The life of wheat! Which is your favorite food made from wheat?关于小麦的一生,你最爱吃哪种面食?

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包子 凉皮 肉夹馍,麻花 面条 烤面筋…
As a child, I always expected the sound of “Ding-ding-tong” from Vendors selling rock maltose candy.
And grandpa would malt the wheat on his own to hand-pull maltose syrup for us.
From a handful of grain seeds to a basketful of wheat is a cycle of life.
Malt can turn into maltose, straws into hats, and flour into all divine combinations:
Steamed buns, cold jelly noodles, Chinese pork burgers, fried dough twists, noodles, and roasted gluten ...
What a treasure crop wheat is!

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    Let's be honest , most of us here aren't for the cooking but for how actually pleasing and relaxing her videos are.

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    Hey lizi qi.... M preeti from india... My 5 yr old daughter is a big fan of urs.., she just loves ur content.... I made des heart candies for her... She wanted me to send tat pic to u... Saying she loves and thanks you... Keeep doing de good work.... Namaste to ur grandma

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    Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, China

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    The hometown of giant pandas, Sichuan Province, China

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    When lizi qi was a child,her parents divorced.Her father died young in 1996. Because the stepmother was not good for her, her grandparents felt sorry for her, so they took her home. Grandpa has done rural kitchen, good at farm work, can also weave bamboo, neighbors have Marriage or funeral events are willing to ask him for help. While grandpa was cooking, she helped him. In addition, lizi qi also used to do carpentry with grandpa, cooking with grandma, when the crops mature she will also go to work. And the food she tasted at that time is a good taste that sticks in her memory. Many of the things he learned became important material for his short video works in the future. When she was in the fifth grade of primary school, her grandfather died and her grandmother began to raise her alone, which made life difficult. In 2004, lizi qi began to live in the city to make a living. During that time, she slept in park chairs and ate steamed buns for two months. When she worked as a waiter, monthly salary was only 300 RMB. After that, she began to study music. In 2009, Liziqi got a job playing discs at a bar. In 2012, because her grandmother was ill and needed someone to take care of her, she stayed in her hometown and made a living by opening a taobao shop, but barely made ends meet. At that time, lizi qi accepted his brother's advice, but also for the sake of business, began to release some ridiculous videos on the Internet. After groping around for a while, she moved on to shooting something she was really good at, like cooking. Sometimes, a video can take days to shoot

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    More than 100 million Chinese fans

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    李子柒幼年时,父母离异 。1996年,父亲早逝 。因为继母对她不好,爷爷奶奶心疼,便接她回了家。爷爷做过乡厨,善于农活,也会编制竹器,邻居有了红白喜事都乐意找他帮忙。而在爷爷做饭的时候,她便在一旁打下手。 此外,李子柒还曾和爷爷一起做木工,陪奶奶做饭,庄稼成熟时她也会下地干活。而那时候尝到的美食则是她记忆中挥之不去的好味道。耳濡目染学到的很多东西也成为了其日后短视频作品的重要素材。在她读小学5年级的时候爷爷去世,奶奶开始独自抚养她,生活也变得难以为继。 2004年,李子柒为了谋生,开始在城市中漂泊。期间,她露宿过公园的椅子,也曾连续吃了两个月的馒头。在做服务员的时候,一个月的工资只有300元人民币。之后,她开始学习音乐。2009年,李子柒找到了在酒吧打碟的工作。2012年,因为奶奶生病,需要人照顾,她便留在家乡,以开淘宝店为生,但也只能勉强度日 。那时,李子柒接受弟弟的建议,也为了生意更好,开始在网络上发布一些无厘头视频 。摸索一段时间后,她便转而拍一些自己真正拿手的事,比如做饭。而有时,一条视频则要拍上好几天

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    My family and I are one in extending our love and good wishes to you and your family. In these times, your videos brings joy and gladness to all of us. Keep it coming... Stay safe always Li Ziqi

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    Liziqi, your videos never fail to inspire me. Your body of knowledge and skill is unrivaled. This one looks like it has been shot over a whole year!!!

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