Think Megaminds Should've Won 💯

  66. Abzy

    Abzyپیش ماه

    Do real IQ tests for all of you