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  1. JordanLikeTheGoat

    JordanLikeTheGoatپیش 24 روز

    Everybody wants to talk about Nick Bosa and how dominant he was last season and in the Super Bowl and say Chase Young should be able to do the same thing. But everybody FORGOT who actually WON THE SUPER BOWL which is Patrick Mahomes. That goes to show you that if you don’t have a good QB, you don’t have anything. Chase Young is nice, but I wouldnt be mad if we traded back and took another QB.

  2. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    Theokolese The Shadow Of Deathپیش 27 روز

    I can't stand the move down in the draft for extra picks crowd. They act like it is easy to draft guaranteed starters with every pick. Give me the surest thing possible vs a slew of unknowns.

  3. SnoilOG

    SnoilOGپیش 29 روز

    Lions fan here really hope you guys trade out and we get Chase but just like you said its Smoke screen season. Just like some of your fans we have lions fans who dont want Chase Young if he was there, Unbelievable. Doing a great job like your attitude. Good luck in the draft.

  4. Chess Expert Chaney

    Chess Expert Chaneyپیش ماه

    I'm with you Louie take chase plus what's going on with Trent!?

  5. Chess Expert Chaney

    Chess Expert Chaneyپیش ماه

    Take chase young and then fill the voids with free agents simple !!

  6. Brinnan Bradshaw

    Brinnan Bradshawپیش ماه

    Brah this first caller smokin smokin. Get him outta here! Lol AJ Green for the #2 pick brah it’s not 2010 anymore lol good job remaining professional Louie Tee 😂😂😂😂

  7. trucker Jay

    trucker Jayپیش ماه

    I'd like the Skins to swap picks with the Lions and get the 2nd round pick and 5 round pick in this years draft or a 4th in next year draft with the agreement they can't trade the 2nd pick to the Giants.

  8. Cavemantero

    Cavemanteroپیش ماه

    so we are going to be in a bidding war for Austin Hooper with the Giants and possibly Packers?

  9. Timothy Lauman

    Timothy Laumanپیش ماه

    LOU Why are we hyping Hooper so much. Personally I like Hunter Henry's upside more. Can you tell me who you think is a better run blocker between the two?

  10. Timothy Lauman

    Timothy Laumanپیش ماه

    @Louie Tee now I'm listening to you talk about the potential legacy that Rivera COULD bring to this organization. I gotta say...the way you put it was great. Very inspiring. Also i really like how you don't constantly overhype your teams potential year after year. Some of the other streamers get a lil to excited only to live through the pain year after year. I am a realist too. Ps. I was 7 years old when we last went to the superbowl. I'm so ready for this potential culture shift. #glorydays

  11. Louie Tee

    Louie Teeپیش ماه

    @Timothy Lauman Henry.... Not sure it's even close.... Hooper's NOT terrible, Henry at times is just that good....

  12. Timothy Lauman

    Timothy Laumanپیش ماه

    @Louie Tee yeah I asked the question before your segment was through and right after I pressed send you answered it for me. Lol But who do you think is the better run blocker?

  13. Louie Tee

    Louie Teeپیش ماه

    😂😂😂.... I think I said the same EXACT thing you just said MULTIPLE TIMES, I always clarify that Henry is my preference and has the higher upside BUT I don't expect the Chargers to allow him to test the market.... Hooper is a solid option as well....

  14. mark boone

    mark booneپیش ماه

    Is that caller serious? 😂😂

  15. Chris Lou

    Chris Louپیش ماه

    As always ... great video ! Been waitin for this to enlighten my day ! Great point for the Free safety spot ! Much love and Salute from Senegal king ! peace

  16. Reggie reg HTTR

    Reggie reg HTTRپیش ماه

    Aj green and a couple of picks ? Lmao

  17. RedskinsBay 12th Man

    RedskinsBay 12th Manپیش ماه

    Man if anyone missed last night you missed one of his most epic shows ever, it was lit and full of fire.....I'm tuning in tonight 4sho

  18. Timothy Lauman

    Timothy Laumanپیش ماه

    Was the first caller talking about football?

  19. Down South VA&NC

    Down South VA&NCپیش ماه

    Teams have to many needs to give up all 3 first and plus some sugar lol and I would rather for the skins to take chase young

  20. Tony Briggs

    Tony Briggsپیش ماه

    What happens if Chase is picked # 1 ? What next ? Thanks for sharing your videos MR.LT

  21. Timothy Lauman

    Timothy Laumanپیش ماه

    He literally covered that IN THIS VIDEO.

  22. K. hinnant

    K. hinnantپیش ماه

    Can you put up pictures of the players you talking about ??? Cause I don't know all the players you calling out ????

  23. doyen screven

    doyen screvenپیش ماه

    Appreciate everything you do

  24. Terence Barnes

    Terence Barnesپیش ماه

    Im thinking they going to go heavy on offense in FA maybe sign a safety or nickel, but go bananas on offense. I think they overall like what they have on defense and feel like they can coach them up way better. Maybe they add a Karl Joseph and a Kendall.

  25. Scrooble Loney

    Scrooble Loneyپیش ماه

    🤣 Whomever the first caller was, he had no idea what he's talking about! LMAO

  26. Call it Like U See it

    Call it Like U See itپیش ماه

    @Scrooble Loney the dude said his name was Idi Ameen, and I called him in jest...Idiot Amin...I then said he was higher than a motherfucker..

  27. Scrooble Loney

    Scrooble Loneyپیش ماه

    @Call it Like U See it What the hell r u saying?! XD Don't tell me your the dude on the phone? LOL

  28. Call it Like U See it

    Call it Like U See itپیش ماه

    Idiot Amin, was higher than your

  29. meast703

    meast703پیش ماه

    What are you asking? Yeah! lmao