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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
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An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!
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    The virus and bacteria watching: thanks Dr. Mike! I want YOU on my side

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    I use SPF 100+!!

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    🤦‍♂️ eat twice a day , Eat two good meals a day , protein veggies fats and some Carbs! Sip on water throughout the day!

  9. picalc314

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    A lot of people seem to be angry at Adam's rebuttal. I feel part of the problem was that (I felt) Doctor Mike's criticisms weren't quite clear on the first video. At least to me it sounded more like Doctor Mike was defending not just hospital's, but the healthcare system as a whole (particularly when he mentioned hospitals need to make profit). Adam rejected the criticism, but it seems it wasn't quite accurate to the actual gripes doctor mike had in his video. He also didn't throw a "hissy fit", he just defended his points imo.

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    eyyyy my name is Varsha....his last name is VARSHAvski.... that is VERY coollll!

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    Do you have any tips when trying to remember these medical terms?

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    2:04 LOL this is such an amazing doctor..lmao, he knows what’s poppin’😝🤪😂😂

  15. Zeppelin

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    A year ago, I went to my Doc for severe back pain and a fever. I had never felt this type of pain before (even though I have back pain since I'm 8y/o because of a sport injury). Gave me some Painkillers and sent me home. Three days later, my pain was still worsening and even tylenols/advils couldn't keep my fever down. I went to the ER and it turned out that I had a severe kidney infection. I am so glad I went for a second check!


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    You look like Nick jonas

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    I cannot believe how many people try to intervene by sticking their hand in between the dogs. Wtf do you think is going to happen? Once dogs get to that point, there is no reasoning. They are going on instinct. If you can't separate them with the methods he mentioned, call animal control and let them go at it. Nothing you do will help the situation and likely make it so much worse.

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    Play tf2 and main as medic

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    Very entertaining and informative 👏👏! I love it

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    With the amount of tea and coffee that people drink in the US how does esophageal cancer only account for 1% of diagnosed cancers

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    My favorite FAVORITE fact of mine is I love egg rolls XD

  30. Sarah Darwiche

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    Dr. Mike, this was truly heartfelt and wonderful, when you mentioned the compassion your mom taught you with how you treat others, I really felt and believed it. You're an inspiration, and just simply a good person. I think she'd be really proud of you

  31. TheFabyc33

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    Im in scheduling for a large hospital here in Texas and just today a patients wife was asking me why was i giving her different preps than what she had read on the internet! Dr. Mike immediately came to mind and all i could do is smile! lol

  32. RJ RQ

    RJ RQپیش 47 دقیقه

    My son had hydrocephalus about 2 years ago.I took him to several doctors over the course of several months in each time was told that his strange behavior and his complaining of headaches was just because he was going to puberty and a typical teenager and that's why I was so tired all the time. Finally when he fell down in the driveway walking to school one day and my mother rushed him to the ER as I was at work he was finally diagnosed and had to have brain surgery to correct it. I don't understand why more doctors don't listen to patient to say I know there is something wrong. He is doing ok now but if we hadn't taken him that day he wouldn't be here.

  33. rachel czarnecki

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    That's the classic condition known as "Shirto Gear Stucking Syndrome"

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    Hey! Could you make a video about #Dermaplaning. Thank you 🙏🏼

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  40. Rachael Kile

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    Uh, the first story about the CT head just gave me a headache. I have heard of that happening before and for real doctors in the ER are discouraged to get scans because of the cost. At my specific hospital, they cut pay if you don't give a detail reasoning in your chart backing up why you get a CT scan of head. Like I shouldn't have to explain why someone is getting a CT head after new onset seizure or altered patient with unknown head trauma.

  41. TDLava M

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    Ok I have a pretty neat request. React to Medical ASMR Videos and fact check the ones with real equipment in them.

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    I am curious as to what the banana peel taste like now. Still not trying it though.

  43. amorph29

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    Hey Dr. Mike, you've ranted and raved against vitamin supplements and the like, but what about diet pills like carb blockers (Garcinia Cambogia, kidney bean extract), or fat blockers (Raspberry Ketones)? There's a whole bunch of others, and I'm dying to know what you think about them.

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  48. Molly cagle

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    I was pre med in college back on the 90s and got scared of the MCAT bc I did not so well on the GRE and thought I couldnt do it. Went in to teaching. Did not feel right. Went in to nursing school and found my love of medicine again. RN for 10 years then went to NP school at 34. I have been an NP for 3 years and I am thinking of going for that MD or DO and I am 39.

  49. Savanna’s Story

    Savanna’s Storyپیش ساعت

    Can you pls do a video about Achilles foot pain? 🙃And what you should do if it has been hurting for several months.

  50. TheTacointhebreakroom

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    About the welding case in the first scene, that is actually SUPER easy to happen. Like rub your eye you lose the eye

  51. Stellaluna Star

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    I went through 7 doctors before I got my diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis.

  52. YourboiBigR 1234

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    So is cracking your neck the same thing as cracking your nuckles

  53. Casey Nicholson

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    Another story - was recently admitted to the hospital for sepsis, and while I was there, I started having some weird chest pressure and pain in my neck & jaw. I told my nurse & the doctor 3 SEPARATE TIMES and they kept blowing it off to gas, acid reflux, or anxiety. (I’m 22, so I guess it would make sense). I even heard the nurse outside my room say “the drama is real.” After an hour and a half of pain, they decided maybe they should look more into it. my EKG showed T-wave inversion and my troponin was 11.5 at that point & still rising. I had an NSTEMI. That was a fun “I told you so” moment.

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  64. Autumn Vicari

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    My second opinion story: I was having a heavy than normal period that was lasting at week two when I decided to go in to the ER. They ran a few tests and said “You’re overweight so your period is extra heavy” I went home and a few days later I was still bleeding and ended up passing out in the shower due to a severe amount of blood loss. I ended getting 6 sacks of blood as they said I was maybe two days away from bleeding to death. They ran more tests and sent me home again as they still couldn’t find anything. A week went by and I was still bleeding. All of a sudden I was having really sever cramps and back pain. These pains would come every five to ten minutes and then it started to come every one to two minutes. I had my mom drive 20 minutes to take me to the ER as I couldn’t drive myself and they told me I WAS IN LABOR. I told them I had birth control in my arm and there was no baby. They did an immediate ultrasound and found that I had a tumor in uterus that my body was trying to give birth to. They didn’t know what to do so they gave me some pills and sent me home. I called a specialists that day who did a surgery to remove some of the tumor. She gave me a number to another specialist who wanted to see me as soon as possible two hours away. That doctor ran a few tests and it turns out I had stage for uterine cancer. I had an immediate hysterectomy and they removed my 10 cm tumor. Always see a second doctor if you know something is wrong and no one is listening.

  65. not olaf

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    People pay out $1000 for their pet to be treated? No, most us tearfully have our pets put down or watch them suffer because we can't afford that. Count your blessings, Dr. Mike!

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    Love you! You're the best. I really wish I could meet you... :( Anyway. I have one.. ______________________________ IDoctor: I have bad news and Really bad news..Wich first? Patient: Bad news Doctor: your gonna die tommorow Patient: now the real bad news? Doctor: I meant to tell you yesterday...

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    lmao i have hydrocephalus, but it was diagnosed at a very early age and it's completely under control now besides some occasional headaches and migraines. hope that girl is doing okay. hydrocephalus is a beast.

  77. Catu Draws

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    My friend has Tourette’s and I was about to say something rude (wasn’t rude. I just thought it would seem rude) then I realized ‘oh. He probably has Tourette’s. That’s why.’ Then he confirmed it a few weeks later. He’s one of the coolest people.

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    Incredible after what's happened that in this video Gabbie appears to care about mental health at the detriment of other peoples mental health

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    Crohn's patient. Potassium drop once to 1.4 that caused my arms and legs to quit working, and my heart to feel like it was working so hard it hurt. One time magnesium drop that caused my hands to seize closed for days, and one time flare-potassium drop to 1.9 that caused me to go septic. Electrolytes are really no joke.

  94. Asher Dasher

    Asher Dasherپیش ساعت

    I'm really disappointed in you Dr. Mike. The fact that you immediately related someone with chronic pain taking opioids to developing an opioid addiction is not only spreading misinformation, it's just plain bad practicing of medicine. Really disappointed.

  95. Jazmine Baltazar-Silva

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    May I request a video on seizures? Today as my colleagues and i were leaving class, a student ran up to us asking for medical help as his professor was having a seizure in the classroom. Luckily, my class mate has some previous medical experience (she used to be a nurse) and so she was able to care for the professor. I felt so helpless in such a scary situation, so I was wondering how an ordinary person could help in a situation like this (besides just calling for help which had already been done in this situation). Additionally, it was very frustrating to see how slow the response from police and medics was when called to the scene.

  96. Monique Reilly

    Monique Reillyپیش ساعت

    Love hearing you talk about curiosity stance for assessing psychotic patients, important to keep in mind at any level of care. I work on acute care and assessments for mental health in Australia, and exploring a psychotic patients experiences with them is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, especially when we are able to help them understand their illness and get early treatment

  97. Zachariah M. Baird

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    Patient: I have no pulse, can't see, and lost 100 lbs. in a day. Doctor: take a Tylenol. You're good.

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