The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is a Sign That Sedans Are Making a Comeback

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Since it was introduced in 1989, the #HyundaiSonata has remained a very important vehicle for the #Hyundai brand. When the #Sonata first came out, it was seen as a low priced alternative to well established rivals and since then Hyundai has quickly elevated the Sonata to be at the top of its game. That was especially true for the 2011-2014 models but since then, the current generation hasn't been enjoying the same kind of success, so Hyundai went back to the drawing board for 2020 with the #SensuousSportiness design language. The result is a bold new Sonata and the first-ever high performance variant called the #SonataNLine which will be making it official debut, early next year.


  1. Redline Reviews

    Redline Reviewsپیش 3 ماه

    Late night upload? Sure, why not. We will be posting another video on the 2021 Sonata N-Line on 12/9 at 12am EST so be sure to comeback then for that video! Hyundai actually did announce that special model will have a 2.5L turbo engine with an estimated 290 HP and 310 lb-ft of torque mated to a new 8-speed wet DCT. Who's ready for a high performance Sonata??

  2. SSD Q8

    SSD Q8پیش ماه

    Redline Reviews d

  3. Clifford Stclair

    Clifford Stclairپیش 2 ماه

    @日産スカイライン i have the 2018 mazda 6 with the turbo; 310 lbs/ft of torque. Honestly it's not that bad. It's very easy to modulate even with the crappy tires that car comes with.

  4. kayemen415

    kayemen415پیش 2 ماه

    they stole grille design from LEXUS

  5. Sunil Pn

    Sunil Pnپیش 2 ماه

    this car will launch in India

  6. Imlooking 4-work-atm

    Imlooking 4-work-atmپیش 3 ماه

    Copied the back on the civic

  7. Vishnu Jayakumar

    Vishnu Jayakumarپیش 2 روز

    frond grill very bore design otherwise super

  8. faceup5

    faceup5پیش 2 روز

    Good review but why do I feel like Ray Charles was driving? :)

  9. Jeff Gilleran

    Jeff Gilleranپیش 2 روز

    From my understanding, the new engine has the ability to adjust valve (opening/closing) duration during the entire rev range, where VVT can only do so at a pre-determined rev range.

  10. OJDUDE

    OJDUDEپیش 3 روز

    Everything is great except the front end. I think they will tweak it in a year or two. Also that chrome strip need to go. I would get in black with blacked chrome.

  11. Tyrel Tolliver

    Tyrel Tolliverپیش روز

    No the car is perfect. The reason I say that is because that's what makes it unique. It's nothing to see a black or silver accord or Camry. The only one that gets any attention and looks premium is the Camry in white with the black roof and red interior. The sonata has a presence and alot of character. People didn't like how the palisade looked at first but you better believe the big bitch is selling like hotcakes. There are literally vehicles double the price that still dont offer rear cooled seats. The koreans are not playing games and unlike ford and chevy who threw in the towel and are forcing you into a cuv or pickup hyundai is still trying and giving the people what they want. Tech, safety and fuel efficiency. If you look in the interior when its fully loaded and hide the badge people would think it's a Audi.

  12. Duality Of Man

    Duality Of Manپیش 5 روز

    Hyundai and Kia are complete garbage. There is a huge class action lawsuit against them because their engines fail at 80K and after. Even the "All New" 2020 Sonata is having engine problems. Also, their customer service just might be the worst in the business. I can't wait to get rid of my junk Sonata and go back to Toyota.

  13. E.J.

    E.J.پیش 7 روز

    I feel like your voice gets higher pitched and you get even more cringy flamboyantly gay with every new video and it's distracting to the video can you please avoid this

  14. Gear Head

    Gear Headپیش 7 روز

    Kingkong grill

  15. Don Griggs

    Don Griggsپیش 8 روز

    Sometimes I think you really dislike Honda.

  16. dareullove

    dareulloveپیش 8 روز

    It is so ugly!!!!! They ruined a great car.

  17. Tyrel Tolliver

    Tyrel Tolliverپیش روز

    They improved a great car. Just stop. People hated the palisade said it was ugly and wouldn't work but its selling big time. People are leaving bmw, audi, Cadillac and M.B to get it. When I bought my sonata a older couple traded in a 18 range rover for it. The Camry had criticism too when it was released but it sold. At least hyundai is still making cars unlike ford and chevy who gave up.

  18. NileshR12

    NileshR12پیش 8 روز

    The inspiration for the grill on this Sonata was a blowfish 😂

  19. Aiman Ali

    Aiman Aliپیش 10 روز

    the reason why the forward summon didnt work is probably because you were to far away.

  20. Spicy Güero

    Spicy Güeroپیش 12 روز

    My first car was an 05 hyundai sonata. Still one of my most favorite cars i have ever owned. This makes me want to get the 2020 model.

  21. Daniel Ng

    Daniel Ngپیش 13 روز

    Looks like bowhead whale

  22. Desmond Young

    Desmond Youngپیش 15 روز

    Will you please speak slower with a brief pause between sentences? You are doing a great job overall, do not have to impress your audiences with machine gun speed.

  23. DarkObelisk

    DarkObeliskپیش 16 روز

    They need to ditch the fugly 90s logo. The fat curves don't match the edgy design of the cars.

  24. Attn Jack

    Attn Jackپیش 17 روز

    Better than the current Camry? Really?

  25. Y Hideit

    Y Hideitپیش 19 روز

    Looks like the Dodge Intrepid from 15 years ago.

  26. Brett Spires

    Brett Spiresپیش 19 روز

    It'sonata real car

  27. IamYourHmong KYKLH

    IamYourHmong KYKLHپیش 20 روز

    Went to a car show saw this beauty in person sat in it as well I'm in love with it but I'm to poor lol also liked the maxima and accord ❤️

  28. Christopher Filipone

    Christopher Filiponeپیش 22 روز

    First EVER CVVD engine to be successfully mass produced! Continuously Variable Valve and Duration. Check it out!👍

  29. Da Rob&Nea Show

    Da Rob&Nea Showپیش 23 روز

    Nice looking car 😍😍😍😍

  30. Pete Kap

    Pete Kapپیش 23 روز

    this car hurt's my eyes.

  31. Minhyung Kim

    Minhyung Kimپیش 21 روز


  32. Fiber Theory

    Fiber Theoryپیش 24 روز

    Well damn!! You were just about 5-10 miles from me over there in Scottsdale! That’s a great area over there!! Tonto is gorgeous!

  33. Tasty Music

    Tasty Musicپیش 25 روز

    dudes got a nice voice

  34. Crooked Icon

    Crooked Iconپیش 25 روز

    Redline you’re the BEST PERIOD NOT EVEN CLOSE

  35. Curt S

    Curt Sپیش 26 روز

    nice car..needs more HP

  36. Tyrel Tolliver

    Tyrel Tolliverپیش روز

    N line will be here soon with almost 300 hp. Remember the majority of people want safety, tech and fuel efficiency. 180 hp give or take is plenty for daily life unless your a street racer.


    TCPUDPATM PORTSپیش 26 روز

    "N-Line". Even trim levels are STOLEN *facepalm* Why? Why not do something original? They've put so much work into the car including the absolute genius CVVD engine.

  38. Joseph Beckmann

    Joseph Beckmannپیش 27 روز

    Seats could be softer huh? I don't think you could get any softer.

  39. Jose Cantor

    Jose Cantorپیش 28 روز

    Happy I bought a 2010 Camry cash and didn’t go finance a 2019 vehicle because this is nice ! Super excited about my next new car .

  40. Simmer Pete

    Simmer Peteپیش 28 روز

    Can’t wait for the 2021 Optima

  41. ピカチュウPikachu

    ピカチュウPikachuپیش 29 روز

    I’m thinking of getting the 2011 sonata as my first car. Looking at this, I think I might just get this

  42. I'M THE MAN

    I'M THE MANپیش 26 روز

    I'm getting a 57 Chevy Bel air as my first car. But this as a secondary car.

  43. 1_UW

    1_UWپیش ماه

    I just sat inside a new 2020 Sonata at my local Hyundai dealership. It is an absolute nightmare to get in and out. Roof is extremely low, the car itself is very low to the ground. What were they thinking? Interior is nice, but I did not care to test drive it since I would never buy it. They keep making uncomfortable cars and then they wonder why people buy so many SUVs? Let's make sedans comfortable again!

  44. Old Ben explains

    Old Ben explainsپیش ماه

    Thanks for your great reviews. I do wish, however, that you'd test more mid-level and base models, rather than always testing the fully loaded top of the line trims of every vehicle.

  45. Aanteatur

    Aanteaturپیش ماه

    I keep thinking it looks like a beetle and it could sprout wings and fly off at any moment😂

  46. Goahead

    Goaheadپیش ماه

    Is it me or the front looks like an alien catfish.

  47. Jeff Gate

    Jeff Gateپیش ماه

    Beautiful car.

  48. E M1

    E M1پیش ماه

    AWD is suppose to make it over to the Sonata and Optima.

  49. C&E 0

    C&E 0پیش ماه


  50. A Light

    A Lightپیش ماه


  51. buchim gae

    buchim gaeپیش ماه

    do you know about smart pack???

  52. jalyn jerez

    jalyn jerezپیش ماه

    Every new car with all those camera, do they record so you can use it in case on a accident or is just sensors

  53. sangtea rspa

    sangtea rspaپیش ماه

    One of the best looking sedan ever made

  54. James Wisrik

    James Wisrikپیش ماه

    Leftover azera with new lamps

  55. billy johnstone

    billy johnstoneپیش ماه

    Would look great as a coupe

  56. PlumpandPretty

    PlumpandPrettyپیش ماه

    I've been going back and forth for a few years trying to decide if I want a accord or camry and now this is on my radar and the camry and accord are off. I really like it and the too close parking feature.

  57. Danial Khan

    Danial Khanپیش ماه

    This has to be the hottest car of 2020.

  58. Teddy U

    Teddy Uپیش ماه

    I'm having a hard time liking Hyundai vehicles i think it is because i like a more conservative more elegant style. I dislike the grill all the way and the weird Asian design of long, stretched headlights and curves. One thing though putting the push shifter aside which makes me think i'm driving a BUS. I do love the materials inside the cabin i love that color combination but that's as far as i will get to liking a hyundai.

  59. Raging Taco

    Raging Tacoپیش ماه

    All flash and no bite. That engine was sackless.

  60. PantiesGoneWild

    PantiesGoneWildپیش ماه

    hyundai made comback back in 2014 and kept improving until last year, going downhill again even this Catfish Sonata looks hella ugly, same for the elantra sadly

  61. MMM

    MMMپیش ماه

    Sedans fading ? I think it;s bullshit. All of the small SUV's are now becoming the mom mini vans. They aren't cool anymore.

  62. Pablocruiser

    Pablocruiserپیش ماه

    I think the rear end of this car is beautiful

  63. Chengkai Hu

    Chengkai Huپیش ماه

    It's a mechanical catfish.

  64. Sunil Pn

    Sunil Pnپیش ماه

    when its launching in INDIA

  65. Arjun अर्जुन्

    Arjun अर्जुन्پیش ماه

    Beautiful Hyundai!

  66. quietguy

    quietguyپیش ماه

    I love the rear ... looks great, super LED tail lights. I think it's brilliant.

  67. James Hong

    James Hongپیش ماه

    @redline I don't think you need to spend time telling people how the cars are turned on (by pushing button and pressing brake, or turning a key), unless it's some unusual method - too obvious by now. Also, I wish you would regularly comment on how generous (or not generous) the storage space is, specifically with regards to the # cup holders or other compartments. That's a huge convenience factor.

  68. give and take

    give and takeپیش ماه

    how this car is beautiful and ugly in the same time

  69. musichap

    musichapپیش ماه

    Nice, but it still carries that “cheap” stigma all Hyundai and Kia vehicles have.

  70. ft55555

    ft55555پیش ماه

    That's only because people keep saying they have a cheap stigma. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Go sit in a 2020 Kia Stinger and see if it seems cheap to you.

  71. MMA Keyboard Warrior

    MMA Keyboard Warriorپیش ماه

    Ive never seen an asian with such hairy arms

  72. richard toyohonda

    richard toyohondaپیش ماه

    new optima more prettier than mudfish sonata.

  73. EleCticCOokie

    EleCticCOokieپیش ماه

    Not alot of sedans at this price range offer a beige leather interior. For that alone this beats all other cars in its class for me.

  74. Woah Woah

    Woah Woahپیش ماه

    It ages badly, but hey that's your choice lol

  75. Shane Alexander

    Shane Alexanderپیش ماه

    I’m glad i waited to upgrade from my 2014 sonata. Hyundai might be seeing me soon.

  76. Disappointed Steve

    Disappointed Steveپیش ماه

    After moving to Massachusetts from So Cal I understood why there were so many SUV's here... the roads and bridges are so bad!!! 😡

  77. ft55555

    ft55555پیش ماه

    That's a pretty sad statement since SoCal highways aren't in the best condition either.

  78. Rideq Pashayev

    Rideq Pashayevپیش ماه

    сколько можно воровать Прям как израиль. Все воруют и воруют дизайны от других брендов.Я считаю что у Hyunda-я самый не устойчивый модел дизайна смотрите как она быстро меняет дизайн и облисовку автомоболя но не добовляет дополительные функции. И именно это не когда не даст Hyunda-ю хотя бы прославится как фолсваген. Я ешо не говорю а тоёте.

  79. Michael Wise

    Michael Wiseپیش ماه

    The sensors see you standing there genius.

  80. Rocco Sophie

    Rocco Sophieپیش ماه

    Grotesque. Both the car and the host.

  81. E39 Bimmer

    E39 Bimmerپیش ماه

    Has mixture of Nissan Maxima in the front side profile looks really good wheels need to go ugly design rear first thing I’ll do is take that huge letters off 2th take it to body shop have the rear led light strip painted to match the body color that’s on the trunk put some nice 19s with 255 rear and 245 front

  82. Francisco Suazo

    Francisco Suazoپیش ماه

    Awesome aerodynamic design? Kinda mimicking that of a fish. If a fish can streamline through water with ease. This car can do the same in the atmospheric environment.

  83. Danut Lavric

    Danut Lavricپیش ماه

    what brand/model are the sunglasses Sofian ? Thanks

  84. Ak’s Alfa & Adventures

    Ak’s Alfa & Adventuresپیش ماه

    Huge improvement from previous years!

  85. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Aliپیش ماه

  86. Matt masteringer

    Matt masteringerپیش ماه

    Sonata is gay and it’s insult to compare it to Honda or any Toyota.

  87. What Zit Tooya

    What Zit Tooyaپیش ماه

    Have you not seen the new Kia Optima? So answer is yes sedans are making a comeback.

  88. ladistar

    ladistarپیش ماه

    Damn this looks sweet. I currently have a 2016, and all the features that are premium on that are now standard on this. Might think of trading in for a 2020.


    RONAL DASپیش ماه

    I love this car

  90. BankHead Made

    BankHead Madeپیش ماه

    😳 I think I found my new car!

  91. Moonlight0810

    Moonlight0810پیش ماه

    the guy with the camera did an ecstatic job

  92. rcoronado83

    rcoronado83پیش ماه

    "IT'S GHAT SMAHT PAHK!" User: uses smart park. Car: No......not gonna.

  93. Beardashcams Dash

    Beardashcams Dashپیش ماه

    My aunt has the Sonota and it has smart park she got the limited with the premium package

  94. TheManChise

    TheManChiseپیش ماه

    Hyundai sounds like a Honda copycat..they need to change name ..leds look great..nice design.