The 2020 Lexus RX350 F Sport is Amazing

2020 Lexus RX350 Review by The Straight Pipes. The 2020 Lexus RX350 F Sport has a 3.5L Naturally Aspirated V6. Would this be your pick over the BMW X3 or BMW X5, Acura RDX, Mercedes GLC or Mercedes GLE, Audi Q5?
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  1. TheStraightPipes

    TheStraightPipesپیش ماه

    What do you think of the updated RX350?

  2. Palatip Mamuang

    Palatip Mamuangپیش روز

    I want Sequential Turn Signals in All Lineup and Panoramic Glassroof in RXL.

  3. Acuraman68

    Acuraman68پیش 4 روز

    Allphonetips Agreed.

  4. Acuraman68

    Acuraman68پیش 4 روز

    infernohit the RDX is more a competitor with the NX not the RX. The MDX is the closest Acura competitor to the RX.

  5. Sam

    Samپیش 24 روز

    TheStraightPipes from the thumbnail it looks like the Pontiac Aztek had an even uglier child.

  6. mreddieotis

    mreddieotisپیش 24 روز

    That grill is very ugly. I have owned three Lexus SUV's and never returned because of the grill. Way many SUV"s to buy that are more fun and have better looks. PS My friend at Lexus say half who come to Lexus love the grill and the other half do not like the grill.

  7. eduardo chico

    eduardo chicoپیش 59 دقیقه

    To be honest very ugly design, looks like a RAV4 & Highlander, very disapointing for a Lexus 😤😤😤

  8. indian pitstop

    indian pitstopپیش ساعت

    Can a software engineer earning 125000 cad per year , afford this

  9. dj ochi

    dj ochiپیش 18 ساعت

    Lexus is very realible because they stick to old school stuff outdated tech 🤫

  10. Kam Fohey

    Kam Foheyپیش روز

    You guys are awesome! Love your reviews above others. Definitely thinking of getting this RX F sport, with the red interior. Trying to decide white or atomic silver.

  11. Kim young

    Kim youngپیش روز

    Amazing video 👍

  12. Vincent M

    Vincent Mپیش 2 روز

    I really like that they always look at each other for a quick second before they get in the car. Screams friendship to me. Hopefully they haven't grown to hate each other making this IRgos channel lol.

  13. latinbeandip

    latinbeandipپیش 2 روز


  14. CharlesTron108

    CharlesTron108پیش 3 روز

    That red interior is 🔥

  15. Sma 556

    Sma 556پیش 3 روز

    I live in the city and need my good bumpers on my car.

  16. Nick Garcia

    Nick Garciaپیش 4 روز

    4:54 all you had to say was dog and I subscribed

  17. TheStraightPipes

    TheStraightPipesپیش 4 روز

    Rex test

  18. aquariuz

    aquariuzپیش 4 روز

    Hey guys, please review the 2020 ES 350 F Sport. Trying to decide between this vs the ES :) would love your help in deciding.

  19. jkwhitedog

    jkwhitedogپیش 4 روز

    Any opinion about the brake performance?

  20. Som Guy

    Som Guyپیش 5 روز

    Hate the grille

  21. Miranda zheng

    Miranda zhengپیش 5 روز

    comparing this with the new 2020 gle 350? Which one are you going to pick?

  22. Xavier Ramirez

    Xavier Ramirezپیش 5 روز

    why do you care so much about the sun visors !?!?!?!?!?!???!!!!

  23. CarsofGlasgow

    CarsofGlasgowپیش 5 روز

    Thanks for your videos, always watch when at the gym! I just bought a used RX if you want to watch it :)

  24. Dreamy

    Dreamyپیش 6 روز

    The Lexus RX350 F-sport still falls short next to the Acura MDX SH-AWD in speed, power, and space. When you test drive both, the Acura’s superior interior room and handling really gets highlighted. But the Lexus does feel more luxury in buttons and leather than the Acura.

  25. silversurfergw

    silversurfergwپیش 6 روز

    Few generations back rx were touch screens.

  26. Jeevraj

    Jeevrajپیش 7 روز

    Can please review 2020 Mazda CX9

  27. Wayne Williams

    Wayne Williamsپیش 7 روز

    Murano looks just as nice for muvh cheaper. Puts the lexus to shame with its 0gravity seats that are ventilated with semi-analine leather. It gets better mpg, tooand has more space for cargo. More practical as rear seat fold and raise at the touch of a button. Murano also beeps to let you know the tires are filled to recommended PSI now that is tech everday people can appreciate.

  28. Mark m

    Mark mپیش 7 روز

    Not so great reliability. The engine timing chain cover leaks oil. 3k repair. Starting 2016. Google timing chain valve cover oil leak and there are tons of complaints which lexus hasn't corrected since 2016.

  29. Niyaz Nazar

    Niyaz Nazarپیش 8 روز

    It should be called RX-F

  30. Omar123

    Omar123پیش 8 روز

    Those cars are kind of ugly inside looks good though

  31. 1977kickass

    1977kickassپیش 8 روز

    For that price you could get a Mercedes GLC 43 AMG, with 400hp, a Volvo XC60 T8, etc and way better equipped . Not good choice Lexus

  32. Jeff S

    Jeff Sپیش 8 روز

    And the strangest comment of the year award goes to: There's actual effort in the fakeness of this.

  33. 1quickster

    1quicksterپیش 9 روز

    If quality you want Lexus and Toyota delivers. The sad part styling is somewhat neglected.

  34. Gipsy Avenger

    Gipsy Avengerپیش 9 روز

    I am not a fan of Lexus design language at all. That front end is God awful. Reliable yes; fast, sporty....meh. I might be in the minority but the car doesn't deserve that overdone red interior. I keep thinking Lexus is almost there but have just not nailed it yet. This to me is a mass appealing "sport" UV for those that don't know any better or those brand loyal folks who just want an "up-market" Toyota product. Fully loaded this thing should cost no more than $50k.

  35. Oga Kemmy

    Oga Kemmyپیش 11 روز

    Gosh this is perfect, my dream car

  36. Erica & Bryan Chen

    Erica & Bryan Chenپیش 11 روز

    I just spent the entire video trying to find Yuri's shirt. Someone help me find it!

  37. Riz P

    Riz Pپیش 12 روز

    Too bad they're not made in Japan. Japanese version is so much better with better brakes, horsepower, torque and suspension.

  38. Daniel Field

    Daniel Fieldپیش 12 روز

    The 2GR engine is super reliable, but they all piss out oil from the timing chain cover.

  39. mreddieotis

    mreddieotisپیش 12 روز

    That is one ugly grill.

  40. ScopeKing1994

    ScopeKing1994پیش 12 روز

    Love paying 50k for a v6

  41. Henry Chen

    Henry Chenپیش 13 روز

    It's my mom's car, but I am not hating it XD

  42. Alex Huang

    Alex Huangپیش 13 روز

    do a lc500 review please and thank you!!!

  43. UD2

    UD2پیش 14 روز

    why not compare to MDX, i thought that was main competition

  44. Benjamin Lu Tseng

    Benjamin Lu Tsengپیش 14 روز

    Large vehicle using transverse layout, I don't feel sporty at all

  45. 3eeeDee

    3eeeDeeپیش 15 روز

    Ugliest thing on wheels. Like make a rear side window, or don’t.

  46. Emon Khan

    Emon Khanپیش 15 روز

    The backup camera is shameful! Cutting corners on a luxury car at 60k...

  47. Mr M M

    Mr M Mپیش 15 روز

    No German cars or British cars can touch this quality quality quality quality quality quality quality quality quality quality quality quality product thanks 🙏

  48. Olatunde A.

    Olatunde A.پیش 16 روز

    Yeah, Go for team work. You guys do awesome and very detailed car reviews. Great team.

  49. Väëyå Xzåveriå Star Novae

    Väëyå Xzåveriå Star Novaeپیش 16 روز

    Cant wait to own this one. I have a 2000 RX300 now. It only had one owner. All services. These are tge only cars I will purchase for the rest of my life. Ivw wanted the rx300 since I first seen it back then. Now finally have it. To me Lexus makes the best vehicles. I got this one a few months ago. I will be getting it a full service tune up at the dealership as soon as i have the money for it. It runs perfectly & is the first car that ive had with no hassle. Ive never owned brand new or lucked uo on one owner who actually maintained the car. Turns out as well the Lexus dealership is on the same street of where i lived when i first moved here to Sac. So thats all funny, whoever had it was taking care of it for me. I have all the service receipts as well. Ive seen people say they have over 500,000 miles on an rx300. Id taken care of this car will never break. I had a 1993 Pearl LS or maybe GS in 2012. It had the old school car phone still in it, that i could've hooked uo too. That was when I fell in love with Lexus. I want another LS 400 cuz omg that car was beautiful. I alwasys got compliments. I hate it very decorated and cuatomized to my style the cheapest way i could. I have bought new lights and all kinds of accessories to put on this rx300. Just not yet, want a new paint job or wrap. I love Lexus & i mean it when I say I will never purchase another one. The goal is to get this one. In love with Lexus. No better car in the world to me. 💯

  50. Ali Shahini

    Ali Shahiniپیش 17 روز

    Coming out of a BMW 4-Series. Bout to jump into the Lexus RX bc married and life lol it looks pretty dope and better then an Mdx

  51. Jacob Rivera

    Jacob Riveraپیش 17 روز

    Great job guys

  52. Cobra Commander

    Cobra Commanderپیش 17 روز

    Music is too loud

  53. aneebaba06

    aneebaba06پیش 18 روز

    X3 looks way better.

  54. Lexi The Lexus

    Lexi The Lexusپیش 18 روز

    Nice video i really like the rx line

  55. kubanskiloewe

    kubanskiloeweپیش 18 روز

    Reliability...... 10 yers old still pulling hard and drive quiet

  56. Ian Jung

    Ian Jungپیش 19 روز

    My 2019 RX 350 transmission slips already...

  57. trabzonlu ts

    trabzonlu tsپیش 19 روز

    Harika bir araba 👍

  58. Tazwar Hossain

    Tazwar Hossainپیش 20 روز

    I honestly think, this Rx and the new Santa fe are the nicest suv on the road

  59. Override

    Overrideپیش 20 روز

    Why does Toyota/Lexus still feel the need to include the CD player? Who uses CDs any more??

  60. Henry Tauch

    Henry Tauchپیش 20 روز

    Definitely I will buy this car ASAP in the year 2020

  61. Kwoo We

    Kwoo Weپیش 21 روز

    Attack on Pearl Harbor🌝

  62. Jim Cook

    Jim Cookپیش 21 روز

    Just came home (today) with an RX 350 fsport 2, one step down. Was looking at the 330i or the q5, and wound up here based on the maintenance cost/reliability factor. I'll try to remember to post an update after some real life use to share my experience.

  63. Simfa Rimtip

    Simfa Rimtipپیش 21 روز

    please do a review on the new koenigsegg jesko

  64. jAsh

    jAshپیش 21 روز

    I have a 2018 RX that is spec’d to the max. It’s really been a great vehicle. My only gripe is that I wish it had more power. I definitely want the 2019 tail lights on my 2018! 😈😈

  65. Mark

    Markپیش 21 روز


  66. Andrew Truong

    Andrew Truongپیش 21 روز

    We're trying to decide between this and the Telluride. Understanding the model you guys reviewed with not the RX L (7 seater), would you be able to comment on the box/trunk test? Space for family? Obviously its more expensive, but we're also aiming for reliability and value hold