Tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Home

Your Google Home can do so much more than tell jokes and give you the forecast. Here are five ways to get more out of the Google Assistant built into your smart speaker or smart display.
Be warned, we say the wake words for Google Assistant a lot in this video, so mute your speakers if they are nearby.
Products featured in this video include the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub), the Google Nest Hub Max, the original Google Home and the Nest Mini (the second generation Google Home Mini).
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  1. Joeythe1st

    Joeythe1stپیش 5 روز

    You look like the nerdy guy that cici dated on The New Girl. 👍

  2. Jeremy Yorwarth

    Jeremy Yorwarthپیش 8 روز

    Why would anyone hire this idiot?

  3. Mr. Z

    Mr. Zپیش 15 روز

    ffs - i already know how to do pushups! next!

  4. FreedomAtRisk

    FreedomAtRiskپیش 24 روز

    The 90s called, they want their haircut back

  5. noahxpablo

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    That fridge is a big time flex 👌🏾 Great video!

  6. Janelee Keller

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  7. Epic Benjo

    Epic Benjoپیش ماه

    What kind of automatic blinds are those?

  8. Ro Yvon Blommaert

    Ro Yvon Blommaertپیش ماه

    Thank you for the tips! 🙌🏾

  9. Ro Yvon Blommaert

    Ro Yvon Blommaertپیش ماه

    Also. very majestic. 😂🙌🏾

  10. Rob Bajko

    Rob Bajkoپیش ماه

    This video was creepy

  11. cgiartist1980

    cgiartist1980پیش ماه

    don't waste your time watching this videos! just google it and get the same information within one minute.. there's no real information in this video! he's making videos about stuff everybody already knows..!!! i am sure you have no idea what else those speakers can do! poor video..!!! shame on cnet and shame on that guy for telling us things everybody can read in the help guides within Google's home app.. folks, stop supporting those repeating knowledge videos that.. meanwhile 90% of the IRgos channels are just repeating things everyone already know or is just a click away and nothing special.. guys like him are part of the problem and not the solution.. ask me if you need true help... and if there's enough interested people i can start a channel, dealing with the real problems about this and any technical topic.. i hate when people get richer and richer without doing anything for it except reading manuals or help guides.. delivering answers to the real tricky stuff should be the key.. stability, security and workarounds with more than one bulb, one display and smart speaker!!! don't waste your time folks watching videos with no real informational content and making people like him rich!!!

  12. cfb cfb

    cfb cfbپیش ماه

    I got more out of my Home by unplugging it and deciding any always on cam or microphone in my house wasn't going to be happening around here. Too much data collection and too many hacks. No thanks.

  13. Denis Lara

    Denis Laraپیش ماه

    Is that his house?.... how much does he make?

  14. Sir Winston

    Sir Winstonپیش ماه

    I like this guy Cnet... lol

  15. Raonny Canabarro Costa

    Raonny Canabarro Costaپیش ماه

    He catch me in the workout moment lol

  16. Daniel M

    Daniel Mپیش ماه

    What's the music playing at the start of the video?

  17. Streaming Junkie

    Streaming Junkieپیش ماه

    You are overselling the TV bit. Keep the remote near by because you will need it.

  18. Adam Preset

    Adam Presetپیش ماه

    Don’t fear the reaper.

  19. Gloreeph

    Gloreephپیش ماه

    Spanish version

  20. For The Nerds

    For The Nerdsپیش ماه

    "Google Someone's Breaking In!" Plays I'm A Barbie Girl full blast Turns all the lights to strobe Turns tv on to Courage The Cowardly Dog Buys everything in shopping cart Burglar and I are confused and screaming and now friends best friends through terrifyingly confusing bonding experience

  21. Modit Bazracharya

    Modit Bazracharyaپیش ماه

    He looks and sounds just like rogersbase.

  22. John Salazar

    John Salazarپیش ماه

    There you go Cnet. A little bit of fun, a little bit of personality, an informative and entertaining video.

  23. MinecraftWithStyleHD

    MinecraftWithStyleHDپیش ماه

    I literally hate watching these videos because they never mute "Hey Google"

  24. Amusis

    Amusisپیش ماه

    @Janelee Keller obviously your grammar and literacy are not much better.

  25. Janelee Keller

    Janelee Kellerپیش ماه

    @Amusis ; Big Deal ‼️ Try to excuse Him - as YOU, are Obviously PERFECT 😝 !

  26. Daubi Piccoli

    Daubi Piccoliپیش ماه


  27. Amusis

    Amusisپیش ماه

    Do you know what literally means?

  28. Frank Martinez

    Frank Martinezپیش ماه

    Google collects your behavior and what you do. More data collection for Google. Thanks CNET

  29. Jason Weaver

    Jason Weaverپیش ماه

    I don't like leaving negative comments, but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Seriously though, how do small independent tech channels find the time to mute wake words in their videos but CNET with a team of editors can't? It's not my job to make your videos watchable. Skip.

  30. Janelee Keller

    Janelee Kellerپیش ماه

    J W ; 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Speed Racer

    Speed Racerپیش ماه

    I came to say the exact same thing, talk about the epitome of laziness

  32. ljayh1

    ljayh1پیش ماه

    Hey google cnet sucks ....... mute that

  33. Abhishek Tirkey

    Abhishek Tirkeyپیش ماه

    Bixby routines are a lot better than google

  34. Stephen

    Stephenپیش ماه

    So CNET is too lazy to mute the keywords in post so they tell people to mute their devices beforehand? OK thanks...

  35. Nick Mageloff

    Nick Mageloffپیش ماه

    Yeah what a bunch a wasted time! Don't they realize that I've got 14 Google homes and smart home devices what dumbasses.... thanks for the warning I'll just run around the whole house and shut everything down so that I can watch their stupid video!!

  36. Stephen

    Stephenپیش ماه

    @cfb cfb goes to show you just how lazy CNET is

  37. cfb cfb

    cfb cfbپیش ماه

    Its actually simple to fix. These devices all have a frequency that if its missing, the device won't respond to its wake words. That's how they have commercials where they say 'siri', 'alexa' and 'ok google'. The ad removes the one tiny frequency band (inaudible to people) and then the device won't respond if it doesn't see that. About 5 minutes in an audio processor app.

  38. Speed Racer

    Speed Racerپیش ماه

    Yeah, they don’t deserve the view if they’re this lazy

  39. Dsisko

    Dsiskoپیش ماه

    Funny and informative Content ! Well done

  40. 0194D

    0194Dپیش ماه

    How do i get it to make Google stop tracking my information?

  41. cfb cfb

    cfb cfbپیش ماه

    Unplug it.

  42. Dylan Robinson

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