The Pixel 4 XL has 4 little problems...

Its time to durability test the Pixel 4 XL! Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass: The systematic durability test from JerryRigEverything is a rite of passage for any upcoming smartphone. Todays Pixel 4 XL is no different. Most phones survive my durability tests without any major damage. This Pixel 4 XL is not one of the survivors. Google's smartphone has cracked in four different places along the frame. Each of the antenna lines covered by thick paint cracks when the phone is bent. The Pixel 4xl should not be placed in your back pocket, or anywhere where the the phone can be flexed.
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  1. AnimeLapse

    AnimeLapseپیش ساعت

    Jerry, you're getting too good at scraping paint off metal. lol

  2. Kuma Kuma

    Kuma Kumaپیش 21 ساعت

    Does the smaller pixel 4 break at the same points as the XL?

  3. cedrick ochoa

    cedrick ochoaپیش 22 ساعت

    Can u try to teardown and durability test for a Moto g7 power

  4. The Void Dragon27

    The Void Dragon27پیش روز

    Not to be mean but you kinda look like and Android

  5. EchiKuperTroller

    EchiKuperTrollerپیش روز

    Pixel (1): Woah, this is great, Cheap and good! Pixel 2: Well, still good, but I miss the headphone jack, and it needs a tad more screen. Pixel 3: Great camera, good specs, a design that came out of my butt and it's a bit expensive. Pixel 4: When Google gives up.

  6. Tanmay Agnihotri

    Tanmay Agnihotriپیش روز

    abe ganje tu kaun sa sasta nasha karta hai

  7. Tanmay Agnihotri

    Tanmay Agnihotriپیش روز

    iphone is a shit

  8. Aleksio

    Aleksioپیش روز

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  9. Invisible ?

    Invisible ?پیش روز

    why google is making phones ?

  10. Rodrigo Pun

    Rodrigo Punپیش روز

    Agent 47 looking good

  11. Mats Sjödin

    Mats Sjödinپیش 2 روز

    Durabillity test starts @1:17

  12. Der echte Elch

    Der echte Elchپیش 2 روز

    Its funny how Google wants to copy Apple and they all struggle down there, while Samsung is watching from way above and trinking "look at those dudes, fighting for nothing..ha. Imma go and watch some good Films on a 8K Samsung TV" 😂😂

  13. Niangadou02

    Niangadou02پیش 2 روز

    Do you get these phones for free?

  14. MacGamerX

    MacGamerXپیش 2 روز

    Zack, could you do a durability test on the Posh Micro X S240

  15. Manoj adwani

    Manoj adwaniپیش 2 روز


  16. Brian Graves

    Brian Gravesپیش 2 روز

    Gimmicky review. Bend test so unrealistic.

  17. Savy123savy123

    Savy123savy123پیش 2 روز

    0:48 IM AFFENDED :0 I only use the same passwords bc I like having 2 or 3 so I don’t forget my millions of passwords and I’m not creative when it comes to passwords.

  18. Eliakim Insong

    Eliakim Insongپیش 2 روز

    Am i the only one who finds jerry hot 🤭

  19. Parker Zilz

    Parker Zilzپیش 3 روز

    Is it only me or does anyone else think this guy is an idiot for bending and scratching NEW phones

  20. Churro Playz

    Churro Playzپیش 23 ساعت

    Parker Zilz No one but it’s just a test. He isn’t doing it as a real life test. Idiot.

  21. Parker Zilz

    Parker Zilzپیش روز

    @Churro Playz yeah but who is gonna ACCIDENTALLY bend their phone

  22. Churro Playz

    Churro Playzپیش روز

    It IS a durability test. He’s a tech reviewer. I don’t know if you caught on to that in the title.

  23. ozzy archuletta

    ozzy archulettaپیش 3 روز

    Hey man love the videos, I’m from Utah too! I was hoping you could do a video on the new “Escobar fold” that just came out December 3rd!

  24. Carlos Escobedo

    Carlos Escobedoپیش 3 روز

    if this was apple, all android fans would try to get apple as much as they can on the news

  25. Nikolas Humphrey-Howell

    Nikolas Humphrey-Howellپیش 3 روز

    Idk if ive ever heard Jerry so disappointed in a singular phone before.

  26. smurfhollyh

    smurfhollyhپیش 4 روز

    I don’t get why people buy it! It is just a worse version of iPhone! And if ur complaining about price buy a Samsung!

  27. Kaiticle

    Kaiticleپیش 4 روز

    4.2K Google employees then?

  28. Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davisپیش 4 روز

    I'm waiting for the day a phone gets "scratches at a level 7 with deeper grooves at a level 8"

  29. way2gud4you _93r

    way2gud4you _93rپیش 4 روز

    For 5 million subs you should get the hitman barcode on the back of your head

  30. Daffa Nadhif

    Daffa Nadhifپیش 4 روز

    Pixel 4 has 90hz Screen Zack: "Well yes, but actually no"

  31. ET XENO

    ET XENOپیش 5 روز


  32. Summboddi

    Summboddiپیش 5 روز

    Why does he roast the google pixel 4 more than he roasted the iPhone 11? What happened

  33. stupid idiot

    stupid idiotپیش 5 روز

    This guy should star in a live action mr clean movie

  34. ChippO ChickeN

    ChippO ChickeNپیش 5 روز

    “Grooves at a level 6, and deeper grooves at a level seven..” -Jerry, every video.

  35. mindhormone

    mindhormoneپیش 5 روز

    Try again next year LMAO . Google Pixel is JOKE. dragontail on pixel 3a, and now came back crawling to gorilla 5. A moronic marketing strategy. Stupid.

  36. King Super Saiyan

    King Super Saiyanپیش 5 روز

    Looks like an iPhone 11

  37. makeminefreedom

    makeminefreedomپیش 5 روز

    The sponsor must love iPhones. No one would intentionally do this to a phone and say this is normal wear and tear. You might just as well smash it with a hammer then say see how cheap it is.

  38. ShadowWolfXL

    ShadowWolfXLپیش 5 روز

    Google's integrity scratches at a level 6, with deeper groves at a level 7.

  39. Andrew Loosle

    Andrew Loosleپیش 5 روز

    Won’t it be sad when we hear “scratches at a level 9 with deeper grooves at a level 10”??

  40. touv

    touvپیش 3 روز

    Andrew Loosle I Hope not

  41. THIS IS YEET 1

    THIS IS YEET 1پیش 6 روز

    This guy sound like an asmr youtuber

  42. Jay B

    Jay Bپیش 6 روز

    Pixel 4 breaks in 4 pieces...😂😂😂💯🔥

  43. Juan Tellechea

    Juan Tellecheaپیش 6 روز

    I just LOVE that cracks sounds ♥

  44. Juan Tellechea

    Juan Tellecheaپیش 6 روز

    What a horrible design. OMG