Three Aussies React to Toilet Paper Wall Challenge

Hi guys! Welcome to our very first video on our new channel! Here we challenged 3 very unruly Aussies to jump over a tower of toilet paper . Watch to see how they handled the challenge...
PS: don’t worry, no toilet paper was wasted during the making of this video :)

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    I love dogs 🐶 Subscribe for 10 years of good luck. Also to beat JR to 100k subscribers.

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    Love ur dogos

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    Hey sypher can you post another vid on this Chanel

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    Sypher are you fasting

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    I've subbed


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    I was 9k sub

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    I do this with my dog too. Her high score is level 4😂 She's a smol dog


    MIKE TNKZپیش 55 دقیقه

    SYPHER is such a good person , and i never do this but i am suscribed and liked:) , luck and love bye

  9. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyپیش 53 دقیقه

    SypherPK Really Flexing his toilet paper out here

  10. Lucas Murphy

    Lucas Murphyپیش ساعت

    Your dogs are the best sypher 😉

  11. Ben Henwood

    Ben Henwoodپیش 3 ساعت

    Akio has some mad hops

  12. Jayden Daley

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    like and u wont be gay for life

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    Lovely dogs

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    The Karens are pissed everyone hide

  16. Arjun Viswanathan

    Arjun Viswanathanپیش 10 ساعت

    All I’m wondering is where can I get some of that tp

  17. Tyler Kenepp

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  18. Tyler Kenepp

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    Aghhhhhh there sooooooo cite

  19. Momcilo Stojanovic

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    My bro Sypher been flexing on us 😂😂😂

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    Ooo that’s where all the tolet paper whent

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    I was in first 10k subs

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    How to flex toilet paper

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    This was absolutely incredible ❤❤❤

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    SypherPK Really Flexing his toilet paper out here

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    He just flexing on us like that

  27. Kentanago

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    Awww the different colored eyes are so cute

  28. Bryson Richardson

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    i have a dog her name is elsa

  29. Sick Legend

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    This is where all the toilet paper went

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    Awwwwwww there so cute

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    Wow wtf is wrong with youtube

  32. Stanz FNBR

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    Sphypher ur so funny with the text I cant stop laughing I really like you it helps me through these times when my dad died of coronavirus thank you


    NATEPLAYSپیش روز

    So cute!

  34. Rock girl

    Rock girlپیش روز

    We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

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    or course

  37. Hunnyxx.

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  38. Hunnyxx.

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    Plz make dog maze

  39. zǝʌɐɥƆ

    zǝʌɐɥƆپیش روز

    The dislikes where from other dogs that couldn’t jump the toilet paper

  40. Trevor Stump

    Trevor Stumpپیش روز

    What I’ve learned from this vid, sypher won’t be running out of tp anytime soon

  41. Vyper

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    This is so good

  42. Anthony Campanella

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    The real flex ain’t the dogs it’s the toilet paper

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    nice one

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    why dont u show your face

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    Sypher we've got u

  47. Clap Chris

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    Lemme come over to your house your stacked on toilet paper

  48. Clap Chris

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    Lol cringe but cool

  49. Ernie Capan

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    Like my dog (logo)

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    i like the textboxes

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    here before 100k subs

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    the future and what await us.

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    Hes is just Flexing whit his toilet paper bruh hahah jk love the vid

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    Aiko has hops

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    Is this where all the toilet paper went?

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    I was one of the first 1k subscribers of this channel

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    Aww so cute treat them well and have good day I used to have a do then it died

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    So this is where all the toilet paper has gone..

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  60. Jim Smith

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    at least we know sypherpk has enough toilet roll

  61. Bullet_Zebra

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    Yuna: The smart one Aiko: The loyal one Aegon: The lazy one that always wants to sleep

  62. Savatagew man

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  63. yasio bolo

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    We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

  64. yasio bolo

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    This feels so weird considering it’s syphers channel I was expecting a whole different vibe

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    I mean I'm not really watching this, just supporting Sypher because like why not, your Sypher Pk.

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    what has sypher come to

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    The toilet paper became sold out because sypher claiming them all

  68. nyyl szn

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    He got hops

  69. CleggPlayz

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    However many likes that's how many want 10 of these puppers

  70. InboundLime

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    And in Australia people are killing each other for toilet paper

  71. Bolt

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    I have a toy Aussie

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    Tutorial on how to get a silver pay button with one vidio

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    You was one of the people panic buying toilet roll by the looks of it

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    Ngl syphers house do be lookin fresh

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    Akio is the best

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    Aiko is the MVP!

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    this video is just to flex on us.

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    Who else went to the wrong channel😂😂😂

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    SypherPK your house and dogs are awesome especially your dogs

  80. INF_North

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    ahhh I see, so this is where all the toilet paper in Target went to!!

  81. C Hall

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    This feels so weird considering it’s syphers channel I was expecting a whole different vibe

  82. Brenden Sison

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    BTW u stole that name for the channel

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    Everybody: talking about how cute the dogs are Me: literally subbed just to have this channel beat out JunioPK's, plus the dogs are adorable!

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    You should leave them at home one day alone with a go pro on them and see what they do

  85. cnmmd qiuoo

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    So cute :)


    XxMEMEMASTERxXپیش 2 روز

    What type of dogs are those and what mix if there is because I want one


    XxMEMEMASTERxXپیش 2 روز

    Ok thanks

  88. PoganArt

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    I think they are border collies

  89. ShyRule

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    I love Aussies so much! I used to have one that would sleep with me at night, they are the best!

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    This is just flexing how much toilet paper He has