The Most Underrated Game Ever

dino time gets weird

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  1. Mylen Sucro

    Mylen Sucroپیش روز

    0:28 i just found ranggo your stuff animal when you were a kid

  2. The Kendal Minecart

    The Kendal Minecartپیش روز

    When u said my hips brought her back I was just waiting for the seinefeld theme to happen


    ITSYOURBOIپیش روز

    OMG!!! I used to have this game and I loved it

  4. Crazy Cat

    Crazy Catپیش روز

    5:59 Jaiden. Is that a chicken?

  5. Hummingb1rd

    Hummingb1rdپیش روز

    Well I hope you're happy to know that there's a fossil fighter song in smash ultimate!

  6. x_im_dead_inside_x ;-;

    x_im_dead_inside_x ;-;پیش روز

    i read the credits lol

  7. Serpentine Saltern

    Serpentine Salternپیش روز

    Gotta say.... the King is pretty hot-

  8. Ari The Bird

    Ari The Birdپیش روز


  9. batboy Gaming

    batboy Gamingپیش روز

    What type of bird is ari

  10. •Unknown shadow•

    •Unknown shadow•پیش روز


  11. Stephanie y José López

    Stephanie y José Lópezپیش روز

    Puedes hacer un video en español por favor es que soy mexicano y no entiendo nada y estoy apenas aprendiendo inglés

  12. Manga Samte

    Manga Samteپیش روز

    The Hips don't lie

  13. seth

    sethپیش روز


  14. Angie Pastora

    Angie Pastoraپیش روز

    This game is just the unreleased super Mario movie game

  15. homie dino

    homie dinoپیش روز

    Jaiden... how did you not remember the chart it's so easy... also earth beats air makes no sense the devs of fossil fighter clearly haven't heard of erosion

  16. PoppaRocker

    PoppaRockerپیش روز

    PLLLLEAAAASE do another Pokémon nuzlock!!!!

  17. Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap

    Insecdroid-Games and Other Crapپیش روز

    Guhnash = Demon Pac-Man with Tadpole Tail

  18. Brooke L

    Brooke Lپیش روز

    I made an account just to comment this: I like your videos😐

  19. 오보

    오보پیش روز


  20. connor craft

    connor craftپیش روز

    You have no idea how much you just spoke to my childhood.

  21. PoPoTsai Tsai

    PoPoTsai Tsaiپیش روز

    5:24 air earth fire and ground 5:28 air earth fire water?

  22. Ology Studios

    Ology Studiosپیش روز

    Um.. I don't know how the community will react, but why are you swearing more in your vids? I love your stuff, a lot, actually. I showed my family this (they're also fans) this video without watching it beforehand, and it caught us off guard. If you're just trying something, maybe lean away from language in your vids. To be fair, it is your channel, so do what you want. I'm simply making an observation, so those of you who have read this far please don't pelt me with comments because this would be a perfect comment for a classic fan who thinks they are entitled to the content or whatever.

  23. Kaitlyn Wolford-Osborne

    Kaitlyn Wolford-Osborneپیش روز

    How to remember the type advantage fire beats earth because of lava, earth beats air because stuff occupies air, air beats water because of wind blowing water (in ur vid) and water beats fire because water plus fire puts fire out (the easy to remember

  24. Russian Pineapple

    Russian Pineappleپیش روز


  25. fabian lizares

    fabian lizaresپیش روز

    RUN PEACH RUNN!!!!!!!!!

  26. Emliy Morales

    Emliy Moralesپیش روز

    Have a good day jaiden

  27. Mike Pereira

    Mike Pereiraپیش روز

    0:12 - *see AVGN reference* so you're a girl of culture...

  28. Die Pixel Die

    Die Pixel Dieپیش روز

    Yes I love fossil fighters I have every game I’m also doing a series on it btw fossil fighters is the best game ever and love what you do of course

  29. david hernandez

    david hernandezپیش روز

    This game came out 10 days before my birthday

  30. Awful16

    Awful16پیش روز

    Fun fact: Fossil Fighters has an anti piracy script in its code, the game would become extremely difficult or plain unfair AND if you died the game would freeze on a black screen then it would crash. IDK I thought it was a cool fact.

  31. JJ Alvarez

    JJ Alvarezپیش روز

    I just noticed that jaden draws only 4 fingers :>

  32. Nerd And Geek

    Nerd And Geekپیش روز

    So... the hips.... don't, in fact.......lie

  33. Your Best Friend Spinel

    Your Best Friend Spinelپیش روز

    Jaiden: "Earth beats air" Me a pokemon weeb: *"so this is what society has come to..."*

  34. Blue Fang

    Blue Fangپیش روز

    The shirt totally looks like Jaden would put that on her Avatar with how she drew itI'd like to see that change cuz I think it fits your avatar very well shorts are optional in the hat no just get rid of it

  35. Planetary Gaming

    Planetary Gamingپیش روز

    I love how when the credits roll she put Gaylord roomieofficial

  36. Logan Goodin

    Logan Goodinپیش روز

    Do one on FF Champions

  37. I HATE Ducks

    I HATE Ducksپیش روز

    Do OG ratchet and clank

  38. paul life

    paul lifeپیش روز

    y yo que creia que el grito de dubb tube era un screamer saludos desde colombia 😊

  39. Derpy Doodless

    Derpy Doodlessپیش روز

    I don’t have a game for the 3DS but I have a suggestion, Tomodachi life

  40. Lemon2tehmax

    Lemon2tehmaxپیش روز

    Me: sees how shaking your hips can work on stone people Normal statue: .... Me: SHAKES HIPS INTENSELY

  41. The loch And Erik episodes

    The loch And Erik episodesپیش روز

    Me around 9:34: wait is that the Steven universe teleporter?

  42. Calixo - Roblox Adventures

    Calixo - Roblox Adventuresپیش روز

    Also people who wants to play this game SPOILER ALERT

  43. Bola-8 play gamer

    Bola-8 play gamerپیش روز

    I loved the beautiful video

  44. Andrea Montegue

    Andrea Montegueپیش روز

    happy birthday tomrrow jaiden

  45. Brantsen Schuenman

    Brantsen Schuenmanپیش روز


  46. MJR1022 2

    MJR1022 2پیش روز

    That’s a great scientific method

  47. Sam Rogers

    Sam Rogersپیش روز

    Soup mama 69 Ha 69

  48. Juana Mendez

    Juana Mendezپیش روز

    Jaden your name is annoying Google has spoken that you're annoying to lol

  49. shaun partridge

    shaun partridgeپیش روز

    7:58 Me when I wake up on a Saturday morning xD

  50. WilliamGu

    WilliamGuپیش روز

    Air earth fire and ground me: almost the 4 elements of the avatar... so anyway water- me: THESE WERE THE 4 ELEMENTS-

  51. Consuelo Zendejas

    Consuelo Zendejasپیش روز

    Best youyuber i ever seen in my life

  52. nadie tv

    nadie tvپیش روز

    Jaiden and James love

  53. nadie tv

    nadie tvپیش روز

    Hola soy el único que habla español

  54. EliteFlame101

    EliteFlame101پیش روز

    alpharad also does video game animation

  55. Matthew Cruz

    Matthew Cruzپیش روز

    so uh i guess coppa hit jaiden hard 4:12

  56. Steamasaurus Productions

    Steamasaurus Productionsپیش روز

    Humans are a evolutionary mistake and should be extinct.

  57. mulchtp

    mulchtpپیش روز

    10:16 It looks like ice cream

  58. Bird PS4

    Bird PS4پیش روز

    Rosie:its so good to be alive Jaiden: 4:03

  59. Bird PS4

    Bird PS4پیش روز

    Jaiden:high pitched screams *Ari:AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  60. Avah Harris

    Avah Harrisپیش روز

    Hhhh that's why you weren't making any videos! Is that right??